As China launched economic war, Albo schmoozed Chau Chak Wing

This is how out of touch is Labor and Anthony Albanese. As the CCP launched its economic war on Australia last week with demands to end our democracy:

Anthony Albanese was not only busy being silent, he was busy doing this:

Readers will recall that Chau Chak Wing is the billionaire who successfully sued Domain and the ABC into silence after allegations of CCP-linked bribery and corruption.

What a terrific metaphor for the state of the ALP vis-a-vis China. Via Xinhua last week:

Facts are crystal clear. It is the anti-China forces in Australia that disrupt the good development momentum of bilateral practical cooperation, infringe on the interests of people from both countries and damage Australia’s own image and credibility. Smearing China will only further expose their hypocrisy.

For quite some time, the Australian side has flagrantly violated the basic norms of international relations with provocative words and deeds on issues concerning China’s core interests, which has greatly impaired the mutual trust between the two sides.

Australian politicians who have rich experience with China such as former Prime Minister Paul Keating, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr and former Ambassador to China Geoff Raby also warned the current Australian government of the way it engages with China.

“Rich” experience indeed. Never mind the Australian people:

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    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      It’s a pretty good gig TBH.

      Do absolutely fvck all, get paid for life and have all the smugness and virtue signalling you can handle, write a book towards the end of it, saying how you have been the smartest all along and everyone else is stupid.

      I can’t wait for Albos book to be launched.

  1. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Check out the comments on the Tweet. Labor won’t run Australia again. They are just in the way of Australia getting better government.

    Wipe them out so we can bring LNP under control.

  2. Given Xina’s imminent food and other resource constraints which will render its 5th Plennum growth-doubling-by-2035 [email protected] an impossibility, and as their invasion of Oz by stealth is now exposed and (largely) rejected, I wonder whether all this fake Australia outrage is not actually deliberate stage-setting for the CCP’s long term plan for a future forced annexation of Oz.

    It’s inconceivable that the CCP with their 20 year plans, would not have one for the reality of accelerating resource depletion that will cripple economies in coming years and make food security the future number one concern for most countries. As DLS said yesterday, China’s public airing of its ‘duel circulation drivel’ is likely bureaucratic camouflage for its real plans.

    • This is what I believe was a quiet coup. I think select leaders in our intelligence and security sector, stunned after the sale of the port of Darwin and failing to see behaviour change in the pollies despite clear briefings, went to the two main media mastheads and said run this story. after that things started to shift.

  3. blacktwin997MEMBER

    What’s with the fairies dancing on the lawn? Is it an allegorical look into Albo’s psyche?

  4. ALbo is about as inspiring as the WA state opposition leader (was)… suspect he’ll go the same way after his party sees he has about 1% likelihood of getting into government…