China demands Australia follow Labor into slavery

With friends like these, Labor doesn’t need enemies. Via CCP mouthpiece, Xinhua:

The cold-war mentality and ideological prejudice are poisoning relations between China and Australia.

Some anti-China politicians and media in Australia, who are seeking their self-interests, have spared no effort to smear China and incite China-phobia sentiment, with their most recent invention being claims that China’s control measures on imports are “an exercise of economic coercion.”

For these China-bashers, it is imperative to reflect on their words and deeds that have caused setback in the bilateral ties, and start making amends with constructive efforts.

Currently, many parts of the world are seeing a rebound of the coronavirus disease. In response, China has taken prudent control measures on some foreign imports, which is in line with China’s laws and regulations as well as international customary practice and agreement between China and Australia.

Those safety procedures are reasonable, legal and beyond reproach, rather than the so-called “discriminatory” or “retaliatory” trade measures claimed by some Australian politicians.

The fact is China has been opening up its market and improving its business environment in recent years, which has created enormous opportunities for enterprises across the globe, including those from Australia.

From 2015 to 2020, China has lowered tariffs for products from Australia for six consecutive years. At present, around 95 percent of Australian products to China enjoy zero tariffs.

In the just-concluded China International Import Expo in Shanghai, over 150 Australian companies have participated in the trade fair. As Australian local media reported, at least 2,000 Australian businesses sold over 720 million U.S. dollars worth of goods to Chinese customers in just 24 hours on Nov. 11, an online shopping extravaganza in China.

In sharp contrast, the Australian government is actually the trouble-maker in economic and trade exchanges between the two sides. It has been politicizing trade and investment issues, and constantly violating market principles by discriminating against Chinese companies.

Since 2018, more than 10 investment programs from China have been rejected by Australia on the pretext of “national security concerns,” which directly led to huge losses of the Chinese enterprises. Also, Australia has banned Chinese companies from 5G network construction citing unfounded national security threat.

Moreover, the Australian government completely deviated from its promises in a free trade deal between the two countries. So far, it has provoked 106 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations against Chinese products, while China has merely conducted four cases on goods from Australia.

Facts are crystal clear. It is the anti-China forces in Australia that disrupt the good development momentum of bilateral practical cooperation, infringe on the interests of people from both countries and damage Australia’s own image and credibility. Smearing China will only further expose their hypocrisy.

For quite some time, the Australian side has flagrantly violated the basic norms of international relations with provocative words and deeds on issues concerning China’s core interests, which has greatly impaired the mutual trust between the two sides.

Australian politicians who have rich experience with China such as former Prime Minister Paul Keating, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr and former Ambassador to China Geoff Raby also warned the current Australian government of the way it engages with China.

It is time for Australia to uphold the principle of mutual respect and equality when dealing with relations with China, do more to promote mutual trust and bilateral practical cooperation, and stop going further down the wrong path.

Rich experience, indeed. Or, put another way, bribed.

Where has Labor been over the past 24 hours as China demanded that we crush our own democracy? Aside from being preoccupied with putting China apologist and dodgy money recipient Joel Fitzgibbon in charge, it has no doubt been listening to “former Prime Minister Paul Keating, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr and former Ambassador to China Geoff Raby”, as well as Aldi bags full of cash, rather than reacting to this:

Let me remind the ALP that it is the Australian Labor Party, China has declared war on Australia and, as things stand, it is supporting China in this assault.

Just in case the call of patriotism or freedom falls on deaf ears, which clearly it already has, let’s try self-interest.

Does Labor really think that supporting a Chinese declaration of war on Australia is a viable political position?

I hope it does so we can be rid of it during this fight.

Senior Research Fellow, China Studies, Monash University Kevin Carrico sums it nicely:

THANK DOG China’s political party Downunder, Australian Labor, is not in power.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The Glorious Laberalist Party of Scrotum knows they only need to reject any sort of piping hot serving of Chow Mein Kow Tow and wedge the People’s Communist Labor Party of Chinstralia to know they will be in power for ages.

    For that, we must, as Totes be Rick says, disavow Labor until they come to their senses (or not).

    And because of that, sadly, we must blame The Laborist Party of China for consigning to the dustbins of history any hope of Fed ICAC, lift to JS, NG/CGT reform, a real transition plan for fossils, etc etc etc

    • Exactly. We can blame Labor for all that, along with environmental destruction, falling wages and conditions, and high housing prices, congestion, collapsing amenity and happiness.

      The irony is, a vote for the environment, workers, plebs party is a vote to destroy the environment, worker and pleb.

      Labor are a party of the elite for the elite that throw around token egalitarian policy that is overwhelmed by their core policy of big Australia, that includes China.

      I hate them with a passion for their utter betrayal of everything I love. I don’t just want them gone, I want them to personally pay for what they’ve done.

        • 1. I don’t believe that’s true. I was around when Labor were useful for the worker, fairness and environment.

          2. I won’t accept that a party now steals the vote from the dumb, vulnerable and naive and then destroys them, while primarily filling their own pockets.

          “they were anything but that”

          Can you help me understand why you defend Labor so much when;

          A. you’ve told me you don’t defend them, and,

          B. you think this of them.

          There’s a gaping inconsistency in your story.

          • I guess the ultimate irony of Labour is that whilst the espouse all these great green policies and want to flagellate the common Aussie for his carbon vice – they are the greatest and staunchest defenders of China industrial progress that consumes more than half of the worlds coal. Bitter sweet irony, they have only started a single nuclear reactor in three years…

            Everything about at the heart of Labour is contradictory. They don’t believe in the nation state, or the defence of its people – but espouse the greater good. Well if that is the case, why have a country at all, and what’s the point of Democracy if you are only ever going to vote for ones vested collective interests.

          • I guess when you think about it, that’s why the (far) Left either drifts to Communism or National Socialism. It’s a sirens call that somehow the intellectual elite can make a better world than the collective. It starts out that way of course, then gets corrupted in time… we all want a better world, if only!

  2. Is Labor China’s “running dog”?

    In 1950 an article in The China Weekly Review gave the definition “A running-dog is a lackey, one who aids and accompanies in the hope of being treated kindly and perhaps being allowed to share in the spoils.”

    In 1953 a Saturday Evening Post article offered a definition for tso kou (“running dog”), saying “A ‘running dog’ was a person who follows obediently after the person whose dog he is, a fellow traveler.”

    Historian Yuan-tsung Chen notes that “In the West, a dog is a man’s best friend; but in China, dogs are abject creatures. In Chinese, no idiomatic expression was more demeaning than the term ‘running dogs.’ “

  3. This perfectly illustrates how deeply sick the Labor party is. It’s bringing our country down and it has to be completely reformed or destroyed.

  4. Display NameMEMBER

    Tariff on Iron Ore now. Make it reciprocal. Similar rates. what was the barely tariff? 80% I believe.

  5. China has a very straightforward attitude.

    It wants to undermine ‘democracy’ as the Western world knows it – multi parties, independent public institutions, free press etc

    It knows the 1% have already trashed all of the above so that multiparties, institutions and press now already toe a given line……….all they need do is change the line.

    They would have no doubt that of all the ‘Western’ democracies the one most rotted would be Australia.

    Its politicians havent been acting in the public interest for 2 decades.

    Its institutions have been outsourced, privatized, had capital stooges placed on top, corrupted from within and underfunded for a generation.

    Its homes of ‘Free speech’ (The University sector) have been pawned to Chinese interests already for a decade.

    Its media is openly running a narrative that doesnt reflect the lived experience and exhorts a simple few themes (sort of like the Chinese media but with less vigour or real interest) to support the political status quo – and is entirely dependent on state advertising or state taxation farming settings.

    Its economic strength is solely commodities for which China is the major buyer, and the housing banking lobby which China could pocket easily at any time

    No, whatever we we look at it if there were to be a nation China would look at pawning and getting a little ‘knock head’ type obeisance – and sending a real message to the world, knocking off an old world loudmouth – then Australia would be well worth a look.

  6. Australia has left its self exposed on free trade with frivolous claims to the Australian Anti Dumping Commission. Some Australia companies use it as a tool to create an artificial trade barrier, Bluescope is one of the worst culprits, the Japanese steel mills don’t even respond to a notice of investigation as its a costly and time consuming exercise to respond, considering the Australian market is extremely small for them. Don’t respond and you get automatically hit with penalties- dumping duties.

  7. I think it’s already been amply demonstrated that the self interest of the ALP is better satisfied by the immediacy of CCP corruption rather than the remote possibility of attaining power by being forced to reflect the will of the electorate.

    Self interest is already well taken care of as evidenced by the ALP’s reluctance to take a stance which would benefit Australians instead of just themselves.

  8. Now that your Pro-China Biden is in, OZ will have no other path than apologizing and submit.Trump had our back.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    Yea China is pretty important to Australia and we shouldnt be burning too many bridges until after April next year.

    By then it should be obvious whether the debt engine has roared back into life, or still sputtering along requiring more furious cranking and head-scratching by the RBA.

    If the latter scenario eventuates then who is going to relieve us of our debt but the Chinese? The debt has crushed us for the past 10 years despite the seemingly best efforts of our glorious leaders to get it all running again.

    We may need many, many more Chinese with debt or money to transfer our giant wads of debt to yet.

  10. The 39% in the last 2 items are a worry, as are the people who want to team up with China for “aid” projects and the ones who don’t want to keep them out of domestic security. Who are these people? We have a few on this site. What does it take for these idiots to come to their senses? An invasion of Taiwan?

  11. working class hamMEMBER

    “At present, around 95 percent of Australian products to China enjoy zero tariffs.“
    This kind of language pretty much sums up the whole trade relationship. Maybe with less Chinese bribe money floating around, pollies might have to find a domestic corruption source.

  12. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    Just change where it says Australia for China and vice versa and that quote would be accurate. Very illuminating that they failed to mention the pollie with the best understanding of China, Rudd … guess it’s because he gave them a serve so is written out of history.

    Carrico on the money, this is exactly the CCP attitude to most other countries, and why so many people fail to understand Chinese views especially as they fail to understand how a dictators brain works, it’s all about him & power. Now that he has made his case he can never loose face so talking is a waste of time unless you will capitulate to the majority of their demands. We can’t afford to for our sakes and all the small & middling countries of the world.

  13. Arthur Schopenhauer

    A Commenter on Ninefax posted this:
    1 HOUR AGO
    China-Australia trade conflict

    13 February, 2020
    The Australian Dumping Commission assesses a possible continuation of dumping duties on Chinese aluminium extrusions

    17 February, 2020
    The commission initiates anti-dumping investigation against China, looking at the sales of aluminium micro-extrusions, which are used for domestic window flyscreens and television aerials, made by Chinese companies Guangdong Jiangshen Aluminium and Guangdong Zhongya Aluminium

    28 February, 2020
    Australian concludes, following a review, it will continue to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese deep drawn stainless steel sinks

    31 March, 2020
    Australia initiates anti-dumping investigation into cheap precision pipe and tube steel from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam

    16 April, 2020
    The commission initiates another anti-dumping investigation into A4 copy paper exported by China, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand

    21 April, 2020
    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison discusses a probe into the origins of the coronavirus with world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron

    11 May, 2020
    China bans imports from four major Australian meat processing plants due to mislabelling and certification issues. The ban was not without basis as the four abattoirs had a history of errors.

    13 May, 2020
    Australian Dumping Commission concludes, following a review, it will continue to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese silicon metal

    18 May, 2020
    China confirms 80.5% tariff on Australian barley exports following the conclusion of its 18 months anti-dumping investigations.

    27 May, 2020
    Australian initiates an anti-dumping investigation into painted steel strapping from China and Vietnam

    30 June, 2020
    Anti-dumping investigation widens to include aluminium zinc coated steel from China and Vietnam

    10 July, 2020
    Dumping commission assesses possible continuation of duties on Chinese steel reinforcing bars

    13 July, 2020
    Australia initiates an anti-dumping investigation into copper tubes from China and South Korea

    27 July, 2020
    Australia Dumping Commission assesses possible continuation of dumping duties on Chinese hot-rolled rods in coils of steel

    18 August, 2020
    China’s Ministry of Commerce confirms it has started an anti-dumping investigation into Australian wine imports following a complaint from the China Alcoholic Drinks Association

    25 August, 2020
    China Mengniu Dairy confirms it will not acquire Japanese drinks company Kirin Holding’s Australia-based asset Lion Dairy & Drinks after failing to get approval from the Australian government

    31 August, 2020
    China announces a countervailing investigation into subsidised Australian wine imports

    31 August, 2020
    China halts barley imports from Australia’s CBH Grain, the country’s biggest grain shipping company, because harmful weeds were found in the cargoes

    12 October, 2020
    China verbally bans Australian thermal and coking coal imports

    16 October, 2020
    China “discouraging” its spinning mills from using Australian cotton

    30 October, 2020
    China customs bans imports of log timber from Queensland and grain imports from Emerald Grain, while it also delays imports of Australian lobster due to high metal level was detected.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      using Australia’s anti dumping measures to counter chinas trade moves is pretty rich as its being going on for decades. China continually sells undersized tube, aluminium, sheet etc into australia, for example, 1.6 thick sheet from china is always 1.5 thick and they say its within tolerance and under cut everyone on price