Useful idiots: Kim Carr, Geoff Raby, Jordies star in CCP propaganda

This is priceless from CCP mouthpiece, The China Daily:

Probably none of the protagonists were asked but were they really needed to be? Kim Carr is a famous communist. Friendly Jordies has got Murdoch Derangement Syndrome and is blinded by Labor links. Finally, Geoff Raby is paid by Chinese SOE Yancoal to lobby on its behalf, as well as being registered as an agent of foreign influence.

ASPI is the target of the propaganda. It is true that ASPI is funded partly by government and big arms. It is openly pro-US and ANZUS. Certainly, it is not always right. But it’s not always one-eyed, either. ASPI founder, Hugh White, is an oft-quoted and relentless China bull.

In the last few years, ASPI has offered a safe space to various Chinese critics that would otherwise be exposed to CCP coercion. For this, it has been harassed consistently by CCP agents of various kinds.

Nor did ASPI originate many of the worst allegations and evidence unearthed about the Xinjiang internment camps. That came from brave sources all over the global media.

As for comparing Western media censorship to that conducted by the CCP, that is preposterous. Western media has its problems for sure but it is still a moshpit of disagreement and debate, including bloggers and vloggers! China has one heavily policed narrative behind the Great Firewall.

This video is both hilarious and deeply disturbing all at once.

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  1. I personally think FriendlyJordies is a bit too pro china, at least compared to my stance. But as someone who has watched a whole lot of his videos, including every single video on his self help channel, I think the idea that ‘the radical left’ is funding him is ludicrous.

    He is very pro Labor, sure. But I don’t believe is radical left. One of the reasons I like him is his strong dislike of identity politics. Is he wrong on China? Probably. Is he making an impactful difference to the country? Absolutely.

    • Not on this he ain’t. And this is the big one.

      I have liked lots of his stuff before but this is dangerous garbage. A fact rather underlined by the appearance in this video, volition or no.

      • I 100% agree the video is very pro china, and Friendly Jordies is pro china (and its one of things I dislike about him). But from his appearance in the video, his main point seemed to be that think tanks are propaganda machines funded by foreign governments. That is not overly controversial. I’d rather US influence than China influence in Australian politics. But even more so, I’d prefer neither.

  2. blacktwin997MEMBER

    Yeah you can write 67% of these cunce off on spec. Disappointed in Jordan tho, he did some good stuff back in the day. Maybe somebody in the CCP got photos of him passing boiled lollies to a minor.

  3. “This claim has been debunked by the Chinese Foreign Ministry”. LOL best comedy I’ve heard in ages.

  4. At some point the mask finally slips and this is FJ’s moment. Same as Robbie Barwick from the CEC, they both start out in an engaging manner with their ideas and you find that you can agree with some of their well argued positions but then comes CCP shilling .
    Way to much ideological “you are either Red or Blue team” with no middle ground.

    • He comes across as a highly intelligent and charismatic individual with zero empathy, if you see what I mean.

  5. And when the shooting war with the china starts in 5 years will these cretins be charged and locked up for giving aid and succour to the enemy by their propaganda

    • A reasonable question as to where the reality is, when the world is divided in 10 binary groups and that is 1. Propaganda and 10. pure rainbow facts.

      To simplify, Can there be truth in propaganda about another opposing propaganda?

  6. happy valleyMEMBER

    Lovely to see Geoffy wears his AO pin with pride – what equivalent is on offer from dear leader Xi?

  7. Jordies is good on the low hanging fruit social commentary stuff like music festivals, Triple J, Buzzfeed journos etc.

    On the main issues he’s largely rubbish and let’s his Labor affiliation poison his political well. Those two idiots on his last podcast re: China were a case in point for mine.

  8. Jordies can be great.

    But his position in China is a major blight. And he has far too much confidence on things he doesn’t know enough about (for example, energy).

    I’m all for his dogged anti-Liberal stance. But he seems incapable of turning some of that same analysis toward the ALP. For that, he ends up being a cheerleader. Disappointing. His credibility is compromised unfortunately.

    Maybe Pavlou can set him on a better course?

  9. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I subscribed to his YouTube thingy. Does that mean I can travel safely through China even though I may be a have been just a tad critical of Pooh Bear a few times.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I haven’t done all of my 5k radius like Karen from Brighton though. My fault, been doing repeat hill climbs and laps of the running track instead of spreading myself like only a trophy wife can.

        Note to all Melburnians, now that one on one personal training is allowed outdoors, running tracks are providing world class perving for every predilection.

  10. Western media has its problems for sure but it is still a moshpit of disagreement and debate, including bloggers and vloggers!
    LOL, “has its problems”…
    Lovely euphemism for a surreptitious method of delivery and control of the desired narrative… which is just a glazed variation of the same poison

  11. DelraiserMEMBER

    This shit is hilarious…….the Chinese need to stick to Propaganda in Mandarin. Every time they try it in English it looks like an attempt by some halfwit to uncover deep conspiracies by unveiling information made readily available to the public. Who gives a shit where funding for think tanks comes from? Most honest ones are transparent in terms of their donors and it is up to the reader to do some basic research.

    The conga line of useful idiots isn’t surprising. Carr, Raby etc. hardly provide a smoking gun. Jordan is a bit of a let down but he’s young and with time will hopefully start to lose his ALP blinkers. I love his takes on #koalakiller and Scummo but he will hopefully deliver a bit more balance over time as he gets older and a bit less ideological.