Embattled Berejiklian discovers imminent virus outbreak

As the Australian mainstream media mansplained yesterday, because Gladys Berekilian is a sheila, she, like all members of the fairer sex, is prone to emotional flights of fancy and falling head-over-heels for the wrong bloke. So she should be forgiven for any such transgression. After all, she can’t help it.

It might well have added that hysteria is common among women, as well as launching clinical trials to discover why females are so irrational, using electric chairs and long steel probes.

The one thing we cannot say about Gladys, however, is that despite being an emotional wreck, she is no slouch politician when it comes to unleashing feelings in the electorate when it serves her ends. To wit, at Domain just now:

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned NSW is on the cusp of another Crossroads Hotel event as the state recorded 12 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19.

While the Premier stands by the easing of restrictions announced on Tuesday, Ms Berejiklian said further easing would need to be put on hold until the pandemic was brought back under control.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has delayed the easing of coronavirus restrictions.CREDIT:NICK MOIR

The July Crossroads Hotel spike is visible in the chart on the blue lines:

I won’t say that we are not on the verge of similar after three months of very exceedingly successful contact tracing. But I will say that the prospect of it is very convenient to one Gladys Berejiklian, darling neurotic love bird of one of the most corrupt politicians in NSW history.

But otherwise always honest, ethical, diligent and correct.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    It is actually time for Australians to throw Australian politicians out of power – per se.

    In NSW we have Premier [Liberal] who has been rogering an openly corrupt parliamentarian [also Liberal] selling visas and cashing in.  She has a deputy [National] who has been openly exposed for funding his own business interests from the public decisionmaking he is party to.  In Opposition we have an ALP openly compromised by China funding links, and the usual batch of Sydney ALP style dubiosity.

    In Victoria we have a Premier who has (as DLS notes) – whether rightly or wrongly in relation to the actual handling of COVID 19 – obviously been party to the decision to use private security for quarantine in Melbourne hotels relating to Australians returning from offshore, and has denied this repeatedly, and has now tossed a Minister and the Head of the Vic Department of Premier and Cabinet under a steamroller.  He has been good in some respects over the years – his turfing of obviously travel allowance rorting MPs, the Somyurek man – but has obviously failed here.  The only reason he is remotely plausible remaining in the Premiers chair is because the Victorian Liberals are so obviously a pack of fruit loops and right wing nutters that the Victorian public is rightly terrified of them ever returning to somewhere near power and lining up more mega corruption of the sort they specialise in.

    Federally we have a party being fronted by a Prime Minister who is a tongue talking bible bashing nutter who tried to get his reverend into a meeting with the US President, and who is so obviously beyond the pale the Americans thought they would decline that opportunity.  The same man has the interpersonal skills of the type best carved into the public mind by his grabbing of the hand and backslapping a CFA volunteer who had requested he not shake his hand in fighting bushfires last year, and his palpable recoil in the presence of anything looking like the lived experience of ordinary Australians in almost any sense other than them expressing bonhomie in his presence.

    He fronts a party which has sown a minefield between its current location and the one at which it wants to be for the next federal election with the bringing down of a budget which has directed whatever economic stimulus it has directed – for a populace with about the worlds largest private debt burden, largely embedded in the worlds most expensive houses, with the worlds most parlous competitive position, and paying the worlds most expensive energy bills  – to those earning more than circa 150k per annum and who represent, as far as the 90% of the electorate is concerned, the 1%, and who can be guaranteed that they will not have anywhere near the same motivation to spend and contribute to aggregate demand, and to further support housing speculation by attracting first home buyers (facing the long flat parched wasteland of deflation and low incomes growth) to backstop current in market housing speculators, while doing nothing about land costs, energy costs, or overall private debt volumes.

    That of course is for those Australians who haven’t already concluded that any examination of S144 of the Constitution in relation to the current Members of Parliament – those with allegiances to other states, or those deriving a direct pecuniary interest from contractual commitments by the Federal Government in particular – raises an awful lot of questions, and before security services weigh in with any further concerns about politicians being in receipt of funding (either directly or indirectly) [See Dastayari] or the expectation of funding [see Robb] about whose interests our politicians actually do represent.  This of course would be well before any glancing over the funding of major public and private organisations in Australia [start with Universities] with a view to finding out about whose interests they too are actually serving, and contemplation of whether ordinary Australians have representatives in their parliament or whether ordinary Australians have brokers in their parliament for whom the ordinary Australians lived experience is ‘the product’ they sell to whoever pays the price (and get a margin for themselves).

    It isnt just Dan. It is the whole box and dice. And its all got to go.

    • The Sling Shot Boys

      Fully agree.
      Fortunately these politicians and their numero uno offsiders, are going to crash the economy and social fabric to the disastrous extent that joe public will have to take notice.
      Keep your BS party warm, no point parading now, you are liable to be punished as a messenger.

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      how do we toss them all out and get something better?? It appears if we toss them out we replace them with the worst end goal of full social control, if we dont toss them out we get there much slower.

    • Jumping jack flash


      Not only is Labor irrelevant in the age of debt and the New Economy, the entire concept of politics is as well. We could quite easily have banks run the whole show, they pretty much do anyway.

      Good old British Efficiency, which is to make something so efficient that it is no longer required at all.

      Government in the late 80’s and 90’s made themselves so efficient by selling pretty much every piece of themselves to the private sector that the only parts that remain today are collecting taxes, planning life after politics, squabbling/shagging, and corruption. Surely the latter two are out of sheer boredom, when it isn’t an election year.

    • I was bemoaning the same to an old friend who has been a QLD State govt employee since the dinosaurs roamed this joint.

      Instead of shaking his head in agreement, he said: Mate, it’s considered a perk of the job here in QLD and has been that way for as long as I can remember.

      (Presumably many of these people would not have considered a career in politics if the aforementioned perks were not available)

  2. Hmm, isnt it just a strange occurrence that the ad that came up was for a Hitachi Personal Back Massager?

    Apparently relieves aches and pains in the comfort of ones own home/bed. IP67 too… more than splash proof!

  3. Sounds like COVID-19 is a convenient plaything for pollies to bring out whenever they are embattled or need to show some “leadership”, I think Mcgowan over here in WA, is riding a surge of popularity, though as Christmas nears, all those who want to connect with their relations in the East can’t get out of here, it’s become a Modern Equivalent of that cult Classic “Dead end Drive-In” without the barbed wire…..

  4. I did say NSW will surpass Vic and the low numbers we had so far was down to luck and nothing else. Security guards were caught sleeping in NSW too but got lucky and virus did not escape.
    Multiple examples of no one practicing social distancing etc.. we all have seen it in shops, beaches everywhere. I used ATM machines at macarthur square and there is nothing available to clean your hands after touching the ATM. Even if you have gloves you’ll have to dispose them or you will spread the virus to other areas.
    Local Barber shop is a lol joint. No one wears mask, no cleaning of the chair between customers and don’t even start me on the butcher which I don’t use as that shop is as dirty as they can get – even before the covid. They don’t use gloves (most of the time) while touching the meat, money, cards, everything. And not a soul to inspect.
    How good is NSW.. eh?

    • Hopeless, when there was a breakout in Batemans Bay earlier in the year it was several days before hospital staff started wearing face masks. I had multiple discussions with staff that the reason for wearing a mask was to protect the patients not the person wearing the mask. The local admin said they were waiting for instructions from the hierachy at the Southern NSW Local Health District. How Covid did not take off down there is just down to extreme good luck.

    • tbh have never trusted the numbers coming out of NSW. For months they’ve had cases being reported in various areas, but none of these have transitioned into outbreaks which sounds rather unbelievable.

    • Vic was always going to get it worse than other states.
      Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton’s team was so poorly funded that top bureaucrats warned the Andrews government multiple times the state’s public health unit was the worst resourced in the country.
      The government was put on notice about the poor state of its public health team last year when the DHHS document comparing Victoria’s resourcing to NSW and Queensland was circulated as part of a push for extra funding.

      • Spot on. And that lack of funding is down to successive governments, but Andrews has been in charge for 6 years and was Health Minister under Brumby. All the quarantine stuff is jolly entertaining but the inability to manage an outbreak due to funding and structure deficit is unambiguously the fault of the political leaders who decide spending priorities.
        We are led to believe that they have lifted their game, and with idiot truck drivers failing to mention for 2 weeks(!) just how far they spread the bug into an otherwise COVID free regional Victoria, they have a proper tracing problem now and we will see if they are really any good.
        Without all these new outbreaks in Dandenong, Frankston, Chadstone, Kilmore, and the list goes on, we would be under 5/day now.
        But with this additional outbreak Andrews can’t let people run free … and you’ll notice that NSW virus numbers now equal to VIC is prompting them to defer planned restriction easing also. The loud political types need to wait a fortnight because all the consequent cases from the Chadstone outbreak have not yet been identified, and releasing restrictions right now will just spread it more.

    • Nobody cares, why don’t take responsibility and carry your own hand sanitiser if so worried about the ATM. Better yet, use contactless payment and avoid it altogether.

      • not everyone caries sanitizer and there are some businesses that it is best to pay cash. Kids like you could not think of. If there was block or ignore option I would have use it so I don’t have to strain my eyes reading your nonsense ever again.

  5. Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

    Deary me

    DLS this is a bit of a stretch into madness

    I’m going to suggest her message on this would be the same irrespective of the other goings on. The timing is convenient, sure.

    MB feels like it has commenced some dervish-like descent into madness sometimes.

  6. the next big NSW outbreak will be 7th November.

    The grand final is on 25th October. Give it two weeks to really fester, and for a couple of super spreaders to do their work.

  7. Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

    This one is for Spunky.

    Looking back to the past,
    Predictions of the end
    Unseen ultra violet rays
    Are beating on my head
    Nuclear threat want to bet will be our demise
    The day will come when we’ll look to apocalyptic skies
    When the news had spread, that soon we’d all be dead
    Well it just blew our minds
    No one could have guessed that our worst fears at best
    Figments of our time
    So it seems that our dreams will never come to be
    How can such a stupid thing destroy humanity?
    A few weeks till extinction and there’s nothing we can do
    A message sent to other worlds will say “It was just the flu”
    There’s no lesson to be learned
    There’s no one left to learn it

  8. You know the reason women can “fall for the wrong man” and not the other way around is because there is no such thing as “the wrong woman”….

    • That’s a really nice sentiment but the cynic in me tells me that even if everyone — the public –agreed (which they wouldn’t in the US, which is, let’s face it, a plutocracy) it would be rorted to b#ggery. Ways and means

    • That’s not an entirely bad idea, but it does nothing to prevent the problem it describes of massive political donations now that the supreme court has decided “money is speech”.

  9. Gladys Berekilian consort Daryl Maguire introduced the business men’ to immigration agent Maggie Wang, who gave each of them tens of thousands of dollars in cash for pretext documents to ‘arrange employment’ and visa documents for over 33 Chinese workers.
    (ICAC enquiry)

    Who never turned up for the jobs.
    Not expected to.

    So in just this one instance or example – over $100k was paid in bribes for the false documents & visa to get just these 33 Chinese into Australia.

    $3,000 each.
    Almost as good as the ‘100% guaranteed Australian PR / Australia Centrelink & Medicare – widely advertised by the Chinese migration agents and on sale for 10,000 RMB ($aud 2,070) in Guangzhou..

    So … also as an example.
    👉🏾Who are these 33 Chinese?
    👉🏾Have their real identities & doc been checked?
    👉🏾Where are they now?

    Why aren’t they being rounded up and deported along with the many hundreds of thousands of others being trafficked into Australia on similar foreign student, partner, skilled worker, backpacker/ working holiday and all the other visa rackets?

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