Top Gun! Watch as China obliterates Alcatraz

Great stuff from the PLA today as it obliterates…Alcatraz?:

What, no more retro posters?

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Looks like they missed Guam and hit Alcatraz instead. Perhaps the producers of The Rock should send the PLA an invoice for using that scene.

  2. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    Can you imagine the uproar if the USA made such a vid, or the US locked up millions of Muslims not because there were actual terrorists but because they followed Muslim religious practices like having a beard.

    Also the special effects are taken from copyright Hollywood movies! LOLs (edit: looks like you guys beat me to the post)

    • The USA has been making documentaries about this sorta thing in a number of countries over last 70 or so years.

      This is clearly propaganda made for domestic consumption. Just looked up China population pyramid, and there are millions more men than women aged 15-34, meaning being full of, ahem, juice and forever single. Got to have some sort of valve to release the tension. I do think it will lead to an armed conflict of sorts, but still not sure whether that will be internal or external.

      • Max you nailed it! I been saying it for years ..that the boner ..I mean bonehead overpopulation would be a problem will end up either a for China or everyone else.

      • I say this too and as I watched the video I thought there’s the profile of 34 year old men. Snap.

        It’s 100 million extra men, isn’t it?

    • America killed millions of muslims over the last 30 years just because their countries refused to do exactly what the US wanted. Iraq being the main example, but the Syria and Yemen wars were also supported by the USA.

  3. A (hilarious) selection of comments, translated …

    Kyle Tsai
    Rubbish from high film, explosion screen directly steal Hollywood movie The Rock, laugh to death

    Timothy Yui
    Old solution 1:07Start in seconds
    2008 American movie The Hurt Locker 3:30Start in seconds

    Billy Belli
    1:07 It’s exactly the same as the 2008 American movie The Hurt Locker
    3:30In the beginning, it must be the evil director of the American Emperor who took the time machine to plagiarize😠

    Yuhay-Ray Ng
    Stop stealing from other movies 😂 #hurtlocker

    Real Chinese Movie
    Even the official Chinese films have to steal the special effects of the Hollywood movie, which is shameful. The Guam missile map is also a segment of the Transformers-Decepticons resurgence.

    Eric Tsui
    Stealing someone else? No! Are you wrong? The People’s Liberation Army Air Force! Don’t do such shameless things! I don’t believe it! Such shameless things! Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! Fuck!

    Lu Shasha
    A big country that relies on analog films from high can be considered as stealing footage from American movies. Is it that shameful? 😂😂

    Lawrence Hung
    1:05 There is a movie from the movie Transformers II 1:14It’s the movie of the movie Jedi Mission (The Rock) F18 bombing the prison

    Ray White
    Great, remember so clearly👍

    Marine NO.1TW
    Cottage Jedi task – H-6 from the cool articles killing his mother wanted to make myself do it also boasted piece to piece Pirates used their own troops promo soil is soil were common

    Wong Joe
    Stealing footage, I don’t know the so-called, thief is hard to change. Lost the face of Chinese people all over the world.

    Fully reflects the real situation of the PLA Air Force: fake fakes

    Kin Lee
    Someone in this so-called propaganda and cultural center has disappeared. Propaganda films have to steal American movie clips. Is it so expensive to make one?

    Schwarz Crepsley
    How come Western instruments are used for background music?

    Like the bioweapon wasn’t bad enough?

    marc wong
    1:14The ending footage of the American movie The Rock has been edited. . . Shameless

    The most masturbating country in the world has a kind of real fight, communist fights democracy, you will win the ghost, or masturbate obediently

    Chan Aiden
    It’s a shame to steal someone else’s promo 😭

    TLPeter leung
    Once again, CCP wins by…stealing.

    Have a bustling dream
    Just now! The PLA can’t bear it! Trump freaked out! The 1.4 billion Chinese children were stunned! Zhongnanhai was bombed! Xi Jinping was ransacked!

    Lee Rb
    It’s embarrassing to use American movies to simulate bombing.

    Phil Verhey
    Pathetic theft of American Hollywood movies.
    Hurt locker
    The Rock

    Yue Arthur
    Fake is counted as… but also illegally appropriating footage of American Emperor movie XD

    W. L
    The motherland is too strong, it should be no problem to directly take Taiwan, Japan, and the United States! Why don’t you fight the battle that must be won?

    Yang Cong
    Do you want to tighten TikTok headquarters? “I don’t want to sell my fried Zuoqu”

    Lin Judy
    I’m so touched! Seeing crying, this is China’s combat power! It’s amazing. China, China will become the biggest prostitute!

    Battlefield original black instrument
    Trash and dog movies are all stolen. Has the CCP ever won a battle in 49 years? Win the battle and fight every day without flying

    2 days ago
    The People’s Liberation Army will only hit its own civilians, and it will only hit planes to the outside world.

    This new Top Gun movie looks dumb.

    Arsh Zhao
    Are you willing to fight? The world is waiting for you!

    Next time I will use the “Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor” strip from the Hi frame

    Eric Sung
    Using fictional American movies to promote the strength of the People’s Liberation Army, is this to control the foreigners?

    Ricky Wong
    Go back to the US and see how Pompeo reacts. XD

    Chunhung Wu
    Troubled your country to bomb Guam, the United States. I want to see how China was purged by the Eight-Power Allied Forces again, and I also want to see how Beijing lost its nuclear bomb. Please, don’t just stop at the film, hurry up and act.

    Wayne Wu
    The bombing of US military bases. This short film is a steal from the American movie “Transformers Rising Again”. It should be paid back to higher copyright fees than the US

    Trigger Hippy
    who’d have guessed, the chinese blatently stealling IP, again!

    alan cheung
    Poor enough to steal the enemy’s country movie from high, pitiful 🤣

    Without an American movie, you can’t even make a short film of sexual desire

    Zhang Liang
    Has the budget of the official film been corrupted by your senior officials again? Thank you Leek for allowing senior Chinese officials to send one more child abroad to obtain an immigration certificate~

    Without American movies, the old Jie can’t even take a plane and masturbate

    Mr. Za, instead of making tens of millions of people please confess the whole old film to make people laugh, it is better for me to ruin the market, I will kill 2 0, and I can cut 500,000 to 1 million. Strips

    cat cat
    Support the powerful motherland to directly attack American imperialism. Mi Zhai Blow.

    Your plane can’t even pass the island chain… but you can try it and see what happens. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    yaun yaun
    Although it is far away, I will bomb Guam🤣😂

    CM Kung
    I just thought. . . It may put hundreds of thousands of funds to ask someone to make a special effects promotional video. Then, the smart Chinese directly replaced them with ready-made pictures. Then you can calculate the difference in price.

    DU SIM
    2 days ago (edited)
    It’s awesome, my feet…

    TX NO
    There is also a movie about Transformers, which is really damn shame

    If you want to make a film, you have to be realistic enough to make this kind of embezzlement of other people’s copyright and pass it to the people in the interior of your own country. 😂😂😂

    James Lo
    ==…. Looking at the great People’s Liberation Army, it is a bit embarrassing=,=….

    aquaregia TK
    Remember the fate of the last country that attacked the US military base?

  4. POTUS should release a video where he instructs Fed President to turn off China’s access to Dollar Funding market and watches the country collapse without a single fighter jet taking off.

    • Agreed,
      US pilots are like road runner, indestructible and not subject to laws of physic.
      Would make the Coyote mince

  5. The Chinese theft of Lockheed Martin’s ‘sensitive’ military data is what they wanted the Chinese to take.
    They might be just a little surprised at the first real ‘engagement’.
    Olive branch or arrows; choose wisely!

    • Like Animal House where they went through the trash and found the carbon paper for the wrong exam….

  6. Strange, I’d guess (pre-COVID) there’d be more Chinese tourists than Seppos on Alcatraz on any given day.

  7. The notion of Chinese bombing the West coast of the U.S. is pure fiction.

    They should have used scenes from star wars. Would have been equally realistic.

  8. I thought we were going to finish off with it being an ad for a brand of Oriental hand moisturiser.
    Those hands on the thrust lever (0:43 and 0:55) are preternaturally supple and wrinkle-free.

  9. Thing is that all those planes and missiles will be stamped “Made in China.”

    Still, I’m sure the clip will have caused a great deal of excitement and I guess China has sold out of tissues.