Empty Chair agrees to Morrison gas joke

Via The Fake Left:

The draft reads: “Labor supports the responsible development of Australia’s gas reserves, subject to environmental approvals to ensure communities’ concerns are addressed through rigorous science-based processes, including gas from coal seams, shale and tight gas formations.”

It says a future Labor government would ensure “gas development is environmentally sustainable, science-based and safe, managing environmental impacts and ensuring sustainable local economic activity”.

“Labor will ensure the industry operates at the highest environmental standards and will ensure the coal seam gas industry assesses and manages environmental and other impacts, including on water reserves and co-existence with other agricultural activities, and engages constructively with landholders.”

…The draft Labor platform commits a future Albanese government to “working with industry, workers and states [to] ensure access to affordable gas to support Australian households, power generation and industry, including through measures designed to ensure Australia’s energy security”.

The platform says Labor will work with state and territory governments, industry and unions on “a strategic national approach to the future development of our energy system, including transmission and distribution planning and investment and supporting the development of renewable energy zones”.

Is that a commitment to the only policy measure that would matter in fixed price domestic reservation? Who knows?

The whole point of The Empty Chair is that it is policy invisible.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. That’s about 25 motherhood phrases, in just five paras. Gold. The planet heaves a sigh of relief, at the prospect of Albo’s science-based sustainable gas, and not Scotty’s rort-based rent-seeker gas.

  2. I remember talking to the Labor candidate for Chisholm into the lead up to the 2019 election about this issue. She seemed very switched on about it and understood that gas reservation was needed to actually lower prices. Shame Albo didn’t get the memo.

    • Haywood JablomyMEMBER

      I know a lot of pollies are a bit dense, but are they really THAT dense. Any modestly informed Aussie knows we possess a sh!t ton of natural gas in this country. Does Albo or anyone else need to be spoon fed the bleeding obvious conclusion that we should be taking care of our domestic requirements first?

      Maybe they just don’t want to know because that would involve biting the hand that feeds them.

    • SupperannuationMEMBER

      I also spoke to the Labor candidate for Chisholm in the lead up to the 2019 election. She told me that Australia needed to do more to ensure that migrants were given more opportunities to find skilled employment and that there wasn’t any money laundering through Australian property because it is illegal.

      • Fair enough. I didn’t speak to her on those issues. However if anyone thinks that money hasn’t been laundered though Box Hill property they’re wilfully blind or have something to lose. I had a fascinating conversation with an Uber driver once about the time he got a job to pick up and return a foreign businessman to/from the airport (I was going to the airport myself). Destination was a very pricey suburb in the Whitehorse area. On pickup said businessman had a briefcase. After arriving at the destination the business man went inside, but didn’t want the driver to leave so the driver sat in the car with the meter running. After some time business man returns absent said briefcase and returned to the airport. The driver told me the business man said he’d just bought the property. Given the business man comes from a country which has strict capital controls if you tell me that’s not money laundering then I’ll tell you the number of a good psychologist.

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Gas policy is the next elections ‘Adani mine.’ If labor oppose it the LNP can say they are ‘bad for jobs’ and hurt their union base. If Labor agree to it they are bad for the environment and hurt the latte sipping inner city lefties base. And they can ONLY get away with it because there is no real opposition in the Media to actually present the ‘facts.’