Buy a Uyghur slave today!

Nazism is nothing if not profitable for Nazis.

And iron ore exporters.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Slavery made America great. It can make China great too!
    We missed our opportunity with the Papuans. Strong little barsteds too.

  2. Concentration camps, forced labor and no doubt forced harvesting of organs for transplant.
    Whats not to like about the china.

    Dont you love the comment about beautiful women?
    We all know whats going on there. Lets not kid ourselves.
    We all know what kind of houses the women of a conquered country end up in.

    Watch Australian business and politicians collectively do a “Victoria” were not aware, didnt know, not responsible, first im hearing about it.

    • “Watch Australian business and politicians collectively do a “Victoria” were not aware, didnt know, not responsible, first im hearing about it.” – or Datto’s mates buy themselves new “nannies”.

      • I dunno, a few Aussie businesses might be enquiring for a few skilled worker visas, encouraged by government. Arbeit macht frei – have a go get a go.

  3. Shades of MessinaMEMBER

    Well if it was good enough for Daenerys Targarean….

    How else do you purchase an instant army of 10,000 ?!

  4. I am sure one of our enlightened and esteemed political representative is looking at a few thousand for our fruit harvesting needs.

  5. If this is not fake news, it is pretty disgusting.
    Frankly, I am glad that this race has been known to fight back with very little on their side. CCP will deserve all that is coming.

    • Unfortunately it won’t be fake news. I feel so so so so sorry for the Uyghurs (and the recent news about the Tibetans is heartbreaking, I’d been expecting it for a long time based on some actions that were taken about 5 years ago, what happens with the Mongolians is going to be very very interesting).
      I really like the Uyghurs. They were always lovely people when you got to know them. Very generous, kind and caring (the effing dumb thing is that the same can be said for the Han, the inter ethnic problems in China are just tragic and actually unnecessary in my opinion). A few can be standoffish, but that is/was totally understandable. And they are physically very striking. Yeah some of the women are stunningly beautiful, but I found some of the blokes very, very pleasant to look at (and I can totally see why Han would refer to the men as strong, given the general differences physique esp between Uyghur and southern Chinese, the northern Han are different, much more brawnier – though of course to mention any general differences in physique of two different ethnic groups is quite wrong of me, regardless of the fact that someone from one of those groups did it first, I guess I should go send myself off to re-education pronto).

      • You’re confident that it’s not fake? Noting Ronin’s comments and links below, it would be good to get independent verification other than ASPI.

        • Oh I didn’t read slave as a literal interpretation of the word in the top tweet, but more as forced labour, and I thought everyone else would as well. The Chinese reads basically that they have Uyghur workers available and the guys are handsome and the females are beautiful. And FMD I can still read the original Chinese and not need to refer to google translate! I do NOT believe that there will be actual slave labour markets in China that are openly advertised like that, that would be dumb and wouldn’t happen. If it were to happen it would be underground. There were reports a decade ago of basically slave labour in some brickwork kilns in I think Henan and Ahui, they had a lot of disabled or mentally challenged people in them IIRC. It was widely reported in the Chinese media in the lead up to the Olympics I think. Women (PRC citizens; the sexual trafficking of women from other Asian nations is well documented and is a whole other story) can get sold into sexual slavery, sometimes by their in laws, that was a relatively well known among gov agencies dealing with STD control, the women again came from central Chinese provinces and were trafficked into more western provinces I think. Anyway slavery in it’s modern form is unfortunately alive and kicking all over the world, but esp in Asia. I absolutely loath our current immigration system because it contributes to it, and it [the modern day version of slavery] certainly exists in Australia, and this is another way in which the fake left is culpable, equating discussion of the current immigration system to [email protected] means they are enabling slavery in this wonderful society of the fair go. If you want to get on your activist horse, try and ensure our immigration system is reformed so that agricultural workers, and Asian women aren’t put into sexual indenture or whatever word we use today to cover up the reality of slavery.

          • Thanks Popcod, your post is an excellent read. And agreeable.
            Btw, I know BJ is a big place but I have friend (though haven’t seen for years) who was an English teacher of sorts in BJ for 8 years – Geraldine A from Melbourne. Maybe you crossed paths?

        • Hi Ginger, it is possible I crossed paths but I don’t remember her though the name seems familiar. I didn’t really hang out with a lot of Aussies while there, and after early 200s I had nothing to do with the embassy and that crowd (I was a lowly local hire, and a couple of years after the Olympics Chinese immigration to Australia really took off and things changed). I was out of the teaching scene for quite a few years before being forced back into it, but I mainly did corporate training so if she was involved in ‘traditional’ English teaching, which focused on kids then I wouldn’t have come across her except perhaps socially, and over time the social scene expanded until there was no way you could track of all the participants (unlike way back in the day when that was actually possible).

    • They’re not selling them : but the Chinese government need somewhere to place all those Uyghur who have finished their ‘re-education’.

      • Yeah. First time I am actually contemplating to join a protest of some sort in person. And THAT takes some doing.. getting me off my bum.

    • Does being disgusted have a purpose if you’re not ready do do something about that which disgusts you?
      Are you prepared to die for your moral high ground?
      Are other Aussies prepared to die for this cause?
      As I see it you like the concept of being disgusted far more the actions that go hand in hand with being truly disgusted or maybe you just like the word disgusted.

      • No. Cause i dont think my life means all that much in the scheme of things. Feels like “dying for a cause” is just as much a phrase that gets thrown around as “disgusting”
        But i am disgusted enough to want to pay more for my products if they do not benefit from this slavery. Rex whatshisface is on to something there. Not making this profitable is better than giving up your life.. i am willing to protest for that.

          • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

            What are you proposing Ulrike. Is willingness to die the minimum standard to object to a cause or move on to protests?. Is the individual with low international political power wisest to sacriface themselves for probably no effect?
            Isnt it wiser to build power before action. If it needs political power to have an impact then an individuals best course may be to build awareness of an issue, express a view that may pursuade others and see if you can contribute to a broader movement to build collective power.
            In an era when pregnant mothers have their doors smashed in by police and arrested for posting a protest online, expressing disgust has a risk and has purpose if it persuades others or helps them to speak out.

          • What other currency is there?
            If you honestly believe something then your Life is what you’re willing to sacrifice to see your beliefs take shape.
            They’re your beliefs, I don’t share them , they’re your beliefs, so what are you willing to do for your beliefs??

          • Yet another attempt to make out such abuse is ‘cultural’? So abuse others who do have a conscience to excuse your own lack of one..

          • Just to be clear.
            Many of my best friends are part of the Special Forces community. (Seals, SAS, Rangers etc )
            When you guys have these pangs of conscience it is their lives that go on the line.
            So I have a personal policy of not expecting others to do what I wouldn’t do myself.
            If I find something so egregious that I want it to stop and wish force to be deployed to facilitate this outcome, then I will put myself at the front of the line when it comes to the implementation of this policy.
            If it’s my policy and implementing it is likely to cost lives, then my life should be the first one on the line.
            If my disgust does not raise to this level then I generally bite my tongue. And yes the life choices of other cultures is one area where I shake my head and bite my tongue a lot.

    • I had a Uyghur friend for a while. We’d go get Xinjiang food whenever either of us had a craving for it and his mates couldn’t be bothered leaving campus to get to the good places (I had to come from across town so we didn’t meet up often). He was studying in BJ on a scholarship. Anyway his dream was to go to Turkey. He didn’t think he’d get a passport because even back then they were hard to get. He graduated and went back home, married a beautiful woman and then quickly had a son. He seemed happy but stopped posting on wechat about 2 years after leaving BJ. I didn’t contact him much after he left, and then stopped as it didn’t justify any risk to him (we weren’t particularly close friends but I liked him and learnt from him and I figured it was good for him to have positive ‘;break down stereotypes’ experiences by interacting with a westerner so I exerted myself – my CFS was pretty bad at that stage so getting the energy to socialise, esp if I had to travel was big for me, but oh man, Xinjiang food is so good). I really hope he’s ok cos he was a top bloke and deserved to have a good life.

  6. I hear the Uyghurs’ internal vital organs are where the real money is to be made for the CCP… ROARING trade going down right now in this space in Xinjiang! #2020 #China #Holocaust

  7. TailorTrashMEMBER

    “You can choose them your self “
    …..shades of the Charleston slave market ….
    Wonder if they let you check their teeth and have a good feel of the rump muscles ( especially those beautiful female ones )

  8. Just when I thought: F them Natsi’s!
    》 I can provide more contents to legitimate persons if desired.《
    It must be true. You’re not allowed to make stuff up on twitter, everyone knows that.