For sale. One wolf warrior liver

For sale. One wolf warrior liver:

Meanwhile, our charming Nazi CCP mates are at it again. It’s all our fault you see, via Global Times:

After the Morrison government is reported to be launching investigations of Chinese flagship platforms TikTok, WeChat and Sina Weibo, following the US that is considering a ban on the short video platform, observers said becoming a US puppet is unwise for Australia and if China-Australia ties sink, Canberra will be shooting itself in the foot.

Beyond the US’ blatant maliciousness against Chinese commercial platforms, its allies are following suit, including the UK, whose attitude toward Huawei has been erratic, and Australia which mulled investigations into TikTok and other platforms after the US’ claims.

Citing a government source, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the probe will potentially look at the security threats posed by social media companies such as TikTok, as well as platforms used primarily by the Chinese diaspora such as WeChat and Weibo.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday said the Australian government was monitoring TikTok “very closely” and “won’t be shy” about taking action against the video sharing app. The Morrison government has also been talking with the US recently over the issue.

Yu Lei, a chief research fellow at the Research Center for Pacific Island Countries at Liaocheng University in Shandong Province, noted it is ridiculous to probe life-sharing and messaging platforms in the name of national security.

Having close economic ties with China, Australia is totally unwise to follow the US and launch investigations or potential sanctions on Chinese companies, which are detrimental to cultural and commercial exchanges, Yu told the Global Times.

Australia will be shooting itself in the foot in the long run if it pursues such a radical act against China. It could give some politicians short-term gains, and that seems enough for them, Yu said.

China is Australia’s largest trading partner. About 60 percent of Australia’s $126 billion annual net increase in exports over the past decade came from China. If Australia were to move away from China in trade, “it would only reduce Australian incomes and jobs.”

Yu said that Australia is actually a “guard dog” of the US in the Asia-Pacific region, and its political and military status is totally dependent on the US, which has been increasingly involved in domestic Australian politics in recent years.

Some observers warned that Australia is annoying China by comprehensively and blindly following the Trump administration, which is likely to have four last months in office, giving up its diplomatic autonomy under the shadow of US hegemony.

WeChat told the Global Times they had no comments on the issue while the other companies did not reply as of press time. Chinese living in Australia reached by the Global Times expressed their disappointment and suspicion over the looming action.

Wang Han, a Chinese who lives and works in Melbourne told the Global Times on Sunday that he felt really disappointed over some Australian politicians’ words and actions. Wang said he was considering returning to China amid the unfriendly atmosphere.

“If Australia’s economy and bilateral relations [with China] keep sinking, I will consider returning to China as an option,” Wang said, noting the economy and employment is far from optimistic in Australia.

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    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      All ‘social media platform’ does the same thing : but they’re not owned by a government habouring insidious intent. (or at least, not yet..)

      • Stewie Griffin

        Agree – I’ve removed practically every SM app from my mobile devices. That said TikTok is particularly virulent in terms of what it collects.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        It’s who owns the algorithms presenting the User feed that counts. Algorithms filter for a cultural view.

    • The FNG.MEMBER

      Sure Falun Gong might have some whacky beliefs, but this is a free country, believe whatever you want.
      But the main point in the story that FG strongly supports Trump.
      Hilarious that people in countries at direct threat of fascist or authoritarian rule are big Trump and US supporters, triggers the hell out of the hand wringers.
      Funny how clear the world becomes when your back is against the wall.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Falun Gong is a pretty nasty cult. Doesn’t justify the persecution of its members, but it is very much like Church of Scientology in regard to how it functions.

  1. Charles MartinMEMBER

    See ya later Wang Han, don’t let us stop you buddy.
    Just like the CCP he makes an idol threat because he is disappointed about what some politician has said.
    FFS, it makes zero difference if you stay or go, you’re not pivotal to anything.

  2. Wang hang should just f***ing P**s off in stead of hang ing around. In other news Hung Long has said he enjoyed the hard times in this country

  3. cuturhairMEMBER

    I like this passage:
    ‘noted it is ridiculous to probe life-sharing and messaging platforms in the name of national security.’

    Are there any other countries that block usage of certain apps in the name of national security?

  4. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    The CCP really do think the UK, Aus etc are just following Trump, its a huge error on their part that they cannot see how since the SCS invasion & militarisation, Uyghur concentration camps & general oppression & ethnic cleansing, not to mention hacks, threats, HK etc that opinions have fundamentally changed, Merkel excepted

  5. haroldusMEMBER

    Slightly related but the renovator is doing his plaster walls today.

    Guess what nationality the whole wall team is?

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Idly listening to them yelling on the the street outside my window at 7.00am this morning while smoking many cigs, it occurred to me that Scomo can’t let local tradies hands become idle hands.

        These guys were just such an obvious target to a disgruntled ice addled plasterer (or any tradie confronted with increasing leisure time).

  6. “Wang Han, a Chinese who lives and works in Melbourne”
    LOL. OK, one guy in melbourne.. Geezus.

  7. Poochie the Rockin Dog

    It’s fair for other countries to ban China’s apps purely on the grounds that it bans so many apps itself. But I doubt Tiktok is doing anything worse than Facebook and Google – which enable massive US Gov spying which Snowden exposed. As China gets more powerful it’s becoming obvious that it’s terrible at diplomacy, which could mean a less powerful China in the future as more and more countries break away

  8. There’s a really good article on Tik Tok here and why it is dangerous.

    Money quote: “ If China is on the offensive against liberalism not only within its borders but within ours, it is in liberalism’s interest to cut off a vector that has taken root precisely because it is so brilliantly engineered to give humans exactly what they want.”