MB Fund Podcast: Markets disconnect from reality: what comes next? (Updated with podcast version)


  1. Interesting comment a couple of days ago by a guest on the ABC business today show. She was talking about why the market was so high and said there had been a dramatic spike in new trading accounts. She suspected they were people working from home isolation deciding to invest in the ASX and this was causing the current bubble.

    The guests other important comment was “When it drops, it drops fast” and the implication was there were going to be a lot of burnt newbies when it happens.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • billriskasMEMBER

      More dumb arses will pile in to ensure the market goes up. The smart institutions are making like stuffed pigs, exiting whilst stupid morons pile in. The dumb dumbs will get a lesson when they realise oh fvck its worth jack. August or September will be the months to watch as it goes arse up or it goes full on crazy. Irrational Rational ASX.

    • I saw a similar ABC piece. Some guy withdrawing his super and putting it straight into stocks. The market came down quite a lot today though, possibly the end of the run. We’ll see how many get burnt.

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        I’m amused by Streisand, who’s married to the very masculine James Brolin, buying Viagra stocks.

        • Re Brolin, you don’t get a full head of hair at 79 without a little bit less testosterone in your pants, hey, I’d rather have hair on me head than a lower sex drive and obviously Babs thinks so too

    • Some should consider the evolution of the market due to computational power – connectivity, allowing firstly well to do to day trade, advent of for rent trading desks, and a whole cornucopia of means to create churn in the staaawck markets – all whilst wage income is crammed down [inflation fear] and market forces drive up basic need prices in comparison.

      But yeah … individual potential and billionaires vs the unwashed.