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Live Today | MB Fund Webinar: China triple threat

This Afternoon on MB Fund Webinar, March of the Red Dragon will have David Llewellyn-Smith joining Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller to cover the latest from China. How will Xi respond to Trump’s Trade War? How will it deal with a tightening Fed? How will it deal with its debt bomb? What are the implications


MB Fund May Performance

May continued to see positive returns across our portfolios,  our Australian fund was up 2% and the rest were up around 1% over the month. These returns came as protectionist trade rows flared and markets belatedly realised that European growth is slowing more sharply than expected – themes that we were relatively well positioned for.


How did the MB Fund beat the “bond kings”?

It’s over and the MB Fund won. The “bond kings” Jeff Gundlach and Bill Gross have been vanquished. How did the MB fund do it? First, recall that Jeff Gundlach has been for the past six months telling everyone to buy emerging markets and commodities. Second, Bill Gross has been telling everyone to bet on a


Live this Afternoon | MB Fund Webinar: Quant Rocks – Quality Counts

Today, 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) Today on MB Fund Webinar, Quant Rocks – Quality Counts. The Quant Rocks series gives you the opportunity to hear from MB Fund Head of Investments – Damien Klassen. Walking through his tools in picking quality stocks. Join us as Damien and Tim Fuller walk through Quantitative Research Methods


Watch Now | MB Fund Webinar: The Botox Boom peaks

On this episode of MB Fund Webinar, State of the Nation will have Leith Van Onselen joining us as he walks through the hidden figures in the latest National Accounts. Join us as Tim Fuller walks through the report with Leith as they breakdown each segment against current trends. What did the National Accounts show in the March Quarter? What do the National Accounts mean for


Live Today | MB Fund Webinar: State of the Nation

This Afternoon | State of the Nation 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) Today on MB Fund Webinar, State of he Nation will have Leith Van Onselen joining us to explain the hidden figures in the latest National Accounts. Join us as Tim Fuller walks through the the report with Leith as they breakdown each segment against current trends. What did


LIVE TODAY | MB Fund Webinar: The Future of Financial Advice

LIVE TODAY | The Future of Financial Advice 24th May, 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) This afternoon Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller will walk through recent events and what remains of the Financial Advice Sector. Given the recent royal commission’s findings, what impacts will be felt in the financial advice sector? Is this the end of aligned (bank) advice? What changes are on the


Introducing the MacroBusiness Fund Client Portal

The next step in MB’s attack upon overpriced, under-serviced, opaque and mismanaged funds is here. Behold MB Fund 2.0: the portal! Click on the video above, and let David and Tim take you through the exciting new features and functionality of the MacroBusiness Fund Client Portal. Then, click the login button to experience the portal


LIVE TODAY | MB Fund Webinar: Aussie Dollar Doomed?

LIVE TODAY | Aussie Dollar Doomed?  10th May, 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) This afternoon David Llewellyn-Smith, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller will walk through the falling dollar and the uncertain future. – Past trends of the AUD – What to expect from the falling dollar ? – Recent falling dollar, is there more on the way ? – Positioning your


MB Fund April Performance

April saw markets bounce back from a poor March, and our portfolios had healthy gains with our international portfolio up 2.6% and both our Tactical Growth and Tactical Foundation funds rising 1.6%. International shares were aided again by a falling Australian dollar – over the last 3 months the weakness in the Australian dollar has


MB Fund Webinar: Housing – Australia’s Favourite Bubble.

Join us for another full house event with David Llewellyn – Smith, Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller. As we take a look into one of Australia’s most frequented topics. Property Market and the much discussed bubble. Take us on your daily commute ! Podcasts now available on iTunes and all major Android


MB Fund Webinar : Housing, Australia’s Favourite Bubble

Housing, Australia’s Favourite Bubble. LIVE THIS THURSDAY 3rd May, 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) Join David Llewellyn-Smith, Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller this Thursday. Hosting another full house event, as we cover a topic frequenting all Aussie households. – What to expect after the hill – After all these years will there be repercussions ?


The four big fixes for better financial planning

Financial planning has long had two major problems, and the intersection of the two problems is where the action is. The Royal Commission into banks is merely uncovering what most people in the industry have known for a long time. Problem 1: Do Financial Planners provide advice or sell product? If I go to a


How to protect yourself from the great Australian crash

By now if you’re reading you ought to understand that the Australian economy operates on symbiotic halves. Our miners sell dirt to foreigners and our banks leverage that income in global markets to lend into huge domestic mortgages. When trouble strikes, the Federal Budget sits between them, taking in the commodity tax revenues, and guaranteeing


MB Fund Webinar: Are the Banks Royally, F***** ?

Take a look at what to expect in the Banking and Finance Sector for Australia and what does this all mean for investors? Don’t have time to sit down ?  Take us on the road. Webinars now available on all major Android Applications and iTunes. If you liked the series, please make sure to let


10 lessons from the RC’s financial advice slaughter

Yesterday’s Royal Commission had all the elements for some great headlines: a celebrity taken down,  a $500,000 stuff up, impersonating clients and fake degrees. But what I want to talk about is managed accounts. First, some context from Fairfax: High-flying celebrity financial planner Sam Henderson’s world came crashing down on Tuesday as the banking royal commission heard he instructed his employees


MB Fund webinar: Are the Banks Royally F***** ?

Are the Banks Royally F***** ? LIVE THIS THURSDAY 26th April, 12:30 PM (GMT + 11:00) Join David Llewellyn-Smith, Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller this Thursday as we embark on a deep dive into the latest hot topic, Royal Commission: – What will this mean for the banking sector in Australia? – What


March MB Fund Performance

March was a shocker for the ASX with the ASX200 down over -4%. Investors in our tactical funds did much better, led by our income and accumulation funds increasing +0.4% and +0.3% respectively.  International shares performed much better than Australian shares (helped by a falling Australian dollar) finishing down -1.1%. In particular, our March performance


MB fund webinar: Boom or Bust for Commodities ?

This week on Nucleus Insights AUSTRALIA – Boom or Bust Commodities ? 19th of April, 12.30PM, GMT + 11:00 Join us this Thursday to hear about the impact of recent events on the rise and fall of Australia’s Commodities. This week David Llewellyn-Smith and Leith Van Onselen will be joining Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller, looking


IAG: Driverless cars 20 years away

David Harrington from IAG channels Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”. From The Australian: Australia has 700 pieces of different regulation that need to be changed before driverless cars can take to the roads, according to Insurance Australia Group, which


Nucleus Insights : World Valuation Round Up (Live Today)

World Valuation Round Up LIVE TODAY – 12.30PM, GMT + 11:00   Join Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller this afternoon as we embark on a deep dive into: – Global stock valuations – The impacts of credit – How this is applied to the portfolios at Nucleus Wealth Make sure to sign up to tune in


Is dividend imputation distorting Australian capital?

There have been changes proposed by the Labor party to imputation credits. We have put together a quick series looking at a number of aspects for investors: In Part 1 (link) we looked at the winners and losers from the proposed changes In Part 2 we look at some peripheral issues (a) at how management


Who are the real winners and losers from imputation reform?

The dust is starting to settle a little on the Labor governments recent proposal to stop the refund of unused franking credits and lines are slowly being drawn in the sand in preparation for battle. An interesting (but unfortunately obvious) emergence has been the ‘inbetweener’ advocation of battlers that are potentially going to be adversely


Has Uber self-driving crashed?

I have blogged a number of times about self-driving cars being the key to working out the path for oil prices and so it is important to work out if the recent pedestrian death by an Uber self-driving car is a sign that self-driving cars are further away than we expected. Electric Car Economics An


Nucleus Insights : Oz Economics (Live Today)

NUCLEUS INSIGHTS : OZ ECONOMICS  LIVE TODAY – 12.30PM, GMT + 11:00 Today Leith Van Onselen and David Llewellyn-Smith will be joining Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller as they dive into the current position of Australian Economics.    – What will we be facing in a few years time ?  – How to spot opportunities in