Bannon: World must stop China in Hong Kong

Via The Wire comes Steve Bannon:

Q. On Thursday, Beijing announced that it was planning new national security laws that could give China’s leaders greater control over Hong Kong and undermine civil liberties in the semi-autonomous territory. This looks like a bold move by Xi Jinping and Beijing’s leaders aimed directly at anti-government protests and dissent. What’s your view of the events now unfolding in Beijing and Hong Kong?

A. Well, this is big. In December, the Senate passed and the House passed, with only one dissenting vote, the Hong Kong Freedom Act [officially known as the 2019 Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act]. I think certain requirements have to be certified by the end of May, or the first of June. It’s up for certification right now. And I think it calls for a review of our underlying trade agreements [with Hong Kong]; the whole thing that makes Hong Kong such a great place for capital markets; and the underlying trade arrangements with the United States, including financial matters. Obviously, [the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act] can’t be certified now. This breaks all potential for certification. My strong recommendation is [for the U.S.] to go as hard-core as possible. You pull that immediately. Pull all the underlying trade arrangements we have. Also we stop and limit any activity with the [state-owned] Bank of China, or any mainland Chinese banks. The Bank of China is right there [in Hong Kong]. You restrict all activity with their money centered banks and the United States. Additionally, you go to immediate sanctions; you sanction the individuals, including the Foreign Ministry guys. And if the Politburo passes this, you go to immediate sanctions on those individuals too.

We should call a [UN] Security Council meeting immediately and dare China, as a permanent member, to block it. The world community ought to do this. On Monday morning, a holiday, the President’s got to call a Security Council meeting and dare China to fight it. This is exactly like [what happened to] Czechoslovakia and Austria. We’re in 1938. For Hong Kong, this is that moment. If we blink, we’re heading on a path to war, to a kinetic war, if we don’t stop it right now. The elites are going the wrong way. This is not a cold war. This is a hot information and economic war, and we’re sliding rapidly. We are inexorably going to be drawn into an armed conflict if we don’t stop this now. Now, I’m all for using multilateral institutions.  But the United States has to stand up here. Yesterday, the Canadians, British and Australians put out a joint statement. It’s now time to take it to the UN Security Council. This is an abrogation of a treaty that was signed, and essentially ratified by the United States Senate. We did backup legislation for this.

And on it runs. A must read.

Trump needs something:

COVID-19 mismangement is killing him politically.

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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Getting lost in all this war mongering is that Hong Kong is part of China. Not that it matters though, it’ll be a useful distraction from COVID-19. By no longer respecting ‘One Country, Two System, the real signal Xi is sending is he is no longer interested in peaceful unification with Taiwan.

    The US should move their military base from Japan to Taiwan. That will settle the issue once and for all.

      • Fascist China

        If providing security to a sovereign democratic nation triggers an attack by China then so be it. Taiwan does not belong to China, they have no claim to it.

        • China PlateMEMBER

          Too right fascist
          When the Han chinese turned up – in the 17th century for the first time – the dutch were already there and i think the spainish to a lesser extent

          • Arrest Chinese Supremacists

            And before that the Taiwanese native aborigines that have culturally and genetically Micronesian. The Han CCP gangsters have no claim to Taiwan. They need to be told to **** off from Taiwan. Taiwan is a model the rest of Asia should model itself on.

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    And here we were thinking it was Iran he would start a war with.

    The middle east is so yesterday.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      All that gritty sand is terrible for wear and tear on the mechanical kit too…

      • DominicMEMBER

        And soldiers have reported it gets in their boots which is, like, SO annoying.

  3. I am old enough to remember the Bamboo Curtain……and here we are again. Neither country is in any shape to prosecute a long war and China can’t be beat with Russia behind them keeping them warm. There may be an exchange of stand-off weapons around Taiwan. This will be fine with China as they will want a chance to permanently degrade Taiwan’s air defence shield.

    What will probably happen is similar to the Iron Curtain set-up against the Soviet Union but the US is in a lot worse shape to pay for all. Look at the 10 country anti-China 5G gang to see who will be in the US Alliance trading bloc.

  4. Great argument – but 30 years too late. All the damage has been done and it is a lost cause.

    Leftist naivety coupled with the Right’s rank support of corporate opportunism conspired to ignore what the CCP was and the long game it was playing. Instead a BS utopia of Left/Right collective delusion first ignored the use of tanks to crush dissent in Tiananmen Square and played nice parlour music and wrote political operas about their own virtue – as corporations rubbed their hands together assisted by a far Left project that mistook global exploitation for global emancipation. They ignored re-education camps, Han-racism and tyranny just as easily.

    Bobby the Hawke set up and office in China as they were still washing the students out of the tank tracks. Paul Keating reckons that the CCP are totally hot operators. He joined one of their banks. A true believer.

    No one will go to war over HK. The battle was lost over 30 years of bowing, scraping, sucking and ‘study tours’ taken by politicians the wold over where ‘not offending China’ became a sport and credo tattooed onto the political soul of simple-minded politicians like Dan Andrews. No one stood up for western values and made the bags of loot contingent on no offending the west. It was different this time – China was the future and getting the Premiers to hug a koala and promise to plug us into a massive economy trumped the fact that it was an authoritarian hellhole with no intention of respecting western values that educated the elite of the CCP and military.

    After 30 years of this obsequious game of having no values and beliefs, and standing for nothing, we are expected to draw the line over a Chinese territory that was given back as part of a contract between two states that developed the momentum for the sell out of Western values and quality of life? The heart of the West was ripped out and transplanted into a CCP body. And what, we now don’t like the Frankenstein we have created?

    Too late.

    Standing up for values is not a military venture – it is a cultural one. That’s the problem. Rather than sending a gunboat we need to be holding up mirrors to see what hypocrisy and vacuums of belief created for profit looks like. How about some honesty at home and a good conversation about values that does not have to contend with the drone of voices that want to make this a problem about race? It was never about race, it was always about values, integrity and culture.

    • Rather well said.

      The CCP has overthrown the global order in 40 short years, and all it cost them was a few thousand of their own citizen’s lives. Plenty got rich, most others at the very least got less peasant-y, and with a mobile phone and big TV thrown into the bargain

      Western governments foisted phony globalisation on their citizenry, and all we got were some cheap t-shirts

    • Your contributions are always worth reading Clive. Significant thinking beautifully expressed. My hat is off to you.

    • I’ve been arguing about same.. you just said it much better. But don’t worry it’s Chyna, never us. As I said before, let’s first clean our own backyard then we lecture others how to maintain their own.

      Plus, at the end, HK has always been Chinese territory and English took it (by force) so they can continue selling Opium (Illegally) into China in order to balance their trade. So, what right do we have to tell China how to treat or deal with HK.

      • Niko – you are spot on. That history cannot be ignored and to do so makes it the wrong ideological battle that can only backfire. Yes, our own back yard is a cesspool of neglect and if there is to be a battle to be had it has to be with the cultural termites that have consumed national integrity and values and turned us into a nation of prostitutes.

        • The issue is that China made solemn promises to the UK in 1984 in respect of 1997.
          UK kept its promises.
          China is actively white-anting its promise to maintain 1C2S to 2047.
          It has already subverted the institutions that the British left, but to issue a law in Beijing to completely bypass the Parliament in Hong Kong is an illustration that China will not even bother to pretend to keep its promises to anyone else when it suits it. China thinks it can push its boundaries ever further and the West is too weak to stop it … after Hong Kong, what is to stop Taiwan being invaded?
          The issue of a nation not keeping its solemn promises to another nation is not “internal affairs” to be swept under the carpet. It is a slap in the face to the UK and her allies that has to have consequences. Sanctions are a good place to start.

          • Curious – the Sino-British Joint Declaration is a treaty. True that the Chinese have shown no resolve to abide by it. But this is not a UN declaration as far as I am aware (please correct me if I am misinformed). Israel has broken 65 UN laws/declarations – and no one seems hell bent on stopping them. The USA has unfinished territorial business that includes the illegal occupation of various states that is historical legend. But there is no need to beat up on Israel or the USA to demonstrate a single principle – might is right. It is about power and this is a very Western doctrine that we best appreciate we invented to serve us. Picking a fight over a state effectively owned by China to demonstrate a principle about abiding by agreements is a lost cause before it begins. We’d be better off getting our own house in order, re-affirming international and domestic values and law we believe in and find like-minded states to work with. There are plenty that offer a far brighter future than living with the glass-jawed dragon and its wolf warrior wankers. For some 10 years when the writing was clearly on the wall, Australia should have been putting its effort into SE Asia as well as Central and South America. This is the future, despite the people of Hong Kong being absolute gems that bridge the East and West that deserve our support. Hong Kong is lost, Taiwan is safe only if an international unity to withdraw from trade with China is matched with policies that make that a reality. If it became a reality the CCP would implode.

    • Absolute BeachMEMBER

      Bravo Clive. Truth well told. What we see in the mirror is sadly, nothing. So sad.

    • 2020 Bannon: World must stop China in Hong Kong
      reminds me of
      1936 Churchill: World must stop Germany in the Rhineland.

      • I really wish I could argue with you on this one …. I hope you are wrong, but I fear you might well be right.

    • Agree with your sentiment Clive but, it’s never too late to stand up to a bully and support the values you speak of – be it at home or abroad.

    • It’s not 30 years… it’s forever. The values that we allegedly represent in the West never manifested themselves in the real world. The British Empire, which pretended to embody these values, was always extremely hypocritical.

    • Jumping jack flash

      I remember a long time ago when i was studying marketing of all things (part of my degree) the tutor remarked that if a company could sell just one item for $1 to every Chinese they’d be a billionaire.

      This was a lot of the reason. As well as the obvious cheap manufacturing, but that had been going on for quite some time at that point.

  5. Welcome to the HK pi55ing contest.
    in the right corner we have the very Fat F with orange hair
    In the left corner is slightly less Fat F number two with black hair
    Both Fat F’s will be given equal opportunity to pi55 all over the citizens of HK
    While the outcome is already known both fat F’s wanted the chance to show HKer’s just how little they really care

  6. Don’t know why Bannon had to go all the way back to Czechoslovakia and Austria, there are has been a half a dozen blatent undemocratic coups in Latin and South America alone in the last decade. Maybe he was stretched to find a more recent example that didn’t involve American aggression.