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  1. lols – the missus did a grad dip last year which was 12 months with the options for another 6 to complete the masters. They cold called her last week asking if she was thinking on coming back, how good the opportunities were with masters etc. “na, i’m employed thanks”

    btw – would this spread of been contained had the governments said NO entry to Aus/US if you have been in China/Iran in last 6 months?

    • You’d need all countries to do it. From glancing at the news articles Italy and Iran seem to have been a greater recent source of the virus. From Italy it goes into Europe. It moves around Europe and then ends up here anyway. And Iran just seems to be a mess. Even if they clamped down on Iran when it became public how widespread it is there many people would have already picked it up and taken it elsewhere. The news out of America isn’t good either. It would seem that their numbers are too low through lack of testing. There’ll be a lot of free rides for the virus from that country. Which reminds me of this Far Side cartoon.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Slowed. Once it becomes a pandemic, the aim is to slow the inevitable spread so the demand on health services is distributed over a longer time.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        With the poor advice to and treatment of health professionals there will be services.

        Problem solved. Kill them all and let God sort them out.


    BBC Hardtalk – interview with Prof. David Heyman from the WHO.

    Worth a listen. We’re boned. More worryingly, emerging economies will be boned. The World Bank won’t release pandemic funding until the WHO declare a pandemic. THE WHO won’t declare a pandemic because…..???

    • john6007MEMBER

      A person with 3 working brain cells might conclude the PEF Bonds were a financial mechanism to extract money from the WHO and now they might lose their money, they just talk in circles and no real action.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      And mobile switching equipment and an awesome real-time operating system.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      And mobile switching equipment and an awesome real-time operating system.

    • And they have less population than Australia, less land, less natural wealth and 6 months of the year frozen. Makes us look like dead-weight. Yay Straya!

    • it’s really a sad story
      so rich and capable country doing literally nothing
      a relatively poor and isolated Iran does more tests in a day than US did in months

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The ‘itsjusttgeflu’ meme is prevalent in the US. Even in the tech sector.

    • Some number crunching for the USA.

      So she is projecting that it will be from about May and into July that the US gets the full brunt of the epidemic.

      I can’t reconcile that sort of timeframe with how it seems China is over the worst of it, with reported numbers dropping and people going back to work. The epidemic in China really only got legs in early January so for them the epidemic from go to woe was about 3 months.

      Now, I suspect the Chinese authorities may be making the same mistake that was made in 1937 after the Great Depression: the reason things look back to normal is not because things are back to normal but because of all the emergency measures put in place: take away the emergency measures and everything unravels again. But if it is true that the epidemic is ending in China then I would have to question that the epidemic would still be getting worse in the US in 3 or 4 months.

      • China PlateMEMBER

        “The first deaths on the East Coast were announced on Friday, with two people succumbing in Florida.”
        Florida i would never have guessed

        • Indeed. Condo prices are going to crash with all the supply about to come into the market.

      • Yep. China numbers simply cannot be accurate, their patterns bear no resemblance to any other country’s data, and the most glaring point is that their case numbers ex-Wuhan are a perfectly smooth curve. Just like Chinese GDP figures, actually.

        The real world simply doesn’t behave like that.

        • China is lying.
          The CCP is very worried about Beijing. Anecdotal reports are that it is spreading there.

          The Chinese advantage is control and the systematic elimination of alternate sources of information. That is the biggest factor here.

          The people’s war against the virus will not be won when the virus is controlled or eliminated but when there is no other sources of information that can challenge the CCP’s version of events. The ‘people’s war’ is a propaganda war first and foremost.

          The people of wuhan know this…

          • Exactly 100%.

            The CCP has declared it will win this war so that’s what the result will officially be… Xi’s credibility is at stake… guess why local officials are reporting no new cases… hint: it ain’t because there are no new cases!

            Give it a week – they will declare victory, and then blame the Koreans and Japanese when suddenly they discover another 10,000 new cases in China.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        Not defending China or their dodgy stats, but they locked down 700 million people, which is bound to give their numbers and trajectories a different look to other countries. No one else is going to shut down to that extent.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          You sure about that?
          Lets see what happens when this thing really takes off over the next few months.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            I’m sure that measures will be taken elsewhere but at the end of the day people that have known nothing but life in a totalitarian state that is happy to imprison, live organ harvest or roll tanks over folks on the word stage are probably going to hunker down and accept it more than most.

            Imagine telling your inbred, pickup truck driving, gun fetishist trump supporters in the bible belt that the government says they can’t leave the house or gather in large groups for their hootnannys. They’ll do it just because they have been directed not to while probably believing the virus is the commie democrats creation.

        • Official:
          area involving 10 million of Italians now in lockdown for #coronavirus outbreak.
          All Milan’s region, Lombardy, plus cities like Parma, Modena etc.
          All kind of public activities are suspended, including wedding and funerals.
          People are NOT allowed to leave

          What a time to be alive.

          • So no Ferrari at the Grand Prix means they will cancel the GP so ScoMo can now add Italy to the list of quarantined countries.

        • They aren’t shut down, they are trying to get people back to work. The traffic stats indicate people are circulating.

          It is mathematically impossible that they have no new cases outside Wuhan but that’s what they are reporting.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            Lets not get crazy here – I’m 100% not implying that we can (or have been able to historically) trust Chinese stats. Just that I can’t see other countries taking the same steps as they have to this point. Could well be wrong though – as was pointed out Italy has locked down 19 million people apparently. Will be interesting to see if it works or is enforceable.

        • Yes, agreed that the trajectory will be different there, they can enforce measures much more draconian than we can – they think that’s a strength of their system, whereas we think the fact our governments CAN’T treat us like that is a strength of ours. Interesting!

          I expect their lockdowns will be far more thorough and unforgiving than our “lockdowns”.

          What we don’t know is
          – whether lockdowns make enough difference (given how infectious this is, it may slow the spread but may also guarantee MORE people in an affected area get it, because they are all crammed together rather like a cruise ship…)
          – whether any benefits of lockdown are cancelled out by the disadvantages of no free flow of information, suppression of facts, and sheer government incompetence caused by the need for local officials to say what their bosses want to hear, and not address the real situation properly…

        • Yes, I think some parts of China have literally hand people stuck in their homes since jan, so of course it’s not spreading there, however Beijing could be about to explode, though so far I’ve not found any Beijingers with family in lock down ) several have family staying here already as they felt it safer … though they will have to start questioning that rational soon given the way it’s started going here

      • It hasn’t stopped in China.

        Numbers are not been reported, in part because officials have been told to get it under control. .

        The mathematics is simple and unalterable. A large percentage of people will get this – perhaps 50-60% of the population. Locking down cities and social distancing can slow it down (spread epidemic out for longer so you get a later smaller flatter peak), and can also reduce the total numbers a little bit (reduce total area under curve a bit).

        But they have not shut it down. They can’t. Exponential curves don’t simply level off.

        Population studies in a couple of years will demonstrate many Chinese have antibodies to the virus – irrespective of the official figures being released. That will raise awkward questions, but that is a problem for another day.

    • The US as a state is working fine. It’s just the people they let live there that are screwed.

  3. “A few days ago, [Bill] Gates published another editorial in the NEJM. Its message was clear: “In the past week, Covid-19 has started behaving a lot like the once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about. I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise.”

    In light of what we know—and acknowledging that our current information is still incomplete—our leaders must implement self-distancing policies now. While we must remain calm, the situation demands strong leadership and decisive action.”

      • No, this is what presidential sounds like…

        Trumpy musing that he could’ve become a research scientist instead of president:

        “I like this stuff. I really get it… every one of these doctors said, ‘how do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.”

        Maybe not so much a scientist, more a science experiment on the Dunning Kruger Effect

    • It’s not just once a century … it IS a century since the last one.

      (Well, almost exactly. 102 years.)

    • DingwallMEMBER

      ” like the once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about”
      If he was that worried about it, his philanthropic endeavors would have included some donations towards preparing for it.

  4. “According to estate agents and market players, there has been a clear slowdown in foreign interest in the Greek property market, especially among potential buyers hoping to obtain a residence permit under the “Golden Visa” scheme. The fact that turnover in this program relies by 70-80 percent on Chinese investors points to a major blow.”

    The hit to property prices will come for ‘Strayans.

    And there won’t be a toilet roll in sight.

    • that problem has never been solved, just buried and made ready to be used whenever needed to distract from something else

    • Italy has very old population and among infected large percentage are old people
      median age of people who died in Italy is over 80

      what is wrong with all of these stories is showing numbers in terms of general population.
      Everyone is ready to point out that Koran numbers look good because mostly younger sect members were affected but almost none is saying that in Italy mostly elderly were affected

  5. DoctorDisgustingMEMBER


    When creating your pandemic plan be sure to alienate your health workforce at the first opportunity. Let frontline staff know they will be publicly scapegoated by the minister for any perceived failure.

    Express shock and surprise when health professionals suddenly feel just a little bit less inclined to cooperate with screening protocols if it means getting their name dragged through the tabloids.

    • innocent bystander

      I heard that he said he fell outside the guidelines to be tested but got himself tested anyway.
      So what about all those wanting testing but can’t get it?

      • he came back from the US (not on any watch list so far) with a runny nose. No one flies half way around the world and gets off the plane feeling fine – he is absolutely being hung out to dry for something that could only be known in hindsight.

      • Testing except for key people will be stopped. There will not be enough kits available. They just haven’t announced it publicly yet.

    • Sure, didn’t fit the profile, but got himself tested anyway. If he was concerned enough to test, should’ve stayed home. Sounds like a dumb move to me, deserves the lambasting. I’d accept a “just a cold, got better, went to work” excuse from a joe blow chitkicker, but a GP? Seriously?

  6. Kiddies, the S is starting to get real now.

    Both Italy and Iran have confirmed an increase of more than 1000 cases of Corona in 24 hrs.

    It’s PROPER plague stuff!


    Buy a house!

    • We’re 1-2 weeks away from total mass hysteria. Supermarkets stripped bare.

      It will soon dawn on people that their clever western governments have no control of this, that governments have been wrong about this virus every step of the way (so why listen to them now), once it takes off here you have as much chance being treated in an ICU as winning a raffle.

      A cold shiver will run down the collective spine of the MAFS watching demographic.

      Once everyone starts bunkering in their homes, small businesses will quickly go to the wall, mass job losses or casual workers not getting enough hours.

      Doling out $1000 like Rudd will be as useless as another interest rate cut.

      Once all these small businesses go to the wall, jobs are lost, homes foreclosed, mass homelessness, Australia will never recover. It will be a substantially poorer country with far less opportunities.

      It’s going to be felt particularly hard here having the most indebted households on Earth. Small businesses were already operating on a knife edge with astronomical rents, no consumer spending.

      • Trigger Finger

        Zombies, you always forget the zombies.

        I really can’t see humanity surviving at all – total collapse of civilisation and possibly even an extinction level event so profound it wipes out all life on the planet.

        Can’t happen any other way…

        And…..zombies, brain eating living dead.

      • “once it takes off here you have as much chance being treated in an ICU as winning a raffle.”

      • Nailed it! There will be mass panic in a few weeks or months, our western governments are always behind as they don’t want to piss people off, so they are late to react and are following lagging indicators. Thats why I’ve been banging on about every country shutting its borders now, especially island type nations like us. But no they’ll leave it too late, the economy will freeze up far worse than if they had shut the borders & the Libs, Conservatives, Republicans and every current government will be kicked out at their respective elections (though neither Labor or Labour will get in boat the Dems probably will as socialism finally comes to America!)

    • Behind the times, go down to CBA, get a loan and invest in investment grade toilet paper … it doubles in price every 7 days dont ya know.

    • I confess I did chuckle at that story. If the virus doesn’t get you, p1sspoor building standards will.

        • You mean, had they transferred the overspill onto the roof? Hard to say but entirely possible.

          I’m sure there’d have been 3 or 4 to a bed as well.

        • Pffft. Who cares about building standards, it’s all about the profits!

          (This industry will eat itself if they don’t come up with a solution between themselves. If they wait for Govt it’ll be too late.

  7. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I have a question. I’m still tipping the first round of the AFL will be cancelled, or at least crowd free. They’ve been playing AFLW in front of big crowds, infecting each other with [email protected] abandon.

    Is it because we don’t care about teh ladies or a lesson in what equality really means?

    • (nyleta, sorry mate, I also posted that link before I saw that you had already done so).

      But yeah, she reckons it will be between May and July before the worst of it hits the US and that their systems will max out badly.

    • Trump is toast. The virus couldn’t have arrived at a worse time. Best off starting a world war and cross fingers.

      • The ideas of Sanders seem like the best fit for the problems that will come with the corona viruses spread. Look after the people first. He also appears to actually care about the masses. I can’t see Biden, or whoever it is advising him, being able to do anything different to the last 30 years of governance. Trump can’t deal with the problem because his vanity won’t let him admit there is one.

          • They can vote in all the universal healthcare they want but can they deliver it?

            I think we all know the answer – certainly not in time to stop this current health crisis in its tracks.

      • The Dem candidate will be neither Biden nor Sanders. It’s a set-up for Biden to win then step aside, based on health concerns, for the Deep State pick . We’re looking at some war-mongering scum possibly becoming President. Hillary has a great record on that matter.

        • Nothing would surprise me flawse – that evil harpy would stoop to any level to shoe-horn her way in.

          • Strewth! Careful mate. I got roundly abused in here a while back for calling her “a warmongering tart”

        • You gotta stick to your guns and run the gauntlet! There is definitely a diversity of views / ideas here (which is great) but I sense that, over time many of those will migrate toward a certain point. There has been a certain ‘softening’ and ‘shifting’ of stances, without highlighting anyone in particular. That’s what happens when ideas are shared.

  8. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Ireland north and republic:
    Antrim Area Hospital set up the system while it was waiting for the arrival of a Coronavirus Testing Pod which will now operate in conjunction with the drive-through.

    The National Ambulance Service has completed more than 200 tests for the virus since Wednesday.

    The staff will likely come to your house, if you have reported symptoms to health authorities after returning from an at-risk area or you believe you came into contact with someone who has the virus.

    They will arrive in a rapid response car, marked or possibly unmarked.

    Ambulances are not used for this work as they have to attend to their normal emergency duties.

    • At least there are some government people who seem to have more than three braincells and actually might care about their citizens more than their bankers. Sounds like about the best response you could arrange for a virus like this.

    • Yep Ronin.

      “Only stay home if you feel sick”.

      Which part of “people can spread the virus before symptoms appear – and symptoms can take 14 days to appear” have they failed to understand??!?

      • Know IdeaMEMBER

        They understand that avoiding any short-term economic downside is far more important than saving the lives of a few plebs.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        You’re only saying this illogical rubbish as you’re determined to buy a house on the cheap.

        The actual logic goes something like:
        – Austalia has never had a modern recession.
        – House prices in Australia double every 7 years.
        – As long as house prices continue to double every 7 years Australia will never have another recession.
        – This [insert latest greenie scare] is nothing compared to what Australia’s survived over the last 28-odd years. Without a recession.
        – Therefore, as long as we ensure we focus on preserving house prices, nothing could possibly go that wrong. Not even if they do happen to go a little bit wrong for a while. Certainly not long enough for two entire quarters.

        Further evidence of which can be gleaned by looking at America’s path through the GFC. They’d be so much better off now if they’d focussed on house prices then. Like Trump is doing now. Good man. Real economic genius.


        • That’s my wife’s reasoning. Except she also thinks coronavirus is serious.

          – house prices will not fall because sellers will not accept low prices because nothing is forcing them to sell
          – coronavirus may cause a recession and mass unemployment, but house prices will be kept afloat artificially
          – and anyway it won’t affect Canberra

          It might actually work out that way. It all depends upon point 2.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            You can tell your wife from us you did one thing smart in your life. Married her.
            You should listen.
            Then you can tell her me from me you did two things smart in your life. Married her and bought a house.

            The above does not constitute relations advice. Previous history is not an indicator of future performance.

            Your deposits may be at risk. 😉

          • you never told us that you married into Clan Reusa. What’s Reusa like at family reunions ?

          • Apparently and this is just a rumour, a Sydneysider who has tested positive did a day trip to Canberra. Infection is inevitable. Having spent time at Calvary A&E very recently, the ACT health system is woefully underprepared and the staff know it. Train sets over health.

          • ^ Wing nut yes media is a saying he did a day trip. Obviously the virus will get to Canberra and most other places too. Canberra health is clearly a cluster fck and yet the scary thing is I doubt we are much worse off than anywhere else, no one is ready for this.

            As for my wife, thing is, she could really be right. There will be some deceased estates and some unemployment. Will it be enough to overcome the forces of Treasury and the RBA in propping up house prices? Once they abandon the surplus idea and just pump debt and money printing, who knows.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            @Monty I moved to Peachistan a few years ago. Before the negative sideways movement. Been keeping my deviant tendencies in the closet with her. Mostly.

            @A2 Of course your wife is right. Not sure? Just ask her. loooool.

          • A2, the second point your wife made could have a number of outcomes; people draw on their super to pay out the mortgage causing even more market chaos as super funds cash out billions to pay out mortages. Banks could offer mortgage holidays, intended loan term etc but reckon the banks will do all they can to avoid repossessions to firstly, keep stranded assets off their books and also, banks are required to achieve a “fair price” for repo’s. Simply Government and the banks will want to keep people in houses and paying their mortgage. Mortgage debt for Australian banks is over 50% of their book, they want to make sure it doesn’t implode.

          • Not aimed at you Arrow, but there is zero chance of house prices being ‘propped up’ in a recession / unemployment spike scenario, largely because overseas investors who effectively fund our banks will demand much higher rates of return, meaning the cost of funding will be pushed higher, pushing mortgage rates higher etc etc.

            The only way I can see nominal house prices being propped up is by the RBA melting the Peso, which benefits no one as we’ll all be poorer for it. And by ‘melting’ I mean ushering in extreme inflation.

            Good luck with that. The truth of it is, that is exactly what the future looks like in any case as the current monetary system wends its way to its inevitable conclusion.

          • Dom – if overseas funding costs go up doesn’t the RBA just buy RMBSs and bonds until the cows come home and keep funding costs ultra low that way? Yes it would melt the AUD but it would keep house prices steady! An easy choice for the govt I reckon… 😩

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Not aimed at you Dominic, but loooooooooool.

            If, and I say if [with a Foghorn-Leghorn accent], things get that bad then all Australia has to do is say “please bring your mortgage funding with you my dear Chinese customers”. Sure, it might require passing through a local bank/new RBA entity for a clip, but hey, no shortage of customers right my little chicadee?

    • Yes, it seems nobody in authority here in Australia appears to understand what asymptomatic transmission actually means.

      • Know IdeaMEMBER

        We all know it means that if you are symptomatic you will not transmit. That is the operation of the leading “a” as a negation.

  9. Terry McCrann dishes up some particularly weird commentary on the failings of the world’s Central Banks. Apparently, they are lunatics for cutting rates too much unlike Phil “Goldilocks” Lowe who got it …….just right.

    The column read as explanation of why leeches are a superior treatment to eye of newt and wing of bat. The penny seems to dropping for the mainstream, as they accuse everyone of being lunatics for one reason or another, that they are all out of ideas in the neoliberal privatise everything (and especially the public money power) playbook.

    Firm but Fair was on the job. 🙂

    “…It is a bit rich for Mr McCrann to be castigating Central Banks for “using up ammunition” when they are simply delivering the kind of hopeless neoliberal economic policies that the mainstream right wing commentators have been demanding for 30 years.

    For 30 years (actually more) we have heard the right wingers demand.

    1. Deregulated credit creation by private bankers. Which meant bankers were free to lend to speculators and chances keen to bet on asset prices.

    2. Capital gains tax policies that made debt driven asset price speculation highly attractive

    3. High rates of immigration and guest worker visas to drive down wages.

    4. Free trade agreements so jobs could be exported to authoritarian police states who rule workers with an iron fist.

    5. Economies run on expanding household debt pumped unproductively into bidding up house prices.

    6. Central Banks that were independent of democracy and effectively operated in the interests of private banks and private interests.

    The irony of this hopeless recommendation to let greed, speculation and beggar my neighbour philosophy off the leash and 17 out of 25 years of LNP government is that we have ended up with:

    1. Massive private household debt

    2. Massive public debt ( The LNP have doubled it since 2013)

    3. Govt as a percentage of GDP that is bigger than ever

    4. Stagnating wages and incomes

    5. A massive bubble in house prices

    6. An economy that is hugely dependent on exporting dirt and degrees to a police state.

    The policies that delivered this result were applauded by right wing economic commentators for the last 30 years.

    Time to take some responsibility for getting it wrong.

    Not that they will…”

    • All that ammunition they could have fended off a downturn with has been expended on inflating house prices for circa 20 years.

      There will really be some soul searching when they expend that very last rate cut (I reckon 3 weeks) and ‘tax cuts’ are no longer remotely plausible for stimulating any demand, and all the ‘investment’ offsets and supports they are brandishing cease to be remotely plausible as a demand support and are openly acknowledged as yet another ideological vested interest rort……

      We have at least 2 years and 2 months more of this government. And I reckon all of that could come to pass.

      • This virus will effect velocity more than just about any war could, its global and computational architecture will facilitate it like the increase it afforded in the run up.

        Looks like we have an interesting couple of years whilst this washes, sovereign currency issuers with any functional government and resources would or could ride the worst out, sadly history is not positive on this matter as elites only concern is retaining power and being ready to launch post the worst.

        Could go either way, seems some say in America, via contacts, are reconsidering past irretrievable environmental bias stakes in the ground aka tradition.

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I have developed a hacking cough and nasal congestion. Not really runny nose but just gooed up. Think I might have been a little sweaty during the night. Probably caught a cold off one of the girls. They all seem to have colds at the moment.

  11. China PlateMEMBER

    On a more serious note
    Stories from the front line
    “Cafes and restaurants will be allowed to stay open as long as a distance of one meter between customers can be guaranteed.”
    Lombardy, italy
    Perhaps they can hand out semaphore flags upon entering

    • The barista has touched all the contaminated cash, and the contaminated reusable cups, and placing sipping lids on with their contaminated hands. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Yes, dumb to leave the restaurants open, must have a strong lobby group, be like housing here.

    • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

      I’m sitting in a cafe reading MB whilst waiting out the rain. In the past half hour four different people at tables around me have sneezed and blown their noses. Gross whilst Im eating. Has the cold and flu season started early or am I just more sensitive it to in these Covid times. Maybe Australians have always been generally unheathy and snotty-nosed and I just didnt notice.

      That said, one woman said “bless you” to her sneezing friend. I always thought that an odd, quaint expression that I assumed was a long term cultural carry over from the bubonic plague days. But it struck me that it actually has become more meaningful. That a sneezing person does really need a prayer that they havent caught the current pandemic and also the cafe patrons that might get locked up in quaratine with them.

  12. @ EP above …

    Speaking of immunities … were all alive due to the survivors of the black death, due to inheritance, albeit covid-19 is outside that past – shared – experience.

    On another note one can ponder the experience of say indigenous populations, around the globe, when expeditions were undertaken to find untapped riches, cheap labour [free], and unclaimed lands ….

    I even seem to remember reading about dinosaur virology and die offs …. whats a little creative destruction … chortle …

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes well,…Im betting on a 2020 recession/depression followed by an inheritance lead economic recovery in 2021.

      • Were not going to see a vaccination for at least a year and a half and then it needs Mfg and distribution, so that’s well into 2022 for a large chunk of the population – wealthy and critical service members will be first.

        After what happened post GFC in most developed countries bailing out the financial elites and austerity for the mopes I can only imagine what could occur during a global recession+.

        Then on top it off the biggest election of them all is playing out … Sanders get in and better outcomes for the mopes, Trump or Binden get in and same old same old …

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          My hope if for Greater democracy to come out of all this and yes a sanders win would be nice.
          If the shyte really does hit the fan with this pandemic putting millions out of work and killing of millions more and leaving survivors with a much reduced life expectancy then I predict a large swing in public support for an expanded welfare state.
          In Bernies case the timing is perfect and in spite of all that money, propaganda and lobbyist mobilising against his modest universal health care proposals if this virus more than doubles the death rate of the aged population it will undeniably show up the failure of the small government, leave it to the market, neoliberal corporate plutocracy.
          The only way the plutocrats will be able to avoid a political reset after all that’s coming is by application of another order of magnitude of Authoritarian violence and massively ramped up propaganda.
          Kants like Dutton would be up for a bit of that.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The economic impact will be far, far worse after the coronavirus run rampant and becomes impossible to eradicate.

    • The Spanish Flu had a mortality rate of 2%….nuff said. That’s where we’re headed – a Spanish Flu-esque bite into the population.

      • Though Italy and Iran could be double that … brought hopefully it’s just poor reporting of infected numbers

    • From another one of his posts:

      “For those who still unwisely attempt to play down the situation and compare it to the typical flu, please realise there is a 1,000 to 2,000%, perhaps even more, greater chance of someone with COVID-19 dying than there is of someone dying with a typical flu. In highly susceptible groups that probability is even higher. COVID-19 is not to be downplayed, and already most people are getting a sense that our world has changed.”

  13. One of my favourite stories this weekend: Russia is not supporting OPEC production cutbacks thus throwing Saudi (and any other over indebted oil producers to the wolves). Putin has decided to crush the US fracking industry who are themselves up to the eyeballs in debt, in retaliation for the Nordstream 2 sanctions. Russia have resisted the temptation to run deficits for many years which now leaves them in a strong position to survive a few years of low oil prices.

    Hard not to admire Putin sometimes. He has played the US administration like a pro – and now the US oil industry is about to receive a stake through its vital organs.

    Story from Bloomberg via ZH. Can’t post link at the mo.

    • Resisted deficits … chortle … more like had sanctions imposed on them with a side of geopolitical antics in the Ukraine [9B Noonan thingy] or ring fencing from post USSR satellites with missile systems, not to mention ME outcomes of late.

      FFS bad methodology to start with some wonky narrative and then try to wrap it around reality … sigh …

      Putin kicked out the Chicago boys [your sort] and then got the treatment for it, Putin then reminded his oligarchs [rich guys in the US] which side their bread was buttered on, since then they have been just plugging along whilst the US tries to hold the empire together [stocks and flows] during tumultuous electoral cycles and global reorganization of trade contracts in a dynamic period.

      Its as bad as the Zimbabwe critique by Von Mises, extolled the redistribution of land to Mugabe’s soldiers [to get them to fight in the first place] on wonky ideological grounds, which killed productivity, hence trade flows, which totally screwed their FX and then criticized them post facto for its resulting hyper currency inflation – due to its internal debt spiral.

      What part about causation proceeding the inflation is difficult to understand E.g. how can you promote a policy and then criticize its out come at the same time – wow.

      • Skip, this is where you do yourself no favours: your recounting of history makes the CCP’s public pronouncements appear credible.

        This gem, for starters: : “Its as bad as the Zimbabwe critique by Von Mises, extolled the redistribution of land to Mugabe’s soldiers [to get them to fight in the first place] on wonky ideological grounds …”

        Firstly, von Mises is a libertarian (last time I looked) would therefore NEVER support the redistribution of land under any circumstances (did you get the wrong guy?) cause libertarians are unequivocal supporters of the protection of property rights and are, in the main, anti-Govt on the grounds that they are little more than a legalised racket. Von Mises support Govt in the redistribution of land? Lol, that’s like claiming Bernie Sanders favours tax-breaks for billionaires and higher taxes for the poor.

        Secondly, land reform in Zimbabwe officially began in the 1980’s and Von Mises died in, er, 1973. Perhaps von Mises ‘found religion’ in Heaven and pronounced his ‘conversion’ from the grave? I must have missed that one though – can you get it on Amazon?

        • Look AET is what it is from its foundations, wondering off in to the fog and not supplying any retort that can be evaluated is not an argument or a refutation.

          Mumbling about property rights aside, it gets quite wonky when one say looks at the works of Hopple et al.

          I mean its not like I took David Friedman to the back of the shed with his BA in physics bastardization to support a concocted ideology.

          That’s not to mention Libertarianism was a Corp big business backed enterprise with heavy anti democratic tendencies. Sheez they were orgasmic pre GFC, we did it, we told you so, boom, I might as well accept some ratings agency tick of approval on dreck because it makes them money due to incentives.

          That’s not to mention all the libertarians I know in the US that found out it was just a huge PR marketing agenda, too gain followers, whilst behind closed doors it was just the opposite of what was being “sold” – ere talking state and national level politics. I just don’t go by whats in some book or the opinions of their deities held up on pedestals.

          I mean even your gold is not a commodity is wonky, currency is by fiat, what ever that might be[.] Currency was created by the state and not a work around to barter, specifically to facilitate taxation, due to spoilage and storage. One of the first measures of gold was against grains of wheat, hence it was just a token of the wheat’s value and not value in and of itself. Then you have the historical collapse or subjugation of nations via a hard currency like gold, ask the Spanish or half the shenanigans during and especially late stage colonialism E.g. what do you think the anti commie thing in say indo china was all about and why the US interceded, only to have France start hording gold – lol. Which then gets into US war inflation and Volcker – rinse and repeat – till you have billionaires buying votes ….

          Just the idea that one can read AET libertarian prose and the universe is reviled is nuts …. and anything other is heresy and yes I have had long talks with some key libertarian proponents in the US, over a protracted period, and was eventually call a deviant by one when they could not win me over. That’s a huge tell about who your dealing with – a person that considers themselves arbitrator by dint of belief or affiliation with some group of which is all self awarded.

          I’ve been firstly watching and then engaging in this for decades and have watch as the narrative and talking points have shifted and been re-bottled endlessly, yet the same core axioms never change, regardless of the results.

          I’m multidisciplinary heterodox and the last thing I will ever do is read something and endlessly fall in some crafted narrative.

          • China PlateMEMBER

            Hey skip interesting what you write sbout
            the anti commie thing in indo china, gold and the us having a throw.
            Do you have any links or such that i may explore that further.
            Thanks in advance

          • @China Plate

            Chilling out for the night with dogs, try to find something later on that could start you off, but as always Hudson is a good reference point of historical perspective – with his own eyes.

          • I would also offer McNamara’s mea culpa ‘The Fog of War’ doco, especially the dinner party with his old NVC counter parts long after the war i.e. why did you side with China, responce was we have been at war with China for almost 2000 years, but happy to take military aid to remove foreigners.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Putin …….. the epitome of the muscle bound Alpha male with a trail of bodies left on his rise to power. Not so sure of much intelligence but believes that muscle over nous will prevail.

      • no idea on his level of intelligence per say (but anyone that has trained and progressed through a nation’s formal spy training program is probably above average intelligence at least)

        but what he seems to have in adundance is self control needed to play the long game.

      • Putin’s done a bang up job of getting the West spinning on itself over Russian interference.

      • I would have felt the same as you once – and then I heard him speak at an annual Economics conference he hosts. I thought there’s more to this guy than I ever believed. Why he poses as this tough I don’t know. Russia is not for snowflakes – it’s a country that needs an iron fist to keep control.

      • Trigger Finger

        You honestly don’t know a damn thing about him outside of the fact you’ve been told “he’s a bady” do you. Believe everything you’re told are you ?

        This may come as a shock mate – but the empire responsible for two world wars, slavery, colonial occupation of most of the planet, and literally everything else totally evil – are not the good guys. Thats us. We are not the good guys. But anyone who stands up to us is a “Putin”.

        Grow up.

        • DingwallMEMBER

          Wow touched some sort of raw nerve there….. mate take a Valium and go have a lie down.

          Did I even mention “Bady”? Did I stick up for this “us” you talk about? You have read so much extra into my post it is somewhat amusing now.

          PS Suggest you do some research yourself on this great guy Putin

      • Russians like strongmen characters and Putin plays that role. But I think it would be a mistake to deny the guy’s intelligence. He runs rings around Western politicians.

    • And Putin is going to be around for a while yet:

      “Putin’s current term ends in 2024 when the constitution requires him to leave the Kremlin. However, some critics have speculated he could try to bypass the constitutional limit on serving more than two consecutive terms and retain power by becoming head of a unified Russian and Belarusian state.”

      Putin is exerting a lot of pressure on Belarus at the moment to effectively merge with Russia.

    • “He has played the US administration like a pro”- did he really had to play at all. US did it to themselves by outsourcing everything for profit and by being addicted to debt. He was right when he responded to a question about US (this is while ago) by saying something along the lines of – Just leave them alone, they will eat each-other from the inside.

      But yes, Russia is the only solvent country right now and is self sufficient. Putin knows Oil days are numbered as world will move rapidly to electric cars so he will pump as much as he can in order to collect as much as he can while making maximum damage on US shale drillers.
      Also, Saudi Arabia dropped prices by large margin which will make things even worse for US producers and few marginal players.

      • Saudis Plan Big Oil Output Hike, Beginning All-Out Price War  

        Once the deal with the Russians was ditched this is their only real game plan.  They (and the Americans and Russians) are seeing the end of endless demand for crude for sure.
        That would be the moment the crude price gets driven to the floor, which will disrupt global markets, and it puts the drone attack against the Saudi refinery last year in a different light.

        I agree Russia is in a position which appears strong(er). It has sweet FA debt and corporates have been refinancing through the state. But (my wife in in Russia right now, we are thinking of moving back there) quality of life is pretty ordinary for a lot of Russians, and my current take is that VVP will be opening the taps to give them a bit more. I assume he will try and ensure that access to the better consumers these will represent will be through global corporates paying fealty to the status quo in Russia – which may work over the longer term, but my short term guess would be the ‘West’ will drive the RUB into the floor again (as they did in 2014). But I dont think ‘macro’ events – particularly global capital market crises – will imperil the Russian state any time soon.

  14. Wayne’s World time travel …. bleblebelebeble ….

    From Michael Moore’s the awful TRUTH: ‘Funeral at an HMO’

    Opening statements align with NC Lambert’s – because markets = die …

    Yes action will occur when the elites can’t run away from it and starts putting a cramp in their life style [tm] E.g. no staff – no service …

      • Its about the context at the time, he used to joke his show was put on prime time whilst taking digs at C-corp, because all they cared about is eyeballs on ads and not the digs.

        Really don’t have issues with people having more as reward, its the fundamentals before it and the level it can grow too. I would argue his notional wealth seems larger due to so many being much lower.

  15. Flicked Channel 2 to 7 to 9 then 10. All panels.

    All women except Larry Emdur.

    Men aren’t watching this sht. The end of MSM is coming.

      • Yeah skip, all those women working from home, on maternity leave, DV leave.

        Good men were all for equality. We’ve gone way further than that and it has to come back.

        Men aren’t going to put up with this much longer.

        They want it all. All the power of men. All the privilege of women.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            As far as I can tell its a subculture on various corners of the internet where men get together and talk about going their own way, (but totally not in a homosexual way) because they’ve been hurt by women and:
            Lack the self awareness to analyse their choice of partner or evaluate their own shortcomings
            Lack the ability to attract the kind of people that will be committed partners
            Seem to struggle with the concept that as the position of society of women in society approaches equality (which is has not yet in almost every country) then some of the historical privileges, power imbalances and benefits of being a male will be eroded. It seems there are a few token sacrifices this crowd are willing to make – anything further is feminazis gone crazy, masculinity under attack or ‘Things going to far’.

            You can look up MGTOW if you want to see first hand – but you might get cancer.

          • Narapoia451

            Quite aware of not only the currant situation, but its antiquarian counterpoint.

          • Narapoia451

            One of the least aware comments I’ve ever read on MB.

            Tell me, how are women going to retain power when the stronger sex are losing badly? As soon as majority of the stronger sex say enough, it’s all over.

            If you need laws to give women more than they earn, it’s clearly not sustainable.

          • How do you define good or weak?

            As noted above the paradigm you forward is not historically supported, ebbs and flows with time and location. None are suggesting subjugation, but equality, quite the opposite of what your suggesting and how to force it.

          • Simple question which you have yet to answer and I did say what demographic might be more profitable for the private business selling advertising, same goes for the whole LBGT aspect once it was monetized.

          • What’s it matter Skippy?

            You think women want to listen to indulgent privileged whining women on TV?

          • Narapoia

            ‘Lack the self awareness to analyse their choice of partner or evaluate their own shortcomings
            Lack the ability to attract the kind of people that will be committed partners’

            Shouldnt that be a two way street? Should women be judging themselves on the same basis? And from there shouldnt women also be judged by what they contribute to the relationship. And, where a lot of men find the relationship over or ended and it all ends up in the hands of lawyers and the courts, shouldnt that relationship and contribution be judged on the basis of who has contributed? As I see things (and yes I have been through an ugly divorce- but dont go anywhere online more ‘toxic male’ than Macrobusiness) the courts make awards on the basis of who is ‘what’ and if the what is woman, then the woman gets more regardless of what the contribution to the relationship has been, and will get the kids (regardless of the wishes of the father or the kids) and will get the major chunk of whatever economic substance the relationship had/has. To work back from there sometimes women know this is the lay of the land ahead and begin preparing in advance and it becomes a factor in their behaviour while still in the relationship.

            Sure I know there are plenty of ugly males out there who traumatise their wives – and I think that stinks and can honestly say i have never lifted a finger or threatened anyone. Ultimately i come back to the point that I made a really really bad decision in my life, and one I will probably never come back from. But I sure as hell wish I had started thinking about me rather than the ‘family’ miles before I did – which was at the point where I knew I would be taken right to the cleaners by the divorce process. I keep telling an 18 year old son not to engage in any relationship where the person he is engaging with is not putting in (and is going to keep putting in) as much to the relationship as he is. He believes in ‘love’ and I hope like buggery he finds it. But I want him to protect himself in case his find turns into shyte, and he turns into an ageing man (like his dad) who isnt interested in meeting women for romantic purposes, and working to pay for an outcome for himself and his kids far lesser than that he once thought he could put together (at the time those kids were born), with the law backing someone other than him should it all turn to crap.

            and I thought this was an economic politics blog.

          • The Mechanic

            Great comment. I have seen countless men suffer the same.

            It’s time men stopped this stupid train. If women want independence, give it to them.

            MGTOW was laughably criticised above.

            I know plenty of great guys, wealthy, smart, motivated who have said they’ll never have anything to do with a relationship again……….and my wife’s friends are always complaining there are no good men…..they ask me to set them up with mates of mine…..not happening.

            Women think they’re winning. They’re wrecking the world.

          • @The Mechanic …

            I am talking about economic rights and not family law, why are some wandering off into pettifoggery and muddying the waters. Totes BeWoke clearly was taking about jobs in the market place and their opinion about an anecdotal personal observation reflecting a diminished men’s rights in the market place. None of what you just said about relationships has anything to do with the OP – just goal post shifting.

            The topic is economic opportunity with equality in the work place and not about family or social relationships, two completely different topics, one is economic rights and the other is social preferences outside of the work place.

          • @Swampy ….

            He should really read the link I provided to Pft about the foundations and founders of modern Libertarianism it dovetails nicely with the perspective hes selling.

          • Skip ‘Where is this royal we mens club?’
            Why don’t you ask feminists as they are the primary original aggressors in holding the mens collectively accountable (see Seneca Falls for example) and continue to do so to this day while not taking equal and equitable accountability for themselves. But you won’t because you are a male feminist and that goes against your ideological bias.

          • Unqualified projections … I actually failed the Harvard implicit bias test on genders.

            I stand by the OP that one should not confuse economic equality with social relationship dynamics, especially when from a biological stand point its not exactly a binary case.

            In addition that one should not confuse profit motives with ideological ones E.g. marketing will always preference spenders. That’s not to say like my experience in L.A. during the 80s where some with non traditional sexual orientation ink stamped bills to show their – Purchasing Power – in the market place. But this is not uncommon for any market group, be it industry or otherwise in shaping outcomes.

        • Narapoia451
          What does this end point that you posit is called ‘equality’ look like precisely? Because a one way flow of the goods and services of life both tangible and intangible from the mens to women with no clearly defined end point is not in balance. By definition equality is everywhere, there are plenty of inequalities that feminism has zero intention of ever caring about. Equality is not a feminist idea.

          • Now after men have invented everything, conquered everything, protected the nation from invaders, women are taking over.

            The outcome will be hilarious.

          • Equality: Men come last, women come first.

            Until we say enough which is unfolding as we speak.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Ah Yes,…the real reason the #FakeLeft has embraced an imposed “Female empowerment”, as a primary issue, over persuing the Democratic economic and political empowerment of Working class people.
        (Both Men and Women)

        Its like everyone is hooked on a Bernays sauce mixed in with the expelled secretions of circle jerking and bean flicking, inner city, virtue signalling, bourgeoisie hipsters.


        • The left have embraced it as the fight, while they take everything from all of us while we’re distracted.

          The left are just another arm of the elites.

          Labor have to be wrapped up to save our country.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Your schtick is boring and repetitive.
            Have you got any solutions to anything that involve YOU actually doing something other than trolling from your keyboard?

          • Yes I have.

            Once smart people hear Labor are the problem, they can’t unhear it. Let’s not forget Labor lost to a party the entire country despises. The end of Labor is coming.

            You defending the indefensible is no different to the criticism you’re throwing around.

            You don’t seriously think Labor can be fixed do you? They’ve been infiltrated by rich people and will never represent working Australians again.

          • “Once smart people hear Labor are the problem, they can’t unhear it.” … more so for cretins apparently.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            “Once smart people hear Labor are the problem, they can’t unhear it.” … more so for cretins apparently.

            Rick’s the smartest guy here as well. Just ask him.

          • Thanks for the plug Smith.

            Thanks for reminding everyone I called out Labor over a decade ago, and predicted Trump’s win, and Labor’s loss.

            Labor are a dead party that will never govern this country again.

      • Nothing to do with profits, skip.

        It’s all about wokeness and toxic masculinity. But even this obsession will die out soon enough.

        • So are you saying a private business will put idpol before profits, especially with investors in tow?

          WOW how does that work, market would sort that quick smart.

          Where did you go to school again and what positions in business have you held, outside working on some trading desk?

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        @ The Mechanic

        I’m sorry to hear about the experience you had – something similar happened to a friend of mine but thankfully there were no children involved. I did not mean to imply that it only applies to men – absolutely it works both ways. Personally I think the legal bias in divorce settlements is a real issue – a hangover from the days where the opportunities that currently exist for women were no available. I think over time this will be addressed though. The advice you are giving your son is something I 100% agree with by the way. It’s how I’ve approached every relationship since a bad one in my early 20s that made me miserable. I was lucky enough to have an impactful learning experience early on. It wasn’t as traumatic as some and definitely not as bad as yours.

        If you found my comment to be unaware all I can say is that a taste of what it’s like whenever you chip in. Only around 36% of countries have ever had a woman in the top leadership job. Politically and in the private sector they are significantly under-represented even in countries with the best human rights records for their gender. If you think the world is being wrecked despite this imbalance of power then I would say it points to your lack of ability to correctly determine attribution showing itself again. i.e LNP are in charge but everything bad they do is Labor’s fault > Men sit in the vast majority of positions of power in societies around the world but it’s actually the fault of women that the world is being wrecked.

        Do you picture some sort of dystopian future where the ‘stronger’ sex rise up and retake the world from women who have managed to occupy 10-20% of the positions of power and influence available? If the ‘stronger’ sex are losing so badly – by definition how can they be the ‘stronger sex’ – why are they unable to fend for themselves now that there is more competition?
        There’s not a single man that I know well or in my extended social circles that has ruled out relationships with women. Common trope among the mgtow crowd – all these ‘great’ guys that simply won’t have anything to do with women by choice. All of the best men I know have a healthy relationship with women, the worst men have the most unhealthy relationships. I don’t trust their, or your, judgement on what constitutes a ‘great’ guy.

        @Xin Jia
        Feminism is a broad spectrum but the majority aim is equality.
        Sure as with any movement there are extremists that it’s not worth taking the time to engage with or have ludicrous goals (E.g. PETA when it comes to animal rights).
        If we do end up with actual gender equality in any country then I guess we’ll see if it stops there or gets pushed too far. My guess is that politically and legally there will be pushback long before things tip the other way.

        • @Narapoia451 …

          Problem is some peoples concept of – Natural – and how that shapes their perspective to where the rights dial is pegged. Human history does not support a claim to any notion of male or female rights as being “Natural”, they have been ordered firstly on religious views in a political setting. Strangely or not females in many ways had more rights in antiquity until religion became male dominated and was institutionalized by the state, save for a few monarchs.

          Same applies to sat periods when say Africans could own or have indentured anglophones.

          I mean do we have to start going on about witches next.

          • WTF are you talking about skip?

            No defining roles?

            Men are strong warriors. Women are home making mothers. Defying our natural abilities is ridiculous.

        • You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

          You think they’re going to tell you they’re MGTOW?

          They’re probably scared telling you the truth would lead to a lawsuit.

          Most women are not worth it. They expect the world but offer nothing.

          Women are not in positions of power because theyre not as capable as men. Allocating such positions is a monumental mistake.

          My position on Labor is simple. They abandoned working Australians. Working Australians no longer have a party to vote for. LNP is therefore Labor’s fault. Most intelligent people understand the logic. It’s not in the slightest bit hard.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            Actually most intelligent people understand that what you are describing there is actually a logical fallacy – the exact opposite of logic. A fine blend of causal and tu quoque fallacies. It makes it much harder to take you seriously.

          • You’re unimpressive. I can tell you are a condescending know all, with very little logical ability. You don’t have a counter argument for anything I’ve said.

            Why is it only now LNP have been able to destroy the lower 99% of Australians?

            Labor became the same as LNP, filled with, and backed by anti Australian, anti Australia wealthy elites, that’s how.

        • “Personally I think the legal bias in divorce settlements is a real issue”

          But let’s first continue to address the faux female inequality huh? While Australian men continue losing everything, suicide at the highest rate in the world and kids are raised fatherless.

          It’s all about women. So selfish they can’t even see what they’re doing to their own kids.

    • Trigger Finger

      On the ABC website there has been a counter for the number of women killed in domestic violence.

      That number averages around one woman per day, 7 women every week – a staggering number – and something which rightly all of society has put front and center as an egregious issue.

      7 Men are killed every day by their own hand. 80 % of those cases are due to domestic separation of family. Men get custody of their children in less than 3% of cases. Our family court system has seen innumerable inquiries and has been likened by the UN to a draconian 19th century backwards system.

      There is no coverage of those men, or that stat.

      The remaining men are young boys who kill themselves – the highest suicide rate of any demographic on earth.

      Again – nothing.

      Men are now out numbered in University at 5:3, women dominate in almost every single corporate demographic under the age of 40, including Australia’s highest paid CEO.

      Men represent 80% of work place injuries – no mention of this.

      Men represent 95% of work place deaths – no mention of this.

      Men represent 80% of long term homeless – a stat which was recently tried to be “redefined” to include women in short term stay.

      Men are victims of 80% of all assaults, are 40 times more likely to be murdered and killed – again no mention.

      For young boys in schools there is a never ending stream of celebration of womens achievements – from international sporting days to women in the work place. While on a daily basis the boys are shuffled off into rooms to be told how they will be responsible for violence against women when they get older – in primary school.

      One in three domestic violence victims are men – a fact. The family law courts of Australia are advised – specifically that any domestic violence against a male is the result of self defense or as a response due to long term psychological abuse from the male – this is statutory legal advice right now in Victorian Family courts.

      The idea of women continuing as the suffering second class citizen in society is the most absurd myth on the planet.

      Absolute, complete and utter disgrace.


  16. migtronixMEMBER

    So now we’re expecting the Fed to cut 75bps this month. Like it’s nothing. Best economy ever…

    • I saw that and couldnt help but wonder what planet the ‘market’ is on (remembering that 85% of ‘the market’ is 1% of the population).

      The US data out friday night looked upbeat (pre coronavirus) and certainly had them in a better position than just about anywhere else in the world.

      But if you were a Fed chair who has managed to get Trump offside then it would be an ideal chance to win back some browny points

      • migtronixMEMBER

        As pfh has pointed out Trump is actually doing MMT but neither he nor anyone else will dare call it that.

        • Mig …

          MMT has been around a wee bit … distribution is another thing and befuddles some …

        • Yes, though I will confess that he has not been as imaginative as he could have been (see link below) but he has certainly signed up to the rule that fiscal deficits don’t matter when a Republican is in the White House.

          As Mig notes, the funny thing is that even though Trump is blowing out fiscal deficits that are sucking up spare capacity in the US economy, just as MMT recommends, the MMT crowd don’t want to claim this as a win.

          Which is a bit strange as Trump is likely to win in November and surely getting him signed up to MMT would be as easy as pie.

          Trump the developer with MMT concepts might be a booootiful thing.

          • Because Pft its not according to what the MMT proponents support in lieu of the past administration, your just attempting to take Trumps management as being pro MMT PK – its nothing like it. First order on the agenda is to get rid of NAIRU and a JG where Trump is just throwing money at the market.

            Talking about – owning – your sort should look in the mirror for the decades that set this all up, best bit is a virus is making the notion of all your ex ante axioms a mockery. Now those that spewed them will have to do just the opposite of what they sold the unwashed on …. aka break the contract …

            Its not like its all laid out –

            More narrative crafting by the lot that tried to impose hard currency attributes to a soft currency to misinform the unwashed and then deny its failures.

          • Just in case I’m not clear and bond holder scare mongers start talking about sanctity of markets in one breath and sovereignty in the other:

            Oh, it is all just too complicated!

            Government spending is still financed by money creation, and taxes destroy money—in the form of central bank reserves. Instead of wooden sticks, we use electronic keystrokes. Government cannot run out.

            The central bank will not say no. From its perspective, it never violates the prohibition against “lending” to the treasury. It simply ensures that the payments system functions smoothly.

            Furthermore, government never needs to borrow its own currency. Bond sales by a sovereign government are not really a borrowing operation—rather they offer a higher interest earning substitute for central bank reserves.

            This was Warren Mosler’s key contribution, recognized before there was an MMT, and it made him rich because he concluded that credit ratings agencies had no idea what they were doing when they downgraded sovereign government debt.

            Government can make all payments as they come due. Bond vigilantes cannot force default. While their portfolio preferences could affect interest rates and exchange rates, the central bank’s interest rate target is the most important determinant of interest rates on the entire structure of bond rates. Exchange rates are more complexly determined, but Keynes’s interest rate parity theorem provides a guide.

            The Fed is a creature of Congress, and Congress can seize control of interest rates any time it wants. In any event, bond vigilantes cannot hold the nation hostage—the central bank can always overrule them. In truth, the only bond vigilante we face is the Fed. And in recent years it has demonstrated a firm commitment to keep rates low.

            Finally, even if the Fed abandons low rates, the Treasury can “afford” to make all payments on debt as they come due, no matter how high the Fed pushes rates. Affordability is not the issue. The issue will be over the desirability of making big interest payments to bond holders. This is a particularly inefficient form of government spending. In the case of the US, half the bonds are held abroad and most of the rest are held by institutions. There isn’t much “bang for the buck” that comes from spending on interest. – from link above …

          • If you don’t care to read then don’t try to advance your views as being in anyway relative, just to you can burnish them.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Donald’s wish for the US to have the lowest interest rate (and negative) is Powell’s command, just as the RBA happy clappies have bent over backwards to suck up to the LNP over the last 6 years and protect the RBA’s immaculate creation housing price bubble?

        • DingwallMEMBER

          The LNP who are generally made up of redneck, narcissistic idiots …………………… but I doubt we would be in any different situation under the Labour wannabe, narcissistic idiots either. They want immigration too, they have a vested interest in maintaining the housing economy that they helped create and, in opposition, have been too little, too often.

        • The basis of the housing bubble dates back 60 years. It was supercharged by Keating. Howard/ Costello put a rocket engine on it and every government since has fuelled it. To blame it on the last 6 years of LNP is just plain nuts

      • FED will cut and MSM will spruik retail to jump in while 1% keep selling. Idea is to control falls over the next few weeks so 1% can sell most of their positions. Doubt it will work as retail will run out of money sooner than that. As US start shutting there will be mass job losses.. US infections are much larger than reported and this will get out via social media..

    • I wonder how much of that is due to central banks training the market to expect QE vs. the market positioning for a deflationary shock.

  17. boomengineeringMEMBER

    There could be mass panic when the common cold is mistaken for Corona this winter.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Lovey just told me she has a cold. Runny nose? Yes. Good, not the virus but paranoia means no one will come close enough to infect you with anything stronger…or you’re going to die. Going out. See ya.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I wonder if having a cold when exposed to Corona will immunize you a little. That’s what happened to me when working near the equator when an epidemic came through, still got sick but nowhere near as bad as the others in hospital.

    • Given the mass hysteria over fvcken bog rolls, it not a matter of “could” but a case of “will”.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Wife just told me to careful not to get mugged getting my large box of face masks/respirators out of the truck brought back from storage at the factory yesterday.
        btw have a lot of spearguns here so reloading between multiple shots not a problem.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          You’re on to it boom.

          Who cares about mask export restrictions when you can wander down to Bunnings and pick up a 100% effective welding mask any day of the week.

          If this does get serious, I’ll be going to Bunnings. Not to Chemist Warehouse. To be fair, I’ll be buying a few plastic faceshields. Masks are a bit heavy for all day use. Serious.

          And your good woman has a point.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            The deep sea pelagic Riffe gun could be over kill though, 4 off 3/4” short rubbers to reach long 3/8” spring stainless steel spear wings with detaching spearhead on stainless rope. Could bring an elephant down.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Sounds very specifically deadly. Always wondered how fast you can reload them on land?

            Simultaneously aroused and trepidatious.
            Is it Sunday again already? Hang on, why is it light outside?

  18. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Tips for anyone without TP. Put a newspaper in the dunny like that’s all we had in our day, tear off quarter sheet, screw it up and unscrew a couple of times, rub it between your hands and presto soft bum wipe.
    Events lately is making me think the only survivors ( economic or pandemic) will be boomers who did an apprenticeship on make do.(with what you’ve got).

  19. Rorke's DriftMEMBER

    Covid fatality rates fall with number of people tested. Ie. If early testing is for the sickest hospitalisation cases the death rate becomes a high 3%. As tests gets rolled out to confirm a higher number of covid cases including capturing the mild ones like in south korea, the death rate drops to 0.6% and continues to drop the more tested and better data.

    This is a propaganda pandemic so far. The real health situation is yet to become clear..

    • South Korean population is skewed toward the young so not necessarily accurate and perhaps no so representative of the older unhealthy population we have.In addition mortality is difficult to determine until numbers plateau (death rate is reflective of what was happening few weeks ago)Finally mortality will be determined by how well the medical system is coping-i suspect ours will not cope well

      • They are modeling scenarios. All I want is a worse case mortality over time per country, and best case. Even if wildly inaccurate if there are enough you could check methodologies and at least put some brackets around it. Ffs nothing around anywhere!

    • I have been keeping an eye on South Korea and the Diamond Princess cruise as they seem to be the most complete picture. As someone else pointed out South Korea younger population. Diamond Princess though was suggested to be 80% retirees and still only 6 people have died thus far which is less than 1%. I hope these stats are true.

      What is missing from those stats and what #justtheflu types like yourself don’t seem to understand is that this is a new virus with no immunity amongst the masses. It wouldn’t take much of a breakout to overwhelm our ICU capacity and that is when death rates rise significantly as per Wuhan. Countries have no choice but to avoid that situation via quarantine/lockdown.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Fatality rate is much lower when there are beds and facilities to treat patients. The death rate in Wuhan is far higher than anywhere else in China because there are no beds or medicine.

      Watching Iran will give the death rate without treatment, and it isn’t good.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Apocalypse can’t come soon enough.
      Our area getting ruined by influx of Eastern Suburbs types, family just walked past while getting my masks out, no smile or nod just a look down on you expression with down mouth .Used to be quiet and friendly. Lucky the wife’s keeping a tab on RE for future move. Be a while yet though.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          North Manly,
          Walk to walkway overpass to Warringah Mall ( was the largest in southern hemisphere) ,
          Walk to bus terminal,
          2+ minutes to the surf beach,
          Walk to golf course ( but don’t play)
          Short bus trip to city ferries +fast ferries.
          Cafe’s a plenty,
          Plenty of tennis courts and sporting eg base ball, rugby,cricket, soccer etc etc etc.( no into team sports).
          Music studios,
          RSLs football, fishing, etc clubs.
          Nomads biker club, Porsche racing and Tilleys racing round corner.
          No more for now wife’s breathing down my neck to go out.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Harley Davidson dealer around corner as well as mountain biking at Manly Dam.
            But still pine for open spaces like why used to surf and dive kilometres out to sea by myself
            Btw that 1M price tag mentioned was Woy Woy.

      • Just got back from Adelaide and the Hills district. The Hills are lovely – 30 mins from the CBD but also remote. Some great pubs and great community from what I observed. Can have a decent (but humbley sized) old stone house thats renovated for ~700k on a >1000sqm block. Would potentially set me up future bunker there.

    • Looks fantastic. Not so secret now. I do wonder though with places like that and fires.

  20. Mining BoganMEMBER

    The local IGA now has bollards of peace out the front and a limit of one pack of poo tickets per person. Connected?

    Anyhow, TP and hand sanitiser gone. Plenty of rice, pasta and tinned stuff. Lots of cafe activity. Makes no sense at all…

  21. The Mooch had some great moments on Boomer Time with Bill Maher this week.

    I’ve paraphrased a little:

    “The Western politicians decided not to make any hard choices, they went with global coordinated monetary policy for 11 years. So, they lowered the interest rates to the floor… those men and women you’re talking about (referring to working class) are savers and they have no savings rate to speak of. The asset prices went up for the wealthy but none of the middle and lower middle-class workers could catch up. If you had really responsible politicians they would invest in infrastructure, invest in education and in retooling the society, and then also speak the truth: it’s a 10 – 15 year project, not a 2 minute cable news segment or a 2 year election cycle project. If you did that you could change the landscape, but they’re just so easy with the monetary policy and it’s really crippled us.”

    I want to start hearing similar themes from the supposed left wing parties here. This should be their bread and butter, but they’re too busy trying to appease the deranged fringe on social issues while continuing to embrace neolib failure.

        • Silly me I thought it was a reference to Larry [sniffles] Kudlow and the years of banging the equities grow the pie bigger so everyone can eat cake [“its a lie” – Aperture reference with cogitations of City-17 coming to you soon].

    • Thats it the RBA should load up on TP. Instead of controlling interest rates they could control the amount of laxatives in the water supply. Think of the glorius stimulus, newly employed bum wipers etc etc …

    • The man in his 20s arrived in Tasmania from Nepal via Singapore on February 26.

      Tasmania’s Public Health Services Mark Veitch said the man called a telephone helpline on March 6 after developing symptoms and was subsequently tested for coronavirus at the Royal Hobart Hospital that night. He was advised to self isolate while the results were pending. However, he instead completed several shifts at the Grand Chancellor hotel.

      Aren’t the Nepalese going to save our tertiary sector?

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The whole hotel should be under quarantine. The fact it isn’t means Hobart is doomed.

        • Fox and the Hound

          As the coldest city in Australia, Hobart should get it the worst in the winter. Bad news for all the Boomers who bought houses and moved down there. 😞

          • True about the boomers but FWIW Canberra is colder.

            Usually I like that. Maybe not this year.

    • Gee Tassie is kicking goals with self isolate and foreigners. That’s two out of two, 100% case rate fail cos of the Iranian bloke in Launceston. Time to get either a bit Chinese and go the force you route or go true Commie and provide the support people need to adequately self isolate and make sure they have food shelter and income. The ironies are deliciously dangerous and subversive

    • Give the guy a break, he probably has debts to repay for his ‘studies’ in Australia and who knows what collateral he had to pledge back home. The Australian immigration system and those that support this blatant human exploitation shall reap what they have sown.

    • This hard working bloke probably has 3 jobs to fund his extensive investment property portfolio. He’s simply having a go to “get ahead”. How good is Australia.

  22. happy valleyMEMBER

    A friend just told me that as of about a week from now, Sydney newsagents will cease the delivery of Fairfax and News Corp papers – the delivery has apparently, been outsourced to contractors.

    Our newsagent has given us no notice of this change.

    Have any other MBers heard about this change?

    • Haven’t heard but a month or so ago our weekend paper delivery started being delivered by a couple of Indian looking blokes in a hire van – a lot later than it used to be. Traditionally it was the newsagent himself who did the deliveries really early (Asian family where he and the wife seem to rotate running the shop and looking after their kid). Haven’t spoken to the local newsagent but the last few weekends it has been back early again so haven’t seen who delivered it.

    • that may be just about the end of physical paper ‘newspapers’

      The contract will presumably have been won by Delivernews nominees, who will run the contract at a loss (after administrative overheads and executive wages) and the workforce delivering at a rate of 10 cents a box will presumably find issues getting local takers. Delivernews will then get permission to import employees with the requisite skills, which they will then auction off in some third nation as the right to live and work in Australia. When that workforce dumps the papers en masse in the local hopper or skip, complaints will wing in from aggrieved elderly former paper buyers and newsagents, only to find that the principals of Delivernews are no longer contactable and were last seen in the Bahamas, and are believed to have moved back into the vocational training world and recrudesced the company as Delivertraining Inc, which is now applying for (and getting) training grants, and adopting a similar approach with education visas, carving out a niche in the training of healthcare assistants in the aged care sector. It is all good – and they are having a go so should get a go.

      But – and I say this as someone who grew up in an abode where The Sun, The Age, The Herald, The Truth, The Sporting Globe, The Weekly Times, The Economist and The Bulletin were all delivered to the house each day/week – who still is reading physical these days?

      • How quickly can those printing houses be converted to making bog roll is the only question you should be concearned with right now. Of course that accepts the premise that they need conversion in the first place.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Indeed, vale physical newspapers soon.

        But in the meantime where do I contact Delvernews (India or the Philippines) to follow up on the non-delivery of my physical newspapers cum TP?

        • There will be a 1800 number which has an automated voice asking you to leave your name and number for a return call. You never will get that return call but you will get numbers of calls from Nigerian princes, Guyana call girls, Chinese machine parts makers, and English online bookmakers

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        A) What’s newspoper?
        B) That’s so… 2018… After the Bahamas, they’ll be into the Guided Sports and Regional Funding by Invitation Only Grants business.

        What? You thought all that slush fund money was going to just dry up? Sad.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      The best bit of a few morbidly obese parliamentarians carking it is that finally something about isolation and paying casuals to stay at home will be done. Inject a bit of self-interest into the game to turn things around.

    • not wrong at all, Barry, would be Karma for exposing Aussies to risk by a piss poor response to this situation, still allowing air travel inward is just one example

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      If I get it I’m planning a trip to Canberra.
      Bring a bit of reality to the bubble.

  23. When building quality meets Covid19.

    Coronavirus quarantine hotel in China collapses, trapping dozens

    The 80-room hotel collapsed in a matter of seconds about 7.30pm on Saturday local time, the official Xinhua News Agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying. About 70 people had been trapped inside initially, the Quanzhou government said.

    The hotel opened in June 2018, with rooms on the fourth to seventh floors of the building, the newspaper Beijing Youth Daily said.

    • Hmmm, 2018, what was going on then? Oh yeah, wasn’t steel rebar a speculative investment for Chinese gamblers? I wonder where all that rusty metal ended up.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      There is nothing funny about this. Nothing.

      Imagine how many of the newer ones are covered in flammable cladding and full of povos who brought dodgy gas heaters with them.

  24. Italy is to quarantine more than 10 million people, with a lockdown in the region of Lombardy – which has Milan as its capital – and a dozen northern provinces. The decree has now been signed off by the Italian Prime Minister. It would give authorities the power to fine anyone caught entering or leaving the region, and would see the closure of schools, bars, cinemas and public events until April 3.

    Now I know why there’s been a run on pasta at the local shops!

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      I noticed that earlier, virtually no pasta left and a little rice. No hand sanitizer at all. Plenty of bottled water and Baked Beans in ham sauce though.

  25. migtronixMEMBER

    Sky News has managed to find someone who blames the toilet paper “crisis” on Labor even running in the election, never mind winning or losing.

    And it wasn’t even 3d. Strayan media eh.

    • Yeah, just imagine how feverishly Uncle Rupert’s minions worked to find and locate someone to come out with that line within the KPI timeframe Uncle Rupert insists upon. It cant be easy to come up with someone at a moments notice who can be both abstruse enough to think that sort of stuff, and at the same time to be coherent enough to used in broadcast (even if it is Sky), without coming across as a vehicle with which to ridicule Sky’s (admittedly flimsy) credentials as a ‘news’ outlet.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          No, he will say p!ss off you morons, that’s not remotely accurate and as per usual practice the media will report on something Barnaby said.

        • Albo will take the pot of sacred blame from Uncle Rupert and may dab some on his chin. He will then comb it through his dreadlocked hair and anoint his nether regions and forehead, before applying to his lips. He will then resume sitting in the lotus position on top of the ALP sacred blame giant mushroom and be danced around by members of the shadow cabinet and invited opposition backbenchers who will themselves be entitled to dip their fingers into the pot and anoint themselves in similar (but lesser) manner, with intermittent chants reaffirming the astral plane for all

        • Doesn’t matter. Damage is done. Just reinforces the view Sky News fvcktards already hold.

    • The Traveling Wilbur


      A better question would have been Why is Mig watching Sky News in the first place?


  26. Damn you Gunna, how we sposed to do anything on weekend when you put out another set of links…

    Choices, choices pffft

  27. The Traveling Wilbur

    Whoever invented Ceiling White is a genius. fckn.
    Whoever named it runs a close second too.


  28. Public Servant: Minister, given the situation, we really must start to consider giving all casual staffs paid sick leave, so they can self isolate or take time off when they are not well and not worry about income….it would be a good use of MMT and may save a lot of lifes

    Yeah, nah – said PS would be branded a communist and sent home

  29. “Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people”

    Who ever thought they’d be alive to see this.

    But action like this will also need to happen in Australia to save innumerable lives.

    Will it be done?

    No. We have a Govt of incompetent criminals.

    Chaos is coming to the ‘lucky’ country.

    Buy a house!

      • This is obviously huge news but don’t expect any real coverage or analysis in the terrible Australian media.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      I am 70 and have seen a lot of catastrophes in my life but never a pandemic on this potential scale or a world war – will I soon be able to tick these two items off my bucket list?

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          Can’t tell you. My happy valley nom de plume relates to that great BBC drama series a few years ago by the same name starring James Norton.

          • Probably more inspiring than the suburb in Adelaide by the same name (I somehow doubt Richard Clapton was singing about that place).

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            I heard an interview with him on JJJ when he released Distant Thunder. Still got the album. Not his strongest but a nice distraction.

            I think Happy Valley was about what he called the nappy belt of new suburbs. Young families tying themselves in knots to live the dream that never turned out. How things never change.

            I think that’s what it was. It was 25 years ago and I’ve drunk an awful lot and had a few head knocks since then.

    • Fox and the Hound

      Everyone knows that Italy’s government is composed of incompetent criminals.

      I think if it’s possible for the states to implement a quarantine, it might happen, however, I don’t think anything could bring the Federal government to do it.

  30. something about the bast case Corona Virus scenario:
    – governments around the world manage to keep spread under control by implementing wide measures (external travel bans, scans, individual case tracking, …) and shutting down areas (suburbs, cities, provinces) when numbers start rising
    – number of cases globally stay under few million at the time, number of deaths under few thousands per month
    – in 12 mnths vaccine gets developed and 6 mnths later enough people get vaccinated to stop the spread
    – in total few million get infected and tens tens of thousands die – over the next 18 months until vaccination kills the virus spread

    – what would be economic consequences of this “best case” scenario?
    International tourism down by 80% or more, global trade down, unemployment up, globalisation down, consumer confidence smashed, wage and income down, investments down, global GDP down at least few % over the next 18 months
    share market smashed with potential recover in few months if case numbers globally stagnate or drop
    commodity prices down, real estate down, debt crisis very likely – corporate debts on shaky grounds

    in Australia, at least 2 quarters of recession, unemployment up by at least 2%, wage and income falls,

    doesn’t look so “best case”

    • tens of thousands dying is nothing

      thats a regular flu season

      If anything less than millions die, this will have turned out to be a needless hysteria
      y2k level stupidity

      • That’s assuming virus spread is effectively being controlled by halting activities. Flu gets 10ks dead without almost any controls in place.

  31. “U.S. airport screeners, health workers plagued by fear and anger as coronavirus spreads”

    But flights to hell going cheap at the moment, so…

    (Ps. all this coronavirus pandemic hoax stuff will go down beautifully in the worlds most moronic and armed-to-the-teeth country)

    (Ps.s. Stocks are beautifully priced for what’s coming)

    (Psss check your travel insurance!!)

  32. I REPEAT



    WHY ??

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Good question. Since ScoVID-19 is asymptomatic, how can the passenger know she wasn’t already infected when on the plane to Perth?

    • they wait for BHP, RIO and number of medium size gold miners to start reporting interruptions of operations and site closures.

        • The stupidity is mind blowing. As is the hubris and entitlement. I so want to survive the next 6 months. The entertainment value of this thing will make up for the boredom of self isolation

      • Hasn’t the Pilbara FIFO workforce already started reporting?
        From a mindset of how maybe it could be run, ( thinking from a farming perspective ), offer up an incentive for miners to stay onsite for 6 months, this allows for an isolation, no flying, big premium, but better profits, I guess…What else could be done? Just thinking this could be done across a wide spread of fields…Like the farm, pay
        A bit extra to the young lads, give them the up front, you have to stay here for 6 months, I will give you an extra $$ …I may be old, but couldn’t this work in big workforce?

    • FFS. These morons are pretty much guaranteeing a pandemic in Australia.

      How many times do they need to be warned that the virus can be carried and transmitted by people who don’t show symptoms?

    • Polish spirits are very underrated. Got onto their potato vodkas years ago – very smooth, never had a hangover from any of them.

  33. Re: RBA’s interest rate cut a futile gesture? (from links above)

    Yep, in terms of economic stimulus it’s a dead duck. However, that’s not the only game in town. Internationally it’s a race to the bottom now with rates. The quicker we get to zero the better. Anything above zero will encourage massive money flows into the country (via FX carry trades) which will later leave at an inopportune time, sending the AUD into an uncontrollable plunge like the USD is experiencing at present. Going straight to zero is the best monetary bet for future currency stability

    • At this time and these rate differences ratea don’t matter. It’s all about preserving money not earning .25% more. Does AUD look safe, something that will appreciate in next year or so?

      • Hi DocX. I’m pretty sure you missed the point of my comment. I was talking about international currency flows, FX trading and macro-economic effects. Not really relevent to deciding what to do with your bank deposits or loans

        And the simple answer to your last question is that no, the Aussie dollar is unlikely to recover and be good to hold in the forseeable future (edited)

        • I think Docx has a point, ie not many people are looking at gaining a few dozen pips over the medium term on a carry trade right now, it’s more about safety (and possibly some momentum trades for the brave).

          • Arrow I’m thinking that, if you are close to the source of money, you get unlimited amounts for near to zero rate. The 0.25% makes a BIG difference to the amount you earn.

    • But why stop at zero Arthur?
      If zero is best then -10 must be much more gooder.
      When is this insanity going to stop?

  34. Can someone please explain why the masked idiots at the supermarket (generally of the asian persuasion) are also the same ones who have to manhandle every piece of fruit and vegetable to ensure they are getting the best one on the stand. Talk about lack of self awareness when it comes to basic hygiene, I suppose they believe their poo is as pure white as all that toilet paper they are hoarding.

    • Exactly the reason why I refuse to buy from the bulk sections anymore. I just buy those wrapped in impenetrable plastics away from their grubby infected hands. You can blame the CCP for brainwashing and breeding a population of winner-takes-all, it’s all-about-me brunch we see infesting the world right now.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Are you really a Chinamen lady? Are you some sort of separatist assigned to MB? HK resistance? I’m onto you!

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      I like the ones that grab an apple, squeeze it to sh!t then throw it back in so it’s all bruised, is that like SOP in chyna

  35. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Is everyone ready for death? First person to confirm sighting of a horseman wins! We have wars and rumours of wars. And now pestilence. It’s coming. Are you prepped? Have you begged for forgiveness for your loose living? Ya better! I’m thinking of starting a prayer group that will grow followers rapidly. We’ll fight the Godless. We will be the soldiers of the Lord.


    The woman returned to Perth on the direct Qantas flight QF10 from London last Thursday. She had recently travelled to Cuba before spending six days in London.

    She became ill on Friday and was tested for coronavirus, but still attended the concert last night before receiving her results. It’s not clear whether she was told to self-isolate by doctors.

    Wanna bet she was told to stay isolated but gee she spent good money on tickets so it’s worth the risk to infect 100 other people.

  37. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Oh man I had some bendy gear at the party last night! Nothing like some good acid to get you seeing things much more clearly. It all makes sense.

  38. While in Syd we have people fighting over TP this is what happened to us at Hill End where we stopped on the way back from Mudgee – did bit of extra driving but was worth.
    We were having a pie and coffee at one of the coffee shops and started chatting with the owner and the lady that works there. We laughed about the TP feeding frenzy and the lady asked us if we saw the news.. as we said no she described the latest fight between those beasts in Woolies. Anyway, I did tell her that I gave up my to buy some on Friday morning as I saw a herd of about 30 people running for it while Woolies employees filming them on their mobiles and laughing..
    I could not believe she offered few rolls from her own stock.. A total stranger.
    Ok, I know I am above average looking fckn but did not realised I am Tom Jones material.. just in my case ladies throwing TP at me instead of their undies.

    btw – we did talk about other things most of the time though as she is fossicking in her spare time – metal detecting and panning. I gave a a history lesson on how Australian Minelab became best brand in the world and did it from being worst metal detector brand in the universe.

  39. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Ok. All these peeps not self quarantining and going to work or concerts etc. It’s times like this I actually think the Chinamen system really is way, like way, superior. We all saw those clips of hazmat suited up chinamen with guns out shooting the infected. Sometimes harsh measure are required. Do what you’re told or be slaughtered in the name of saving the collective! I’m all for it if you can still make profits.

    • Also agree! You’re on fire tonight. Anyone infected caught wandering around in public should be sent straight to Christmas Island. The first fleet to detention should sit that Toorak doctor and this party girl.

      • Get a room you two!
        Kelly, if you wear a mask and have soft hands, Reusa might just overlook your Northern Chinamen lady appearance.

        • My face is what it is. Take it or leave it.
          My hands are like sand paper. Tough luck.
          reusa can’t afford me. I’m high maintenance.

          • haroldusMEMBER

            Au contraire Kelly. If anyone on this site could afford you, it would be reus!

  40. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Just thinking maybe straya could go full retard and hold toilet paper auctions …..kind of warm up events to the Saturday morning debt auctions … a nice unused roll ladies and gentlemen….great Ar$ewipe potential ..don’t miss out ladies and gentlemen….this is a great investment ……do we have an opening bid ? …….who’ll start me at $4000?

  41. You know what would make this whole thing even more interesting. If the bat flu can be transmitted by mosquito. Better go stock up on repellent now

  42. I’ve always thought that if you invite hordes of third world savages into your country, they don’t become like you. Your country becomes like theirs.

    What was once a fairly tough and resilient people have become cowardly, weak, stupid, selfish and aggressive. Our society has turned to sh1t.

    Noting the ethnicity of many of those involved in the TP brawls, knife fights etc, I posit that
    the toilet paper debacle confirms my views. I’d welcome someone explaining the error in my thinking.

    I stood at the memorial to our war dead in a small rural NSW town today…from WW1 to Vietnam, and I had to struggle to hold back my tears at the thought of what we’ve become, what we’ve lost and the sacrifice we’ve betrayed.

    • Nicely said son..LS…just to clarify ..from the strange lad , reus, whom I really don’t get…

    • “I’ve always thought that if you invite hordes of third world savages into your country, they don’t become like you. Your country becomes like theirs.”
      Very true Mr. HP,
      Just imagine my sorrow, I have seen it happen in Europe, and now I have to see it again here.

    • Why is our wealth / culture of we the incumbents being crushed as if we are an occupied country?
      What did George Patton say?

      • After a visit to ruined Berlin, he (Patton) wrote his wife on July 21, 1945: “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.”
        This conviction, that the politicians had used him and the U.S. Army for a criminal purpose, grew in the following weeks. During a dinner with French General Alphonse Juin in August, Patton was surprised to find the Frenchman in agreement with him. His diary entry for August 18 quotes Gen. Juin: “It is indeed unfortunate, mon General, that the English and the Americans have destroyed in Europe the only sound country — and I do not mean France. Therefore, the road is now open for the advent of Russian communism.”

        Later diary entries and letters to his wife reiterate this same conclusion. On August 31 he wrote: “Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. it’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” And on September 2: “What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.”

          • Aww, are you bum hurt that I mentioned your own Yellow racism?
            The only thing wanting is your membership.
            Not sure if Macro B have a ‘cash only’ payment option like in Chinese shops.

      • Read ‘The Patton Papers’ for a view on Europe’s war and post war years that are different from the accepted historical narrative.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Hordes of third-world savages run the Government, institutions and major businesses ?

      Who knew ?

  43. Mining BoganMEMBER

    86k at the MCG.

    More WuFlu deaths from the Sydney mardi gras or the Melbourne cricket?

    • haroldusMEMBER

      Have to give Healy credit for firing when needed. Lots of calls for her to be dropped.

      • I reckon she does. Saw Mitchell Johnston put down a couple of balls of a two step run up wearing double pluggers at a charity day in Townsville and I’ll be fvcked if I could even see that ball. The 8 green cans did not aid my vision any.

        • haroldusMEMBER

          Having given up cricket at the terror of a B grade quick bowling short at me, I really appreciate the courage of these batspersons.

          That Steve Smith doco looks like being a corker. I was watching the match live, and I was sure he was dead. He had been hit a few times leading up to it, and everything looked pretty tenuous. Archer was too good for him that day (but didn’t get him out!).

          So from now, Smith will have short balls at his head. Is he good enough to both evade and score? I don’t know if he is, and he is my favourite world player. I hope so.

    • Bat Eater Virus

      Definitely more virus particles and droplets swapped during mardi gras than at the cricket.

  44. So what’s ScoVids plan to get the economy going;
    $3.5b worth of tax cuts in 2019/20. Fail.
    $3.8b worth of infrastructure spending brought forward (over 10 years) in September 2019. Fail. And now, the great plan we’ve all been waiting for but won’t find until Thursday;
    $3b worth of…um…stuff.

    $3b? WTF? That’s a rounding error on a trillion dollar economy. We’re so screwed if this is the best they can come up with especially that fvcking drivel from CHunt about presenting your self to a hospital if you think you have Corona virus. Well done d1ckhead. Every toilet paper buying bogan will now flood A&E with their fucktard family putting even further strain on health resources.

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      I blame Bill Shorten for simply being so useless and dodgy that he couldn’t beat ScoMo.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Is that $3b the same as the $2b that was promised for bushfire relief but doesn’t actually exist? You know, like a lie.

      • That $3b will consist of the $1.6b of unspent bushfire funding and about $1.4b of unspent NDIS funds. Surplus ya know….

  45. haroldusMEMBER

    Guys guys (non gender specific) guys!

    I’ve just thought of a great new phrase.

    We’ll get printing due to corona shutdowns, right.

    It’ll be called:

    Quarantative easing!


  46. MB has jumped the Shark,
    Sorry but that’s the best case assessment based on the quality of weekend comments over the last few weeks
    worrying thing is they haven’t just jumped the shark they’ve launched in low Earth orbit

  47. I’ve recently taken a break from reading MB. The articles were really getting my down. I’ve felt so much better this week without reading all the negative shit. If you’re feeling down stop reading mb and live life.

  48. I’ve recently taken a break from reading MB. The articles were really getting me down. I’ve felt so much better this week without reading all the negative stuff. If you’re feeling down then consider stopping reading this depressing blog and go out and live life

    • I’ve been taking a bit of timeout out too from the usual news sources I read. I’m hoping the media reaches its peak frenzy on this soon and finds something else to focus on.

      • Media might move on from reporting isolated cases of coronavirus and just start focusing on, ya know, sport and MAFS, as a way of distracting us all from the forthcoming news of mass internments and planning for new cemeteries. Yes that sounds good.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          You forgot the international viral flying circus that is F1! Thanks Bernie!

          And then there’s the COVID-19 thing too.

    • Ah but financial armageddon media is good for clicks and business. And if it doesn’t eventuate you can simply throw one’s hands up and say could be wrong lol. Or delete comments calling you out on it. Or simply claim you never said it.
      But do you know what will make everyone feel better? A nice cold glass of interest rate cuts and some QE chaser.

    • “Go out and live life” has something of an ironic note to it this week, of all weeks, don’t you think?