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How to handle someone who had told him he didn’t want to shake his hand….. 



    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Speaking about vindaloo, our cleaner at work resigned recently because of the state of the toilets. Every day all three of them vandalised and spray-painted by those who won’t poo in a seemly fashion. Three years now I’ve been there and I reckon we have a meeting every month along the theme of FFS, just poo properly and clean up after yourself with the brush.

      His boss has to do it now. He’s a morose little man, always wandering around hunched over and muttering about dirty so-and-sos. Think he might want a race war. He confided in me he thought it was the new Australians and this was never a problem when he started his company. If they can’t sh!t they should go home he says, I said he should put that on a bumper sticker. Only time I’ve seen him smile.

      • I’ve had the same issue in a few companies I’ve worked at over the last few years. As soon as we get a new batch of freshies the toilets are destroyed. I have no idea how someone can think that spray painting the bowl, seat and cistern and sometimes the walls is acceptable behaviour in any culture. I have often walked out of the toilets and gone to another floor when it’s been very bad.
        I feel sorry for the cleaners, although ironically they too are now from the sub continent.

      • Last place I worked in Oz they had to put pictorial signs up about how to use a crapper on account of certain vibrant s standing and squatting on the seats to take a pony (which went everywhere other than where it should) but at the same time a mobile phone in one hand to carry on the never ending phone call which splits the concentration when trying to do a precise bombing mission from such a height. Also we had used crap paper all over the floor. Apparently the untouchables dont mind cleaning this up for their superiors.

      • When I was working in Melbourne I experienced this phenomenon much more. Broken seats was a weekly occurrence. Sometimes it was a daily one. Give them the ar$e.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Hey bloke, I think you need a colonoscopy! And not one of the amateur ones at the parties.

    • The observation about Sydney or the Bush is even more valid were the Opposition to be in power.

      • See? PM should have taken the cue from Greta and sailed from Hawaii and arrive late May / early June.

      • I have watched many versions of the footage. Whenever I get angry about something related to the fires I watch a clip. I find it cathartic. Everyone who refused to shake his hand, clapped him, heckled him, asked him difficult questions, called him an idiot, gave him the finger, told him he was out, told him he was gone, told him there’d be no votes for him is justwonderful in my view. They were so Aussie in those moments. He got what he deserved. His bubble of power and privilege was pricked for once. It rattledhim. There’s is some kind of karmic justice after all. Cobargo deserves a special place in Australian political history for their honest response to his visit, especially as there will be elements who will try to trash them for their actions.

        But far more importantly they need and deserve appropriate support in their time of desperate need. I hope they get it.

        • Scotty went in there looking to play politics. He was looking for a photo opportunity. So the media could show Scotty cares. It’s great it backfired on him. And well deserved. He was just being a vulture and using these people and their suffering for his gain.

          • Gavin – you were dead on the money mate. See below for the promo Scotty from Marketing has put out using the material from those photo ops.

          • I’m convinced that he is a psychopath. Who or what else would have to pay for ’empathy’ training to pretend emotion when dealing with this sort of situation?

          • I was afraid of that. Seems like my fears thesedays are justified. After all we live in an Australia where the gov spends as little as possible and expects the plebs to cough up for charity. I hate this new improved version of the way things get funded

          • Pub dood’s obviously biased. But this area is torn!
            Local Council Green? State – Lib, & Federal – Lab – Yes the oldies voted Labor!
            There’s a lot of oldies that would vote Lib or Labor, although by what I can gather even more leaning toward Labour due to current behaviour of the sh1tshowman. Cobargo & a few other places around here are more alternative – Tree Huggers. A lot have turned up from Newtown, Mornington Peninsula etc thinking they know everything & proceed to dictate to their neighbour after 5 minutes what they should be doing & it’s been pissing a lot of true locals off for some time. Often they find some common ground when the newbies settle down a bit.

            The current mainstream joke around town is where are the Greenies now? Why aren’t they chaining themselves to trees or a ‘roo at the moment? This is why I think Labour will gain even more ground federally. But State Constance is held in regard here too….. It wouldn’t matter who was in Local they will be pilloried – the joint had the salts put through it 20years ago & it’s time for another dose!

            Just got a call, fire started a couple of K’s away – time to wet the place down again. Long day/night or 2 coming up.

          • That’s certainly the sort of ethical standards we’ve come to expect from Molan.

            According to someone in that twitter thread, his daughter was interviewing. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

        • Remind me again what mob killed the Australian – Tall Poppy – social [cultural] view point again and where they came from and why it was so bloody important to kill it.

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          No, they are just rude. I’ve met a lot of people like that and they all come from west of ANZAC parade or country towns.

    • but the pub owner appologised to Scumo and said those people do not represent the town. So the alcohol and probably meth dealer does.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      This what Scummy is realy on about,
      Aletter in the Guardian
      Just the other day I accidentally came across a book entitled Late Victorian Holocausts which, from first reaction seemed potentially sleep-inducing and not particularly relevant to the present day. However on further appraisal it talked about the nature of the relationships between famines, droughts and climatic events in India, Northern China and North-eastern Brazil in the late 1800s, the heyday of colonialism, and how the imperial elites used these events for extending the reach of imperial power.
      Famines were very rarely about total lack of food but rather prices being too high for the majority to afford or difficulties in moving produce between regions. Two-forms of inequality that are still with us today. I still remember, not so long ago, that floods in Queensland increased the price of bananas from $3 to $12 dollars a kilo and currently our lack of fuel reserves in this country could potentially become a crisis if the Middle East blows up. Prices would go up and fuel may become unavailable in this country at any price. Also at the moment, some towns in the Murray Darling Basin have no water other than that donated and trucked in by charities. This inequality in access to one of life’s basic necessities started way before the bush fires.
      According to the book’s blurb, the three areas studied “were affected by the same global climatic factors that caused massive crop failures, and all experienced brutal famines that decimated local populations. But the effects of drought were magnified in each case because of singularly destructive policies promulgated by different ruling elites.”
      At the same time, people in Merimbula were queueing for food, water and petrol.
      Morrison response to the bushfires and before that, the drought, may seem like he is out of touch with community expectations but it is, in fact, part of a deliberate power grab. An attempt to change the culture, an attempt to deflate expectations that the government’s role is to help and support individuals or communities in difficulty, an insistence that government money won’t be ‘wasted’ on propping up public services or given to people in need. He wants to make clear the point that the government tax dollars are collected from the public not for the benefit of the public but only to be funnelled into the pockets of donators and private corporations and shareholders that profit from ‘providing’ government services. Our expectations are to be ‘minimised’. The idea that governments exist for their citizens’ collective benefit must be expunged and people will be told to shift for themselves and not to expect any help.
      Morrison and his mates will exploit whatever divides are created by natural disasters in order to not only maintain but extend their power just as the old imperial elites did. We have heard this story many times before. The traditional Liberal philosophy of small government will be used to avoid any major collective efforts at bush fire and emergency management, climate change mitigation, drought/agriculture transition programs or anything else potentially nation building or adding to our resilience. The have-nots created by the bush fires will be ‘forgotten’ or like Centrelink recipients only given the most minimal ‘assistance’- just enough for them for to be pictured down the track, if necessary, as part of the ‘greedy needy’ welfare ‘bludgers’.
      However, this situation of doing nothing is unsustainable. If Morrison continues to do nothing then the rest of us need to be doing something. We need something to break the mental deadlock at the heart of government. Perhaps there should be a Winter March on Canberra? A blockade of parliament?

      • @Bolstrod.
        There is nothing natural’ about what has been dubbed Australian Fire Season. Another ratings busting weather event brought to you by MSM and social subsidiaries: Face Book Twitter and Instagram. Flood Fire Famine…stock up on dry goods ready for Jan 2021…
        Also read something similar alluding to or claiming dam creation (Egypt Nile) and many places in US Europe etc inc Oz were all about population displacement and land grabs for railways, compelling folk to live in cities. #smartcities maybe? No one asked for BS population growth and resultant insane housing costs in Iz but we got it with zero Fs given by any politician. I’m a cynic so no great stretch to imagine fires a tragic smokescreen for grabbing more land. Moreland:)

  1. master of toilet paper

    who are these creeps in america who keep agitating for a war with iran

    besides the [blank] i know about them already

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      I can now see why some got banned and have an apology tp make to MB. When they banned some colourful characters I was disappointed insofar as having a reduction of entertainment and alternative viewpoints.
      After looking through some 15yo blogs, came across a vindictive vitriol criticism of my surfing ability (lack of). Needless to say I’m quite aware of the fact that

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        In any group there is always someone who comes first and one last. Take the last one out of the equation and the next one takes the honour. Surfing acrobatics is not my forte although big waves are.so any flak and I’ll wear it.but to go beyond that and attack relentlessly not even knowing the guy seems a waste of everyone’s time including the many who who came to my defence.
        While I sympathize for the perpetrator, until he remedies his deep seated problems it’s probably better to avoid those types of people.
        Conclusion being that MB is justified in banning some (not Ino I hope) for the benefit of us..
        Btw The same perpetrator last year put down MB in favour of Ross Gittins but other bloggers came to the defense of MB and Leith.
        Tripping over clumps of seaweed in semi dark while illegally walking the dogs and posting at Long Reef.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Yep, the smaller the wave the more of a kook, doesn’t keep me out of the water though. It is what it is.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Ha Ha.
            I had my first surf in over a year over the break on my dinged up ,browned off, 20 year old Male.

            I was kooken it pretty bad.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            At 4.30 in the mornings whole beach to myself and with the best surfers in the world (mammals with fins).

      • Oh just say it, you wanna know who’s vacationing in Peach…..istan….. yes, Peachistan….

      • I saw you were asking about a tent in yesterdays comments. I do a bit of hiking and try to keep wait down, therefore I use the following tent, which is also a review I did of it. http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=26160

        weighs about 1kg, cheap, and performs very well. The secret is pegging it correctly to ensure there is a big enough gap between the fly and the inner. One issue though is that if you are taller than 185cm I probably wouldn’t get it.

        When I hike my pack is usually no more than 7kg without food and water and I could easily cut this down by dropping some luxuries.

    • I don’t think Ino got banned, but probably discovered things better than the MB comments section lol.

      Peachy is probably just on Holiday. Or maybe she is putting out fires.

  2. that TV interview with ScoMo …
    he is just refusing to admit he did anything wrong when it comes to bushfire response over the last few week

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Well bugger me. NSW Emergency minister and child strip searcher David Elliott was just asked a direct question at a press conference and Gladys wouldn’t let him near a microphone. She just says he’ll be with me.

    If Glayds thinks they’re too incompetent to speak then he must be a shocker.

    Wait! He’s on!!………….nope, says nothing………wait!……he’s gonna step up he says. Dog bless him.

    The fire guy was good though. Think he’s realised trying to protect Gladys and Scummo will shorten his own career so just lays it all out there.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      He should be honest and say ‘ I don’t know how to run anything unless you want children being strip searched, so NSW is better off if I stay in Europe’.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Commie propaganda. That Iranian, and his co-conspirators, needed to be taken out as they are the enemy of the free world!

      • Remind me again how long ago this whole episode started off with a bit of … cough … nation building … cough … compliant subservient political administration for resource extraction.

        Time flys when you having a good time …. you would know … chortle …

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      What is certain is at least one US general is going to be assasinated. Nobody remembers Pan Am 103 after the US
      intentionally shot down an Iranian civilian plane?

      • I think Iran has more long term strategic concerns due to its affiliation with Russia and China, now, hence any knee jerk would be seen as a weakness and not strength, especially tit for tat mob like whacking of higher ups. The propaganda machine will be running at full potential and feeding it any energy would be counter productive or do some remember how our man Saddam, Noriega, or a cast of other colourful caricatures became ev’bal despots in the blink of an eye.

        Who knows if the diminishing returns on fracking and shale plays need a bit of help or any stabilization in the ME must be avoided at all costs. I still remember the Albright thingy, but hay, she did well post SecS with her cntsultancy* gig for herbal life … eh …

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          Human do not always act rationally, and the need for revenge is not something unique to the USA. Someone will die : this is almost guaranteed.

          • I think the track record of those involved indicate where death will come from.

            Lest we forget Raygun asked Iran to hold off on letting the hostages go till after the election, let alone who ended the international treaty on nukes with Iran, but I hear some sweet MIC deals worth huge sums were done with ME friends.

  4. When Gladys is more critical of ScoMo than Albanese. 😂HOPELESS.

    What I wouldn’t give to see Abbott tear strips off ScoMo like a rabid dog… might make him wake up.

      • Well he has a thing for cult-this, cult-that… remember the ‘death cult’? Yet he misses the Hillsong cult, the catholic cult… ya’ know…. turns out his tin ear has selective hearing loss too…

        • Brother Abort is an F wit but Just Say CC…Climate Change is a cult modelled around weather..constant…an Omni present constant whether (no pun intended) day, night, light, dark, rain, hail, storm, shower, sleet, snow, ice, slush, powder, cyclone, tornado, stiff breeze, strong wind, windy, light breeze, still, calm, sunny, hot, cold, dusty, dry, drought, desert, mountain, sea, city, jungle, mild..I’d go on with weather & climate adjectives but you get my drift – all words to describe ‘weather’..something that just is. Words are spells and CC apologists it’s cult like disciples:) Go Outside & Enjoy ‘summer’ while it lasts:)

          • The Climate deniers were industry funded due to profits and power control, enough documents on that to render denialist talking points cheap rhetorical Bernays pleas. This has evolved [PR marketing] over some period of time to an begrudging acceptance of climate change, because the evidence and the predictions based on them are folly to argue against [coming to a location near you soon] – weakens the veracity of denialists on their other pet projects.

            So the last final protective line is to obfuscate about any “human agency” in the outcomes of climate change, because it attacks some very fundamental ex ante ideological axioms these sorts like to deploy in claiming rights [control] to the social narrative … for their – own – benefit.

            Furthermore I think all would benefit from looking up the term cult, seems some do not understand what it infers E.g. refusal to accept anything outside its own narrow world view.

        • Wipes tears from eyes … the early days …that and Friday night stimulant fueled rave music daytrader spaz attack mosh pit action. Still haven’t forgotten the treatment Marla got for not arguing the indefensible to the point of absurdity, viewed as non productive and not ethical forbearance. Yet this lot can’t figure out why things did not turn out like the divine dicta said it would …. decades later …

  5. Arthur Schopenhauer

    The fires seem to have only strengthened the views of my Climate Change denying, Murdoch press imbued in-laws.
    They literally don’t give a flying fvck about their grandchildren.

    Intellectually, I understand it’s the standard psychological response of people in Denial. Emotionally, it’s very hard to watch a generation abandon their grandkids.

    Anyone else experienced anything similar?

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            wot, cause youse loosers have never had your crash? And yas a both too poor to cough up a membership. Trolls! LOLOLOLOL!!

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        One of the many thongs I love about you reusa is your ability to demonstrate the [snip] without even having to try. You provide an invaluable service to the other readers here. Please don’t ever change.


    • I’m winding up several client deniers on Facebook. Fun times, often they are the boomer generation. I’m friends with people on there I usually wouldn’t be because of my car hobby. So I see all their global warming is a hoax and Sky news posts. Haha.

      • I’m seeing ‘Agenda 21’ being thrown about a lot.. Apparently the fires have been deliberately started to make way for three ‘Smart cities’ and a high-speed rail to connect them all. All part of the United Nations ploy to move us all into the cities!

    • If you let the fuel material build up for 20 – 50 years, wildfires are inevitable unfortunately. Very little to do with what the climate is doing, Australia has had fire for at least 20 million years.

      • Ummm, bushfires mate, wildfires are what they have in the States. Suggests the loony tune crackpots you followd for original talking points are not domestic ones.

          • As has been explained probably a thousand times now, fuel reduction burns haven’t been happening due to a) budget cuts (something the IPA would be enthusiastically advocating) and b) climate change reducing the times it is safe to do them.

            An organisation like the IPA, committed to gutting Government’s ability to do this kind of work, whinging about it not happening, is the height of hypocrisy.

          • desmodromicMEMBER

            Looking to the IPA for fire management advice is about as sensible as asking a goat to look after the veggie patch. In short, no-one asked the LNP to cut funds to rural fire services, Labor proposed a fleet of aerial bombers before the last election, and you can only fuel reduction burn when conditions are suitable and you have enough resources. Moreover, if you log forests they dry out, yield less water of lower quality and tend to burn more often. The problem is more than a lack of hazard reduction and CC exacerbates everything. The LNP are as culpable as anyone for the mismanagement. The next crisis will be drinking water.

          • Those arguments both destroyed in the attached.
            1. Aerial bombing, at thousands per hour is a waste of money when same cash buys you a LOT of hazard reduction burn. So what you extinguish the fire, but leave the fuel for the next source of ignition?
            2. The old conditions not suitable line is a greenie furphie. So what, you wait until conditions are at their absolute worst for nature to do it uncontrolled?
            3. The old dry out the ground line, so rather than a patchwork of smaller fires we wait to have massive sterilise-the earth style event?

          • @V I agree with you. We’ve not managed the land in Australia properly for 200 years now. Fully agree about fuel loads. I think an opportunity that has been missed is the local knowledge of how the landscape was managed with controlled burn offs. We have to rethink our land management and take the lead from the indigenous Australian’s. Pretty sure that this is working well in some parts of Australia…


            “With the arrival of Europeans, much of this practice has given way as fire became feared rather than harnessed as a tool to manage the scrub. The result was the grass plains gave way to thick scrub and bushland that was prone to intense bushfires.”

          • desmodromicMEMBER

            V and TM, There are several intertwined issues here. In some landscapes it is relatively easy to change the fire patterns from late season hot fires to early season cool fires. The latter are much less destructive, protect the wildlife and co-exist with a range of other land uses. All it takes is local ecological knowledge and the resources to effect change. This is the case in the Kimberley and parts of central Australia where fuel reduction practices are in place over 1,000,000s hectares and the benefits measurable and ongoing. Elsewhere, such as the mallee, it can be very difficult to effect a ‘control burn’. Fires there can be difficult to get started, and once established, difficult to put out. In the SE, population pressures, logging, concerns for already threatened wildlife (land clearing), lack of resources, loss of corporate knowledge as fire planners retire or are made redundant, and political agendas (LNP, IPA and Sydney Institute) that don’t want to acknowledge the problem, all combine to create the current conditions. For some regions this particular fire season is likely an extinction event because the fire is so hot and the area burnt so extensive.

            I have evidence all around me of fire under catastrophic conditions carrying across paddocks with almost no fuel. The area I live has never recorded a bushfire, I checked the records. There are no hazard reduction burns in my area because no-one perceived a need beyond locals keeping the area adjacent to their house prepared. Yet two weeks ago, one dead and ~80 houses destroyed. Conditions have changed, the answers aren’t simple or short term, and we’d do better if we acknowledged the problem.

            This interview is relevant to the discussion https://www.abc.net.au/radio/sydney/programs/breakfast/greg-mullins-bushfires/11839122?fbclid=IwAR1gI9_QYPPmdoiGmEbIr1vKxUbmCpm_ct1OZT8HaQfRneSOy-Ub3X4vKfc

          • Who to trust; the Gina Reinhardt funded IPA or someone who actually does this sh1t for a living?

    • Anyone else experienced anything similar?

      Yep. My parents have gone from quite reasonable people to hardcore anti-[whatever the Australian and Courier Mail says is bad].

      My mother spent 40 years teaching Geography and now thinks David Attenborough is “in on it”.

      I am coming to the conclusion that most of the blame for destroying western civilisation can be laid at the feet of Murdoch.

      • And Lachlan Murdoch is an even more hard core right wing fvcktard than his old man. That’s something to look forward too.

      • I don’t think there is any doubt about it. Certainly in Australia.
        Look at The Australian for example. I really don’t think he cares if it makes money.
        It exists as the only national broadsheet to put extreme right wing policies out nationally under the veneer of informed and respectable journalism. This then shifts the whole debate to the right. It’s respectable if Paul Kelly writes it, so then the ABC repeats it, the same language gets used, his tabloids dumb it down for the punters, which then gets echoed on talkback, and the whole national debate ends up gravitating around it.

        They are a political party. Once people see this everything becomes clear.
        They don’t report day by day on events.
        Instead, right from the top comes a series of carefully thought out extreme policies and leadership preferences. These are then put out under the pretence of “journalism”and irrespective of day to day events or reality.
        For example at the moment they have less coverage of the bushfires than some international media.
        Imaging if the ABC did that. Yes the country is on fire, but it isn’t a “journalism” priority because it doesn’t complement our policy agenda or our preferred leader.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Yep. My parents have gone from quite reasonable people to hardcore anti-[whatever the Australian and Courier Mail says is bad].

        My mother spent 40 years teaching Geography and now thinks David Attenborough is “in on it”.

        We all become our parents – just imagine the whip lash that your transformation into them will result in!!

        It will be delicious.

    • Yeah, it’s been a long few weeks of exposure to the extended bogan boomer family. Still denying climate change yet angry with Scomo lacking respect for the firees as well. Tiring.

      Worse are some of my family…who after years of anti-climate action napalming from the Murdoch press are simply confused – “I don’t know which side is right on climate, but I’ve never seen this before…”. The white noise has an effect.

      The raging conspiracy theorists around here are another level of stupid though. Youtube has a lot to answer for.

    • Some of the statements I hear down here might confirm, but it’s more about bush management than CC denial by what I see. And yeah right now it’s emotional. Either way first impression would show the Green agenda is dead in the bush! Regardless if it was NSW Libs that cut costs making management too hard – they won’t see that, just the loud Green agenda that’s been shoved down their throat for years. Pushback from both sides is more divided & conquered to keep the proles off the case.

  6. Israel and the United States have secretly signed a far-reaching joint memorandum of understanding providing for full cooperation to deal with Iran’s nuclear drive. Israeli TV network Channel 10 first reported the pact. The document was signed on December 12 at the White House.


    Would be hilarious if this was all about where the new Jerusalem is located, shades of Russian Czars thingy back in the day ….

    • My conspiracy theory (which I just made up) is that this is Brazil’s retribution for Australia destroying their tailings dams. Enemy agents are everywhere, box of matches in hand.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      Gav, You can’t fix stupid. And trying to do so, especially over social media, is bad for one’s mental health and soul (or at least it was for mine).

      Just let crazy be crazy. I mean, it is Facebook… crazy is a core part of it’a business model

    • Hi Gav….where there’s smoke there’s fire.
      I haven’t been following docu dramas reporting Australia”s newly announced “Fire Season” on the TV. I prefer to nibble on the crumbs of an over sized $hit Sandwich much like a con-o-sure delicately rolls wine over his palate to detect subtlety of regional inputs & vignerons (winemaker for the ignore r ants) playful additives.
      I choked on the tear jerking koala drinking out of water bottles and wondered what the fires were really all about. Land Clearing 101 to what purpose? Smart Cities full of dumb folk – makes sense as we already have those. Few more to fuel the financial model and handful of whining farmers and bush dwellers simple collateral. They get their 15 mins. I reckon the hoof heads standing to Berejerkilands left (facing) singing like a clown for the deaf is the giveaway of what a farce the fires are. Not saying they’re not burning – smoke screen. Step back – it’s funny and doing just what TV is supposed to – entertain.

      • BTW mo offence intended for deaf people. They have same rights to hear this nonsense as the next person. I’m sure they can get an NDIS funded interpreter to sit with them in their own home, enjoy a cool drink and interpret the ‘news’ face to face. In fact there are numerous adult children of boomer parents who perform this service free of charge on a daily basis.
        This was the crust of the $hit sandwich I choked on…Lazily watching Australia movie A Little Bit If Honey of TV ( see I can admit that – scoffing Corn Chips and sucking on a can of coke – relaxing) because I can’t /won’t afford Stan Netflix google Tv Apple TV etc and now that you tube so heavily censored for false flog speculation there’s nothing to watch so ended up with the lame (is that PC) stream media!! My viewing displeasure was interrupted by Media news conference with Beth jerk land spouting words. When you don’t watch a lot you see how ludicrous it truly is. Who is this show for? Face it we’re all baked in 40 degree heat, many hungover binge watching $hit flix and those who can afford it resting in AC comfort of their holiday house of air bb special. The media keep telling the public that no one watches free to air – only the poor who are deemed gullible – reading
        Of daily papers & woolies advertising for 6 year old
        The other crumb I find equally offensive is the Daily news news update on my phone that I cannot switch off. Every 15 mins I get a fire body count update. I mean people died and the media is celebrating/salivating. They can’t get enough. #tacky Viewers who suck this up clearly have never been close to death or financial loss because the faces shown on TV do not reflect the hollow emptiness & inescapable sadness rendered into the human face when truly suffering

    • Conspiracy or not this will be another hit to the hip pocket.

      Not looking forward to next year’s home/contents insurance bill. Paid mine a month ago +15% yoy despite shopping around heavily and changing supplier. We’ll all pay regardless of whether we live in the city or the bush. So glad inflation is at all time lows.

      • desmodromicMEMBER

        Yes, but appreciate how the recovery will help the GDP statistic. Scummo and Josh will claim it is evidence of good economic management.

    • Yep. I’ve already seen a bunch of halfwits blaming the fires on Antifa. The online conspiracy community has always been full of low IQs and/or mental illness. Trying to reason with these types of people is futile. At best you waste a chunk of your time and at worst it’s bad for you. It’s basically mental pollution and we all need to learn how to ignore it.

    • It sounds unlikey Gavin but who knows these days I don’t trust anyone. A few farmers I know have also told me they feel as if the govt is forcing them to sell their farmland for cheap by restricting access to water and making them go bust. These ppl eventually make it into the city afterwards. Who buys the farms? Big corp and foreigners. I also read recently that the ground in some areas is hotter than usual cos they have pumped so much ground water out in northern NSW and QLD where LNG is mined and this is making things worse. Sounded like bs to me but a friend from Coffs just told me the other day that the fires restarted after so much rain the other week and he was baffled so who knows. These fires are about mismanagement of the forest more than climate change anyway, we have had a number of good years with high rainfall, dams up north were overfull up until 2019 which was the first dry year in a while. With years of growth and no maintenance would do the environmentalists expect?

  7. https://www.domain.com.au/news/property-outlook-2020-australias-property-market-set-to-keep-rising-but-will-peter-out-mid-year-experts-say-918712/amp/

    Who are the experts ???

    The lucky buyer purchased a town house in Sydney for 1.35 million , and gets to drive in traffic for 90 minutes each way to work for 30 years, gets to take on huge risk of interest rates rising from historic lows (you’d think over next 30 years interest rates may increase above 3%,
    Shane Oliver (who said prices would fall another 15% from 2019 lows now has capitulated and now says prices will keep growing strongly in H1 20 but still grow H2 20 albeit a little slower
    Oops sorry I found the experts in bottom half of the article Reusa’s mates
    * Cameron Leggatt from Fraser Property said we’ve now seen the bottom in 2018/early 2019
    Damien Cooley from Cooley’s said the boom is back
    Arch Staver from Nelson Alexander said this year we will surpass 2017 peak
    Shane Oliver said we will pass 2017 highs in H1 2020

    • Bugger all payrises, essentials like utilities and insurances rising by 15-20% (mine both have over the last month), food by 5-10% and so on and so forth. Where the F is the money coming from?

      • Answer

        Money is coming from redraw or offset as people borrowed more money as house prices rose in Melb uand Sydney, CC, car lease etc
        It’s not money from weekly pay

        Let me be very conservative, which no one on this site could really argue

        Say prices fall 15% in Melb and Syd from here that puts prices down 20/25% from 17 highs
        People won’t be able to refinance and take cash out, also the money sitting in surplus in home loans is going to continue to run down, we aren’t far away from that point

        All we need is interest rates to rise as loans turn p and i, intro of land tax I could go on but we all know them all

        house prices are starting the long term decline this year

      • Interesting.

        Just renewed our car insurance as Holland Insurance sold their car book to Vero.

        So, letter from Veto with new policy upped by 45%.

        Went to market and got a great deal which is cheaper and Comprehensive.

        It’s a pain in the Arse shopping around but worth it and I had to turn off my VPN, the amount of API calls and cookies set by insurance companies is invasive to be polite.

        Pleased I use Brave browser.

        Anyhoo, I think you’re right though in those areas people may now be uninsurable.

        Thanks to Australia’s Climate Wars I’d imagine we’ve even more to pay in the future. This is just the beginning.

      • 100% agree with you

        Guess to narrow down my prediction I am really predicting major falls in Melbourne and Sydney

    • lol there is absolutely no danger of rates rising

      Not even WWIII in Iran

      Give it up mate, it isn’t happening

      • If oil goes up, so will inflation and rates. I think rates may have bottomed. But at the same time central bankers are crazy and may allow hyperinflstion to prevent asset price falls.

        • I understand that there’s currently massive overcapacity of Oil and the IPO of the Saudi lot proves this as they can see it’s time for them to move risk of their long-term oil holdings to Shareholders.

          The change to new energy sources is well underway.

          So, I don’t see inflation from Oil, also the Baltic Dry Index just rolled over… alike 2007/2008 maybe.

          Deflation is our true state I think right now, I’d prefer inflation to be honest with you!

        • @Bcnich fully agree we’re on the way to ZIRP. I believe we’re only .25 basis points away… Real Cost of Money?

          Where’s a our new growth coming from… the entire manufacturering sector has been trounced.

          We need to #buidl great products again, we have the engineers and Unis we just don’t have decent VC.

          We’ve been ducked into ‘easy money’ by flipping houses to one another.

          Crazy… Fools Gold in our backyard.

          • Coming and Kod
            I am talking about bank risk spreads blowing out from increased risk and Gav’s theory of increased inflation
            I think cash rate will go down but bank funding costs will increase causing serious stress in our banking system
            I haven’t even included the IO reset but you can add that on top
            Higher home loan interest rates as well as int only reset
            Ouch repayment amount could more than double
            It’s about to get really ugly
            We are about to enter the great Australian housing downturn (nice way of saying crash)

          • The RBA will buy RMBS etc

            its going to happen – they’re already preparing for it, it happened in every other western country

            Why do you think it won’t happen here

          • Coming,

            I think home loan interest rates will increase by a few % points, from 3 odd% to 5 or 6%

            I believe below 3 things will happen this year (2020)

            1. Australian Home Loan interest rates to rise in 2020 (out of cycle increases based on funding pressures – Think RBA will be anchored at zero bound)
            2. Australian house prices to start their epic (long overdue) fall, (crash)
            3. Australian Banking Crisis (Government intervention- Gov Guarantee, Forced Merger, Capital Injection from RBA QE or what ever means Gov RBA would use to stop an Australian banking collapse/crisis

            Australia’s banking system is heavily reliant on borrowing from offshore, my understanding on the $2 Trillion mortgage we require 1 Trillion from offshore? Not sure what the RBA can do about that? I think Australia will be held hostage to external events that we have no control over.

            HNH has written for many years that he questions whether QE would work in a small economy like Australia – I think the jury is out and I would not be relying on QE and RBA to save us, I think relying on RBA to save us will come with huge disappointment
            So out of 1,2,3

            Does 1 cause 2 that causes 3 or 2, cause 1 that causes 3 and so forth? I don’t know the order, maybe someone can help me or do they all happen together?

            I think this is what we need to prepare for this year and maybe some of the experts on here that have a very strong handle of how these things can play out and possible solutions etc, can comment on their thoughts

            Think you’ll see home loan rates considerably higher this year and if any with a home loan, thinks interest rates will stay at 3%, they are deluded, living in fairy land.

            what I am saying is extremely plausible to extremely possible. Also I have not altered once from what I said 6 months.

            I did get my Australian Gov Bond prediction wrong I think – Damien Kl, called the low in just under 1% and i think he could be right, which gives even more strength to my argument above. Think it’ll be be very hard to hold Australian Home Loan rates at these levels. Me personally I have sold my family home, cleared all my debt, my GF also sold her apartment to clear her mortgage and we are now renting but if I did have a home loan, I’d lock in 5 years at 2.89% at Bank of Melbourne. A lot of my friends have asked me and that was my suggestion

          • “Australia’s banking system is heavily reliant on borrowing from offshore, my understanding on the $2 Trillion mortgage we require 1 Trillion from offshore? Not sure what the RBA can do about that? I think Australia will be held hostage to external events that we have no control over.”

            You’re very hazy on this

            We don’t require $1 trillion of overseas loans, its the choice of the banks to fund overseas, or due to legislation (which can be changed)
            and even if we did, why wouldnt overseas people provide them at 0.5% or whatever, compared with 0% or negative elsewhere?

            Literally nowhere else in the developed world have interest rates been forced up

            It simply isn’t reasonable

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      The experts are those in the industry that know way more about property than youse sick crashniks and who have been right year after year while youse get poorer!

    • Yep, can’t see any rise in house prices.
      They are propagandizing … the people have no money to push prices higher than previous peaks.
      Prices will be stagnant, any movement will likely be a slowly downwards.
      The only thing keeping prices falling faster is the massive imposed Third World immigration program.
      Massive imposed immigration pushed house prices up and wages down … we reached the limits of sustainability of that folly late 2017.
      The government will need to give everyone $100,000 cheques for boom times to return.

      • Patrick is very hard for any asset class that has seen such irrational and exuberant buying pushing prices to extremely high over valued and unafordable prices to remain on a plateau, if the momentum slows, prices will fall very sharply. Think that’s what we will see this year.

          • Patrick
            I believe the 3rd world immigration driving demand for house buying is completely over done
            Most of those immigrants have no money
            They will be living on the beach or put in camps
            I’ve noticed near me there is a house with about 8/10 Indians living in them
            Younger will stay at home and move home from rentals
            People will share rentals
            New immigrants will pile into share houses
            I think people will move to regional or other parts of Australia from Melb and Syd
            There is not much in Melb and Syd if you don’t have a job
            I don’t believe the demand argument, that can change very quickly

            It’s pretty rare that markets fall slowly, they fall much quicker than they go up

            The quicker the crash, the quicker we can start rebuilding

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Wonder whether chinamen (like one of my neighbours who owns 4 Sydney properties) regret having laundered their money in Strayan residential property having regard to the now new normal in our weather?

      • No they will regret when house prices fall 50% and AUD is 50c
        They will lose 70% of their money in USD or Yuan
        That’s when they will regret

    • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

      One of the links above talks about legislation to remove CGT exemption from principle home if an overseas tax resident. Not just pro-rata from time you moved overseas, but the whole ownership period loses PPOR exemption. I think it said must sell by June 2020 or thereabouts or move back from overseas.

      That will create forced sellers with a deadline that have to sell by mid year. Possibly a lot of top end houses in that, as if you dont complete the sale then liable for tax.
      E.g. own a PPOR home for 20years, move overseas last two years, if dont sell before mid 2020 then liable for CGT on whole 20years gains.
      Big negative factor for prices.

      • RD

        This is what happens as prices rise everything positive creates more momentum for conditions to create more demand for buying etc

        But as prices fall what you’ve said happens as well as many other reasons why people need to sell, it’s an avalanche and it’s coming

        There just won’t be the buyers to soak up all the sellers

        It’s about to get very very ugly as we start the downturn this year

        • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

          I suspect a lot won’t know about the legislation and will just get caught (or evade the tax). Those who do, unless prepared to give up a career and life overseas, will have to sell. Likely the Sydney and Melbourne professional class affected and mid tto high end homes. Hard to know if it will show up in statistics but with Corelogic sermingly skewed to upper end it may. Surprising that libs would bring in legislation that would affect property prices so maybe theyve worked out its only minimal affect

          • RD
            This is enough issue with owning property, It’s the easiest thing to tax
            That’s just the start of the taxes to come

    • Oh stop it doc!
      You only get sent to a Pacific island if you attempt to enter Australia without a valid visa.

      • I would put money on you and most of those being evacuated not having a valid visa (not so much a joke as from time to time Australian citizens have actually been deported for not having a valid visa).

    • Australia is on the cusp of being a true police state. The steady erosion of privacy is now Open for all to see. It’s about time people took to the streets. 2020 is the year not to be quiet

      • Ah, heavily indebted consumers are too busy from hand to mouth to take to the streets. After all, that is the primary purpose of indebting free citizens.

    • First it was My Health with Opt Out. Then backdoored by our own doctors for $50kpa & now via Census – seems like they’re going to a lot of trouble to get our health records. Big Pharma & Insurance Companies?

    • Thanks for the link. I learnt more from that 30 minutes than the past fortnight of bits and pieces I’ve been picking up. Sadly, the comments section below it really worrying.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Thanks for this Pop.
      Thank you Greg Mullins, you and your fellow fire fighters are our true leaders.

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      Great link. This is what we need in a time of crisis. Measured, rational, fact-driven discussion and some practical/ implementable responses/ solutions.

  8. boomengineeringMEMBER

    30 yrs ago a gym client formerly from Orange told me that as a teenager started up a little business. Came home one day and his old man gave him a clip over the ear’s… ” What was that for,” ” Your competition is saying good things about you”
    When your competition is nice means your NOT hurting them .

  9. PalimpsestMEMBER

    Hey @gunna or @HNH This is an really interesting time for real economists, the sort of time that can stress test models against reality. I’ve read the estimates from the ‘esteemed economist’ Dr Brian Fisher. Brilliantly creative work I must say. I’ve worked with him a little in the past and his work maintains the level of credibility I have always suspected. Now we have a huge real world experiment on the costs of delaying climate change. Where I’m heading with this is do we have anywhere a realistic model of what the costs of this might be. My concern is GDP as a measure might actually show a bump, because all these burned buildings need to be rebuilt. This is not a true reflection of the economic cost of destroyed farms, families, businesses and unexpected effects -the lost income from firefighters, or the lost retail sales because people are sheltering from smoke inhalation.
    I’ve noticed that dramatic downturns in farming income or tourism have taken up to 18 months to work through the economy into the figures. The airline pilots strike took a while to roll through, with little business failures like Motels and airport catering, cratering. Now we have a whole tourist coast economy that has lost a season’s income, and now faces unbelievable costs, not all of which are insured. Who can pull this picture together in a credible way (apart from Dr Fisher obviously).
    The counter balance would be what sort of boost to the economy would come from a renewable energy drive. Initially, renewables seem to create jobs, but also allow more automated running over time. A Federal Government drive to resource the RFS and Parks and Wildlife to the point where hazard reduction burns can be increased in that narrow window, create electric vehicle recharge grids, revamp the grid (although half of it is in private hands now) to handle local generation more effectively, all those actions could create fantastic spin offs. I read one paper on leveraging other investment, for example a $10k subsidy for EV’s means private sector pays the rest of the cost, so a big change in buying behaviour and injection of funds into EV’s doesn’t cost the central budget as much as full subsidy.
    I also know this is only part way through the season. Plus the huge range of inputs might be overwhelming. How do you account for the cost of extra hospitalisations and deaths from smoke inhalation. Some are easy to attribute like the woman who stepped off the plane in Canberra and died before she left the tarmac. What has this done to life expectancy of Firies? Oh it goes on.
    I don’t know if you guys feel up to it – it’s not a minor project, but I can help source some contributions from existing sources. What do you think?

    • These estimates are older. They come from chapter 4 of a book published in 2016. The second edition has since been released but I am yet to read it.

      “For instance, in the private sector, the McKinsey Global Institute has done some of the most comprehensive and detailed cost analyses of how energy efficiency, renewable, and other low-carbon technologies could be used to cut GHG emissions. A 2008 McKinsey report, “The Carbon Productivity Challenge: Curbing Climate Change and Sustaining Economic Growth,” concluded the following:

      The macroeconomic costs of this carbon revolution are likely to be manageable, being in the order of 0.6–1.4 percent of global GDP by 2030. To put this figure in perspective, if one were to view this spending as a form of insurance against potential damage due to climate change, it might be relevant to compare it to global spending on insurance, which was 3.3 percent of GDP in 2005. Borrowing could potentially finance many of the costs, thereby effectively limiting the impact on near-term GDP growth. In fact, depending on how new low-carbon infrastructure is financed, the transition to a low-carbon economy may increase annual GDP growth in many countries.

      As for the cost of delay, back in 2009, the IEA warned that “the world will have to spend an extra $500 billion to cut carbon emissions for each year it delays implementing a major assault on global warming.” In its World Energy Outlook 2011, the IEA warned “Delaying action is a false economy: for every $1 of investment in cleaner technology that is avoided in the power sector before 2020, an additional $4.30 would need to be spent after 2020 to compensate for the increased emissions.” The German economist Ottmar Edenhofer, who was the co-chair of the IPCC committee that wrote the 2014 report on mitigation, put it this way: “We cannot afford to lose another decade. If we lose another decade, it becomes extremely costly to achieve climate stabilization.””

  10. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Back when Midnight oil was writing ‘Beds are Burning’ in the late 1980s, 45 degree seems like extremely hot.

    “Out where the river broke
    The bloodwood and the desert oak
    Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
    Steam in forty-five degrees”

    It’s 50 degrees in Penrith right now. In a few more decade when this song is played, people will ask “why is the dessert only warm in the song? Only 45 degrees?”

    • Harry has an alluring rivulet of sweat running between his moobs while in the bubbling footbath filled with freezer blocks and lavender epson salts drinking cardonnay, you chunts.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        You know the fires and heat have got people rattled when nobody reacts to your rivulets or moobs.

        • Maybe they’re frantically self-abusing themselves at the thought?

          I would expect some more (relaxed) responses later.

        • I wasn’t even following the cricket today.
          +, I just assumed everyone on here has their own set of moobs so mention of harry’s wouldn’t cause that much of a commotion.

    • Mate, everything’s burning. Not just beds. A lot of the perceived goodwill pollies had has gone up in flames. Any notion of overseas tourism has been immolated. And our perceived notion as a progressive nation scorched. I can’t stand bullshit anymore. It’s time yo actively involved in bringing these lunatics we’ve elected into order or just leave and watch the pire from afar.

    • It’s insane we don’t own a few of these jets. All the deniers say that we always have bushfires, so why the fvck don’t we have the best equipment to fight them? I guess they like watching koalas burn.

      • It’s bizarro isn’t it. As you say the climate deniers refer to Australia as always having bush fires but no suggestion from them that perhaps the government should invest in having the best equipment available to fight these ‘commonly occurring’ bush fires.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Scotty from Marketing just can’t give up on the spin – even while Straya burns. It’s sick.

    • Jesus – “Authorised by S. Morrison, Liberal Party, Canberra

      A fkn political ad! Not a government announcement! What a psycho.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That underlines that these decisions had nothing to do with saving fellow Strayans.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Is that for real or a beat up ?…..surely his minders ( who should know a little about marketing ) would never let Scotty from marketing do something so stupid ….it has to be a beat up …..

        • Beat up? No, it’s right there at the end od the video. Stitch up? Perhaps. All this lurching from one disaster to the next – there has to be people behind the scenes white-anting him.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I’ll also ask if his little tour through the disaster area was done with the aim of grabbing footage for this garbage ad? It would explain his obsession of grabbing everyone by the hand. The weird behaviour could have been forced by the voice in his head going “must get handshake for camera, must get handshake for camera….”

      • I’d tend to think it’s a bit like Houstens pedo father. Thinks he can grab anything he wants.

        Seriously, for a leader of a country to do that, even knowing the cameras on is just…. I can’t even put it into words. It’s way way way beyond pathetic.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          From the Guardian.

          “ADF personnel are also at this briefing and the NSW commissioner says the state has spoken to the commonwealth to ensure today’s commitments by Scott Morrison don’t compromise the current containment efforts.

          I’ll let the fire commissioner explain.

          The one thing we have spoken to the commonwealth about following the announcement this morning is to seek clarity and confirmation that the recall of reservists won’t compromise all those men and women, whether they are volunteering or employed by agencies already committed to the ongoing firefighting effort.

          “The last thing we want is people removed from the firefighting effort. The brigadier and I have spoken about that, and there are comprehensive databases where they’ll exempt people who already heavily committed which is reassuring for us. What we don’t want in this announcement and pledge is to compromise the ongoing firefighting effort.

          The premier is also asked about a story in the Daily Telegraph today suggesting that NSW had knocked back commonwealth support during this crisis.

          If you didn’t detect the gritted teeth from the fire commissioner in this last answer (and I must say I did), you can certainly detect gritted teeth from the premier. “Not true. Not true”, the premier says. The fire chief echoes that. Not. Happy.”

          • I think they have just realised they are Fvkt, that stonewalling won’t work, and that Murdoch/stokes and a compliant media can’t protect them. How on earth they have only just worked this out is amazing. It indicates astonishing levels of arrogance and ignorance.

            They now desperately are trying to find/enigneer a political way out.

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          Surely, Scotty from Marketing’s gophers would not sink to this. Wasn’t it Scotty who told us a few days ago, now’s not the time for point scoring? I am surprised that the Marketing team haven’t weaved Labor in to the blame theme, as Labor is to blame for everything – aren’t they?

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        Which would make it a great place for SmoCo to drop in and hand out some water bottles and collect handshakes.

        A whole basin full of people to pat on the back!

        • For some reason I think having bottles of metho around in case he shows up would be a fine thing … people could just hold them if he draws near …. whilst looking him in the eyes …

    • And will our new migrants feel that living out that way is suitable? From what I’ve seen the housing built out that way does not take into consideration extreme heat of summer. It’s just more estates slapped up. I would never ever move out to Penrith myself. You would suffer badly in summer, aircon would be required at all times and that would cost a fortune in energy bills.

      • +1, I’ve got a cousin who built in Glenmore Park. You couldn’t pay me to live out there.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        A lot of our newer migrants will be from the Middle East and India where those sorts of temperatures are also found. Some will also be from Southern Sudan, where the same applies. But your points about build quality and power bills go to the nub of the issues they will face.

      • Don’t think all think that far ahead Gav. Immediate priorities are to have a roof over ones head. Leads to unfortunate outcomes like overcrowding. Regarding the high electricity costs I think that heating may have the greater issue associated with it rather than cooling. Cooling substitutes may be simply avoiding the place during the day and returning in the evenings. Spending more time in local malls, libraries, or swimming pools elsewhere before returning home to sleep when temps have dropped. Sure heat stroke dehydration and exhaustion are all risks.

        As far as heating during winter goes unfortunately there are other much more dangerous substitutes instead of using electricity to heat such as using coal. Can become more difficult when language barriers exist. How many people actually read the warning labels on BBQ heat beads anyway? Another factor is where migrants originate from places where they never have to deal with the much cooler temperatures and are not aware of the risk.


        • If they’re going to swimming pools god help the life guards enforce the watch around water with the parent to child ratios, and just the general concept of actively supervising your child in the water AT ALL TIMES. I’ve had 3 people start to drown in front of me since the last weekend of November, 2 were Chinese speakers and two were children aged around 7-9 I the lane closest to the edge of the pool and those kids were within 1m of the pool wall and in both cases the parents were ‘watching’ their kids and didn’t realise they were drowning. Oh yeah and I’ve had a 19 day holiday in that time too

    • AEMO is limiting VIC-NSW flows to prepare for an increased change that a major transmission line between the states will be lost due to the bushfires.

  11. Given the significant decline in the numbers of volunteer for fighters in recent years I wonder if this could be because of the overwhelming migration of vibrants to this country don’t bring with them a history or culture of volunteering. Having said that I see a significant change in manners and attitude across the board in public compared to even 10 years ago. Rude impatient shoving behaviour. Lack of basic courtesy to disabled or special needs people’s . Even something as simple as waiting for others to get off a train instead of pushing in to get on.

    • My daughter went to volunteer at an RFS but was put off because everyone was a bit hostile. So that could be something too.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      + billions
      Lots of little common courtesies have gone from Sydney, the city is becoming very terd world, dog eat dog stuff that globalist left wankers seem always confused about 😆 fkn tards

      • Flammable Cladding

        General word I have is that India is extreme dog eat dog and there is just no time or capacity for doing anything that is not in the interest of one’s self or family.

        Try as the Government might to persuade me otherwise, I can’t be so naive as to think that such a high concentration of migrants from that country won’t have an negative impact on the baseline behaviour here. The food delivery urchins mowing down pedestrians on the footpaths with immunity from Police action are proof enough.

        • General word I have is that India is extreme dog eat dog and there is just no time or capacity for doing anything that is not in the interest of one’s self or family.

          Imagine living in a culture that encouraged selfishness and tribalism, while pillorying and ridiculing anyone suggesting assisting or empathising with people outside of their family or ethnic group.

  12. So there was no maintenance burning done in Gippsland last spring, the ‘environmentalists’ blocked it to save some birds. The more sh–t i read, the more stories I hear from country friends out in the bush the more I believe this was a deliberate man made disaster. The east coast has been drenched in rain especially central coast to bundaberg for nearly a decade and 2019 was the first year we had a hot dry year which was always going to come. The climate is changing but this is not just a climate event, it is from massive deliberate long term mismanagement of the bush plus arsonists that never get a mention on the news. Instead of wasting money on stadiums our govt should have been spending big on maintaining the bush and extending and building dams so that we and the millions they are bringing in will have something to drink during the dry years. This too will be blamed on climate change. With such poor corrupt leadership we are screwed in Aus if the climate really does get worse than this.

    • Yeezus. This fire season is far from over. If the PM was to be replaced who could step in? I can’t think of anyone in the Liberal Party who could bridge the void that Morrison has created between the national government and the general population over the past few weeks. If Bishop was still in she would probably have been thrown the hospital pass and while I don’t think she had the skills to be a good leader, she at least had the composure and sense of occasion to generally realise what was needed at a point in time.

      • Imagine Dutton forgoing his opportunity because of the heat* at the moment …. who would want such a career destroying moment unless they could time the rain to coincide just seconds after taking oath of office.

        • Lol. Now the ADF is involved Hastie might need to raise his profile. Wanna wear a knife proof vest though.

          • lol – one of my calls for 2020:

            December 31, 2019 at 11:49 am

            – IRs down to 0
            – Scumo replaced with the guy from WA.
            – Unemployment as per TT comment above.
            – Mass retail store closures.
            – Afterpay to buy packet of condoms.
            – Global Market volatility
            – Gold above $2000usd. USD may raise or may not as FED will have to print even more and loss of faith in USD and any fiat to follow.
            – Massive fiscal and monetary stimulus in EU – big push for EVs and relevant infrastructure.

            – Trump to win unless Bernie or Tulsi run against him. Or Bernie/Tulsi team.
            – End of Globalisation as we know it.
            – More looting by our politicians and no riots.
            – More people will aspire to become politicians in order to be able to get a share of the loot.

            And here is one prediction for tonight – Fireworks for Syd and Mel to be canceled.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Going on how things have transpired to date it is not unreasonable to think we would be better off without the federal Level of government.

  13. TailorTrashMEMBER

    One of my favourite “pop stars “…Pink …has donated $500,000 to Australian bushfire relief ..now how much has Highrise Harry chipped in from his $12 billion fortune? ……probably too busy thinking how he can build sh1tboxes on the burned out land ,….a man for the 2020’s to be sure

    • Harry doesn’t donate, it’s against his religion. For the record I donated $400 back in early Dec 19.

      Thinking I should send more.

      • China PlateMEMBER

        Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing – especially if it’s using a left handed mouse.
        Matthew 6:3
        Ok ok he may not have said the last bit. But on the other hand hopefully that will be clarified one way or the other

  14. Well, this has been a livelier than usual comments section

    It’s a small thing, considering all the above, but I just realised that Scotty from Marketing went to Cobargo to listen to and help the burned out victims with nothing, not even a pen and notepad in hand

    I’ll just leave that

    • If you look at the longer video cuts it shows Scott approaching the woman. He notices the RFS media guy opposite them sliding into the obligatory photo op position with a camera in place and aimed appropriately. Aware of the general resentment from the residents and his desire to get something from the trip the lizard marketing brain senses this may be his best opportunity to get what he wants. She hesitates, Scott panics, lunging forward with a disgraceful hand-grab.
      The other guy steps in and tells her to pipe down.

      Don’t believe he was there to listen at all.

        • Figure it was a primordial (lizard brain) response reaction, right up there with fighting or fleeing.

          Imagine caring about a photo that much? But apparently people do on account of the number that die or harm themselves trying to capture selfies.

    • Per MB’s post above, he didn’t go to listen or help, he went to get his photo taken.

      I am unsure yet whether his skin suit is the kind that itches or the kind that covers his exoskeleton and provides a suitable array of sensory inputs to his CPU, but he certainly seems to lack a certain level of… humanity.

      • I think he’ll get booted after this he has been an absolute shocker. Then again… house prices….

        • Oldies down here voted Fed LAB…… they’ve been around enough to spot a fake.

          And >75% knifing to be deposed – Scotty’s handy new rule…..

          • Colin good luck with everything you’re dealing with in your neck of the woods. And in response to an above post I do apologise for the Mornington Peninsula people who moved in and told people what to do. I’m glad to hear they settle down after a while. Unfortunately there’s quite a culture of that on the peninsula. It drives a lot of people crazy but there doesn’t seem to be much you can do around here about it except try and work through it

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Be a good boy and join your comrades, for….well as long as possible if you can

      • Whats this comrades stuff, you think pointing out something makes one a fanboy, not that the comrade shtick is a bit stale considering Russia and China are capitalist country’s these days E.g. I don’t see the state owning the means of production or giving away free stuff.

        Anywho evaluating what strategic factors and actors that are in play and how that all unfolds would seem a rational thing to do. You know without thick ideological optics or marketing propaganda addictions. Cold war is over, who seems to be fanning a new one and why?

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          Oh Skippy, oh my, are you saying you no longer have a poster of Xi in your sh!tter, so many posts of your love for Xi all for nothing.

          When’s peachy back? I need a researcher

          • I think your bias has the better of you, remember I actually fought so called commies like SWAPO and worked in the ME. Mother and her late husband worked for freedom group out of Peshawar during the USSR occupation and only left due to the first gulf war because of death threats from locals. Looked like a native arriving in NYC because of haste. I visited before that and go sucked into some de-mining action with some military sorts at the American club.

            And yourself – ???? – some angry words on the internet …. chortle ….

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            Yes chortle….oh the chortles we had and the posts you have made about Xi

            Give it a rest perhaps

          • This might help clear things up for you, btw I was born in Iowa so I know something about the perspectives of its people.

            Full interview: Bernie Sanders meets with the Register’s editorial board (12.6.19)


            I would add that with or without Sanders I still advance this perspective.

          • You do that and make a case based on what I actually said before it went through your bias filters.

            Talking about geopolitics is what it is ….

    • A joint naval exercise that protects Iranian crude shipments to China finished up a couple of days ago? Yet that did not stop the US launching multiple drone attacks on Iraq after they finished up. Hardly a deterrent was it?
      Care to unpack?
      Given the level of Chinese oil field development going into Iraq and Iran they can reasonably be expected to secure and expand their interests if there is further destabilization.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        The Chinese already have thousands of their armed forces on-site in Iran protecting that massive oil pipeline investment. I remember reading about it when the massive pipeline agreement was executed (the link may have even been posted by a MB shut -in ?)

      • Gang land style executions on the expectation that command and control apparatus is significantly impaired does not even begin to engage the level of deployment need to answer your question. We had some drone strikes, hardly a tactical or strategic engagement.

        Even then the U.S. has had a bad time of dealing with guerrilla warfare on a regional level, lives, psychological issues, and costs. Personally which I find absurd when one considers its estimated the opioid cost in lives is about 200K alone and one company reaped the majority of the profits. So I don’t see this action reducing the aforementioned or changing anything with Iran, more than likely the locals will become even more anti U.S.

  15. Old firey mate pulls up next to media in his fire truck
    Hey you in the media tell the PM he can go and get fcked
    Channel 7 Perth news

  16. Has it occurred to anyone else that this is the perfect excuse for Sydney running out of water?

    • Don’t know how true it holds for Sydney catchment vegetation but the water yield change after fires in mountain ash forests in Victoria has been measured and there is a major drop off in yield after regrowth is established. See Kuczera curve.

      Looking at the maps it would be getting up towards 40-50% of Sydneys catchment burnt; even without a yield drop there is going to need to be investment in filtering with all the extra sediment flushing through.

    • His problem is that he’s a square peg trying to fix round holes. He thinks the problem is 1 of public perception, not a lack of any real leadership.

      • Yeh, that would imply awareness. The guy, the only thing that’s working for him is the reptilian brain: ‘oh, look, a flash of light, must be a camera… *snap*!’

    • Oh, he is a thunderous cvnt, isn’t he? We all thought the mad monk was the ultimate low… but this vogon cvnt is a whole new low.

  17. I wonder if Scomo’s horrible anus makes local Tories deny any association with the federal libs.

    So then the local Tories start looking at local services, instead of selling out plots to developers.

    Time will tell, eh smoko.

  18. Senator Jim Molan going in to bat for the PM with a spot of victim blaming.

    Let’s recap:

    A conservative radio program hosted by the daughter of a conservative LNP Senator takes a call from Cobargo Publican Dave Allen sayin that the people who told SmoKo to fvck off were bow-ins from out of town. Dave just happens to be the son of the conservative National Party local councillor (and former Mayor of Bega Shire) Tony Allen- the old leery bloke who was seen shushing and putting his hands on the young pregnant lady who the PM turned his back on when she dared not be a “Quiet Australian” and also lost a defamation case for harrassing a nun.

    Yeah – seems legit.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      So fkn what? Some people may have wanted to donate to the Liberal Nationalist Party. No law against. “Ooooh, call the gubna”.

  19. I’m trying to work out if the bushfire affair is fatal to Scott Morrison’s prime ministership or will it be forgotten by May when there are no threats anymore. As the days go by it seems more and more like it is fatal, but the media and a goldfish like Australian public make me think he might survive.

    • been saying same and still thinking same. and I will be happiest person if it turns out I am wrong.

    • Almost 100% chance he stays. No better alternatitive for the liberal party.
      Everyone knows and ridicules SmoKo – but few even know who the oposition leader is and its even less clear what he stands for.
      Have to say Scot has done a bang up job of wiping Glayldys Liu’s and Angus Taylors names from newspapers. Same for money laundering Banks and other companies that underpay staff. Would say in that regard he is universally supported for taking one for the team.

      Mechanical process of privatisation continues to grind away. If that process slows someone down then we might be more likely to get a change of PM.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        LOLOLOL. A scary flag. Reminds me of that other sick terrorist organisation – ISIS, and look what happened to those fkrs.

    • I don’t think it will be fatal but I don’t think it will be forgotten, esp by the people directly impacted and esp in NSW where this has been going on for months now and everyone is getting pretty bloody tired. Was shocked to see this on tv lay night.
      When you have the firies flashing media to tell the PM to fvck of because their pissed of they’ve fought blazes and lost at 7 houses in a day (and the editor broadcasts it) it’s pretty extraordinary. The female firie looks like she’s rigid with rage and contempt. They know they’ll be identified and I for a possible media roasting (you only need to watch the first 2-3 mins of the clip)

    • It takes 75% if liberal MP’s to get rid of him. He is not going anywhere but that doesn’t mean he isn’t damaged. His bad judgement has hurt all liberal MP’s and he has lost the authority gained from his ‘miracle’ election win.

    • Their political reporter comes across as someone who wasn’t quick witted or articulate enough for the NRL footy show. Fatty and Sterlo would have more sincerity, gravitas and insight than these two.

  20. The Marketing Department forgot to tell the Chief Operating Officer about the troop deployment:


    RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has said Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not warn him the government would announce the deployment of 3000 Army reservists yesterday.

    “I found out about it via the media reports,” he told Nine’s Today show this morning. “It is disappointing on one of our worst days this season to hear that announcement. Then have to try to work through on top of everything else what it means and how it is going to operate.”

    I spoke to the PM’s office last night in relation to my disappointment in the middle of a very busy day,” he said.

    “We are working through it and we will see the resources gainfully employed. We have people assigned at the NSW level particularly looking at utilising those crews to help with the recovery and the support operations to people who have been heavily impacted. It will be a valuable thing. It will help our communities.”

    He said he had never seen “integrations and operations work better” and that the RFS had “never been refused any assistance from the Commonwealth”.

    Nine political reporter Chris O’Keefe said the Prime Minister’s office was “quick to get on the phone” to him to respond to Mr Fitzsimmons’ comments.

    “They spoke to both the State Government and NSW premier directly about these 3000 Army Reservists going into these bushfire areas. They assumed it would be passed down the order of command and Shane Fitzsimmons would have been told,” Mr O’Keefe said.

    It is worth noting that in a state of emergency, which is currently in place, Commissioner Fitzsimmons has the power to “direct any government agency to conduct or refrain from conducting its functions” and “control and coordinate the allocation of government resources”.

    Fvck me! Is there anyone left for SmoKo to piss off?

      • General Houston? Nah, his god anger can be placated by judicious applications of tax-funded donations to Hillsong…

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I’ve been up close to many a natural disaster preparation and recovery effort. It’s like they have a little handbook to guide them. Never had a problem with what’s been done mostly because politics go out the door. That always makes things run smoothly. This clusterf#ck of Scummo’s is mindboggling in its ineptitude. Hopeless organisation then trying to lie and bully his way out of it.

      Thank Dog there’s people at lower levels who know what they’re doing.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Scummo has his twitter army out there saying that they saw a photo of the fire bloke standing next to an army bloke so he must have known.

      They’re going to try and destroy the bloke while the fires are still occuring. Unbelievable.

  21. The majority of leftists are p*dophiles – https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com/breaking-news/world-exclusive-mother-of-sexually-abused-boy-bander-breaks-her-silence-implicates-disney-caa-hollywood-records-lapd-da-industry-elite-in-pedophile-ring-cover-up/amp/

    Quoting, “One honestly has to wonder, is this how tinsel town actually works? Is Hollywood little more than an exclusive club made up of p*dophiles, child traffickers, and p*dophile protectors?”

    Yep – pretty much. Does anyone think the rest of the progressive cult is any different?

    • So your suggesting the RCC and Southern Baptist churches et al are progressives – ???? – that’s not even mentioning all the old orphanages et al run by Conservatives, because that seems to suggest that regardless of ideological or cultural labels this activity is occurring, hence a larger and older dynamic is in play.

      So if one really cared about resolving the issue idpol labels would be the first thing to stop because there is no clear lines of distinction based on them.

      • whataboutism and projection – do you have nothing new?

        Of course you don’t. If you did, something might have changed. Why do you think your generation is so despised? Because it was easier to clip a ticket and leave it for your children.

        And virtue signal for status points, how about that smashed avo toast what? Pathetic.

        Ok Boomer.

        • Like I said silly labels are what ideologues broad brush with in an attempt to gain market share.

          I pulled the whole PR marketing generational trope apart years ago E.g. you cannot ascribe a label to entire birth cohorts across a decade, across vast distances, and environmental or cultural factors, let alone the change in a persons perspective over their life time and bolt on some crude label of unified agency.

          It was original designed for targeting age cohorts in selling stuff too with a side of conditioning them for branding identity, it was never a term used in social science, its a marketing term.

          Furthermore no one got a vote on orthodox economics, Bernays works, people are born into a paradigm without any reference point to the past, that’s even if they have the opportunity to be informed about any of it, too busy contending with the Social Darwinian effects of Survival of the Fittest in the market place where wealth is its own virtue.

          • Sexist, misogynist, incel, deplorable. Should i add some more? Kulak, boer, untouchable, bible-basher, redneck, zek.

            You’ll forgive me if I use one of your favorite retorts, ‘chortle’.

          • Seems you have a problem with those that don’t ascribe to whatever narrow world view you have by using “The Market” to forward or increase their market share [market place of ideas] – own goal it seems. Not that many business respond to price signals because it effects their profit margins or anything, especially since so many religious groups have had their dirty laundry aired out and how that might effect their brand image or worse argue the indefensible when the opposite is observable in ones face.

            None of this was foist upon them by some imaginary lefties, social progressives operating in the market to achieve goals is not a leftie agenda or did you miss Ellen and Bush Jr thingy …

            Even then a centrist position would be only to argue a traditional share of productivity and basic social needs funded by the state or negotiated for a reasonable price without egregious rents from the private sector E.g. a more duelist position and not some fundie one.

            But yeah … look over here … pedos …

          • @Skippy. Do you talk like this in real life? Do you even care if anyone understands what you are attempting to say? I started to put together a critique of your failed use of language in just the one single comment above, but I got too tired. It’s not worth the effort for me to critique it in detail because it seems it’s not worth the effort for you to make your comments readable. You seem to think your ideas are so profound that others should fill in the linguistic and logical gaps in order to gain access to your wisdom. You are wrong. You are just a source of static noise in this forum. Make an effort to express your ideas in an intelligible way and you might influence people. As it stands, it seems like you are mainly interested in dominating the forum by sheer volume of text
            Edit: plural s added to “seem” typo

      • From his perspective, pretty much everything since the Magna Carta has been “leftist”.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      DISTRACTION ! ! !
      Look over there , look over there.
      Don’t look at Scrotums Cluster F#ck

  22. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Why can’t I tell the difference between Linda Reynolds and Marise Payne? Is there some sort of factory where they make these mindless drones and this time they accidentally sent the same model to the LNP twice?

  23. Iraq signs contract with Chinese oil company to complete 80 wells in Iraq


    Oil fields in Basra, southeast of Baghdad. Iraq serves as China’s fourth-largest source of oil imports. © Reuters

    BEIJING — Three Chinese companies are set to begin developing oil fields in Iraq, seeking to ensure supplies as their country faces growing demand for energy.

    Private-sector oil companies Geo-Jade Petroleum and United Energy Group, as well as state-owned China Zhenhua Oil, have won development deals with the Iraqi government, according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency.

    Iraq accounts for nearly 9% of China’s crude oil imports, making it the fourth-largest supplier following Russia, Saudi Arabia and Angola.


    Ten years after the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, the country’s oil industry is poised to boom and make the troubled nation the No.2 oil exporter in the world. But the nation that’s moving to take advantage of Iraq’s riches isn’t the United States. It’s China.

    America, with its own homegrown energy bonanza, isn’t going after the petroleum that lies beneath Iraq’s sands nearly as aggressively as is China, a country hungry to fuel its rise as an economic power.

    Iraq remains highly unstable in terms of security, infrastructure and politics. Chinese state-owned oil companies appear more willing to put up with that than Americans are.

    “The Chinese have a higher tolerance for risk,” said Gal Luft, a co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a Washington research center focused on energy.


    • China also has a different way of handling political disagreements.
      The USA, rightly or wrongly, tends to the ‘democratic’ approach of “What do you guys want for your country?” whereas the single-party rule of China tends more to the “This is what you will do, or else’ approach.
      Frankly, in a heavily tribal society, the USA approach stood little chance of success, whereas China’s is a shoe-in….

      • “What do you guys want for your country?”

        Your joking right[????] or did you miss say Major General Smedley Darlington Butler little book, the machinations in South and Central America including the Chicago school antics, Panama and Granada, where the term banana republic comes from, the whole sordid past with Iran and the Shah, the arming of the freedom fighters in Afghanistan only to leave a vacuum post conflict and freedom fighters getting a name change to Taliban, efforts by neocons to radicalize the locals for political ends only to have it blow up in their face, Bolivia, extraordinary rendition w/black sites and torture, homeland security with reduced rights and increased surveillance, un-rescinded special executive powers post 9/11 the 14 city crack down on Occupy [pissed off at Wall St and oligarchs], increased prison and homeless populations, lead in water, education and health debt, tis a short list …

        That’s not to say policies could not change, but the idea that the U.S. is some benign trading partner is not reflective of reality, it dictates terms full stop. The difference now is they have competition from China and in some cases Russia which have their own style of negotiation and their own geopolitical concerns, yet I don’t see them invading or bending over countries to reach trade deals.

        Rose coloured glasses thingy … considering some non political factors moving forward I hope everyone can do better because the natural systems on this planet are not responsive to ideology or political pressure, but we can all ware the consequences of those machinations – near and far term.

      • Just the fact that post GFC the largest transfer of wealth upwards occurred in modernity seems to challenge that perspective and none of the perpetrators that set up the GFC got so much as a harsh word, they got bonuses or WH cuff links …

        • FYI I make a clear distinction between say the Eisenhower era of trade and post, largely due to the economic dominance and its philosophical groundings. A lot can be attributed to the cold war burning in various incentives which now are after some generations deemed a fact of life. Then there are a whole cornucopia of random events which no one could have seen coming or understood there effects and no economic model could incorporate.

          Say the Xerox machine and how ratings agency changed their business model to contend with counterfeiting, only to incentivize poor ratings quality for income in the long run, which in turn becomes a dominate social paradigm in the private sector E.g. if your not doing it some one else will and eat your lunch.

          Anywho … just like any nation the U.S. has a sorted past, ignoring the bad only enables more of it, and I only hope to see it become an example of what others should follow other than this slow moving train wreak.

      • I am not sure I agree with you on this. Skippy’s reasoning is lot more in line with what I think. I doubt any country wanted what they got from US “liberation”. Not most but all US regime changes were done because those countries wanted something else for themselves than what US offered.

  24. Arthur Schopenhauer

    The entire structure of the PM’s office appears to revolve around ‘being seen’ to be doing something, rather than actually than doing something. Manipulating optics is what they do. It’s their culture.

    Over the past few years I’ve done a number of projects for companies where ‘being seen’ to be doing something is more important than actually doing something. In boom times it didn’t really matter, the ore shipped out & the cash rolled in. But now, those companies have cultures that are incapable of actually doing what needs to be done. And the hardest thing any organization can do is change its culture. Most go bankrupt trying.

    In the same way, the liberal party’s ruling cabal are incapable of doing what needs to be done, because every single person promoted into a position of power is great at managing perceptions, and little else.

    I expect the clown show to continue, for as long as this disaster unfolds.

    (Oh yeah, and they did try and divert bushfire donations to the Liberal Party. What worthless fvcking pieces of shvt.)

      • If you can find a way that we can crowd fund a membership for you popcod, I would contribute

          • Thanks mate that’s really kind of you, however as I said to Arthur above being a non member has forced me to branch out to get my finance/economics info from other sources. I think this has been good for me, so I’m quite happy with my non-member status

        • Thanks Arthur that is really sweet of you! However I have used my non membership status to force to me be a bit more adventurous with where I get my financial/economic info from, and I think that has been good for me, so it is all good 🙂

      • Hi Popcod. In answer to your comments above. Thanks for your thoughts, like most, all I’ve got is smoke inhalation that’ll cough up in a few days. Some family, friends & outter areas of the shire haven’t been so lucky though & it’s not all over yet. Certain area’s around here generally attract the alternative types but of course there’s area’s that are mixed & others that are slowly being taken over – like in the cities. They’re entitle to their views of course & some are good, but where they’re going wrong on a micro scale is the same as on the macro scale, they go from reason to righteousness & start preaching with closed ears & eyes & belt everyone over the head with their version of their bible like R2M used to. And instead of talking things out or accepting others POV rights they run whingeing straight to the law trying to give farmers wedgies with that book as well, the cops know what’s going on & are over it – if there’s breaches they’ll do what they have to, but they say most of it is hyperventilating & a waste of their resources. In turn the behaviour closes ears & eyes on the other side of the balance beam & “that’s how it started”……. Pretty much any subject in the western world seems like that nowadays – no one want’s to listen to another viewpoint, particularly if it’s shoved at them with attitude or righteousness. So No consensus can be found & nothing happens…..

        • I’m glad to hear you are ok, I hope it stays that way. I also hope you’ve got some P2 masks (we’re smoked out down here atm, we’ve got masks but I’m waiting on some HEPA filters to come from China to make 2 DIY air filters).

          Yeah one thing that really distresses me is our current inability to have a conversation with people who have different opinions and to actually listen and evaluate what the other person is saying. It took me a while but living in China really taught me to step outside my preconceived idea/worldview and to learn how to be intellectually flexible and to develop the tools which enable me to evolve my worldview (I’m not perfect at it but I do try). But if you want a culture where they know how to listen, pay attention to the Tibetans. They do not interrupt each other and they have measured conversations where everyone young/old/monk-nun/lay person all listen to each other. I spent a lot of time observing them communicate in their own cultural situations and it was fascinating (anyway the ones I knew in the Amdo/Qinghai region did this).

          • That Tibetan experience would’ve been a corker & sounds exactly like what we need to learn. Instead we seem to be racing further along the other end of the scale 🙁

          • But if you want a culture where they know how to listen, pay attention to the Tibetans. They do not interrupt each other and they have measured conversations where everyone young/old/monk-nun/lay person all listen to each other. I spent a lot of time observing them communicate in their own cultural situations and it was fascinating (anyway the ones I knew in the Amdo/Qinghai region did this).

            What do they do when the same people keep repeating the same bullsh!t over and over, ignoring and/or abusing anyone who tries to correct them ?

          • @drS I have no idea, these conversations were in the local Tibetan dialect, which I don’t speak. However some things are universal and respect and patience is one of them, it is very easy to observe. I do remember one incident though that might help. I was out west visiting a family friend who is a very well respected monk in the community (and he’s a genuine monk, not one of the ‘fake’ ones that now unfortunately plague Tibetan society inside China at least, I have no idea if there are these types of Tibetan monks in Nepal/India etc) and there was a rumour doing the rounds that the DL was coming back to visit. We were in the DL’s home province and this was the dearest wish of the majority of the population, that he’d come back for a visit. My friend and I were on our way from the monastery to catch a bus to another part of the province and we kept getting stopped by people asking him if he’d heard the news and wasn’t it fantastic? My friend knew it wasn’t true and had to keep on telling people look sorry he’s not coming, it’s a rumour and you have false hope. Even in this situation he listened to what people had to say before he gave them the bad news, the other people listened to his opinion and still no interrupting. Only on about the 10th conversation when we were getting close to missing the bus did he interrupt a woman and say he look we have to go catch a bus and sorry it’s not true. So even in a situation of extreme optimism and then sadness they still retained this good conversational ability. I’ll never forget it.

            And btw I have a lot of sympathy for the CCP when it comes to trying to stamp out rumours in all segments of the population. Some of the rumours are spot on, but many are quite damaging

  25. The ABC’s coverage of this catastrophe has been commendable. Professional, sensitive and a lifeline for many.
    They have stepped up and accepted the tremdous responsibility for reporting this. They deserve any awards they get for this and this reportage underlines how important their service is for this country.

      • Gramus – could it be that even Morrison’s office would have had to have obtained permission from Defence / ADF to use a picture of an Australian uniform in advertising and if they had sought approval they would be admitting that it was advertising.

    • Not to mention the old gal ..

      But look there is clear parallels in anthro and history where environmental factors change and the political – priest class double down on the rhetoric to stay in power. The fun begins when reality vs the rhetoric is clear to all regardless of previous group distinctions and they come together against it.

      Speed to launch is the only variable.

    • Imagine if you will, SmoCo and Dutton press conference, Dutton smiling like a Cheshire Cat, hugging by the shoulder SmoCo and declaiming that he’s 100% behind SmoCo… he has his full unconditional support.

  26. With public debt soaring across the world, a growing concern is whether current debt levels are a harbinger of fiscal crises, thereby restricting the policy space in a downturn. The empirical evidence to date is however inconclusive, and the true cost of debt may be overstated if interest rates remain low. To shed light into this debate, this paper re-examines the importance of public debt as a leading indicator of fiscal crises using machine learning techniques to account for complex interactions previously ignored in the literature. We find that public debt is the most important predictor of crises, showing strong non-linearities. Moreover, beyond certain debt levels, the likelihood of crises increases sharply regardless of the interest-growth differential. Our analysis also reveals that the interactions of public debt with inflation and external imbalances can be as important as debt levels. These results, while not necessarily implying causality, show governments should be wary of high public debt even when borrowing costs seem low.


      • You read that paper super fast skip! At least it got you away from arguing with some loser troll. 😉

        • Its not hard to discern the fundamental error based on an erroneous conclusion about monetary reality, this can be said about a lot of orthodox economic thinking. Per se GDP has no distributional vectors so judging a nations status from it ignores a huge set of social factors. But in this case its arguing investment comes from savings, which might hold true to some extent on a hard money system, but, that is not applicable at the moment.

    • Full scale crisis media operation is underway. I wonder if Rupert himself hasn’t made some calls…

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      So that little tale has one sticking up for the PM and a bunch bagging him. Is Sam Newman the only name they could find to stand by Scummo?

    • I normally like and agree with Sam’s comments but this one not so sure.
      That person was obviously deeply involved in these events and has built up a large amount of emotion and frustration.
      I can fully understand not wanting to shake his hand, doing full well that it’s just a media exercise and he isn’t there to help at all.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      I was told you always shake hands as a kid, no matter who is offering.

      But I think if politicians are being followed by camera crews and journos, then that goes out the window as there is a freebie for the politician every time it happens. After watching that video yesterday i reckon the fireman has done the right thing. He said to SmoCo, politely, that he didnt want to shake his hand. He didnt start lecturing him or complaining, he said it quiet and once.

      I also think it takes a fair bit of self to tell a PM with a camera about that he didnt want to shake his hand. My suspicion would be that it probably wasnt about cuts to fire services or anything like that, or the guy even being a ScoMo hater. I reckon it would be a simple observation (on the firey’s part) that you’d shake hands with anyone who has come to you unknown, or come for help in some way, or come lost, but that ScoMo strolling in was none of these – he was a PM strolling in to do nothing in particular but be seen to be shaking hands and being seen to be with people (like the firey), and that that action gives something to the PM (credibility). At that point it makes what was once basic human decency a transactional event.

      Maybe I am reading too much into it. But my respect for the firey was up, and respect for SmoCo down out of the exchange.

  27. What are the chances that the Morrison Gov’t’s mishandling of the fire crisis begins to morph into “doubts and misgivings” of their competence in other matters (i.e. the economy, water, immigration, defence, etc) for the everyday Australian? Surely any utterance will begin to be viewed with deep skepticism. Recession baked in?

    • recession is OK as long they can blame someone or something for it
      bushfires causing recession is quite potent marketing idea

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        Used effectively, or manipulated depending on your viewpoint, it lets them off the hook over the budget surplus, and pushing back tax cuts. However, it destroys property values outside SYD and MLB again. All our investors will have to focus in the big cities giving them a further boost. No vibrants to the bush anymore. On the other hand, developers have all these cleared spaces now, and the building industry is going to get a big boost. Are there any listed companies selling the steel frame kits?

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      If the last 6 years of LNP govt before the fires couldn’t convince your average Aussie of any of those things then the fires won’t either. There is no cure for stupid.

      Recession was baked in before the fire season anyway.

      • +1, I hate to say it. But climate deniers are out in force trying to convince us that the fires have nothing to do with global warming.

  28. Wow, 450 comments of garbage. Except for happy valley’s comment about our fellow yellow people – may actually have some substance to it.

    • Wellie that was a crowd pleaser … at least now there should be no confusion about the reality tv twitterer in chiefs propensity for marketing PR opportunities, misdirecting from his opponents point out his serious flaws. Not that both sides are filled with the same product.

    • with out rising, I doubt?
      except in bushfire affected areas where easy profit are about to be made

      • I was thinking with whats happening in Iran and it’s a good excuse for fuel companies to crank up the price. It was 1.78 here just before the holidays and I reckon they are keeping it low to get people spending over the holidays

    • What you mean QE4 that wasn’t really QE it was just a top up of the Report market that had seized due to no liquidity so the FED engaged some printing to ease liquidity which wasn’t QE4 but was printing for the Report market…

    • Lovely find… I did enjoy his grotesque and daftman jokes but too much of anything (apart from IP’s) and poor taste….

  29. Weekend of Sooty Morrison fvck up’s over the ADF deployment and who’s to blame? Give you a hint, Sooty doesn’t take responsibility for anything.

    “Scott Morrison starts bushfire repair with states after weekend of confusion”

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison blamed a “breakdown” among defence personnel for the confusion over the mammoth military intervention after state fire leaders revealed they learned of the move “informally” or through the media.


    I though coordination of Federal Government responses was a function of the Prime Ministers Office. Anyway, well done Sooty, you can add the ADF to the list of people you’ve p1ssed off during this disaster.