A glimpse of the future as water wars hit Tamworth

With the NSW regional city of Tamworth currently experiencing Stage 5 water restrictions, and Chaffey Dam at just 13.4% capacity, water wars have begun.

The nearby small town of Manilla, located 45 kilometres North West of Tamworth, has blockaded its bulk filling station in a bid to stop water being taken from the town to supply Tamworth residents:

MANILLA residents who are “disgusted” water carters are using water from the town’s bulk filling station to “fill up pools in Tamworth”, are parking their cars in front of the station to block carters’ access…

Manilla resident Jeff Hawley recently wrote to council, pleading with them to shut the bulk filling station…

“I find it an insult to Manilla residents that this water is being taken to Tamworth when we have very little limited supply left in Split Rock Dam.”

Remember, Tamworth’s outgoing chief planner last month argued that Tamworth needs to rapidly increase its population from 60,000 currently to 100,000.

Tamworth Mayor, Col Murray, also believes that the city’s population needs to grow to 100,000 as soon as possible, and has brushed aside concerns about water security:

While water is a major concern for the city presently, the mayor said a growing city would demand government investment in a greater security.

“I would argue we have got no chance of increasing our water security without having population growth,” [Mayor Col Murray] said.

“That’ll force it to happen.

“I have absolutely got no concerns that there’ll be water for the future, providing we have got the plan and got the population growth to strengthen it.”

You cannot make this stuff up. Tamworth is already running out of water. But somehow the city is supposed to absorb the extra demand that would come from 40,000 (60%) more people, alongside climate change, which is expected to lower rainfall and increase evapotranspiration.

Of course, Tamworth is merely a microcosm of the future water wars facing Australia. As the populations of our major cities roughly double in size over the next half century on the back of endless mass immigration:

Water will become increasingly scarce and expensive, leading to conflict.

The logical solution is to abandon the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ dogma and prevent the population from growing so strongly in the first place.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. And when elections come these people will vote again for the same parties and make sure there is even less water for the years to come.

      • Quote from that Barnaby video “…..there’s a man up there, up in the sky…..”

        Seriously, nothing about scientifically proven climate change but an invisible sky man. Yeah Barnaby, I’ll take my peer reviewed research over your sky man.

        • Locus of ControlMEMBER

          Are you sure he wasn’t just singing along to David Bowie’s Starman and got some of the lyrics mixed up?

          • Thats pure Barnaby, I don’t know what sort of ash he’s breathing in but it must be the good stuff.

            On an interesting side note – I’ve just had my first Climate Change refugees in my retail store. A regular customer has just come in with her daughter and baby granddaughter. They have left Canberra because of the air quality and their skin was drying out to the point of flaking and pain.

            Its actually cooler and more comfortable here in Darwin than a lot of places down south right now

  2. It won’t lead to scarcity. The price will triple and there’ll be plenty of water for those who matter.

    That Labor (and seemingly their clueless supporters) agree to such rates of immigration is beyond astonishing.

      • Without Labor’s complete support LNP don’t have a hope of running immigration at these rates.

        For a start Labor would have won the election.

        • Labor won more seats ex-QLD than the LNP. It was only preference votes from Palmer United and No Notion in the coal belt that got the LNP up. I highly doubt immigration alone would have won Labor the election when that fvcken idiot Bob Brown and his merry band of fvckwits telling coal miners they murders. Post election, Kristina Keneally has being doing a great job at holding Dutton to account over temporary protection visa applications arriving by aircraft. It’s a pity the media aren’t there supporting her and the issue washes away. If you’re going to blame someone, blame the media.

          • Absolutely i blame the media. Then I blame Labor and Greens. Media are pro immigration. They love macro arrivals legally or illegally, but media are smart enough to know the public will not accept boaat arrivals.

            Keneally, along with Rudd, Gillard and Plibersek have done terminal damage to Labor. They will never govern Australia again.

  3. You can’t replace the loss of equity if the population ponzi is stopped. You can always replace the peasants that die from dehydration.

    MB needs to take some life and history lessons from the History Of The World movie.

  4. Great to hear people taking action to safeguard the security of their community from pillage. Sadly this type of thing is only the beginning.

    How thin the veil of civility is once people get desperate around basic needs.

    • Haha. Exactly.

      Those who think riots aren’t coming to Australia are embarrassingly clueless.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        LOLOLOL. Aussies are good people who don’t riot thank you very much! They have far more important things to worry about like keeping a good secure job so as to invest further into property.

        • I normally agree with you Reus. Not today. There’ll be riots within a decade. Too late then of course.

      • I have to say I am one and I hope I am proven to be wrong. One of very few times where I will proudly say – I was clueless.

        • Australia is made up of all people. There’s one sole reason we don’t have riots. We are all filthy rich.

          When that changes, and we all know it is changing, we’re going to have riots.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      This is huge. If a bunch of folk are willing to blockade the dam, vandalising the water carts is not a a large step away.

    • Time to rewatch the Mad Max movies.

      They could end up being prophecies, not entertainment.

  5. Let the Hunger Games begin. I’ve just checked my Treasury Manual, and the answer is water markets. Unfailingly, they will shift all the scarce water to the most efficient and effective uses, no need for governments at all really.

  6. Time to stock up on more D20 shares.
    Or of course we could ignore the Greens and, BUILD more DAMS.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Umm, no, dams hold water ya fool. It only makes sense to build more and to make them viable we need a lot more people.

        • reusa, the only thing you could fill up those dams with is an endless golden shower and a non-stop pearl necklaces. Haven’t you heard, the drought is now on as a permanent special…

          • Droughts don’t last for ever, there are times when the water flows out to sea, lots and lots of it, remember 2011

          • Carey, you do understand that hope is not a strategy? Long term predictions are for decreasing rainfall and more heat, meaning increased evaporation and even less water. The trouble with floods is they’re detrimental to infrastructure and water quality – unless you’re Angus Taylor and can sell water that doesn’t exist the the government via your mate Barnaby for twice the price anyone else got.

          • Slowly diminishing rainfall, there are still going to be floods, the more of that water you store the longer the stored water will last simple, double a dams size and the water will last twice as long. especially up north where Huge amounts flows out to sea every 2 – 3 years. And then of course we could get rid of Cuddy station – – – – again!

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      A lot of existing dams are going to have their walls raised, but the problem of filling them remains

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Well that is a concern to good normal people, ie, those not mentally ailed by concerns of crashes.

        • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

          Nice link Bubbley…

          Now after donating $70m, Twiggy Forrest is suggesting the main reason for the fires is arson. The NY Times article say it is like 3-5%

          Someone is telling fibs.. hmm

          • Yesterday we had
            – Barnaby on 7 News AM saying it was arson.
            – The Australian Newspaper saying it was arson
            – Scott Morrison on 7 News PM saying it was arson
            and now Twiggy (vested interest in the carbon industry) saying it was arson.

            Why would Twiggy in northern WA have an opinion on the fires in NSW and Vic and feel that it should be broadcast to the rest Australia? His opinion is as useful as any other random out on the street. He is not a police officer or a firefighter and he would have no clue about whether it is arson or not. The fact that his opinion was on the news shows how deep the corruption is in this country.

          • Forrest back peddled quick time over arson being the primary cause of bushfire comment. Must have copped a pasting.

  7. Schedule a daily A380 flight from Nepal direct to Tamworth and that population shortage will be filled by eager students within a few months.

  8. We dig up loads of coal and iron, right? We should just store rainwater in those big holes. They’re like pre-made dams!

    • My no research brain tells me that water would probably be toxic so that’s an excellent idea. We can have a 2 tier water market. Pure water for those with lots of money and toxic water for those with no or less money! Perfect. We need to promote this hard overseas to ensure that only the right sorts from our main migrant originating countries (they already have this system and understand it intuitively) come here.

      • I read a dystopian/sci fi story along these lines. Over population, ecologies crashing etc The unemployed were referred to as the “Zero Assets”

        The Zero Asset class will get the glow in the dark, 2nd grade water.

  9. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Time to swap the 22WMR out for a 12G I think, LSWCHP.

    It’s not a huge step for those blockaders to all of a sudden have some firearms on board.

    Wonder how the local constabulary will respond

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      G’day Friend,

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  10. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Oh dear:
    The Tamworth Country Music Festival runs 17-26 January.
    300k (that’s 300,000) visitors expected.
    Let’s be generous and say 100k.
    Wonder what that’ll do to the water.
    That town planner could run an experiment. Billet them into town for 6 months and see how the water and infrastructure responds!