As Tamworth’s dams run dry, planner demands 40,000 new migrants

The NSW regional city of Tamworth is currently at Stage 5 water restrictions, with the Chaffey Dam at just 14.9% capacity after experiencing record low inflows.

And yet the city’s outgoing chief planner believes Tamworth needs to rapidly increase its population from 60,000 currently to 100,000:

THE council’s outgoing chief planner says the push to accelerate the population towards 100,000 people will lift the region’s quality of life…

“The target of 100,000 isn’t the main objective,” he said.

“It is to lift the prosperity and the quality of life for the region.

“We believe the best to do that is to head to 100,000 because cities of 100,000 have key things that we need, like really good public transport, diversity of housing”…

Water security is a looming concern presently, and while the city faces immediate pressures, Mr McAlister said the plan to rapidly grow was planning beyond the current drought.

He was also buoyed by the $480 million commitment to build a new Dungowan Dam which he saw as a “game-changer”.

You cannot make this stuff up. Tamworth is already running out of water. But somehow we are not to worry about the extra demand that would come from 40,000 (60%) more people, especially in light of climate change, which is expected to lower rainfall and increase evaporation.

Remember, Tamworth is located far away from the ocean, meaning that water desalination is not available.

The new Dungowan Dam will also be useless if there isn’t sufficient rainfall to fill it.

Water scarcity remains the elephant in the room of the population debate, and the key issue that ‘Big Australia’ boosters deliberately ignore.

Tamworth also illustrates the lunacy of the Morrison Government’s ‘migrants to the bush’ policy. Sending thousands of people to the interior of the driest continent on earth is a clear recipe for disaster.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Exactly how much land and property has this outgoing council member, their friends and family already secured in and around Tamworth?

    • Shouldn’t the planner be required to address the criticisms that this plan is f**king stupid before it has a possibility of going ahead?

      Does anyone with any power in this country ever need to actually explain why they’re doing things?

    • The outgoing chief planner obviously has some choice development blocks he has gotten sorted behind the scenes to build some Tamworth sky kennels for the 40k new vibrants. He wont have water issues at his holiday house on the coast.

      • Be fair. The 40,000 vibrants will be able to extinguish the bushfires with special-issue bamboo mats.

    • Yeah it’s pretty bad when everyone has to live in the same sort of boring detached house with a backyard. I bet the people of Tamworth look on jealousy at Sydneys cracking flammable sky kennels and think “I wish we had the housing diversity of Sydney”

  2. By that logic, why stop at 100,000?

    Why not push it up to 200,000?

    Why not 2 million?

    I’m sure they’d be able to find a few million souls from the Third World prepared to settle in Tamworth if it meant a visa.

    Think of the really good public transport, diversity of housing and sh*t.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      And Barnaby is the Federal parliament member. What more do vibrants need? How good is Straya.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        A cynical soul could think that this is part of the dodgy dealings in the life of the beetrooter.

        That, or the Mayor is just straight out racialist in his assumption that vibrants don’t bathe.

  3. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Sending thousands of people to the interior of the driest continent on earth is a clear recipe for disaster.”

    An example of sound and well-researched policy that Straya specialises in and thrives on.

    • Well it’s been done some time ago! Some dood & his friends wandered the desert for 40 years before finding a single bush to burn – recipe for success right there!

  4. and there is a obvious reason for fake lefties to support the idea
    with 40k foreigners there Nationals will have no chance to win the seat in New England

    BTW. Australia is not the driest continent on earth, ironically that’s Antarctica that stores 90% of worlds fresh water and where one doesn’t have to struggle to find drinking water.

    • Migrants tend to vote conservative which suits the Liberals. One less National Party member in the coalition means more Ministerial positions for quality fvckwits like Craig Kelly.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Not all migrants are the same.

        Conservative Chinese are far more likely to vote LNP, while Hispanics are far more likely to vote for lefty leaders…. the real question is, in the case of regional Australia, “Who will Indians and Nepalese tend to vote for?’ as this is the main foreign diversity demographic who are moving to regional Australia.

        My suspicion is that given Indians deep sense of entitlement, India’s history with dysfunctional socialist Govts and the importance of coming to Australia in order to access our healthcare and benefits (and bringing along their family members to participate in the fun), that WDX is correct and that they will swing the conservative bush seat more towards progressive vibrancy.

        • Get where you’re coming from Stewie but from my experiences and that of others I know, see the modern vibrant aligning with the modern Liberal ethos; smug, arrogant and entitled hence the reason they’ll vote Liberal.

        • The90kwbeastMEMBER

          Interesting. I would suggest older Indian voters will all go liberal though, the younger ones probs labor as you say.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER


            Obviously not all members of a minority population group will vote for one party like all white people will not (currently) vote for one party in the west.

            The issue though is that minority population groups within a Multicultural society have a “tendency” to become party orientate – in the US for example 90% of African Americans vote for Democrats (even though it was the Republicans that actually liberated them and the ‘Democrats’ were the party of racists up until the 1960s. Labor and the Lebanese in NSW for a more local example.


            What will be interesting is whether as white people are gradually pushed into a majority minority status within their own nations, will they also start to exhibit the same tendencies. The signs in this regard are unfortunately not so good, indications are that white people, just like other population and cultural groups, become far more ethnocentric with their voting habits.

            This is another reason why Multiculturalism is bad – ignoring the fact that there is innate human behavior (even if we arrogantly think that we’re smart enough to see it in ourselves and can control it, so to can everyone else) will ultimately likely lead to far less democracy, as the largest minority start voting as a block – likely entrenching one particular political party in power.

            I like my freedom and I like my liberty, but it is dependent on a stable high trust society, made up of people who share similar values as myself. Where I can be free in the knowledge that despite whatever political values of the party in Government may be, they will act in accordance with the community that they are part of.

            That trust breaks down in a Multicultural environment – you can see it in the Australians who abuse immigrant politicians and the immigrants, or more often their offspring who have refused to assimilate and integrate into our culture, and insist on proudly perpetuating their culture and values, insisting that it is we who have to change. I don’t trust them, and they don’t trust me.

            As I was saying, I like my liberty, I like the fact that up until now I could trust the Government, because it was populated by people who genuinely DID share my values. I like the fact Govts change, because as I’ve always said, corruption accretes to the corridors of power, like coral colonizing a ship wreck. Change, genuine change (as opposed to the coin toss we do every 3 years) helps to ensure the sort of control fraud corruption that Australia is plagued by is occasionally swept out – things are only going to get worse.

            These are the downsides to Multiculturalism, but because everyone has taken a happy pill on the subject any discussion of these issues is verboten.

  5. “Diversity of housing” is one of the worst and most pathetic euphemisms I’ve ever heard.

    Is he seriously arguing that the way to solve a housing problem is to nearly double the demand for housing?

    • No, he appears to be seriously suggesting the way to solve a lack of infrastructure problem is to have more people.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Tamworth needs the extra people to make building water infrastructure viable. It also needs the added vibrancy because country and western music is dull white people’s music.

  7. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Is the definition of planner one who seeks to line his or her pockets without any thought or consideration of consequences? If so, mission accomplished.

  8. It gets worse. Your 60k population is the Tamworth regional council figure which includes the towns of nundle, barraba and manilla. Tamworth would be a little over 40k. Old mate wants to more than double the population. He knows that he’s maxed out any further population growth from smaller towns within an hour drive so he needs some of that sweet NOM to get to 100k

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      The planner. But I’ll admit the people get a guernsey.

      The level of stupidity is quite literally breathtaking. Or the planner is corrupt as hell as others have surmised.

      • It’s Beetrooter territory, mate! That place is rotten to the core, and the yokels love it! Cosa Nostra has got fvck-all on the shenanigans going on there.

  9. Will be interesting to see how the country music festival in mid january holds up. My guess is bottled water will be expensive and run out. If I was a local I would be stock piling now

    • Ask about the security companies tasked with patrolling after hours the public grounds, schools and other normally unattended public structures to stop desperate yokels from showing up with a couple of IBCs to fill them with water from the town network.

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        Isn’t this legal?

        As I understand it, at least in the Northern Rivers, you can fill a 1000L IBC free of charge at standpipes? Explains why a neighbour has been endlessly up and down our road with a trailer and 2x1000L cubes. Lotta trips to fill 2-3 5000gal tanks.

        • You’re kidding, right? How can it be legal?

          Then you have to consider that towns in that area are on really high water restrictions, and they have been for the past couple of years at least… there’s a lot of poverty and a lot of desperation which is why water carting outside the council area is not allowed either.

          • You’re kidding about asking how it can be legal, right?
            Business is the ones likely to actually do that, so can’t get in the way of businesses.

          • Quite legal, and I do it quite often from the nearest town standpipe.Write your name and how many litres taken.Billed by local council.
            Last year, even with 13 or so 22k rain water tanks, had to “buy in” water.Cost to transport water 5km, $1k.

  10. it’s not just Tamworth
    Meriton billionaire’s plans for 15000 units in Little Bay


    –“China has more than 1 billion people, and they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”

    -“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.”

    -“I will bring in more migrants.”

    corruption in its purest

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      aren’t you just describing capitalism and reasonably accommodative foreign investment frameworks?

    • I’d love to covertly sneak in and shut off the mains water supply to one of them Beijing towers….sorry, Sydney’s run out of Water !! LOL

  11. Thankfully he’s on the way out. What a moron.
    I wonder what impact animal agriculture has had on water consumption in that area? Livestock consumes gallons of water as does the grain feed.

  12. Meanwhile the NSW state government is considering evacuating the residents of as many as 90 towns that are seriously affected by drought if they completely run out of water.

    For months, many towns in rural NSW have been relying on water being trucked in but that is only a short-term solution, and bore water is only available to some towns.

    Prime7 News Central West late last month reported that the government would make the drastic move of relocating populations from towns without any water supply.

  13. I accepted an optional employment transfer out of Tamworth a few months back. The Council’s relentless mantra of “population growth” despite the increasingly dire water situation & poor long term rainfall forecasts was utterly surreal. Whilst it wasn’t my sole decision criteria – it did contribute to my decision to depart. Does that make me a “climate change refugee?”

  14. TailorTrashMEMBER

    All we need is better planning ……….and perhaps add rain dancers to the critical skills shortage list .


    stick 40,000 migrants in there one day, and 40,000 migrants will show up in Sydney the following day.

    LOL. ‘migrants to the bush’ ‘jobs & growth’

    “Big Australia” is a fail

  16. every land has a carrying capacity…. the science of carrying capacity will end Australia’s quest to import 200,000+ surplus humans each year…. they’ll get it eventually !! #WhereTheBloodyHellAreYa LOL