China unleashes first home-made aircraft carrier


China’s first home-built aircraft carrier was officially commissioned by President Xi Jinping on Tuesday as Beijing flexed its military muscles.

The new warship will be called the Shandong and its formal entry into service is a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to build up its naval power.

This drive has been viewed warily by its neighbours and the United States in light of tensions in strategically sensitive areas such as the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea.

The state broadcaster CCTV reported that the ceremony in Sanya, a port in the southern island province of Hainan, was attended by officials from the Southern Theatre Command which oversees the South China Sea.

The ship’s captain will be Lai Yijun, who previously commanded the frigate Lianyungang, while its political commissar will be Pang Jianhong, who served on the destroyer Xian. Both are senior colonels.

The tyrant attended:

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), boards the aircraft carrier Shandong and reviews the guards of honor at a naval port in Sanya, south China’s Hainan Province, Dec. 17, 2019. Xi attended the commissioning ceremony of China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier, the Shandong, here Tuesday afternoon. The new aircraft carrier, named after Shandong Province in east China, was delivered to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy and placed in active service Tuesday at the naval port.

And this:

Park it off Bateman’s Bay and watch the Canberra roaches scatter.

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  1. “Park it off Bateman’s Bay and watch the Canberra roaches scatter”
    A torpedo or 2 from our submarine fleet would see it sunk in short order.

    • But imagine how much baby formula it can carry back to China!! Chemist warehouse will make a fortune.

    • BUT – our pathetic diesel powered subs don’t stand a chance against the far more numerous Chinese nuclear sub fleet. It would be over in a day.

      • The collins class subs are quite good, they are a hell of a lot better than Nuclear as they are a lot smaller, which means the can get into quite shallow waters, and they are less noisy. A lot of the initial issues were with the combat systems and they have been over come.

        I’d say they’d surprise the chinese to the upside.

        The chinese should park there shiny new boat of the coast of California!

        • Australian exceptionalism. Let’s face facts – they are nowhere near the threat that we will to talk about, especially when they are constantly in for service.

        • Chris. Sure – definitely a well known and well overemphasised small advantage – but please check overall numbers and performance. We don’t stand a chance.

        • The newest Chinese diesel-electric submarine is thought to be one of quietest diesel-electric submarines currently in operation

    • meh, Australia is for sale, no need to invade. Most of it has already been sold to China.
      They even own our politicians.

      • Exactly. The Chinese think of this ship (in pusser speak) as a fleet-in-being. It’s purpose is to get America to think twice about intervention in Taiwan as the chinese would be capable of a second strike.
        The easy way for America to defeat this strategy is supply arms in large amounts to taiwan/japan/singapore/Australia so that any Chinese first strike would be still born.

        Hence the chinese strategy to buy Australia.

      • +1 except that I think it has already been sold and politically PBOC already has majority so what do they care

    • Don’t show your hand. Get some nice, high quality targeting data (and a photo or two of their screws) and let the RAAF boys go plinking.

  2. Yeah but it looks like some old WW11 Japanese one….and looked what happed to them!…stupid ramp at the front, their crappy planes need a helping hand getting of the deck….that carrier don’t scare anyone…

  3. I’m sure USS Seawolf would nail her. Then she becomes an artificial reef for divers and the fish…

  4. “Park it off batemans bay…” how fking stupid.
    They don’t have the aircraft (number or capability/range) to project force beyond the south China sea.

    No, this ship is a training vessel, at best part of a sea denial strategy to hold the waters off China’s coast in order to launch a limited local war against, oh I dunno, Taiwan. But they don’t have the LHD’s or LHA’s for that yet.

    Their carriers need another decade or more of development before they are a threat and in the meantime the middle income trap, debt and aging demographics will prevent them from ever acquiring true blue water dominance.

    No. The risk is China is backed into a corner economically and demographically and launches a war against Taiwan for ideological, economic and historical reasons before a window of opportunity to do so closes permanently. Such a war would be a gamble, but if succesful could ensure a small target strategy of maintaining the CCP for another century, although austricised from the rest of the world.

    It’s a race. Can China develop the capacity to defeat Taiwan quickly like Argentina tried in the Falklands before it’s problems blow up the CCP? I think they need 10 more years to get ready but have 5 because aging, trade war, debt bomb.

  5. I know this websites (commenters – not authors) HATES any facts or information about China and prefers instead to believe they are still living by candle light and anyone who says otherwise is Satans spawn and spends their time entirely devoted to spamming random comment sections with pro-Chinese propaganda – but for those who value actual information in order to make well informed assessments of threats and adversaries here are two important pieces of information regarding China’s military.

    First up – they have under construction / completed 4 aircraft carriers – the trials and tests take 24 months usually. They then had two fully designed and ready to go Nuclear driven carriers with electro-magnetic launchers (previously steam) about to commence as well the same basic level as the new US ones.

    This has all been thrown into disarray as there are apparrantly a mountain of problems with both the Nuclear engines (which the US is far better at) and the electro-launchers.

    That said – the US is struggling as well with their new carriers.

    Secondly and this is incredibly important China has developed not one but two strategic stealth bombers like the US B-2 and B-21 Raider.

    China’s H-20, Xian, is similar (same) to the US stealth bomber craft. It was revealed during the Super Bowl (ironic). Their second style is the JH-XX.

    The release of these two different styles of super sonic stealth bombers dramatically changes the landscape.

    Finally as a side note there is a lot of consternation regarding the recent military parades which revealed the Chinese hypersonic fleet travels too fast for US domestic interceptors to reach after launch detection – the US has just announced funding for a new system to counter them.

    Putin has just been photographed with his new suitcase for his new fleet of hypersonic radar evading nuclear weapons he announced last year.

    See here

    And Russias new “mystery” satellite, which launches satellites from within it, they claim is merely a maintenance satellite, however it has the capacity to seek out other satellites and destroy them which Russia has said is to bring down redundant satellites.

    Trumps Space Force received official funding and legislative clearance yesterday to counter all of the above.

    The total weaponisation of space is in full swing. The X-37B is the US most powerful weapon which is believed to carry nuclear weapons in a permanent orbital rotation over its enemies with multiple versions. They orbit and return to earth for periods of two years or more and can deliver a nuclear strike on its enemies within 3 minutes.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      It doesn’t have the same ring to it as Aircrafty McAircraftFace, does it

      Some other ideas


  6. aircraft carriers are there to scare small players
    they have no chance against any decent military these days
    few dozen of relatively cheap drones could destroy any aircraft carriers these days, not to mention sophisticated weapons like supercavitating torpedoes or MIRVs

      • Just for amusement:
        Mass 2,150 kg (4,740 lb)
        Length 8.32 m (27.3 ft)
        Width 5.37 m (17.6 ft)
        Speed 640 km/h (400 mph) flying between 600 and 900 m (2,000 and 3,000 ft)

        predator drone.
        Length: 27 ft 0 in (8.23 m)
        Wingspan: 48 ft 7 in (14.8 m)
        Gross weight: 2,249 lb (1,020 kg)
        Maximum speed: 117 kn (135 mph, 217 km/h)

        I think a predator drone is an almost incomparably easier target to shoot down than a V1.

      • drones can fly very low so hard to detect until they get very close
        once close in large numbers no system can eliminate so many of them quickly enough to prevent at least couple of them hitting a target.

    • yeah, reckon they refloated one of them Japanese ones that was at the bottom of the ocean at Midway…just patched the holes and polished the rust off…not a bad idea from the up and coming world power….

  7. Read what happened to the RAN Melbourne. Sold for 1.6 mil to the Chinese in the 80s complete with catapult which they studied for years. Also they copied our deck design. We r truly stupid

    • Ahhh…someone who gets it..We should be afraid , The Art of War, is a great read..A long game, but for us Aussie’s, whom are concentrated on Masterchef, The Bachelor, instant gratification, real estate building profits et al…a real looming problem awaits..Would love to see an overlay of Australian Farming “Assets” held in “Non Australian” hands…
      Think of horizontal/vertical businesses that exist..Do we understand what is going on , on a whole Australian level? Guess not..

  8. Interesting take, but it kinda ignores the Fact that the US has more Carriers than the rest of the World put together. The US is also the only country experienced in managing Carrier fleets and supporting Carriers…there’s a lot more to this than just owning a F’ing big flat top boat…a heck of a lot more to it.
    I remember seeing a guesstimate for ancillary costs that concluded it costs 10 * Carrier cost to properly support the carrier (Carrier aircraft development, support subs, coordinated mission control…the list goes on and on and each part is custom kit that comes at a huge cost)
    China is no where near capable of challenging the US to a blue water Carrier battle however it is capable of denying the US regional access…I suspect that is the true intent of these new carriers.