Gen. Robert Spalding on China’s plan to control the world

This is probably the most frightening one hour of viewing I have seen since the end of Cold War. Kyle Bass with Gen. Robert Spalding:

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    • ScoMo needs the CCP developer money and Gladys Lui’s seat to stay in power.
      In other words, his interests are NOT to understand this.
      ScoMo will retire happy and rich, Australians nor so much.

      • Wise – once China controls Australia, they’ll be able to look through all your Internet records, so kindly preserved by Dutton and Brandis. Hell, the CCP might already have hacked a copy of all this meta-data.

        These records will be used to determine who gets sent to re-education camps. MB subscribers will be able to meet each other in person there!

  1. I watched this last night and forwarded it to as many people as I could think of. It’s a must see.

    • One just needs to do a little reading to learn China is marching straight back to Mao and the cultural revolution. This time however it is very much connected to world economy and multinationals which are undermining the Western Govts

  2. Amazing to think what happens when several centuries of rapacious colonialism comes back to bite you on the arse.

    The fear is palpable.

    China is behaving in every way like the United States – and that is evil.

    The irony hey pepes. Anyone ? No ? Far too much cognitive dissonance to even acknowledge the basic truth ?

    • You speak as though your destiny is in any way seperate to the rest of our nation once we are subjugated.

    • “China is behaving in every way like the United States”

      Like the US is locking up minority groups en masse and profiling them for organ harvesting. You have my vote for the dumbest ever post on MB.

      • True,
        they just imported them from the other side of the world to use as cheap labour.
        Organ harvesting was a little too technically advanced but if it was possible I’m sure there would have been wide scale harvesting of organs from slaves.

      • This will be deleted and the account banned – because since we have been monitoring this website its happened roughly 50 times (probably more) when mentioning this type of thing – the recent IP blocks were powerful stuff. As a disclaimer I spent 6 years working in London with experts in International Relations working with the UN and one of the cities leading Universities (there is only two – easy to work out).

        Absolutely every SINGLE accusation of transplant abuse, Uighur detention etc has come from a single source – this mob

        They are a sub-set of this group which is all controlled by the very same guy, Hamid Sabi, who set up the Iran tribunal (I mean seriously)..

        They are an entirely self appointed group “with headquarters in Australia and National Committees in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.” – The Five Eyes – gosh, who would have thought.

        There has been absolutely ZERO evidence of any credibility on anything which has been splashed around the press on these accusations – zero. Nothing. The only thing ever released are spooky videos with terrifying music and entirely out of context images of people either in blindfolds or random aerial shots of who knows what.

        Thats it. In fact the idea that these people have been anywhere NEAR these places, or access to any of the people within is so fundamentally absurd it just beggars belief that anyone who stopped for one second to even consider it would believe it. ZERO chance.

        As far as propaganda campaigns it is the very same thing which was run from London on the “Iraqi exiled foreign congress” – a front group set up by the CIA and Mi6 to push their views on what should happen in Iraq post Saddam.

        The very same thing was done with Syria and Libya with mysterious authentic sounding groups popping up in London to represent the interests of whomever their propaganda target was.

        I should know I was working in London at the time with people involved – yes – I know people who deal in this kind of thing.

        If in doubt follow the links – check them out – do your OWN research.

        Hard to believe – look up Hills and Knowlton and their role in the Kuwaiti Ambassadors daughter which brought about the US involvement in the Iraq war – its known as the “Nayirah Testimony” – and is a stark example of what it is you are believing right now.

        If you honestly believe there isn’t a hard core program of disinformation and propaganda being pushed against China then all power to you. You really are on the ball and anyone questioning it is a moron.

        But for me – I’ve seen it a thousand times before – its the same thing over and over and over again.

        Your’re an absolute sucker.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          The US has thousands of democratically elected officials at every level of Government and across all their Govt agencies.

          Name just ONE democratically elected official in China.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          This will be deleted and the account banned – because since WE have been monitoring this website its happened roughly 50 times (probably more) when mentioning this type of thing – the recent IP blocks were powerful stuff.

          So just who is the “We” and why have you been monitoring this site?

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER


            Worked in London, worked for the UN – my money is on some Soros funded ‘charity’ or the SPLC or ADL. I wonder if Maggot is connected to him?

        • Absolutely

          There are useful idiots everywhere who will get worked up about this stuff

          Could you explain the increasingly belligerent Chinese response to criticism though ?
          Hong Kong, Australian uni protests etc

          Why has this suddenly escalated on both sides

        • You focus entirely on organs and address nothing else. Nice try.
          Let’s say we completely discount that. I’m ok with believing it’s propaganda.

          Explain Hong Kong. Explain Tibet. Explain Tienanmen. Explain Mongolia. Explain the 9 dash line. Explain beating protesters (wherever). Explain the great firewall.

          Explain the 10,000 other insidious acts of the CCP.

        • Funny how the Falun Gong practitioners I speak to have a quite different opinion than yours….

    • Do you 50c army guys have a spreadsheet of first and last names and you just pick one from the list?

      Y’know it stands out like dog’s balls, right?

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Interesting interview – interesting comments by the General on the “Billionaires” that reckon Democracy is ‘dead’ and who want to hand control over to China….

    Reminded me of this UNREPORTED story the other day:

    “China should step up to the plate as the leader of a new global economic order, and the US shouldn’t fear the establishment of a global currency because it would help the economy…. the way to convince China to lead is to allow it to “own” the reorganization of the global financial system that is underway.”

    – George Soros

    “the US shouldn’t fear the establishment of a global currency because it would help the economy”

    Never any mention about the society that lies beneath that economy. But then, regardless of where he lives Soros doesn’t belong to any society or culture other than his own.

    Soros has spent billions on his “charities” yet occasionally you catch glimpses of his real views and motivations, and they are horrifying. So much so that you cannot help but question his true motivation behind all his ‘good’ works.

    Soros wants the least democratic, most authoritarian major regime in the world, to lead the world.

    Culture Matters and Soros’ is cultural cancer.

  4. interested partyMEMBER

    This won’t end well for any company who has sold out to china.
    Go long local startups……ethical support is certain.

  5. Did anyone else note that that method by which the CCP control the narrative and dissent by outsiders upon their actions and beliefs draws a very strong parallel to the way the culture warriors operate?

    ‘If you speak out against the movement, you offend all of us.’

    I’m always very suspicious of the intentions of the righteously indignant.

    • Righteously indignant culture warrior uses the scenario of a belligerent foreign power assaulting Western ideals as an excuse to rail against other so called culture warriors. 2019 politics in a nutshell.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Yeah – i noticed that too.

      In the most liberal, most tolerant and most equal societies that have ever existed on earth, “Racist” is being used as both a cudgel and a shield to undermine and destroy the sense of self and faith in our own societies and views.

      The thing that both China and these useful idiots have in common, is that they both want to destroy our existing economic and social systems.

      • All this indignation.
        We do not need others to destroy our economic and social systems, we are doing very nicely thanks.
        The Climate Catastrophe will take us out long before China will
        The red flag for 2 degree increase in pre industrial tempretures was 400 ppm Co2 in atmosphere.
        We passed that at a canter, and that was not including Methane ,85 ppm

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          The Climate Catastrophe will take us out long before China will

          But the fact China is driving a huge part of the problem is of no concern to you because “USA”

          A plume of smog appears over northeastern China in this true-color image seen from the NOAA-20 satellite on October 31, 2018. While air quality in China has dramatically improved in recent years, thanks to ambitious government efforts to reduce coal consumption, pollution levels periodically still spike – especially during the fall and winter months, when more coal is burned for residential and commercial heating.

          New research we have published with colleagues in Nature shows that global emissions of the second most abundant ozone-depleting gas, CFC-11, have increased globally since 2013, primarily because of increases in emissions from eastern China.

          Your “everything the opposite of America must be good” mindset is a big part of the problem…. China would be pleased they control your narrative, even if you’re not aware of it.

        • All this indignation.
          We do not need others to destroy our economic and social systems, we are doing very nicely thanks.

          I’m afraid you are only allowed to criticise western society within the bounds of appropriate conservative narrative.

          Stepping outside that is mental illness, or treason.

      • @Stewie
        The noise generated by social media is the perfect tool to co-opt in order to divide and shatter any sense of unity for the conquering of a nation. China understands this, and they’ve inoculated themselves on a grand scale against this, but by the sound of the interview, they acknowledge this is their greatest fear.

  6. $oro$ is an &$$ hole puppet character of highest order designed to create confusion and install fear in everyday folk.
    Mi$$ion accomplished

    • I disagree. As a previous English teacher in China I can tell you the crack down on “administrative crimes” by foreign owned English language schools and against foreign English teachers has been going on for years and years and it is successively becoming more encompassing and the penalties harsher. This has nothing to do with the trade war and everything to do with pushing out pernicious western cultural influence now that China no longer needs foreign labor the way it did previously.

    • This isn’t going to get them leverage. Exactly the opposite. No surprise that it ended up in the HK paper. And if this story gets coverage (and it probably will because of the NBA/ LeBron Zedong) it’s going to piss off a lot of Americans. Perhaps even Joe Biden will fake being tough on China.

  7. Wow he lived for two whole years in the Pudong bubble (anyone want to take a bet that he lived in one of the gated communities) how about a side bet that his kids attended the Concordia school.
    Not dissing General Spalding I’ve just met way too many of these two year rotation into the Bubble China experts. Yeah back in 2004 Pudong was an exciting place to live, probably the most exciting place in the world at that time, everything changed not decade by decade but year by year. Unfortunately sitting in an office in Pudong and extrapolating the experience was not a good way to understand other parts of China yet this was the crazy experience of most expats (especially the two year rotation types) . When you saw them on Sunday lined up for burgers at Johnny Moo’s you didn’t know weather to laugh or cry.
    Oh well, what is it they used to say about recent graduates: Hire them while they still think they know everything….same logic applies to these Pudong China experts.

    • Or perhaps he did his job.

      Most westerners there may do nothing more than report to an office, enact some make-work, receive their pay cheque and find their responsibilities end there. Sure enough outside of this they tend to retreat to the western paraphernalia.

      He however was a security intelligence attache, it’s his job to be assigned there, and understand the truth, regardless of how unpalatable the truth may be. The enact his role properly he has to be elsewhere.

      Him doing nothing more than jollying it up with other expats with boozy afternoons would be a dereliction of duty.

      • Yeah possibly but trust me I knew most of the American Jinqiao expats in 2004. It was a great life, as an expat back than you were a protected species. Nobody messed with any expat in Shanghai in 2004, no one with any criminal inclination was dumb enough to F’with the foreigners, so we all lived this crazy life. Our kids did whatever the F they felt like and if it attracted the attention of the police than the kids got driven home. It was an absolutely crazy place to be.
        Most of the families were just living this American extension , most watched US cable TV using Slingboxes,, they went to Church on Sundays and American Scouts on Tuesday night.
        So trust me I know just how little it was possible to learn about China sitting in Green Villas or anywhere in Jinqiao for that matter..

        • Military attaches aren’t selected on the basis of how accommodating they are with business expats.

          They are selected on their ability to succeed in their mission, and the mission in China, a noted strategic rival, is not trivial. The selection process would have entailed who has the ability to understand the lay of the land in a short amount of time, and avoi the boozy afternoons.

    • fisho – back then there was an American International School out near the airport wasnt there? But yeah, likely a gated community. I knew of an Australian family that lived out that way but they got permission to build a house amongst the local community and send their kids to the local school. Likely as not, you probably know them (not that many Aussies up there back then).

      • Yeah that’s still there it’s just north of the golf course.
        The school is called SAS Pudong
        I didn’t know all that many Aussies in Shanghai but I think I do know who you’re talking about.

  8. so first they talk how governments have satellite images, testimonies, etc about organ harvesting concentration camps … but than on question why doesn’t West ban its people from getting organs in China they start a story how china is good in hiding things
    West doesn’t ban it because it benefits its rich, wealthy elite that extend their lives by getting stolen organs in china

    and than … china is killing 40k Americans a year but we are not doing anything and when terrorist killed 3000 on 9/11 we went to a war …
    again, Chinese pharma is killing 40k or poor Americans while terrorists killed 3000 wall street bankers …
    however you turn it it’s a class issue that pops out

    Chinese ruling elite is very good in making friends with elites in the West so they let them do whatever they want – Just look what is happening in Australia …

    so basically Chinese ruling elites made wealthy ruling elites in the West dependent on then and that’s why Chinese elite can do almost whatever it wants …

  9. The United State have a habit of grossly overestimating their opponents, and the US military industrial complex would love another ‘Cold War’ to boost military spending. The reality is the Chinese Army have not fought any war since losing to Vietnam, it is not ‘threat’ by a long shot right now. That may change in future, however China is more likely to implode way before that. When you go through Chinese history, the country have 2000 years of being invaded and being taken over.

    The claim that China produce fentanyl to harm the US is on par with the US introducing African Swine Fever into China to harm the Chinese economy. It’s in the realm of tin-foiled-hats.

    • I am slightly skeptical that they have created this idea on purpose but i wouldn’t put it past them on knowing the impacts and allowing it to keep happening while only ‘persecuting’ the people when those are caught by foreign countries.

    • You need to listen again to what the interviewee said: he corrected Kyle of the idea that the CCP are pushing the drug into the US explicitly to kill Americans. What Spalding said is that the focus of the CCP is on profit maximisation and they are indifferent to what the costs to others are. It is my understanding the the British happened to have exactly the same mentality when they were selling opium into China. That attitude was wrong then and it is wrong now.

  10. “This is probably the most frightening one hour of viewing I have seen since the end of Cold War. Kyle Bass with Gen. Robert Spalding”

    I haven’t watched it but be careful about assuming everything he says is correct. He may not even know himself and there is a lot of propaganda flying around at the moment about a lot of things.

  11. The90kwbeastMEMBER

    The recurring theme with the mess we’re in with the CCP, which this interview adds to, is that greedy Western billionaires have made out like bandits as have the top tier of the CCP in a mutually beneficial relationship the past 2+ decades at the complete detriment of the average Western citizen. Good times ahead then for us plebs if there is ever a hot war over this.

  12. What I find funny is how many so-called capitalists think that communists can run an economy. Or indeed, that communists have discovered the secret formula to running the economy. How many people have claimed over the last decade that the Chinese communists are these brilliant forward looking people?

    This is the last gasp of communism, not a new dawn. Just because the Chinese learned from the Soviet’s mistakes doesn’t mean they knew what they were doing. And ultimately, the only way they could stay in power for as long as they have is by running a giant ponzi.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      well, there is not a scintilla of evidence the Chinese can run an economy better than anyone else, but…….

      The Western (capitalist) world has over the last 40 years…..

      Used the state to enforce the undermining of organised labour
      Used the state to enforce the contractualisation of any given service – from education to energy, to water, to healthcare
      Through the state, run massive population ponzis (US, UK, Australia, Canada and NZ in particular) to juice GDP while undermining labour in those nations
      Through the state exhorted private debt as a substitute for public demand
      Through the state dismantled manufacturing in once developed economies (and shipped it elsewhere through Free Trade Agreements) and replaced it with ‘services’
      Through the state promoted policies to prompt the casualisation, short termisation and contractualisation of labour
      Through the state promoted the deregulation of financial regulation (indeed of all public interest regulation)
      Through the State sold off monopoly after monopoly into private hands and wonder why once effective systems – education, water, transport etc etc – have become corrupted in the hands of ‘private sector’ funds extraction mechanisms bolted on to what were once ‘public’ goods..


      Through the state promoted the financialisation of, and speculation in, what were once social goods – housing, water, roads etc…..

      That all got us to early 2008 – and the economies of the ‘developed’ world which had a coronary event, which currently has those developed economies still on the table rigged up to……

      The State (through the central banks) running endless quantitiative easing
      The State (through the central banks) providing monetary policy which has ceased to have any meaning apart from juicing asset prices for the 1-10%
      The State embarking on round after round of tax cuts
      The state ‘bailing out’ the very institutions (the banks and insurers) which were supposed to be the paragons of ‘free market’ virtue under the aegis of the debt, the jobs, the taxes now making them ‘too big to fail’.

      …..and here we all are – in a world populated by ever more grotesque right wing nutters, from Boris to Donald to ScoMo, who are ever more overtly corrupt and complete frauds

      It is us – the white English speaking scions of capitalism – who have run a giant ponzi, and who have undermined their own respect with their own people. The ‘communists’ are now playing us at our own game, pissing themselves laughing at just how stupid we have been. Forget the Chinese and the Russians, it is far smaller fry now which are openly disparaging any sense of righteousness as exhorted in their direction for a generation – from the World bank, the IMF, the ‘free’ trade, the ‘privatisations’ of services – by our every more kabuki like form of ‘capitalism’.

      And we are all still on the table…..

      • Don’t think I ever claimed that we are perfect. And I think one of the reasons that Australia has been able to run a property ponzi is because of the massive Chinese ponzi. Without it, I don’t think it would ever have gone so far.

        And at the end of the day, we are relatively free, the Chinese have 4 times as much debt as GDP, far beyond any Western country, including us, has ever gone, we don’t have a great firewall and other means preventing our access to information, we don’t have a social credit system that determines how much freedom you are allowed, we don’t have organ harvesting on a mass scale, etc, etc…

        In World War 2 and the cold war, no-one can say that the allies were perfect, yet most of us were glad they won. And to have a dynamic, reasonably stable economy people need to be relatively free and independent. There are many in the West who have been deluded into thinking this is not necessary because of communist China. It was leading the world down a very, dark path. Fortunately, they were wrong and communism still doesn’t work. Those who thought it could or might were stupid to ever think so imo.

        And yes, we are still on the table but I give the CCP another 5 years at most. And we should be very thankful to the Hong Kong people who have helped bring things to a head.

        • Of course, when daring to suggest western society could do *better*, “would you rather be in China” is a fairly frequent response.

  13. – I have here written down my opinion in the past and will continue to say until I see CONVINCING evidence to the contrary.
    – My personal opinion is that the US will end up in the (financial) gutter and there (in the gutter) it will join up with its eternal rival called China.
    – Is the Trade War a new Cold War ? Based on the all the I see evidence coming from all around Europe & Asia I draw the conclusion that the Cold War didn’t end in 1990 but continued up to today. There is A LOT OF evidence that (especially) the US is still “hell bent” in increasing its presence in the Eastern Europe and the Far East.
    – There are several (american) analysts who are convinced that we are “sleep walking” (something akin to what happened before World War I) into a new confrontation between “the West” on the one hand and Russia & China on the other hand.
    – Why has Spalding this opinion ? Does he fear budget cuts for the military forces ?

    Halford MacKinder:

    The coming War with China: