Angry China lashes Australia for being decent

Via the ABC:

China is warning Australia to avoid straining bi-lateral relations following criticism from Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne on China’s human rights record.

During a foreign policy speech in Sydney on Tuesday, Senator Payne said Australia would continue to advocate for democracy and human rights in China, adding that staying quiet on sensitive issues was not in the national interest.

Senator Payne raised the case of an Australian citizen who has been locked up in China without access to lawyers for a year, and the plight of Uyghur Muslims in China’s far-west Xinjiang province.

“Turning a blind eye to all human rights violations means an acceptance of behaviour that undermines the foundations of international peace and stability,” she said.

Trade between the two countries was worth more than $180 billion last year.

Relations with China — Australia’s most important trading partner — have deteriorated in recent years amid accusations that Beijing is meddling in domestic affairs and influence in the Pacific region.

Souring relations have strained bilateral trade, prompting some business executives to urge Australia’s Government to prioritise economic policy above social advocacy.

Senator Payne’s comments drew a rebuke from China, with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang saying Australia needed to be careful.

“We hope that the Australian side can reflect on and learn the lessons of the recent disturbances in Sino-Australian relations, and meet China halfway,” he said during a daily ministry press conference in Beijing.

‘This is really not good’

China has been widely condemned for setting up complexes in remote Xinjiang it describes as “vocational training centres” intended to stamp out extremism and teach new skills.

Chinese authorities have rounded up, detained and forcibly indoctrinating Uyghurs and other Muslim minority ethnic groups in the far-western region. Islam has effectively been outlawed, with people routinely labelled as extremists and imprisoned for practising their religion.

The United Nations says at least 1 million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims have been detained.

Mr Geng said Senator Payne had “ignored the facts”, particularly with her remarks in Xinjiang.

“China has already lodged stern representations with Australia about this, to say this way of doing things is very inappropriate.”

However, several Australian politicians have stepped up criticism of China in recent weeks, despite the risk to trade.

This month, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said China was targeting political parties and universities, triggering a strong reaction from Beijing.

In September, Australia’s security agencies suspected China was responsible for a cyber-attack on the national Parliament and the three largest political parties before a general election in May.

China’s Foreign Ministry denied involvement in any hacking attacks and said the internet was full of theories that were hard to trace.

Australia has moved in recent years to challenge China’s expansion of financial and political influence in the Pacific, which Canberra considers its historical domain.

Bravo Senator Paine. They can take it. They need the iron ore. And do we really want to wonder what kind of reaction we’ll get when we defend the basic human principle that makes our nation tick?

Better to know now and prepare accordingly.

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  1. Cut off their ore already.
    Do it before they have proper alternatives.

    Let’s see the bastards talk tough when the lights go out.

  2. Souring relations have strained bilateral trade, prompting some business executives lickspittle, rumpswab, worthless, greedy, sociopathic traitorous dogs to urge Australia’s Government to prioritise economic policy above social advocacy.

    I just had to correct that nonsense. Just to be clear, people who think that their profits are more important than fundamental human rights are my enemy.

    • Don’t you just get a warm feeling knowing rich execs can so easily put thier bonuses and profits ahead of human rights. We already had a government rolled because of a mining tax that wasn’t even that big. How long untill they roll a government that supports human rights when it could cost them even more profits.

      • “Social credit” will (/has) arrive in Australia from private industry and people with greet it with open arms to access the latest trinkets.

        Those opposing it will be vilified as socialist nanny-staters.

    • Exactly. So in Australia, we get called racists and deplorables if we question mass immigration and the selling off of everything ruining our way of life, yet the same people tell us not to worry about the way of life of the Uighurs because these same scum corporations need to make profit from the CCP.

    • interested partyMEMBER

      While I agree… many reading this thread have funds attached to iron ore shares?
      It’s the same thing as divesting for climate change…….what price your ethics?

      • My one time to appear ethically considerate, i don’t own any shares since i never reached into that market.

        • China PlateMEMBER

          Come on Gav what about ya cars. You’re at the end of their road. You’re their end user

          • That’s true, yes. But I’d probably reduce my fossil fuel impact by eating less meat and keeping the cars. I may own a few, but I can only drive 1 at a time and keeping old cars on the road and in good shape is better then scrapping and buying new all the time.

  3. the_bystanderMEMBER

    As much as I dislike the Coalition, they are doing a much better job standing up to the PRC and their Nazi-like behaviour than Labor could ever have done.

  4. Straya is hot and cold on China vs personal liberties. Our sensitivities has long been our trade and economic interests. Perhaps it is changing as China’s economy is turning. But for this reason – reversal of fortunes – hard to see China taking us seriously.

  5. And just to let you know what’s going on in the minds of at least some of the Chinese diaspora, this is the latest from Canada.

    So these so-called “Canadians” felt no problem with brazenly dressing en-masse in the uniform of the army of a hostile country and singing songs about crushing their enemies. Let us not forget that the Chinese fought the Canadians in Korea. And then there’s the business of saluting the flags of China and the PLA. The PLA, FFS!!

    We, along with Canada, are undoubtedly importing a fifth column from a hostile country. Not all of them, but enough to be more than dangerous, as recently seen at UQ and elsewhere.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      They’re not Canadian, but Chinese with Canadian residency. They’re not going to renouncing their Chinese citizenship because they’ll also renounce all the benefits that comes with being ex-military.

      China is not a hostile country to Canada or Australia. At least, not yet.

    • We’re currently adding to the 5th column. There are a sizable number of strayans who were 5th columnists already. There are some on this board.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      This is a huge reality check. Canada are Australia have a lot of parallels albeit we have a religious nut job instead of a PC soft c&&k as our PM. But these Chinese need to be immediately deported without trial as treason is a very serious issue. I have high confidence that a group like that could be assembled overnight in Australia. This is the sort of news that must be put in the face of the snowflakes and virtue signalling masses from all corners of the nation. You couldn’t write of more complete script on the risks our government have exposed us to with their fire hose rate of migration from directly opposing culture/society.

      I would love to see this as a front line story on the SBS and ABC with their most extreme open border/leftie journalist forced to read the story verbatim to put this reality to their bias and naive audiences

  6. How dare you? How dare they? Human rights folk need their own Gretel Thunder Bird to rouse the young into action – could protest on a Monday morning to extend their weekend if they’re smart..Happy Monday for Human Rights😁

  7. The reality is that Australia is totally reliant on China and China simply doesn’t need iron ore necessary from Australia (or coal for that matter) as there are many other countries that can supply it.

    Based on that reality, China holds the key to totally f**k Australia. Quite easily. And, quite devastatingly. Literally into severe poverty.

    So, Australia better do what China says and please China.

    Australians can thank successive governments for this reality. Particularly starting with Howard.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Les I don’t know how you came to that conclusion. China never buys anything they don’t actually need from any foreign nation or business, and wherever possible they do everything they can to take over the supply chain. Case in point the manipulation of several Dairy suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The CCP but a block on Dairy from Fonterra in NZ which for those not watching closely boosted the performance of Synlait in which they hold a large stake along with a large stake in A2 milk, which has also been boosted by the CCP blocking competitive brands such as Bellamys which they are now trying to take over after intentionally attacking the business to cripple the share price. How many other governments operate in such a mercantile manner? None.
      Back to Mining and Iron Ore, the vast majority of the share value of the Iron Ore miners is no longer in Australian hands and in the case of Fortescue for example there is a huge Chinese ownership of the shares. So who is actually pocketing the profits? Not Australia. No ever from the Royalties which as too low and should have been subjected to the mining tax that ousted Kevin Rudd V.1

      The Reality is that we are not in fact totally reliant on China economically and in China could easily replace our goods they would have already.

      Yes the government is to blame for not put the reigns on foreign investment and controls on the always self interested people including our own citizen and especially the foreign executives we fall over ourselves to appoint to run what were formeral our companies.

      But understand this, China is nobodies friend. Setting out to pacify them is a road to ruin and simply plays into their hands. Give them a firm hand, it’s the only way for a nation that has always been run for strong man dictator types.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Very salient point, you’d have to face reality with a thorough analysis of how much wealth has been transferred from Australia to China. The sheeple and government should be embarrassed by exposing this reality, China doesn’t make us rich, we make them rich.

  8. Senator Payne raised the case of an Australian citizen who has been locked up in China without access to lawyers for a year.

    Senator Payne might raise the case of an Australian journalist who is currently being locked up in London without proper access to legal defense.

    • Senator Payne may also want to explain why her Government is trying to deny refugees, sorry Illegal Maritime Arrivals medical treatment. We’re no where near what China is doing to the Uighurs, Falun Gong, Tibetans etc but we need to be careful about lobbing rocks around.

  9. Ronin8317MEMBER

    China’s spending on internal security is at about 6% of GDP, which is now bigger than Chinese spending on the military, So our only consolation is China will definitely implode before it can be a threat to the rest of the world.

  10. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Time for the world to stand up to China, tell them to shut up, a protest of being offended has become their national sport since they discovered the morons in the west had fallen victim to political correctness.

    The protests about the Muslims in Xinjiang are a waste of breath though given the whole non Muslim world is looking over their shoulder, why would China be any different since the Arab traders introduced Islam along the sink road hundreds of year ago, China has been trying to keep it under control.

    There are plenty of other valid points to argue in public with China such as predatory trade practices, IP theft, and global environmental destruction not only from their own enormous emissions but from their destruction of the natural environment in much of the world all in the name of enriching China at the expense of the rest of the globe (check their activities in the Pacific, Africa etc etc, concrete a reef, burn down a forest, no problem).

    China will threaten stop buying our stuff and play games with stock arriving in their ports, but in the end they only buy what they need so hold the line, and find ourselves a prompt alternative to the mountains of cheap crap we’re importing from them, we can do without them, I am not convinced they can do without us, (and many other nations for that matter, especially the USA)

  11. What is our main import from China?

    1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists*

    Of which only 238,000 or 17% are Australian citizens.
    The other 1.2 million + or 83% are Chinese National sole passport holding non citizens.

    90% in Sydney & Melbourne, in vast Chinese only enclaves.
    Non assimilating, an entire Hukou Chinese internal illegal underclass – the majority who are Chinese tier 1 city slum clearance / exported out by China.

    Trafficked into Australia by the Chinese criminal syndicates exploiting our broken borders & corrupted visa system.
    In a literal conveyor belt – from their mainland China slums into the equivalent Chinese slums in Australia.

    Who needs refrigerated trucks when $2k (¥10,000) will in Guangzhou will buy a Chinese an Australian PR.

    Chinese mainland born communists in Australia.

    🇨🇳 238,000 Chinese mainland born communists as citizens- early waves, old sick useless. Sucking up our welfare & Medicare.

    🇨🇳 431,000 Chinese mainland born communists as part of the 1.9 million PR – also old sick useless- only here to steal the Medicare & welfare – but they remain as Chinese Nationals.

    🇨🇳 525,000 Chinese mainland born communists of the 2.56 million total TR & SCV – foreign student or partner, sponsored visa, spousal, business visa, investor visa, bridging & protection visa or via NZ as ‘NZ SCV’

    🇨🇳170,000 as Long time stay or repeat time stay Tourist visitors of the 440,000 (ABF estimate) who enter to live & working illegally.

    And 🇨🇳20,000 of so of the 65,000 Overstayers.


    Wake up Australia.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      mike you sometimes have the facts at hand.

      But can you please expand on and provide reference for the claim that AU$2k will buy a PR?

      • Sure.
        Australian residency for just $2000 in China.
        (10,000 ¥)

        It costs just $2000 in China to fabricate the documents required for an Australian student visa, which can then lead to permanent residency, according to Chinese court files. Apr 3, 2016

        Australian residency for just $2000 in China
        Angus Grigg
        Angus GriggNational Affairs Correspondent

        It costs just $2000 in China to fabricate the documents required for an Australian student visa, which can then lead to permanent residency, according to Chinese court files.

        The ease with which Australian immigration laws can be breached came to light during the trial of a Chinese man who was convicted of helping people falsify documents and move to Australia.

        It costs just $2000 in China to fabricate the documents required for an Australian student visa. Louie Douvis
        The Supreme People’s Court of Jiangsu Province heard the fraud was facilitated at the Australian end by Mr Li’s sister, Olive Li, a director of the Sydney-based New Field International Education Group.
        Documents printed in China

        The pair began the process in China, where Mr Li organised a printing shop in the northern city of Anshan to forge high school diplomas, report cards and pay slips for the applicants at a cost of 10,000 yuan ($2015).

        The documents were then sent to Ms Li in Sydney, who posed as the applicants during the mandatory telephone interview with Australian immigration officials, as they could not speak English.

        Both applicants would not have qualified for an Australian student visa as they had not finished high school and did not have the funds to support themselves while studying.

        -> my note – no funds… sent here to work.

        At the time of applying for the visas one applicant was working as a casual pedicurist and the other as a manicurist.

        On the students’ arrival in Sydney, Ms Li picked them up at the airport, found them work and a place to live.
        The court was told the Li’s charged around $10,000 to arrange and submit the falsified documents, while they also coached applicants on how to pass through immigration without arousing suspicion.
        Calls by The Australian Financial Review to New Field International Education and Ms Li were not returned.
        According to the company’s website Ms Li has provided education services to Chinese students wishing to come to Australia for the last seven years.
        Review found shortcomings

        The Department of Immigration and Border Protection said it would be looking into the matter and provide a response later in the week, as co-ordination with other agencies was required.
        The court was told Mr Li had facilitated two successful applications and was working on three others at the time of his arrest.
        Both those who went to Australian on falsified student visas are now permanent residents, according to the court files.
        A review by the Australian National Audit office in found “extensive shortcomings” in the department’s oversight of visa compliance.

        “There are weaknesses in almost all aspects of the Department’s arrangements for managing visa holders’ compliance with their visa conditions,” the report stated.
        A record 645,000 foreign students
        -> My note now 712,000
        were studying in Australia during 2015, up 10 per cent on the previous year.
        Over one third (260,000) came from China.

  12. Hang on, I got this…

    “Senator Payne’s comments drew a rebuke from Germany, with Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels saying Australia needed to be careful.”

    There, I fixed it.