What Scott Morrison should tell Donald Trump

This is what Australians are up against. The nation’s leading business paper has completely lost faith in its own system. From the AFR editorial:

…where we really part company with Washington is that we don’t accept that China is a strategic competitor that must be contained. Mr Morrison has instead revived the Menzian formula of Australia as a country with ”great and powerful friends”, one of which is now China. The US and China can’t be equals for us, as security has precedent over prosperity, but Australia still needs an equilibrium between Washington and Beijing – or least to persuade them that a cold war is a dead end for both.

…So what should Mr Morrison aim for in this Washington meeting? The cold-eyed realists say nothing, because the US isn’t staying in the western Pacific anyway. Others say that our reluctance to act if it means offending China suggests that the alliance is not that solid anyway. But it’s also true that with trade talks resuming, the US is still far from decided on a cold war course. Mr Trump must still hear our best advice that re-engaging China while re-affirming free trade around the whole Pacific region – essentially Australia’s position – is the better way.

More Orwellian rebranding of the old chestnut that China’s rise is inevitable and the US needs to make room for it. Such oligarchic crap trap has nothing whatsoever to do with the liberal market system that the AFR purports represent.

China’s development model is approaching exhaustion. As growth fades into mass capital misallocation, the CCP is becoming more nationalist and outwardly aggressive to hold its repressed peoples together.

That is what we can look forward to if we make room for it. An Angry China, determined to bully its way into power wherever it treads, misusing and abusing the freedoms of liberal democracies against themselves until their own crisis of faith leads to Chinese Communist Party triumph.

This includes criminally seizing the technologies of the West, an obviously unacceptable approach to the rules of commerce that drive free markets. It includes the ‘sharp power’ pushes apparent in the Gladys Liu scandal and the AFR’s own identity crisis. It includes a massive global bribe to convince all that the liberal empire of the United States which has delivered untold prosperity to the globe including, ironically, China itself, is sustainable under monstrously repressive CCP hegemonic leadership.

What a joke this dystopian vision is.

You don’t represent me, AFR. Nor the ANZACS that built Australia. Nor today’s myriad Australians living in freedom. The liberal empire of the US is the geopolitical framework of Australian freedom. It can’t be dismantled without catastrophic consequences for Australian democracy.

That’s what Scott Morrison should tell Donald Trump: to redouble his economic war on China and to win it at all costs.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Multiple cultures. Multiple values. Multiple ancestral ties. Multiple powerful friends.

    We’re no longer a nation, but a Multicultural economic zone – own it. All of it

    • Form nations within nations, become stronger over time, dominate and then separate. Similar to what happened in Israel at the end of the 19th century. Already QLD has a significantly higher % of its population australian born than other states. VIC can be indian, NSW chinese, NT aboriginal. WA,SA and TAS are up for grabs.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Cohesion will decline and the ability of Australia to come to agreement over the best means to meet the needs of its people, will decline as those needs become increasingly undefined in the morass of multicultural identity and the establishment of parallel societies.

  2. Whatever is to be done now is the time. Mr Trump’s many character flaws are always fully on display to the world so you know where you are with him. The depressing truth is that Mr Trump with all his faults is the best we can hope for, all other possible contenders for POTUS lack an essential humanity which Mr Trump seems to still retain.

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    He should compliment him on the hot wife he has nailed, that is for sure! Donald will appreciate that and they will be best friends.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Of course it would, he’s a real bloke! No better way for real blokes to bond than to compliment on how well each other has done with the ladies.

        • But then Trump will be in a difficult spot since he won’t be able to return the compliment. Still on the bright side it would be worse if it was Macron saying it.

  4. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    And now for some light relief; dog knows we need it. On the set of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, when, wanting to see stray horses wandering through the battle, Curtiz directed the wranglers to “Bring on the empty horses”. When Niven and Flynn cracked up laughing, he responded with:’You people, you think I know fcuk nothing; I tell you: I know fcuk all”
    (David Niven later made this “curtizism” immortal by naming his autobiography:”Bring on the empty horses.”)

  5. The irony is that people pour crap on the USA especially liberals and yet liberals depend on the USA for much if their freedoms that would be intolerable elsewhere

    Also people here like to mock the USA openly whereas without them their pathetic little lives would be swallowed by the big mean dogs of our neighborhood. We even have songs that are openly racist on the radio….dont wanna be an american idiot….etc…imagine that for any other country

      • The truth is that Aussies have been prospering from American hegemony in the Pacific for 70 years with one hand and slapping the American people in the face with the other. Enough is enough. Good riddance.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      I basically agree, Tim. Of the various types of superpowers that could have come to the fore, the Americans are probably as reasonably nice as you could hope for. I think a lot of people forget that, focusing only on what they have done wrong.

        • LOL. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who will react with indignance as reliably as you when the US is criticised in any way, not even when I was living there.

          You are the personification of my point.

          • Is your post not a straw man? If it is, stfu. Aussies are absolutely insufferable when it comes to the USA.

          • Is your post not a straw man?

            Sure. Just like the one I replied to.

            But people like you try to make it as real as possible.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    “That is what we can look forward to if we make room for it. An Angry China, determined to bully its way into power wherever it treads, misusing and abusing the freedoms of liberal democracies against themselves until their own crisis of faith leads to Chinese Communist Party triumph.”

    This all sounds remarkably familiar….

    But I seriously doubt we’re that far into the cycle.

  7. Someone please tell me the growth rate of both China and America and adjust for falls E.g. -1% in China is not the same as -1% in the U.S. because both have different starting points, but hay, don’t go looking at most developed countries or anything.

    BTW Trump does not care about main street Americans, seems more interesting in dereg and setting up a dynasty. How about his anti Calif vehicle emissions view with a Hughs like makes cars cheaper Bernays sauce. Must have never enjoyed the daily smog everyone more than a few miles from the the coast breathed in everyday. Then some talk about lost productivity and health or malinvestment, why won’t Capital live where the take a dump …. I wonder …

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The thing I love so much about Trump is that he cares about the real people in America, the doers, the achievers, the hard workers, and hates lefty losers like exhibit A above.

  9. Trump has nearly got his asylum loophole blocking legalisation thru.
    Trump working for the US people – to protect & defend their borders and society from the criminal illegals.
    And next round, the US deportation of 14 million criminal Illegals who should not have been allowed in.

    That is policy Australia should be adopting.

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        It is a society breaking g up
        Awesome Medium piece about it which I’ll post
        Their health system is of course fked- they’re trying hard – quadruple aim, outcomes measures, integrated care but it’s a rear guard actuon

        • I’m not pro China anymore than being pro U.S. but some of the propaganda is weapons grade, it cuts both ways, I mean who pushed the anti sovereign TTP again with the ISDS to build a trading block against China and then bang on about liberal* markets … cough free markets …

          How many tortured logical fallacies can be assembled at one time …. shezzz

          • Yes Kodiak I would like to see a change in U.S. policy away from neoliberalism and expeditionary like spreading of so called free markets over a barrel. Do you have an issue with that and if you do please explain why.

          • If your going to evoke logical fallacy its incumbent on you to state it/them and show everyone your case, sorta like a flash back to having some ideologue bot respond with a placard of the human action axiom and claim victory … so droll … bye now …

      • “Then why are all the standards of living going down, including life span.”

        An influx of an illiterate peasant class would do that, when they are less productive and more of a drain on welfare, it is going to result in a reduction in welfare.

        An influx of an illiterate peasant class bringing in diseases long eradicated form the western world, of maintaining poor habits related to personal health such as diet and drug use… you’re going to find a reduction in health, not to mention the propensity to premature death from violence.

        • Post hoc, ergo propter hoc, Rusty … [waves at kodiak] …

          A. America was founded on massive waves of immigration [some unwilling], its a defining social characteristic in its social fabric, read the plaque on the statue of “Liberty”, read G. Washington’s letter about tradesmen working on his estate [build on land stolen from revolutionary soldiers imo] ….. etc …

          B. The South West of the U.S. – a Conservative region – has utilized itinerant labour since the northern area of Mexico was annexed, industrial Ag [waves at Chiquita] – animal husbandry and the construction industry as well has utilized this cheap labour well into this age. Various corners or Walmart parking lots are a black market labour pick up point for sole traders and others for underground labour hire. My uncle Bucky used to call Goldwater and give him a gob full every time a few try hard immigration boys came to his feedlot – cotton farm gate to take a few scalps to burnish their job profile.

          C. Don’t think they have any political influence or responsible for say the anti vaxxer movement or the opioid dramas and best for last the employment issues decades in the making since wages and productivity diverged.

          D. don’t think they drove the H-B visa agenda either.

          Lastly Liberals like them as house pets whilst Republicans like them to stay in their ghettos and only engage them through middle management policy enforcers – see 7/11 based out of Dallas et al.

          Have a nice night Rusty pal – buddy …