Overrun Monash students block Chinese takeover

Via The Age:

International students have been banned from contesting student elections at one of Victoria’s most prestigious universities, in a move to stop a group of Chinese students seizing control of the student union.

…Leaders of Monash University’s Caulfield campus student body last week passed a new rule that students wishing to run at next week’s election must be eligible to work 22 hours per week.

Foreigners on student visas are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week, meaning more than half the campus’ students are barred from running for election.

The international student group, which is considering legal action to fight the ruling, was tipped to comfortably win the election and take over the union.

More at SMH:

Monash University’s senior management is working behind closed doors with the student union to resolve the matter and avoid creating a perception that international students are discriminated against on campus.

International students – which make up 62 per cent of the campus population, more than double the national average – bring in a large proportion of the university’s revenue.

A candidate on the international student ticket and president of the university’s Chinese association attacked the ban and accused the student union’s leadership of disadvantaging Chinese student groups.

“We think this is a biased, racist decision against Chinese students and other international students,” Jack Guo said.

…National Union of Students international student officer Alex Wang said the move was an “affront to the democratic process”.

Let’s put aside the race baiting. What genius at Monash stuffed a single campus with 62% international students? It’s no wonder local kids feel they need to fight back, especially when mainland Chinese influence in particular has already shut down debates around freedom and Hong Kong. Local kids have effectively been ghettoised.

International students should have representation in student bodies and the experience of democracy itself is good for suppressed Chinese. But these numbers are preposterous given what we know about campus community and the deleterious impact on pedagogical standards of too many international students. As Professor Salvatore Babones argues today:

Addressing the National Press Club earlier this year in her role as chair of Universities Australia, Monash University vice-chancellor Margaret Gardner boasted that Australian universities have been ‘incredibly successful’ competitors in the international education marketplace…

Australia ranks third in the world in the number of international higher education students, trailing only the United States and the United Kingdom. Australia has more than twice as many as Canada, which has a population 50 per cent larger than Australia’s.

Measured on a per capita basis, Australia now hosts more international students than any other major country in the world. They make up 3.6 per cent of Australia’s total population, with international higher education students alone accounting for 1.5 per cent of Australia’s population.

At most of Australia’s universities, international students now account for more than 20 per cent of total enrollment. At Sydney, Melbourne, and ANU the figure is more than one-third. At the Sydney and Melbourne business schools, it’s more than two-thirds, with data not published for ANU.

No public university in the entire United States even comes close to these concentrations of international students. Only one, the University of California at San Diego, has more than half of the international student concentrations of Sydney, Melbourne, and ANU. If Australian public universities were included in an international student league table alongside American public universities, the Australians would fill all 20 slots at the top of the table and 31 of the top 33.

Which all raises the question: how much is too much?…

If the most successful American public universities are any guide, when it comes to international students, 10 per cent adds diversity to the student body, 15 per cent is the maximum reasonable level, and 20 per cent represents internationalisation gone wild. In Australia, the average level of international students across the entire university system is 26.7 per cent. By any reasonable standard, that’s too high.

Australian universities have jumped the shark. International student numbers need to be halved.

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  1. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    62%? Wow. My course at UWA had about 25% international student representation and that seemed a lot at the time (1990s). Nearly all were Singaporeans or Malay Chinese and had reasonable to very good levels of English.

    • This is because there is a clear difference between non-mainland Chinese from Singapore or Malaysia compared to those from mainland China.

      Many from the former group would be children of professionals who migrated to Australia in the 70s and 80s. They would probably have had a private school education, and growing up as a minority would have learnt to fit in, integrate and not stand out. Growing up in the country they would more likely identify as Australian, and would be equally impacted by the effects of supercharged immigration. Some would be fluent in their mother tongue, but many would not meaning they would have little in common with overseas students. Their parents would have had an English style education, as was the available in those countries and university qualifications from overseas were recognised here. It is a stark contrast from the nouveau riche, badly behaved full body Gucci look that stereotypes Chinese tourists now.

    • My course at UWA in 2016 had ~95% international students. We actually did a show of hands and there were only 3 domestic students.

  2. This is because the mainland Chinese students have been deliberately taking over the student councils at most major Australian Universities in the last 3 years.

    Today, the presidencies of the student representative council (SRC) and the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) are both held by candidates from Chinese international student blocs as are about half of the elected positions on student union boards.

    Weihong Liang, who served two terms as SUPRA president until resigning in July when he graduated to take a job in China, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party


    and it’s not jsut U Syd, it’s UTS, UNSW & Melbourne:

    Organised factions of Chinese international students are dominating elections at Australia’s major universities, beating the established political parties at the same time as national authorities warn about foreign influence.

  3. 62% ! My kids ain’t goin there!
    And now I see why rich high schools in Melbourne are running tours of US Ivy League colleges

    • Do you really think that another “Prestigious” University like The University of Chinebourne …. oops, I mean Melbourne, is any better?
      Also, as entry standards have gone down, the quality of local student has in many cases plummeted.
      Overly-entitled, childish, poorly behaved, disruptive, inconsiderate, while simultaneously demanding that staff treat them with respect and as adults.
      My hope is that they encounter and epic “reality slap” when they get out into the real world and the workforce.
      A significant proportion of local university students I would not trust to wipe my elderly mother’s backside.

      International students are usually far better behaved and considerate in comparison.

  4. When in doubt just pull out the race card. Ole whitey is sure to retreat and subject themselves to an extended period of self-flagellation.

    They would do the same thing in their own country, after all.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      Why should they be excluded, they are paying customers just as much as Aussie students ?.

      Can’t have it both ways and pick and choose who gets it participate in democracy.

      Will be an excellent real life learning experience for the Aussie students. Those that still care at any rate.

      • In reality I don’t think they be should excluded but there should be rules around the concentration of reps so that no one faction can take control. The whole point of a student body is to be as representative as possible and definitely not to acquire so much power as to utilise it to the detriment of others.

        Even someone with a peanut for a brain can appreciate that. (I hope)

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          Haha you are just describing the problem with modern day democracy writ large !. When I was at uni I thought the student union was filled with wannabe politician plonkers and avoided them like the plague.

          I reckon it will make great viewing watching the hand wringing over whether to adhere to democratic principles or exclude a group based on possible disagreeable intentions. Especially when any faction dominated Union starts trying to influence institutional policies.

          You reap what you sow I guess.

      • “Can’t have it both ways and pick and choose who gets it participate in democracy. “

        Of course you can, every democracy places limits on who gets to participate, either by right to vote or right to be elected.

  5. Ironic that the Chinese students are complaining about the democratic rights being trampled due to the new rules of the Student Council.

    Is the CCP aware of their subversive tendencies?

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I was listening to my Boomer inlaws on Sunday go on and on about all the Consessions they get as part pensioners.
    $2.50 to travel on public transport all day from Wollongong to Newcastle and out to Bathurst all for 2 bucks fifty.
    After enduring them going through a litany of other benefits they get I pipe up and say,
    “my kids won’t be getting as easy a life as your Generation had”
    This always starts an argument that gets me introuble with my missus.
    But nice people that my in-laws are It shytes me to death how easily placated they are with their little tummy rubs from our treasonous Politicians.
    They go on about loving their Grandchildren and wanting to always see them but couldn’t give 2 Fks about how the LNP that they vote for Rapes them at every new policy opportunity.

    How Fking hard is it to cap International student numbers at no more than 25% or 30% of any Australian educational institution.

    The vice chancellors of our Universities need to be all lined up against a wall and Fking shot!

    • Let them know that the rules about those on welfare receiving drug tests will be applied to pensioners in the future.

    • Apparently you’re not allowed to complain about child rape here anymore MiBo :(. Watch on silently an meekly as they get bent over and pumped full-hard (with debt) by a sweaty red-faced boomer like Lowe or Byers or Scummo or whoeverthefuсk is the Treasury Secretary this week…. we don’t talk about that.

      Pumping rounds into VCs is ok, though. 😉

    • One can’t ever underestimate the innate solipsism of others.
      Particularly the solipsism of Baby Boomers.

    • “”The vice-chancellors of our Universities need to be all lined up against a wall and Fking shot!””

      As a side note.
      The former University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor. from January 2005 until September 2018; Glyn “Boofhead” Davis and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “The Dudd” were and are, good mates. Make of that what you will.

      In the light of what is happening currently; have a look at this crock from 2018.


      According to Wikipedia …. Davis was selected by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to present the 51st Boyer Lectures series, on-air from 14 November 2010, with the topic of “The Republic of Learning: higher education transforms Australia”

      Yeah; it’s transformed Australia alright!

    • “How Fking hard is it to cap International student numbers at no more than 25% or 30% of any Australian educational institution.”

      No, it needs to be based on the population of the country. Remember they get 20 Hrs/week work rights. This means that all easy jobs will be difficult to get (especially when the economy is not doing good). Look at the Graph in the article. USA has 300/100000 Population. This is what we should aim for. We have something like 1550/100000 population. About 5 times that of USA. This is insane.

  7. When Australian universities start attracting the best and brightest from US, Canada, UK and Western Europe I’ll start believing they are anywhere near to competing with the UK and US sandstone/Ivy league universities.

  8. It is proudly stated on Vic’s number plates … Education State.

    How to achieve this vision for the state … stuff the unis full of students … overseas, local … it don’t matter

    • they’re all on the take and candidates and parties who call this out are labelled as ‘racist’ by the useful idiots on the Left and the cuckolded Liberal Party.

  9. They’re not students, they’re customers. Denying your international customers from having a say in your ‘product’ will definitely make them angry, especially since they outnumber the locals 2 to 1.

    I miss the days when international students at our universities were capped at 10%.

  10. All spiezzzz, learn our technology, medical developments, IT innovations…learn new ways on how to do things that the mainland block…then export them back to chinaaa…they are doing it globally…

    • Tiliqua scincoides

      I suspect the university will support the group who bring in the most $$ unless political pressure is applied.

  11. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    The metric should be the legal ownership of at least 2 investment properties in Australia. That way you guarantee that student bodies are being led by the best and brightest and those who contribute the most to Australian society.

  12. “”one of Victoria’s most prestigious universities””

    That might have been the case some 10-15 years ago.
    Nowadays, the statement is an oxymoron.

  13. “What genius at Monash stuffed a single campus with 62% international students?”

    The kind of genius that gets paid a million-dollar, Vice-Chancellor’s salary?

  14. Didn’t I tell you all there should be a Local Student Association?! And people scoffed.

    I didn’t think it would take the guise of a Student Union, but not complaining.

  15. How great is it to be lectured about the deficiencies of our “democratic process” by squalid foreign invaders from a murderous and odious tin pot dictatorship like China.

    Fcuk Jack Guo. Also Fcuk Alex Wang. I hope terrible things happen to both of them.

    I recently gave a lecture at a G8 university where the course convener advised that around 80% of the class were foreign full fee paying. There were only 3 people in the class who looked like me and my kids. I’ll be having words with the head of school about this sh1t in a few weeks time. They won’t be nice words, either.