Morrison: Liu a “great Australian”, plays race card

Via The Australian:

Scott Morrison has thrown his support behind embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu, saying she is a “great Australian” and accused Labor of a “grubby smear” against her and all Chinese-Australians.

…“Gladys is a Chinese-born Australian. Does that make her in cahoots with the Chinese Government? Of course no. It is a ridiculous suggestion and I think it is an insult to every single Chinese-Australian in this country,” Mr Morrison said.

“You know, it wouldn’t be the first time — wouldn’t be the first time — the Labor Party has made comments like this in my home state of NSW. We all remember the last NSW state election. What did they say, ‘Asians will take your jobs’.

“The Labor Party have to take a good, hard look at themselves as to why they are pursuing this matter. They might want to dress it up as national security but I think 1.2 million Australians of Chinese heritage get the point.”

And just to finish us all off with an Orwellian bullet to the head:

Speaking on Sydney’s 2GB with Alan Jones on Thursday morning, former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce said any MP should be removed if they are found to have allegiances to China. “There is an expectation that you have undivided loyalty to Australia and a sense of patriotism … and there’s no person who has a leave pass from that process,” he said. “That’s why we have ASIO – to have some form of oversight and to give confidence to the Australian people, that if somebody is not able to pass muster then the appropriate action would be taken to remove them.”

ASIO did inform the Government that Liu was compromised. She admitted as much herself today, after denying it yesterday. The interview speaks for itself where her sovereign allegiances lie.

The wider press is caught between wokesterism and the national interest. David Crowe at Domain bizarrely claims that this is not alike to Sam Dastayari then says:

…The questions are about the money she has raised, where it has come from and why she was once a member of a group that spread propaganda from Beijing.

Her answer, so far, is she is conducting an audit of those past memberships. The results cannot come soon enough.

The questions around Liu are exactly the same as those that brought down Sam Dastayari and they must be asked whether she’s Chinese, Aboriginal or Martian.

Her ethnicity is irrelevant, Prime Minister.

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  1. As you said in another thread, its bloody sobering to know that the balance of power in the Australian federal government is currently held by an agent of the CCP… #WTF #Straya #AusPol

  2. meh – this will all blow over. In a week the story will have died. Maybe some boat people will arrive to distract the media.

    Labor is incapable of sticking it to the LNP – withness the previous scandal with Julie Bishop’s $450,000 Glorious Chinese Foundation.

    • “meh – this will all blow over. In a week the story will have died”

      And that’s part of the problem.

      In other words, Israel Folau’s view is more of an issue in public.

  3. “Gladys is a Chinese-born Australian. Does that make her in cahoots with the Chinese Government? Of course no.”

    Gladys is Australian born, it doesn’t mean she’s in cahoots with Australian people either, by that logic.

    Maybe she’s being assessed by what she does, rather than other criteria.

    But there is other dross…. from Barnaby…

    “There is an expectation that you have undivided loyalty to Australia”…

    close Barnaby, close.

    ” undivided loyalty to the Australian people” would be better. Show us those credentials Barnaby,

    • Its such a non-argument, people aren’t referring the cahoots based on her race they are basing it of the fact she worked for a entity which is. Politics is such tripe

      • Hard to tell if you’re being sarcastic or not but I’ll assume you’re not (society inherently good and all that).

        What else can Scumo say – think of the real politik… If he says: 1. “Traitor!!! remove her from my sight…” – he is not likely to regain the seat – by all accounts Liberals were lucky to get the seat and they used dirty tactics (same colour scheme as the AEC – purple) on an illiterate (from what we’re lead to believe) electorate.

        However, if he says 2. “racists! poor miss China lady etc.” as he has done, he paints Labor as being the baddies.

        Is this is the nations interest? Obviously no, but you can see the argument for ‘yes’, from a megalomaniacs perspective… By all accounts Labor is more tied to China than the Liberal party (by exactly how much is impossible to tell (RC INTO POLITICAL DONATIONS!!)), but let’s assume this is right – Scomo must do all he can to hold power, thus doing anything to keep Labor / China away from power. I’m sure all politicians justify their misdeeds by telling themselves these misdeeds helped get them in power to do all the good things they have done (and otherwise would not have been done…).

        PS: Can you please reply to my question on the iron ore update dated 10 September 🙂

  4. ASIO, To Scomo Before the election:- Weed her out for all our sakes, she’s compromised, her compass is broken.

    Scomo:- I DGAS! I need that vote, I need the numbers – power before the people…… Oh, & what’s a compass……?

  5. “There is an expectation that you have undivided loyalty to Australia and a sense of patriotism …”

    And Then There Were None

  6. Of course she’s working for the CPC. She’s almost certainly receiving direction from the United Front.