Gulf War 3.0?

Via ABC:

Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from its territory in the attack on a key Saudi oil facility Saturday, a senior Trump administration official told ABC News Sunday.

It is an extraordinary charge to make, that Iran used missiles and drones to attack its neighbor and rival Saudi Arabia, as the region teeters on the edge of high tensions.

President Donald Trump warned the U.S. was “locked and loaded” to respond to the attack on Sunday, waiting for verification of who was responsible and for word from Saudi Arabia on how to proceed.

Here’s the Tweet:

We shall see. Markets are still fairly calm.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • first, there is nothing for Iran to gain to attack. Iran knows it will invite response so will not do it. Did Houthis got help from Iran to build missiles and drones? Yes. But then again, Saudi Arabia buys US weapons and what is wrong with that?
      US is complaining that Iran sells Yemen weapons to defend itself.
      Are you suggesting Yemen should only cope indiscriminate bombing until it capitulate?

    • but on the other side I seriously doubt there will be any protests to prevent the war. Some EU governments will try and that is a fact but will the succeed?

      • Both my sisters have travelled through Iran and loved it. I’m not a fan of women going solo through those regions, but in general the middle-east is actually very hospitable. I found in my travels through Jordan, Syria etc.. that on the whole people are very friendly (almost too friendly) and as a result I often was a bit suspicious of their motives, but it’s just a cultural difference. In the West we assume strangers are nice to us because they want to sell us something. In the ME people are hospitable by nature to strangers. I was a bit worried about being kidnapped in the ME because at the time I went the Iraq war was still in full swing and I was on my own.

        I have been in parts of the US where I felt quite unsafe. So I tend to agree with you.

  1. I’m old enough to remember the same things said about Iraq. 2.0 before that went bang. Fury was to be unleashed across the ME, America was to be beaten by the super strong Iraq army, etc. Instead the Yanks kicked in a rotting door.

  2. We only have the US assertions that Iran launched missiles and Drones on the Saudi oil infrastructure.
    Given their track record why would anyone believe them ?

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      I don’t think that is the point, to be honest. Or more pointedly, I don’t think that little factoid matters all that much.

    • Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. If Trump is saying they did it, it’s preparation for war.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Just as well ScoMo will be in DC later this week being feted by The Donald in a Presidential dinner?

        • ScoMo will be willing to pay the USA in the ready coin of Aussie diggers blood in the sands of Iran.

    • The oil price boost is just what the upcoming Saudi Aramco IPO desperately needs, which in turn has prompted some to wonder if the “Yemen” attack on Saudi Arabia wasn’t in fact orchestrated by Saudi interests. 18 years after Sept 11, this shouldn’t sound all that outlandish.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Why would anyone believe them? Aaahhh… the old WMD defence. Categorically proves that anything the US ever says will now be a lie, eh?

      Not quite. I’ll reserve my opinion but immediately leaping to the conclusion the US is lying is also foolhardy.

        • Even StevenMEMBER

          I’m not an American apologist. But that was over 50 years ago. I’m sure we can trawl through any nation’s history and find dishonest behaviour.

          Case in point, Australia: Children overboard.
          Case in point, China: Not going to militarise South China Seas.

          Whilst these didn’t initiate a war, I’m sure the history buffs around here will have oodles of examples to provide you. The only reason there aren’t more examples of other countries initiating a war with the West is because… they would be fighting a stronger power (the US, or an ally). You think other countries would be any better if they had the power of the US?

          I don’t trust the US. But nor do I distrust them (any more than I would most countries). I’m just saying don’t let your obvious dislike of the yanks cloud your judgement.

          • It is in human nature to distrust entities that have tendencies to regularly distort the truth or lie outright, particularly if such occurrences are across a number of regime changes and within a particular 4/8yo regime.
            Presuming truth is said – carries greater chance for an error than presuming lie or not opining at all.
            Fool me once… fool me twice.

          • here is the full list of US interventions, The only other empires that come close are the Roman and it’s other off shoot , the British.
            As long as usa exists there will never be peace where usa put “foot”
            U.S interventions around the globe (interventions, operations, instigations)
            1840 – invasion of Fiji.
            1841 – genocide on the island of Upolu (Drummond).
            1843 – invasion of China.
            1846-1848 war with Mexico.
            1846 – aggression against the New Granada (Colombia).
            1849 – shelling of Indochina.
            1852 – invasion of Argentina.
            1853-1856 – invasion of China.
            1853 – invasion of Argentina and Nicaragua.
            1854 – the destruction of the Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Norte.
            1854 – an attempt to capture the Hawaiian Islands.
            1855 – invasion and coup in Nicaragua.
            1855 – invasion of Fiji and Uruguay.
            1856 – invasion of Panama.
            1858 – intervention in Fiji, genocide.
            1858 – invasion of Uruguay.
            1859 – attack on the Japanese fort of Taku.
            1859 – invasion of Angola.
            1860 – invasion of Panama.
            1863 – punitive expedition to Shimonoseki (Japan).
            1864 – military expedition to Japan.
            1865 – invasion of Paraguay, genocide, 85% of the population destroyed.
            1865 – intervention of Panama, coup d’état.
            1866 – an attack on Mexico.
            1866 – punitive expedition to China.
            1867 – attack on the Midway Islands.
            1868 – repeated invasion of Japan.
            1868 – invasion of Uruguay and Colombia.
            1874 – the entry of troops into China and Hawaii.
            1876 ??- invasion of Mexico.
            1878 – attack on Samoa.
            1882 – the entry of troops into Egypt.
            1888 – an attack on Korea.
            1889 – punitive expedition to Hawaii.
            1890 – the introduction of troops in Haiti.
            1890 – the introduction of troops into Argentina.
            1891 – intervention in Chile.
            1891 – punitive expedition to Haiti.
            1893 – the introduction of troops into Hawaii, the invasion of China.
            1894 – intervention in Nicaragua.
            1894-1896 – invasion of Korea.
            1894-1895 – the war in China.
            1895 – invasion of Panama.
            1896 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
            1898 – the capture of the Philippines, genocide (600,000 Filipinos).
            1898 – invasion of the port of San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua).
            1898 – the capture of the Hawaiian Islands.
            1899-1901 – war with the Philippines.
            1899 – invasion of the Nicaraguan port of Bluefields.
            1901 – the entry of troops into Colombia.
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            1905 – the entry of troops into Korea.
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            1906-1909 – invasion of Cuba.
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            1908 – invasion of Panama.
            1910 – invasion of Bluefields and Corintho (Nicaragua).
            1911 – intervention in Honduras.
            1911 – genocide in the Philippines.
            1911 – the introduction of troops into China.
            1912 – the capture of Havana (Cuba).
            1912 – intervention in Panama during the elections.
            1912 – invasion of Honduras.
            1912-1933 – the occupation of Nicaragua.
            1914 – intervention in the Dominican Republic.
            1914-1918 – a series of incursions into Mexico.
            1914-1934 – the occupation of Haiti.
            1916-1924 – occupation of the Dominican Republic.
            1917-1933 – the occupation of Cuba.
            1918-1922 – occupation of the Russian Far East.
            1918-1920 – the introduction of troops into Panama.
            1919 – landing of troops in Costa Rica.
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            1919 – intervention in Honduras during the elections.
            1920 – intervention in Guatemala.
            1922 – intervention in Turkey.
            1922-1927 – intervention in China.
            1924-1925 – invasion of Honduras.
            1925 – military operations in Panama.
            1926 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
            1927-1934 – the occupation of China.
            1932 – the invasion of El Salvador.
            1936 – intervention in Spain.
            1937 – won with Japan.
            1937 – intervention in Nicaragua, state coup.
            1939 – the introduction of troops in China.
            1941-1945 – the genocide of the civilian population of Germany (Dresden, Hamburg).
            1945 – nuclear attack on Japan.
            1945-1991 – sabotage activity against the USSR. (Invasion of the airspace – more than 5000, parachute assaults –
            1940, direct diversions, the total budget – 13 trillion dollars).
            1946 – punitive operations in Yugoslavia.
            1946-1949 – the bombing of China.
            1947-1948 – Reconciliation of Vietnam, genocide.
            1947-1949 – military operations in Greece.
            1948-1953 – military operations in the Philippines.
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            1956 – the beginning of military assistance to Tibetan insurgents in the fight against China.
            1957-1958 – an attempt to overthrow the government in Indonesia.
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            1961-1964 – a military coup in Brazil.
            1961 – a terrorist war against Cuba using bacteriological weapons.
            1962 – punitive operations in Guatemala.
            1963-1966 – coup d’état and punitive operations in the Dominican Republic.
            1964 – punitive operation in Panama.
            1964 – support for the coup in Brazil.
            1964-1974 – interference in the internal affairs of Greece.
            1965 – a coup d’état in Indonesia, genocide.
            1965-1973 – aggression against Vietnam.
            1966 – intervention in Guatemala.
            1967 – Support for the coup and subsequent fascist regime in Greece.
            1968 – hunting for Che Guevara in Bolivia.
            1971-1973 – the bombing of Laos.
            1971 – American military assistance in the coup in Bolivia.
            1972 – the entry of troops into Nicaragua.
            1973 – coup in Chile.
            1973 – terror in Uruguay.
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            1974 – preparation of aggression in Portugal.
            1974 – attempted coup in Cyprus.
            1975 – the occupation of Western Sahara, the introduction of troops in Morocco.
            1975 – interference in the internal affairs of Australia.
            1975 – an attack on Cambodia.
            1975-1989 – Support for the genocide in East Timor.
            1978 – military assistance to the dictator, financing of the genocide.
            1979 – Support for the cannibal Bocas.
            1979 – military assistance to the rebels of Yemen.
            1980-1992 – military presence in El Salvador, special operations, genocide.
            1980-1990 – military assistance to Iraq. A million dead in ten years.
            1980 – support and funding of the Khmer Rouge.
            1980 – operation “Gladio” in Italy, 86 victims.
            1980 – punitive operation in South Korea.
            1981 – attempted coup in Zambia.
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            1981-1990 – Contra support, terrorism, genocide.
            1982 – interference in the internal affairs of Suriname.
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            1984 – two Iranian planes were shot down.
            1984 – mining of the bays of Nicaragua.
            1985 – financing of the genocide in Chad.
            1986 – an attack on Libya.
            1986-1987 – attack on an Iranian ship in international waters, the destruction of the Iranian oil platform.
            1986 – financing and military support of social terror, seizure of natural resources.
            1987-1988 – participation in the Iraq war against Iran, the use of chemical weapons.
            1988 – financing of terror and genocide in Turkey.
            1988 – the explosion of a passenger plane “Pan American” over Scotland. The wine was recognized in 2003.
            1988 – invasion of Honduras.
            1988 – the destruction of the Iranian passenger aircraft.
            1989 – intervention in Panama.
            1989 – two Libyan planes were shot down.
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            1990 – the genocide in Guatemala.
            1990 – Iraq’s naval blockade.
            1990 – financing of the Bulgarian opposition ($ 1.5 million)
            1991 – aggression against Iraq.
            1991 – the bombing of Kuwait.
            1992-1994 – the occupation of Somalia.
            1992 – genocide and terror in the capture of the natural resources of Angola (destroyed 650,000 people).
            1993-1995 – the bombing of Bosnia.
            1994-1996 – terror against Iraq.
            1994 – genocide in Rwanda (about 800,000 people).
            1995 – the bombing of Croatia.
            1998 – the destruction of a missile strike by a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.
            1998 – the bombing of Iraq.
            1999 – aggression against Yugoslavia.
            2001 – invasion of Afghanistan.
            2002 – the entry of troops into the Philippines.
            2003 – actions in Liberia.
            2003 – clashes with Syrian border guards.
            2004 – the entry of troops into Haiti.
            2004 – Attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.
            2008 – the invasion of Pakistan.
            2008 – The war in South Ossetia
            2011 – The war in Libya
            2013 – The war in Syria
            2014 – The War in Ukraine
            2018 – Syria, Africa
            Source: VIS MAIOR Mr. Universe Jan 10, 2018 11:51 PMPermalink

    • ChristopherMEMBER

      Given what Saudi Arabia has been doing in Yemen, this attack was thoroughly deserved. Not only this, Saudi Arabia is the exporter of religious extremism leading to global terror. Iran is not in the same league. America chooses to ignore this and prefers to twist the facts.
      Add to these, its treatment of women, especially foreign workers who are frequently abused. I rest my case.

    • I don’t think they care and I seriously doubt it was Iran given that no defensive systems were triggered. They just want a diversion away from the creaking economic system.

  3. Seems a silly thing for Iran to have done, if indeed they did it.

    Why do it, really?

    Doesn’t make sense to me…do I smell something else going on?

    Look! A distraction! …??

    • False flag operation?

      Who cares?! They can all go kill each other.

      Pity about the kids that will die, but.

    • the principal beneficiary from higher oil prices is Saudia Arabia. number 2 on the list is the US, only slightly behind them is Russia.

      It’s (higher oil prices) are actually against China’s interest and whilst it is marginally in Iran’s interest, the downside risk and penalties from doing it directly far, far outweight the slight financial benefit they will receive.

      make of that what you will

  4. the key difference is that Trump is not GW Bush – he is not a hawk and he doesn’t have a hawk controlling him (Cheney) – the most hawkish in the administration just got sacked because he was too hawkish
    also Boris is not Blair, his main focus is not on foreign policy and world policing and spreading democracy – quite the opposite he is inside looking small tyrant not really interested what barbarians outside of UK do
    they also have no personal or close friend commercial oil related interests in middle east
    no matter how crazy it may sound middle east has not been so unimportant globally as it’s today with it’s share of oil production below 30% and with prospects of future falls. They are simply not worth going to a war anymore so large part of a reason that could push USA or some other western country to the war there must be personal reason of a leader – and neither Trump nor Boris seem to have any personal interest in middle east

    • Won’t be boots on the ground, but the US will start sending tomahawk missile into Iran to attack their oil refinery and infrastructure in retaliation, and Iran will finish their nuclear bomb. Eventually we may see the two holiest places of the world’s leading religion become a nuclear wasteland.

      • That last bit would be a pretty good outcome.

        Again, pity about all the kids that will die in the name of that progress.

      • In all seriousness, there is not a chance of a nuclear war being contained to the middle East, or any singular region for that matter. Once nuclear warheads start flying overhead, its mutual assured destruction. The entire planet becomes a nuclear wasteland.

        • Analysis shows that even a “small” nuclear war, say between India and Pakistan will pump so much dust into the air that it will cause global cooling in the Northern Hemisphere.

    • Jared has plenty of friends and interests in the ME and specifically SA. Which means that Ivanka does. Which means that lecherous creepy dad, Trump, also does.

  5. When retired general Wesley Clark cited a pentagon document to invade countries in the ME, the last country on the list in that document was Iran. Is Trump more stupid than his threats? Whilst higher oil prices favour US own production they do not favour the higher interest rates a ME war would cause spiking oil prices causing another oil shock. IMHO if Gulf War 3 happens it would not be limited to just 2 countries. China and Iran have recently concluded a 25 year oil deal in Yuan (not dollars) so the US would be fighting both China & Russia in any war with Iran. Only a very desperate madman would attempt such a war and we haven’t had one of those as leader of a western power since WW2.

  6. If there is a war with Iran, this should prove, once and for all, that Trump was never a ‘Jacksonian’ president. Trump, for better or for worse, is someone guided by his own personal instinct rather than a grand strategy.

  7. the persians should rule the middle east again

    they’re clearly better than arabalonians, syriacs and turcopoles anyway

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      That’s how it seems to me too. Many seem to immediately jump to the conclusion US is lying, in the absence of any other information.