Bolt lights fuse on “time bomb” Gladys Liu

OMG, this is a poor look:

Enjoy your White House dinner with that in the kit bag, ScoMo.

More on the fallout:

Nothing like an early government by-election on China links!

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  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Hopefully it doesn’t trigger another McDonald’s episode in Scomo’s pants before he sits down with Trumpy for some KFC.

  2. Sco Mo will back her for much longer than is politically viable. Very much a swing seat and only has a 2 seat majority to play with.

        • How does an electorate get to a point of being 70% Chinese or any other ethnicity? Something just isn’t right at that point…

        • Every AusPost in my area bar one is Chinese, and even outside my area I’ve not been to one that isn’t Chinese owned. So I’m not saying it’s not ok, but reflects how Melbourne in my case is changing. The other thing I’ve noticed is the $2.00 shops are mostly Chinese, and they are way more expensive than going to a normal retail store while we still have some left. All the crap is made in China and I would have thought they’d sell for less.

        • John Howards Bowling Coach

          Matt, according to the 2016 Census the percentage of Chisholm who are ethnic Chinese is 19.7%, although it is likely to have grown since then, it is not going to be close to 70%. However the reality is that both the LNP and ALP put up candidate who are unrepresentative for something like 80% of the electorate. If I was still living there I would have been asking why? It’s a very clear example of Australian political parties pandering to a minority, at the expense of the greater Australian population.

      • You only need a dedicated vote of 5-8 % to swing a tight vote. It would be interesting to see the English translations of all her election material (including tweets).

        I suspect there was some pretty nasty homophobic stuff there based on reputably what went around in Mandarin at the previous election and material circulated during marriage equality poll.

        I wonder if the dissident O/S students at Monash Caulfield campus have been to see her as she is probably their local member?

  3. I can’t recall!!!!!!!!! She’d know the serial number of every model of BMW X5 she’s ever had, the number of times she’s been to Costco over the last decade and every Gucci bag she’s owned, but membership of the CCP?? We are well and truly fvcked with these grubs in Parliament.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    She has my full support because she was the one that made me realise that if Labor won the election they would teach kids in school how to become a tranny!

    • She wouldn’t know what the word meant. Didn’t learn that word during the group assignments at uni.

    • The journalists that uncovered this information about the good liberal MP deserve to be raided by the AFP!

  5. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    GAAAAAWN – really obvious that all was not what it seemed. Well done Bolt on not taking any prisoners on that topic either side of politics. Our way of living and sovereignty is genuinely under threat lately. We are taking money from sources we should not be, and paying for it dearly.

  6. And if Labor wasn’t being run by such compromised snowflakes, they would be hammering the Libs on this issue.

  7. She got there with Hard Right backing. Scumo will have to juggle hard. But she is one of the anointed tryers.

  8. MB should tweet Trump about this – would probably have a better chance of having ScoMo being scrutinised on the issue.

  9. And the ABC was celebrating how the debate for the seat of Chisholm was conducted in Mandarin:

    The federal election campaign has claimed an historic moment: the first time a political debate between two candidates has been held in Mandarin.

    The Labor and Liberal candidates for the seat of Chisholm are both fluent in Mandarin and about one-fifth of voters in their electorate have Chinese background.

    What a joke.

    • And yet it was also the ABC that did the research, discovered and prosecuted the story. You must be feeling quite conflicted.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      The conflicted Virtue Signalling from the ABC/SBS has no limit. We are expected to give up our benefits and nation for the benefit of anyone who wants to come here. How about get %^ked? Australia, my motherland is for our own people, not for the world to enjoy at our cost.

  10. It’s pretty easy to spot the people on the take. Just ask them to describe the CCP & Xi and the goings on there and words are chosen very carefully!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      This! It’s even easier than the Spanish Inquisition where they had to go around offering people ham sandwiches.

  11. TailorTrashMEMBER

    In that interview the lady made Dastyari look like an honerable gentleman .
    I least he admitted he fcuked up and resigned .
    This lady will keep lying and won’t resign . Any real journos left in Straya need to keep digging .
    Hope Scomo watched that interview … good is Gladys indeed …..

  12. The ‘Xi’ sound in Chinese sounds basically like the letter ‘C’, whats with the constant mutilation of what are quite simple sounds

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      It is a different language and Chinese is not actually written in English but Pinjin which was designed to teach Russian speakers Chinese languages. They are not mutilating sounds, just speaking their own language, not ours. That of course is a big part of the problem, that they don’t and choose not to speak English even when they have migrated here, and remained aligned their motherland.