UQ joins UTS and Curtin aiding Uighur annihilation

First it was UTS and Curtin:

Two Australian universities are reviewing funding and research approval procedures due to concerns over links to technology that is being used to carry out mass human rights abuses by the Chinese Government in Xinjiang province.

Last night, Four Corners revealed that the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is conducting an internal review into its $10 million partnership with CETC, a Chinese state-owned military tech company that developed an app that Chinese security forces use to track and detain Muslim Uyghur citizens in Xinjiang.

…Curtin University in Perth is reviewing its research approval procedures after Four Corners revealed that an associate professor at the university has been involved in developing methods to better identify ethnic minorities in China using artificial intelligence.

Now it’s UQ:

The University of Queensland has launched an investigation into one of its professors who formed an artificial intelligence company — allegedly used by Beijing to surveil minority ­Uighurs — while working at the ­institution and receiving taxpayer-funded research grants.

Heng Tao Shen, who became one of UQ’s youngest ever professors in 2011, formed the China-based Koala AI Technology in 2015 after being named as an elite “Thousand Talents Scholar” by the Chinese Communist Party.

An Australian Strategic Policy Institute paper to be released today reveals Professor Shen, who has relocated to China but still holds an honorary professorship at UQ, built Koala AI into a $200 million company that provides surveillance technology used by the Chinese government to monitor Uighur Muslims.

If the investigations bear out the allegations then the institutions should be shut pure and simple. This goes way beyond systems failure. It is complete values meltdown. These are supposed to be the bastions of the enlightenment.

It’s surely no coincidence that these same three universities have been the most vociferous in defence of the Chinese international student trade? Along with a very ill-advised Sydney University over the weekend, via Chris Uhlmann:

So, as an expert in intellectual property, Sydney University’s vice-chancellor, Michael Spence, would know he wasn’t offering a novel idea when he gave an interview to this newspaper on Saturday to address the growing debate over Chinese Communist Party influence on his campus and in the community.

“We have to be careful this whole debate doesn’t have overtones of the White Australia Policy,” Spence said. “That’s just frightening as well as kind of dumb.”

After offering a frightening ad hominem attack on those who dared raise uncomfortable questions he reached for another dumb fallacious argument by inventing strawmen who apparently believe his university should be educating a homogenous group of Anglo-Saxons and a few Commonwealth students.

Given these pitiful distractions would see Spence trounced in a high school debate it’s reasonable to ask why he wants to slap a racist stop clause on this discussion. Maybe he doesn’t want to address the mess he, and many of his fellow vice-chancellors, made as they built gilded palaces on the rivers of gold flowing from full-fee-paying foreign students, most of whom come from China.

These sell-outs need a good dose of Andrew Hastie:

“Right now our greatest vulnerability lies not in our infrastructure, but in our thinking.”

“That intellectual failure makes us institutionally weak. If we don’t understand the challenge ahead for our civil society, in our parliaments, in our universities, in our private enterprises, in our charities — our little platoons — then choices will be made for us. Our sovereignty, our freedoms, will be diminished.”

“The West once believed that economic liberalisation would naturally lead to democratisation in China.”

“This was our Maginot Line. It would keep us safe, just as the French believed their series of steel and concrete forts would guard them against the German advance in 1940. But their thinking failed catastrophically. The French had failed to appreciate the evolution of mobile warfare.”

Australians universities are sick to the point of nauseating.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Imagine if the trade war between the US and China keeps escalating to the point of a possible armed confrontation, what good are we as allies when we have over 2 million Chinese fifth columnists in the country.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    If the Uggers would just behave themselves there wouldn’t be these issues. I think it’s all coming back to the incompatible Islamic ideology again.

  3. Let’s get rid of all these international $tudent$.
    For the sake of my children and my country.

    • All that we need to achieve that is…a higher bidder.

      Will you pay the eleventy-four bajillion dollars to the unis to NOT take the students? They’d gladly close their doors to those morons, if only they could get the same revenue somewhere else.

      One institution that could do it is Treasury/RBA – print money & give it to unis in order to actually advance Australian science and learning and skills. But we’ve seen what the government did to the CSIRO. So you know what to expect on that front.

    • Spot on. Australian universities have been restructured by the same managerialism that is required for all neo-liberal races to the bottom. A big part of this is incentivising CEOs and key staff towards unethical and socially reprehensible actions. University salaries for VCs is the prime indicator of a sick system run by sell outs who have sold their souls to the neoliberal game plan.

      Neoliberal management:

      1. Argue for self-regulation and self governance.

      2. Install incentivised CEOs and money focused boards to do what no sane or ethical person would ordinarily do and abandon professional principles.

      3. Cut public funding.

      4. Wait for money to be generated by a new and morally bankrupt economy that sells reputation and public utility built over 100s of years. Trash benefits to society for benefits to the institution.

      • Clive you keep writing keepers. I cut and paste that and added it to my notes (credited to you)

        You have a talent for cutting through the bull and articulating an issue with great clarity.

        Thank you.

      • Clive, the Universities are already regulated by TEQSA.

        If you read the HESF Standards for 2015 the very first standard requires Higher Education Providers to ensure they admit students into their course who have the academic preparation and English language proficiency for their intended course.

        Now, if TEQSA was a proper regulator and conducted site visits where evidence of student course work was obtained it would be obvious the overseas students would not have the English language proficiency for their course, it’s more of a case of regulatory capture than greedy VC’s.

  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    I’m considering a special category ­Uighur protection visa available for those with the means to buy new build units in the 2020 postcode.

  5. Why isn’t this surveillance technology & tracking used in Australia? Would have been useful in Sydney cbd recent attack & others.

    And they are only sort of ‘muzzies’

    They are Turkastani – (urghyr is an invented word like say the Afghan Hazara – another Mongol Muslim sub group or the Royhinga (bangladeshi squatters in rakkihine State Myanmar).

    They are heavily discriminated against by other Muslims – the Arabs, South Asian, Turkish & South East European Muslims who say they are not real Muslims – but apostate & just slaves of Islam or converted to Islam to avoid paying the slave tax.

    The Turkastani are a Mongol / Turkic residue – left over from when Khan II adopted Islam as his Mongol empire as the most effective slave & tributary ideology..

    It’s an interesting story – the Mongol empire ran an RFI in what best to replace their primitive pagan gods with an empirical faith – (aka Helena & Constantine for the Byzantine & later Roman Christian empire) – & they examined & had leading representatives from Christianity, Zorarastarian & Islam.

    Islam was by far the most violent aggressive miltary, political & social ideology that suited the Mongol horde. It embodied skygods, pagan rituals, non equality & savagery by an master elite with the bulk of the empire being non believers & slaves rules by Mongol masters.

    The Mongol empire then included India, South Asia Mughals etc) & Eastern Europe.
    No Arab cleric with desert sand between his toes & a Quran in his hand ever ‘converted’ the vast bulk of Muslims to Islam (over 1.1 billion of the 1.5 billion Muslims today).
    It was a top down forced imposition – in India up to 40% of the Hindu population was slaughtered.

    Once they were a ‘slave of Islam’ there is no way back – no Muslim or their slaves can renounce Islam.

    Over time as the Mongol empire was rolled back by an invigorated and better weaponised Christian west- those Indonesians, Malays, Indians, Bangladeshi, Pakistani & Eastern European enslaved under Islam & become ‘Muslim’ to avoid paying the jizya or slave tax.

    The Muslim world will not lift a finger to help the Turkastani (Uyghur).

    Saudi Salman – it’s all good China has the right to repress violent anti state minorities.

    Turkey Erdogan – China is correct – they need to assimilate.

    All of China’s Muslim neighbours blithely igjire it it laugh at the Turkastani fate.

    Same with Malay & Indonesia, not a peep or complaint from the wider Muslim brotherhood.

    In fact Donald Trump is the only western leader to call out the Chinese Han racist & fascist oppression.

    The ‘urghyr’ campaign itself is very much made for western consumption.
    Bit of an amateur rehash of the falung gong effort.

    The Turkastani go to Muslim or western countries with fanatical Muslim enclaves (Egypt, Malaya, Indonesia, Australia) and then go back as agitators & then terrorists attacks in declare the key border areas of China west / Xingjian OBOR as an Islamic caliphate.

    After terrorist attacks by this group, China cracked down & flooded it with Han Chinese.
    They put the trouble makers in prison & forced re-education for the youth to break the Islamic maddrassa & inter-generational indoctrination cycle.
    ‘Han Chinese way’ not Allah.

    Just like in Denmark now / mass electronic surveillance, pass system and forced re-education of all the Muslim youth to break the cycle.
    We could do with the surveillance & tracking smarts here.

      • Yep – we develop this surveillance software etc but the Chinese apply it to their Muslim & other national security issues.

        But plenty of scope for surveillance & tracking here.
        1.3 million mainland born Chinese communists onshore.
        1.1 million of these Chinese are non Australian PR or TR etc China 🇨🇳 sole passport holders.

        Another 800,000 plus Indians as India 🇮🇳 Nationals on the PR or TR.

        Another 920,000 in ideology as stated or declared Muslims ☪️ – 604,000 2016 census, another 120,000 who didn’t declare ‘religion’ (even tho is a political & socially belief as well as religion, no Muslim can be secular) & another 200,000 plus as TR etc.

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Australia is selling education to overseas students, so what else is the expected outcome? Technology is amoral, so the idea that AI can ‘only be used for good’ is a relic from Isaac Asimov’s novel.

  7. I look forward to Macrobusiness promoting the BDS campaign against Israel given their sudden concern for Muslims. And off course the USA has done so much for Muslims