Jericho: Trump “ignorant” for fighting world’s greatest tyranny

From Greg Jericho today:

On Tuesday Trump suggested that “I am doing this whether it’s good or bad for your statement about, ‘Oh, will we fall into a recession for two months?’ The fact is, somebody had to take China on. Whether it’s good for our country or bad for our country, short term, it had to be done.”

He repeated that “whether it’s good or bad, short term, is irrelevant”.


This all comes in a week in which BHP announced a 124% rise in profits to $US8.31bn for 2018-19 and in which its chief executive, Andrew Mackenzie, told journalists that “the US-China relationship is a consideration for us. We continue to enjoy strong sales to China. But no doubt this [trade standoff] will put a dampener on world economic growth. Ultimately it will impact demand for our products.”

For Australia anything that hits China’s economic growth is bad news given how important it is to our economy.

Our merchandise exports to China totalled $133.8bn in the past financial year – some $75bn more than the exports to Japan:

China now accounts for 36% of our total merchandise exports – or more than to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US and EU combined.

Similarly, Chinese students make up more than a third of all foreign students enrolled in higher education – and more than double the number of those from the next most common nation of India.

And while the volume of our exports accounts for around 22% of our GDP, over the past decade around 35% of the growth in our economy has come from exports.

In effect what has happened over the past 20 years is that private investment and exports have swapped in importance – during the mining boom, investment was the key; now it is exports:

It means our economic health is much more subject to conniptions in China and the US than it was prior to the GFC.

…And so as the jitters across the world continue with the president of the United States now apparently trying to soften up his supporters for a recession that it needs to have, Australian companies and our government will hoping against hope that we don’t fall into a recession because of one man’s ego and economic ignorance.

Wow indeed. Has Greg Jericho never heard of the Communist Party of China? Of Xinjang? Of Tibet? Of Hong Kong? Of the South China Sea? Of the Silent Invasion? Of liberal capitalism? Of freedom?

As usual Jericho is so busy stroking his reader’s hatred of Donald Trump owing to culture wars that he can’t see the woods for the trees.

The CPC is the world’s greatest tyranny and was in the process of dismantling the US liberal empire to replace it with its own illiberal version before Donald Trump came along. The Obama Administration had recognised this reality and “pivoted to Asia” but its approach was too soft. Trump’s approach is stronger, and it will break some eggs, but so what? What matters is the US gets it done. If we lose a few points of GDP in the process so be it.

Trump and the US liberal empire are at times obnoxious, but it is the geopolitical umbrella under which Australian democracy has existential force. If the CPC dominates the region instead there will be no Australian freedom worth a damn.

The irony is that Jericho and The Guardian would be shut down and shipped out for re-education the moment this became reality.

Or would they?!?

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    • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

      Well I know you science deniers don’t like the truth. Are you still doubling down on the claim that the polar ice caps will have completely disappeared by 2015? 🤣

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      serious question: do you think your posts are funny aka, a poor man’s reusa ? (I believe they’re known as looser renters)

    • Scientifically, climate change IS not fake. The Earth undergoes natural climate change based on Sun’s radiation levels and the internal natural mechanisms that occurs within Earth…. in 50,000 years time there is a good chance temperatures are 20 to 30 degrees celcius higher than it is now therefore Earth will be very different surface wise…. then maybe another million years, due to the aforementioned factors Earth undergoes cooling and enter another Ice age. Technically, current times we are at the tail end of the previous Ice age…. so we are likely warming up. This is science… and Science and Universal mechanism don’t care if it makes life for Earth creatures inconvenient… it will occur nonetheless.

      Now, with that said, since the usage of fossil fuel and increased emission of Carbon Dioxide, mainly due to increased agriculture and burning of fossil fuels, has indeed contributed to the slight increase of temperature. However, this type of “contribution” is unnatural per say, but in comparison to what the temperature bump the Sun’s radiation can do… its tiny.

      Basically, best way to eliminate or halt the “unnatural” tiny nudge to the increased temperature, the ONLY true solution is to reduce usage of fossil fuels and agriculture impact…. however the HARD truth is, Human Population reduction is the one true EFFECTIVE way to do this. So reducing population growth if not total numbers is CRITICAL, however of course no one will propose culling human lives. The “Extreme” left and agenda pushers of course contradict what they push for… they push for “freedom” of “love” and encourage humans to flourish liberally and of course push for “improved human rights” which will likely positively impact population growth… therefore increase rate of fossil fuel usage and agriculture impact to the environment…. further contributing to the unnatural nudge to internal Earth temperature or “climate change”. Many people are obviously getting tax payer funded money as well as private contributions to push the agenda, but it won’t make a difference….. except they get richer and ironically contribute more to the unnatural climate change by increased consumption (more vacations through flying globally which means more jet fuel burnt and of course more products manufactured and shipped using the oil burning sea freights which are ALL massive polluters)

      In short, humans are doomed, the way we live anyways. It is likely in the future like thousands of years, humans burrow underground to avoid the extreme heat on the surface… and for those who survives, they migrate back to the surface during ice age to get critical light and heat from the Sun. Hence why the smart scientists wants us to leave Earth either permanently or atleast temporarily during the extreme temperatures, like live in Space Ships and cruise around the world until it can be lived in again.

      And in 10+ million years time, the Sun is going to increase in size so only way to exist is to leave the solar system altogether.

      But its science fiction…. because humans will not likely achieve that stage because we are all confined by our selfishness and self-sustain agendas… we care for our convenience NOW…. future is optional.

      • Complex Carbon Unit

        Yes we will be the only species in history that gets to record it’s own demise !

  1. I feel sorry for the trump haters as their blinkers will not allow them to see what history might call the most effective leader of all time. Through all the crap that gets thrown at him he continues to make the right calls and they keep calling it a fluke. No one else could have or would have done this….. Are people serious when they call him dumb or question his motives?

  2. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Whatever the Orange One supports, the TDS sufferer must oppose. Whatever he opposes, the TDS sufferer must support. There is currently no known cure for TDS.

    The most shocking thing TDS has revealed is how shallowly its sufferers held onto their (former) morals, ethics and beliefs.

    I have seen people transform from supporters of democracy, free speech, individual liberty, peace (anti-war), tolerance & acceptance into the polar opposite, simply because they want to oppose Trump in some way. It turns out that their beliefs only apply to the people they like. Everyone else needs to disappear.

    It also turns out that there are a LOT of people out there who only support freedom insofar as you are free to agree with them. Disagree with them for a second and you find out just how tyrannical and authoritarian they truly are inside.

    And no, to those people, I am not a Trump supporter. Can’t stand the guy and never have. Yet I’d vote for him in a heartbeat over that monster Clinton.

    • You know it’s possible to think that both Trump AND [something else] are bad, right ?

      • You know I’d have to be profoundly idiotic to not know that, right? Almost as idiotic as someone who thinks they need to say that.

      • Well when all I have to go on is vague implications that it’s practically impossible to dislike Trump without being irrational or a hypocrite…

    • That’s pretty much the long and short of it. I challenge anyone to dig out a piece from the LWM that supports a single thing that Trump has done that they would ordinarily support if he were not a proponent. Most LWM journos are lilly-livered, shilling bell-ends that wouldn’t have the cahunas to say what they really believe. If there’s some worthless social justice bandwagon to climb on they’ll do it.

      (Wouldn’t want to think for yourselves now would you, peanut brains?)

      People may hate the likes of Alan Jones but at least he stands up for what he thinks. I may often disagree with him but you could count on him to back you up if it came to it. The rest of these dweebs? They’d sh!t their fvcking pants and run.,

      • HadronCollision

        but you could count on him to back you up if it came to it

        Oooh! Subtle! Suit you, sir

  3. “..The CPC is the world’s greatest tyranny and was in the process of dismantling the US liberal empire to replace it with its own illiberal version before Donald Trump came along. …”

    Dismantling the US Imperial empire would be closer to the mark but even then what has been dismantled?

    Has the US been forced out of Cuba?

    Or the Carribean?

    Or South America?

    Or Hawaii?

    Sure that Trollop downunder has been chasing some glances from the Middle Kingdom but they still put out when it counts… military adventures in the Middle East.

    Rydalmere Subway closed recently………Beijing on the march?

    • Dismantling the US Imperial empire would be closer to the mark but even then what has been dismantled?

      More importantly, what has Ch1na done to America that it hasn’t been invited to do ?

      The only people “dismantling” America, are Americans, and they are continuing to enthusiastically do so under the current administration.

      • You state : “The only people “dismantling” America, are Americans, and they are continuing to enthusiastically do so under the current administration”

        Aren’t you displaying the classic symptoms of TDS or anti Trump Delusion Syndrome…??

        Let’s examine key indicators of the US.
        The Dow – is up 46% from the long dark era of Obama failure & duplicity.
        Today it’s 26,203 v Obama nov 8th 2016 17,888.
        US Unemployment is 3.7% (Obama peak 10.3%)
        And it’s structural, lower socioeconomic.
        US black unemployed 5.3%, (Obama peak 17,9%)
        Lowest ever.

        Food stamps – down
        Black & lower income home ownership – recovering.
        Black on black killings down.
        Jobs growth – strong, full employment
        Productivity up
        Gdp per Capita up.
        Trade up.

        USd buying power – up 11.7% v major trading partners.
        Trillions of dollars flowed into the US from other mature and emerging economies.

        US confidence index – record high.

        The US status as the world’s only superpower and controlling economy restored.

        🇺🇸Trump👌🏻 ‘Making America Great Again’ ✔️

        1.9 billion people in 18 leading OECD or major countries in the last 2 years have now democratically voted for Trump like leaders or Trump aligned ideology.

        Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, south East Asia)
        Pacific Australia
        America’s Brazil & even Mexico now aligned in enforcing border controls.
        Europe – UK, Italy, Hungary, Poland, France, Spain & Germany to follow, Ukraine voting out the Obama facist coup dictatorship, Slovakia, & others..
        Egypt, Israel, Saudi (no real election),
        India, Modi is Trump aligned in China & Pakistan isolation.

        Isn’t the whole world ‘voting Trump’ where given a choice or like in Venezuela or other left wing fascist dictatorships – now demanding that choice?

        The real sign of dysfunction in the US are their wars.

        Obama’s explicit & covert wars killed over 7 million.

        North Africa & Libya, Egypt backing the Muslim brotherhood – 280,000 dead, 3 million refugees.

        Syria & Iraq backing & arming Al Qeada, FSA, HTS & Islamic State 750,000 dead & 6 million refugees.

        Yemen 170,000 dead & 2 million internally displaced.

        Myanmar – Saudi money & US arming the bangladesh squatters ‘rohinga’ to declare a caliphate in rakhine stars to cut off Chinese gas & oil pipeline into the Bay of Bengal, 40,000 dead, 1.1 million displaced as China & Myanmar pushed them back into Bangladesh.

        Niger, Chad & CAE – the failed Obama covert civil wars backing & arming Islamic militants, 200,000 dead & 2 million displaced.

        In the Congo, Obama arming & backing the Ugandan & Rwandan attacks with 5.8 million dead & 8 million displaced.

        Has there even been a more genocidal US administration than Obama, Clinton & Kerry?

        🇺🇸Donald Trump👍🏻 shut down or withdrew US suppers from all these covert wars.


        Other threats to the Asia pacific.

        North Korea.
        Fed and nurtured by China as their little mad dog as leverage over the CCP claim on Taiwan.

        Pre-Obama – (Bush) NK – one small official nuclear test.
        During Obama – North Korea assisted by China, Pakistan & Iran to a fully developed thermonuclear and ICBM missile capability – able to reach the US or Australia.
        Trump confronting North Korea & China, isolating North Korea, full sanctions, Kim crawling to the border for a peace deal.
        No more icbm launches.
        No more nuclear tests.

        Iran – Obama (born of a Shia father, raised in the Muslim madrassa in Indonesia by the fanatic Sunni jihadi stepfather) caved in, frozen money back.
        Trump confronts the Iranian Islamic aggression.
        Applied the sanctions. Peacefully.
        They will fold.

        The ex communist regime (like soviet to Russia or Vietnam etc) evolves into a Han racist racist left wing ‘national socialist’ or Nazi dictatorship.

        China laughs at Obama & treats him like a bell hop during a State visit.
        China exploits trade & currency with one of the most punitive and corrupt trade practices in global history.

        Trump confronts China, applies a peaceful solution of tariffa and trade rebalancing.
        China has no option but to fold.

        China repression of minorities and religious freedom has been going on for decades.
        Under Obama (born as a Shia Muslim) nothing.
        Not a peep.

        Donald Trump calls out the Chinese racist fascism and repression of the Turkistani in Xianing.
        The only western leader to ever do that.

        China OBOR – under the dark era of Obama weakness & failure of the ‘Asian pivot’ / Chinese empire imperialism is unleashed – and false sovereignty claims to the South China Sea & Taiwan.

        Donald Trump – blocks any Chinese claim to Taiwan and makes it clear in his first phone calls as President elect that Taiwan will be defended by full US military night.
        Japan & South Korea also reassured.

        The Chinese OBOR then starts fails spectacularly in every facet, riven by corruption, antipathy by China’s fearful neighbours who join the US alliance against China. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Eastern Europe & the South Pacific.

        The US fleet accompanied by Australia and other allies steam thru the South China Sea as the humiliated Chinese on their little man made islands forlornly shine their lasers at them.

        All without any wars.

        Donald Trump – not one new war.

        No dysfunction.

        The Mueller farce – just exposed the corrupt democrats and the swamp. There was your dysfunction.

        The left wing globalists, the war mongers, the parasite race faction leaders of the democrats, the corrupted intelligence agencies and the paid off left wing media all exposed as liars.

        Donald Trump has shown to be the best US President since Lincoln.
        A neo Jacksonian libertarian defender of not only the US nations interests but all in global freedom & democracy.

        Donald Trump has run the best, fastest and most effective recovery of the US economy in their history.

        He has made ‘America Great Again’

        Donald Trump will be elected again in 2020 with a 65% plus ECV majority.

        Millions of democrats voters / particularly the now employed blacks, or any self respecting woman will NOT vote for a hair sniffing child groping Chinese bribe taking left wing white racist Joe Biden or any of the other democrat clowns.

        They will vote Donald Trump.✔️

        🇺🇸Keeping America Great👌🏻

        And the whole free world also wants that.

      • Aren’t you displaying the classic symptoms of TDS or anti Trump Delusion Syndrome…??

        My timeframe is the last few decades, so, no.

        Just your first two numbers are so laughably disingenuous (not that I’d expect anything else) that it’s a safe best the rest of your sycophantic copypasta is similarly cherry-picked or made up, like your blather on immigration.

        When Obama started in January 2009 the Dow was 8,200ish.
        When he finished in January 2017 it was 20,000ish.

        US unemployment in January 2009: about 8%
        US unemployment in January 2017: about 4.8%

        Trump hasn’t overseen anything except the flattening of trends he inherited.

      • And in reply – as I can’t answer directly to your pathetic TDS & cognitive dissonance mumbo..
        In the words of MB itself – here as you demonstrate, “The usual sneering of an anti-intellectual fake left’

        Dow 17,888 – Nov 6th 2016 / the end of the dark era of Obama & Trump as President elect.
        That’s the measure point.
        The Dow had gone down on anticipation of a Clinton more of the same failure – then surged as in the 2 days pre-election as the market anticipated (ahead of the fake news polls) a possible Trump victory.
        Nov Dow: 17,888.28, -42.39 , (-0.24%)
        “U.S. stocks rallied Wednesday, with the Dow industrials jumping 257 points, led by a surge in financial, health-care and industrial stocks, as investors bet on the infrastructure spending policy promised by President-elect Donald Trump”

        Dow Trump today 26,252 – up 46,7%. easily checked.
        Whether it’s 45% or 47% up it’s irrelevant.
        It’s up. Massively up. And so is the USd, trade, economic investment, trade, and every other indicator.
        So it’s hardly a tapering of ‘Obama’s recovery’.
        It’s a recovery from Obama & his failure.

        US unemployed Obama administration peak 10.3%
        US unemployed Trump today – 3.7% again easily checked.
        Trading economics: The US unemployment rate stood at 3.7 percent in July 2019, unchanged from the previous month’s figure and in line with market expectations.

        Basically full employment nationally & blacks.
        Your complaint – it’s ‘not recovering further’
        Well that’s what happens when it’s already ‘recovered’

        And every thing else fact based.
        Immigration stats.
        I have always been correct. It know it upsets you.
        MB is now publishing exactly the same. You are the one out of synch.
        Originally MB was ‘restrict the PR & the TR will disappear somehow’.
        Now MB is virulent on the TR & foreign students & barely mentions the PR.
        Mainstream media also – the same.
        Even those people who collaborated & took benefit in the migrant visa racketeering, coming out.
        Community opinion turning as the scale of the migrant
        Guestworkers influx & racketeering is exposed.
        That must upset you as well.
        I understand it’s challenging for you to be ever proved wrong. You will just have to learn to cope.

      • LOL. Cool story, bro.

        So, if Trump has managed to pump the Dow 46% and he’s awesome, then Obama taking it from 8,000ish in Nov 2008 to 17,888 in Nov 2016 – an increase of 126%, about three times as much – that must make him XXXL awesome, right ?

        Similarly, reducing unemployment from 10.3% to 4.6% – 55% less – seems a much more impressive achievement than taking it from 4.6% to 3.7% – a mere 19% less. It’s an impressive trendline that sits almost entirely within Obama’s presidency. In fact, if we blow the graph out as far as the data goes, the Mk1 eyeball would suggest it’s the best unemployment recovery there.

        Your complaint – it’s ‘not recovering further’
        Well that’s what happens when it’s already ‘recovered’

        LOL. “It’s already recovered”. Gold.

        It had indeed already “recovered” under Obama (10.3 -> 4.6) before Trump was elected (4.6 -> 3.7 since, including the increase immediately after the election because – according to your logic – Trump won). But you keep telling the story about how awesome Trump is by taking 0.9% off unemployment while Obama is a wrecker because he only managed to take off 5.7%.

        You do a solid job of preaching to the choir, but are neither credible nor convincing to people outside the faith.

        • Ha you really can’t see reality can you?

          Well we can agree this…
          if its a ‘tapering’ (after the black Jesus resurrection from his 2 recession, 1 inherited, 1 self imposed) – then Trump isn’t making it worse is he? (your original point)

          He is at least maintaining it & making it ‘slightly better’.

          Your delusion & cognitive dissonance is entertaining.

  4. Trump is clearly not a pleasant person, but many people make the mistake of conflating that unpleasantness with his political effectiveness.

    For example, due to the restrictions placed on the US President by their political system, real social change comes through the Supreme Court, hence the hysterics at Kavanaugh’s nomination. Trump has put two conservative judges on the Supreme Court (Gorsuch being the other), and due to their lifetime terms, that will result in consequences in the US long after Trump is gone.

    Trump has told also NATO to lift their game, dealt with the Norks more effectively than any President in living memory, confronted the Chinese as required and boosted the US economy. All this while avoiding getting involved in any new wars, which is a first for a US president in my lifetime, I think.

    It’s not all sunshine and roses of course, but the blind, Trump haters are going to end up on the wrong side of history.

    • “See, there are three kinds of people: d1cks, puss1es and a55holes. puss1es think everyone can get along and d1cks just want to fvck all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your a55holes. And all the a55holes want is to 5hit all over everything. So puss1es may get mad at d1cks once in a while because, puss1es get fvcked by d1cks. But d1cks also fvck a55holes! And if they didn’t fvck the a55holes, you know what you’d get? You’d get your d1ck and your pu55y all covered in 5hit!”

      – Team Murica.

    • I think you forget the non rescinded extraordinary executive powers POTUS has had since Bush Jr war mongering via the Patriot act and homeland security. I would also qestion anyone banging on about democracy considering citizens united and how the DNC denied Sanders a fair shot, not that his numbers show he would beat Trump hands down.

  5. People like Greg Jericho would have us as slaves. Slaves have job security and bread but no freedom.

    He can go screw himself.

    • He’s a sketchy dude, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t a clue. Otherwise he’s a very dangerous and ill informed journalist, but most likely an ally of the CCP. Let him go live in China and see how that goes for him.

  6. so the only thing this fake left analysts think of is how to preserve the neoliberalist economy that flourishes in China and it satellites, making rich richer and enslaving everyone else,
    he calls this tyranny of global corporate capital, this cancer that east heart of our society: “our economic health”
    a real leftist would love to see deep crisis of western capitalism to get closer to its dismiss, but it looks like Mark Fisher’s saying that “it is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism,” applies best on fake leftist economic analysts

    • The picture painted by this article suggests China’s ambition is much the same as the corporatist neoliberal west.

      Why anything would think China could be bothered with physically taking control of a country when the west has demonstrated that is no longer necessary is the only mystery.

      As long as you consume the products of the companies controlled by the upper middle classes you will be left in peace to do so.

      The current hysteria about China v USA reminds of the hysteria in threads as Microsoft fans fight the Apple fan boi.

      At the end of the day, either way, you are getting a gadget that seeks to drain your wallet.

  7. I think Jericho must have a Chinese Mrs or some form of ‘yellow fever’. I am surprised at acquaintances of mine – seemingly intelligent – but who read The Guardian. Virtue signalling is a disease that apparently has no cure.

      • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

        Yes, I got responses telling me to commit suicide which is what you’d expect from extreme leftist climate change fascists.

  8. As luck would have it ….

    The truth is that we’ve had more than enough time under this “stable genius” to realize that there is no long-term strategic coherence to his trade policies, let alone signs of any “art of the deal.” Rather, the Trump presidency has been characterized by arbitrary goals and capricious tariff announcements that appear to be crafted with a view to securing plaudits on “Fox and Friends.”

    Unfortunately, “moderate” Democrats have not been much better on trade. Figures like former Vice President Biden continue to dismiss the competitive threat posed by China’s trade practices, and harken back to supposedly halcyon days of lobbyist-written “free trade” agreements that largely funneled income gains to the top tier. Millions of casualties from hyper-globalized trade have emerged in places like Biden’s own Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the ravages of NAFTA and other trade agreements were ignored by the political class and made proto-fascist politics more appealing.

    Many rationales have been deployed by the president to explain his ongoing embrace of the tariff weapon. None, however, fully stack up. – snip

    Begs the question why some are want to project unwarranted accolades or try and wrap him in deeds that stretch the imagination …

  9. FMD. You’d think as Jericho was writing that long list about how dependent we have allowed ourselves to become on the good graces of our friends to the north he would have thought, Strewth, this feels a bit dumb of us, when it’s all set out like that! But no, instead it’s a reason why we should hate on Trump standing up to the CPC. Very dispiriting when this is more or less the best we’ve got in the MSM.

  10. You REALLY think Trump gives two hoots about protecting freedom and small “l” liberal values in the world? Have you been paying attention AT ALL?