Forget Greenland. Sell Australia to Trump

There’s lot’s to recommend doing so. As things stand, Australia is caught on the horns of an economic versus strategic dilemma. Caught as it is between prosperity and freedom, the future is going to be one of constant anxiety as we get squeezed between our two Great and Powerful friends.

If we were to explicitly take sides, we could achieve all kinds of positive outcomes, the first being able to relax a bit more.

Australia could stop worrying about its freedoms permanently. We’d be  built out as the indomitable, and nuclear, spear tip of the US liberal empire in South East Asia. Northern Australia would finally be developed as so many have dreamed, turned into a bristling military powerhouse pointing north and securing our trade routs into Asia once and for all.

Economically it would also work well. Corporate tax rates would be slashed and regional head offices mushroom in Sydney and Melbourne. Australia’s capital imports would be assured as a flood of American tourists, students and capital poured in, along with a South Pacific Disneyland for the kids. It would be especially so if we demanded state rights to keep our gun laws.

The tax reforms would be even better as negative gearing and capital gains discounts disappeared. Combined with halved immigration rates, house prices would fall into line with much cheaper US property.

Wages would have to fall, but we could cram down mortgages with some of the purchase capital so it would actually deliver a rise in net household income, helping rebalance fairness.

Our energy prices would suddenly crater as well as US gas reservation was deployed Downunder. We’d have the cheapest bills in the union.

The USD would make life a bit tough for some manufacturers but it would be easily offset by the other cheaper inputs.

I am concerned about health care. The US has that horribly wrong. But let’s think of it as a reverse takeover in which Australia’s system is exported to the rest of the US instead.

The other upside might be political. Canberra would be walled off Mexico-style, and turned into a bush prison city in which existing residents must eat one another to survive.

New Washington would be built around Batemans Bay instead. The refreshed political culture based around the US Constitution and Bill of Rights would deliver a renaissance of political ideas and culture.

Valuation might be an issue. Net present value is probably the right measure given we have absolutely nothing whatsoever to offer beyond pre-paid Chinese dirt. That makes any discounted cash flow model pretty shaky. I doubt we could even get goodwill given how degraded we are strategically.

Let’s say 1 x GDP or $2tr price tag.

It may not seem like much at $80k per head, around the average salary. But we’re just not worth more than that.

Moreover, given we’re most of the way down the alternative path of selling Australia to the tyrannical Communist Party of China, the $2tr is neither here nor there.

What we’d really be selling ourselves for is our kid’s freedom.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. “Canberra would be walled off Mexico-style, and turned into a bush prison city in which existing residents must eat one another to survive.”

    At least one of us Canberra shut-ins is ready for this.

    It isn’t me.

  2. Dont joke
    I am weighing up my family’s future here. I think australia is finished. Guaranteed to have an 1ndian -ch1nese future. We import mostly the third world so we will become the third world by 2050 easily. The people make the place what it is.

    At least in the us the kids have a bit of patriotism at school. We are pussified. All soo pc. I went to my kids fete on the w.e. prominently displayed in the school hall was the atsi flag. Where was the aust flag? In the corner rolled up.

    Australia is finished.

    Wake up.

    Just look at the week after the election where 4 chinese warships turned up unannounced… least the locals had no idea..our cucked PM knew he just didnt bother telling the locals.

    • that’s exactly what people are talking in almost all other first world countries (from Switzerland, USA, Canada to all but few EU countries, and few Asian first world spots), with Japan being the only significant country not doing the same thing

      Most of these countries became first world only because they exploited wast numbers of semi-slaves around the world. Since colonialism is not possible anymore, to exploit those people they need to be brought “home” …
      It’s a sad end for the first world but kinda expected and deserved at the same time ….

      So the best strategy for avoiding this is to move to one of the second world countries that is still not a target

      • Where are you going, Dr. Naive? Not a target? That’s peace in our time kind of rubbish.

      • Typical post modernist history. “They only become first world through colonialism”. So the 1000 years preceding 2000 are irrelevant. What shit Doc..
        Read Arthur Kemp’s “March of the Titans” – first world comes from a society, which comes from a community, which comes from shared values which comes from innately shared characteristics that establish “trust”.

        Is it colonialism when large groups of people from somewhere else move en made to a “place”, refuse to assimilate, and turn it into the place of origination?

        If yes….then take a deeper look at migration flows since 1965 (when the US changed the immigration act), your own 1975 change in policy…looks pretty colonial to me.

  3. Bwahahaaaaa!!!!! We don’t own Australia!!!! There is little that we actually own that anyone would want!!

  4. “..Combined with halved immigration rates, house prices would fall into line with much cheaper US property…”

    Part of the reason for this is the much larger role played by land taxes in the USA so that will be another thing ticked off the to do list.

    “ Have owners of land pay more of the cost of providing the services that gives their land amenity and value”

  5. robert2013MEMBER

    Makes sense. We’re not a nation any more so we might as well join the greatest of the non nations.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    How ridiculous. I’d much more prefer we sell ourselves to China. They always pay more and they have a far superior system of government where mega profits are encouraged while order is well maintained and those who disagree with the profit makers are extinguished. I love their system!

    • I too can’t wait for the Yellow Dawn at least the Chinese will extinguish the cultural marxists.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Yep, our worst enemies! China is the far superior option of the two for good conservative right-wing governance!!

  7. Let’s just auction off north of Tropic of Capricorn. I am sure Gina would give the Chinese and Yanks a run for their money.

    She has already done the home work and has her pet politicians ready to take control.

    We won’t worry about asking the locals as we saw at the last election they can be persuaded of anything.

  8. To late. You’ve already sold yourselves to China. And most of you loathe Americans. The future is not bright for Australia. The only surprise is that it might be here much sooner than I had thought.

    • Selling ourselves to China doesn’t matter as the US holds the certificate of title and they are not going to recognise an unregistered mortgage to Beijing.

      Scott Morrison knows that and the ALP know that.

      Just watch them jump when Trump says jump.

      • Wrong. It isn’t stopping the belt and road, or anything else. THis is only going one way – and all of the Aussie hopium in the world can’t stop it. And let’s face it, this is what you wanted.

      • Kodiak,

        Belt and road works in countries where the US presence has been absent. There is too much US gear and bases in Australia and everyone knows it.

        Now it is becoming clear that playing both sides of the street is not going to be an option for Australia for much longer, the kangaroo will dance to an American tune. Just as it always does.

        That is going to cut national income and there will be much moaning about it but that is what is going to happen.

        Indonesia should do very nicely playing China v USA.

      • “You” wanted, not even Aussie, another import holding onto his ticket home, sooner “you” leave the better, must be nice back home.

  9. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Australia will revert to the status if a penal colony if that happens : they will dump the entire prison population here, along with all the illegal immigrants they find. That is one way to solve the race issue in the US.

    • It already is a penal colony. Australia is convict culture writ large. How else to you explain this political/ economic culture?

    • I would be happy to live with Hispanics (50/50 male/female, Christian) instead of !ndians (70/30 male female, different values).

  10. One of the reasons my family and I are getting out of here in Dec back to the US after only being here since Dec 19. AUSTRALIA IS F$%KED. China owns Australia.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yeah it’s probably tough if you’re unsuccessful. But you get winners and losers everywhere.

      • Been very successful here actually called clients up and told them I shut down Australia biz. Not worth it. Turned away my best Australian client this morning. Just focussing on US business till I get back. I own a IT recruiting business

  11. RecessionImminent2

    This America-worship is really becoming too much to handle and this article may represent the shark-jump. How on earth does someone look at a society with mass shootings every two days and think, yep, they’ve got it figured out.

    • American worship? Australians hate Americans, with a few years off in the 20th century. Just look at your mainstream media that always considers your culture superior to ours in every conceivable way. You honestly think that we’re inferior people to you and you’ve lacked the filter to say it for decades.

      • Kodiak
        I don’t think this is a comment on the USA. It’s about our own moronic laziness, self-indulgence and stupidity.

      • The Australian media is ignorant of the majority of American life. Their unwarranted smugness is sickening.

      • You’ve got to get out of North Fitzroy. There are a lot of people out there who love the US, especially those who have been there. Don’t worry about the ABC and the MSM. The legacy media are becoming more irrelevant every year.

      • It’s not just north Fitzroy. It’s pretty much all of the major cities. And parts of the country.

  12. “Tyrannical Chinese government” lol. The USA has a 70 year (at least) track record off bombing/invading/overthrowing democratically elected governments/supporting murderous dictators and imposing an economic order which keeps the third wrld poor, to repeat myself, its a consistent track record but all that USA worshippers have to do is say something dumb like “I opposed Vietnam/Iraq etc because it “weakened America” (the millions of dead non-westeners never count, but America is STILL the best liberal democracy etc…”
    The USa is always on the verge apparently of becoming a country that isnt a fascist, bullying, imperial murder machine to its apologists in spite of its consistent track record.
    Given the carnage I’ve seen it inflict without remorse over the last forty years and the carnage its threatening to inflict now with its redrawal from the NPT and development of low yield nukes I’m done.
    I welcome our new Chinese “overlords” lol

    • China PlateMEMBER

      Hey Joe
      if the Russians had gone back to behind their borders after touching up the Germans
      perhaps the US would not have had to walk around with a gun in their hand

    • +1000. There is nothing democratic about the american empire, and it’s neoliberal, not liberal.

      • Freakin Retards on here. What you think the Russians or Chinese would be better superpowers than US and Run the global econmy and be the internaional currency have you lot got rocks in your heads. Geez china and Russia are so good to their citizens treat them so good .

      • fitsroy, I have a fairly strong dislike of China, predominantly due to the lack of individual freedom that the citizens have there, and certainly have no intention of ever visiting. On the other hand they have managed to drag 500 million people out of poverty in a relatively short period of time, so having a highly centralised power structure can clearly provide some benefits when used appropriately.
        My preference is for direct democracy as it would allow even greater personal freedom than exists in most of the west let alone China, but removes the corruption and financial/industrial control of the government that arises under the predominant system in the west where corrupt party parasites are elected for fixed terms and spend most of there time taking bribes (donations) and implementing policies to benefit their donors.

      • It is both and you are kunting idiot. Look no further than the end of WW2 when the US had the a monopoly on the most ultimate weapon – and then shoot your kunting mouth off. There is no other choice but violence with people like you. Nothing else resonates.

      • Are your man tits chaffing today Kodiak. You seem even more psychopathic than usual.
        At the end of WWII the the US and British did contemplate mass genocide against the Soviet union with a huge nuclear assualt. Look up operation dropshot.

  13. Scandinavian overlords would be preferable. Sweden or Norway. If it was Sweden we’d get cool submarines and fighter jets. If it was Norway we’d get to keep some of the money from the mineral resources.

  14. proofreadersMEMBER

    “Canberra would be walled off Mexico-style, and turned into a bush prison city in which existing residents must eat one another to survive.”

    How good is Straya.

  15. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    To close me/the deal,
    id want a couple of bulletproof vests thrown in for the kids .

    • I’m just realistic. I’ve been listening to stupid/ bigoted Aussies talk out of both sides of their mouths for 25 years.

    • Kodiak actually believes the propaganda. He sees America as the shining light on the hill, and the exceptional nation etc. When others who come from outside the US and have different experiences and question the narrative it threatens his core delusions and he reacts disproportionately. Kodiak is the American version of the brainwashed Chinese students. No rational discussion is possible.

  16. Ahem … Australia was sold off in the 80’s to anglophone investors, now after doing a Munger on it all its being sold to the Chinese on the open markets. The vestiges of the state or national assets are being sold to the private sector, something that has been going on for decades under the auspices of EMH and Corporate shareholders E.g. where was everyone at during that period [?????] – maybe day trading on it and now that crows have come home seek to bug out with their hard earned loot …. chortle …

    In joy the open gun range for those departing to the U.S. [looking more and more like Brazil].

  17. I think its easy to laugh this off as satire but this actually has merit, Completely achievable and logical in todays crazy world.

  18. Meanwhile the BOE gov is saying we need a Libra style crypto and drop the USD hegemony. Follow that is with the Chinese reportedly using ELINT at a mining site in the Woomera which I suspect is close to PG. Look around the globe and it’s the CCP against most govs and pushing their cause, and mostly unanswered by the MSM or pollies. The US is in trouble as are we and IMO this is looking like the buildup to a conflict. We’re stuffed politically and financially.

  19. Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

    what a shyt comment section!

    Wall Street already own our banks and thereby our immigration/banking policy!

  20. Ajaydee73MEMBER

    A bit too much fatalism in the comments today. It’s not too late to turn things around. Write a letter to your local MP about your concerns. You might be surprised how much it helps. If the only thing politicians hear is the PC crap in the mainstream media they may not be aware of the issues people are really concerned about.

    When Rudd was PM I sent him an email expecting to hear nothing back. To my surprise, I received a response a few weeks later. My voice was heard. And this was the PM. He wasn’t even my local MP.

    • How quaint. You actually believe politicians have the power to stop this, let alone the will. Capitalism will deliver us to the Chinese, and nothing short of dismantling our pure capitalistic society will stop it.