A taste of Angry China in action

A taste of the future for those so enthusiastic about embracing China as Australia’s new hegemon:

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The communist clique that control 1.4 billion souls with terror are pure evil in the world today.

    • Snitzel-Von-Crumb

      and yet MB continually demands more communism as the solution to everything, lol.

      • Dont see the Chinese government as being particularly communist. A dictatorship yes, but a real communist country would not tolerate hundreds of billionaires within its population nor speculative investment, nor a 100 other things that the Chinese economy is made up of today.
        What Australia NEEDs is a bit more real socialism and a bit less of what China is about today, on account that the market does not provide for all of our real needs and often bleeds so much off that we are paying a massive layer of parasites in order to get what should be a simple service provided. eg private health insurance, privatised energy outfits offering us ever expanding bills, privatised rail as per in Melbourne and so on.

  2. Put that one along side Trump’s claim there were more supporters than demonstrators during his UK stunt.

    • True but the only printed and spoken word within the Chinese firewall will be what this tosser trotted out.

  3. This is roughly the way I said the world should refer to Tiananmen – every year in headlines.

    “China celebrated a day of silence, honouring those who fell within the square”

    Keep doing it and it’ll become fact in a way.

    Like this prick is trying to do.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Give the guy a break : like Comical Ali, if he spoke the truth he would immediately be dead.

  5. An Aussie guy has been taken into custody in NK and the ABC were saying to be possibly used in negotiations… think 5G for example.The guy is from Perth and is/was doing a Masters Degree in NK. So it’s been seen before in China, but now NK as a proxy for China I guess.

      • Yeah, UWA followed by ANU followed by marriage but no wife, followed by NKUni, followed by Tourist industry development ( like haven’t the appropriate Aussie officials at least seen the movie “The spy gone North” …I guarantee you each and every member of NK’s SSD has seen that movie a dozen times).
        F’me is ASIS this incompetent, or does this guy just want to be arrested / tortured / poisoned and sent home a vegetable.
        The great game used to be fun, but these days the players are just not honoring the game.

  6. First of all, if this is the case, and as he says, the govt has full support from them and everybody, why has the bill been suspended!!..hahah…he says that 800k marched for and only v small against, so why is it an issue!!…they are trying to talk to people on the outside and in HK like they are some dumb uneducated china farmer/factory worker etc…it dont work outside the mainland…they haven’t worked that out yet..

  7. While china is clearly not a ‘liberal democracy’ if I am not mistaken America has threatened to mass murder millions in Venezuela and Iran in the last few months for the crimes of using their resources to help its population rather than enriching the USA’s parasitical oligarchs.

    The response to this from nearly all western media has been significantly more subdued than it was to China wanting an extradition law with Hong Kong. That alone tells you alot about the independence of the media.

  8. It is interesting that when China tries to introduce extradition laws in Hong Kong the citizens raise hell. However, the highly questionable extradition of Assange to the USA for the crime of exposing the truth about that plutocracy induces far fewer protests in Australia’s brainwashed masses and media. Before the cretinous masses start accusing Assange of crimes that he never committed here is a report from Australia’s best independent journalist: http://johnpilger.com/articles/getting-julian-assange-the-untold-story

    • Best, independent, Aussie and journalist don’t belong in the same sentence, tinfoil man.