Labor’s elderly visas to skyrocket private health premiums

By Leith van Onselen

Last year, Labor leader Bill Shorten gave a speech to the Press Club claiming Australia’s private health insurance industry is “treating Australians like mugs” and “gouging people on the basis of a con”. Shorten also pledged to cap health insurance premium increases at 2% per annum for the next few years.

Australia’s private health insurance industry is already on its knees with younger, healthy people leaving the system as premiums inexorably rise. This is leaving the system with a larger proportion of older people with higher health needs.

Indeed, the ACCC’s annual report on the private health insurance industry, released in November, showed that the proportion of Australians with Hospital or combined cover fell from 46.8% in 2016 to 45.1% in 2018:

Household expenditure on private health insurance also rose by 4.6% in 2017 and by 3.6% in 2018:

And this rise in expenditure on private health insurance came despite the percentage of policies with exclusions and excess/co-payments rising significantly:

Labor’s idiotic plan to uncap visas allowing migrants to bring their elderly parents into Australia threatens to make the situation much worse, since it will burden the system with potentially millions of additional elderly people with high health needs, requiring cross-subsidisation from younger Australians and forcing-up premiums even further.

That is, private health insurance is a risk and cost-sharing system. Therefore, adding a large number of older people who are likely to be heavy users of the system necessarily means that the cost of providing such insurance will skyrocket.

The rising premiums arising from Labor’s elderly parent visas will also create additional burdens for the federal budget via the 30% private health insurance rebate.

Government’s will also have to foot the bill for any exodus back to the public system caused by surging premiums.

Thousands of extra medical professionals will also be required to cater for the new arrivals, whose training is paid for to a large extent by taxpayers.

In short, Australia’s unlimited elderly parent visas pose a disaster for Australia’s medical system and Australian taxpayers.

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  1. You can say “It’s OK to flood the country with decrepit old farts because they will all have to buy health insurance”, but that’s utterly bogus.

    It’s not about insurance, it’s about the available infrastructure, which is inadequate now, and will be hugely inadequate under this horrific scheme. You can have insurance out the wazoo, but if a city has 1000 hospital beds and 5000 sick people then it just doesn’t add up and the insurance becomes utterly irrelevant. And hospitals take a helluva long time to construct, and doctors take a long time to train so those resources will inevitably lag the demand for their use.

    Labor have good policies on neg gearing etc, but the benefits of those policies will be outweighed by the costs imposed by this single nightmarish policy.

    This scheme will wreck our social security system and particularly our health infrastructure. A welfare state depends on contributions equalling or exceeding the outflow. If you provide an impulse of a huge number of high level welfare consumers who have never contributed then the welfare system will be destroyed. And then comes social unrest.

    Fcuk these fcuking mongrel dogs. Damn them all to hell.

  2. TighterandTighter

    What if

    Labor come in and via tax policy essentially force you to take out PHI perhaps via a lower threshold for the MLS or something

    Nah surely not

  3. While Aussie citizens get Medicare taken away if they have been studying overseas for 5 years?

    If you live overseas for more than 5 years you’ll no longer be eligible for Medicare.


    Aussie citizens should be given Medicare for life – no matter where they live.

    • I’m not so sure, I know several immigrants who have returned home but intend to return eg when they retire, when they kids go to uni etc not to mention born & “partly” bred Aussies with grandparents born overseas who can stay overseas most of their working lives (though at least ones in UK etc are paying into equivalent health care systems with reciprocal care agreements, so maybe they should be exempt. So I’d say there should be some sort of sliding scale depending on how many years you have paid into system or how much.

  4. It’s already broken.

    We already have a migrant intake dominated by elderly Chinese, Indian, South East Asian, Middle East etc.
    Go visit Strathfield, North Parramatta or Ashfield or Lakemba.

    All old migrants, stooped, liver spotted phlegm spitting hostility & totally intolerant of Australia or each other, zero assimilation in our vast ethnic aligned migrant slums.

    Little Guangzhou / Mumbai / Dhaka recreations – as the Australians are ethnically cleansed out of ‘their migrant zone’.

    Go to say Sydney airport flight arrivals & check out what comes in thru immigration..

    Asian end of life vice Workers & Indian Bangla Nepalese as cleaners or shelf stackers on ‘student’ or ‘tourist visas’ &

    Or elderly, sick, useless, unskilled, diseased, third world poor & detritus on tourist & visitor visas.

    Here to work illegally & steal.
    Old Asian factory workers & peasant labourers here to work in foreign run ABN fraud labour rings,
    Or the old mother & her sisters as the ‘unpaid’ nanny cook or cleaner.
    Or the end of life Asian hookers – Australia the pathway to be trafficked in as ‘student or tourist’ to keep working as too old for the Asian market.
    Or the Muslim – run off to the appeals tribunal – Muslim but pretend Christian with coaching, or they are ‘gay’ so need safe haven – and get a 5 year stay full work rights in the protection visa racket.
    (190,000 now on bridging & protection visas).

    Or the Chinese, Indian & south East Asian enter for ‘medical tourism’.
    Go visit a medical centre out west.
    Or outpatients in Parramatta Westmead as the only European in a literal sea of old diseased migrants all waiting for ‘free’ medical treatment or dental care.

    Go and examined the huge foreign run industry in Fake or ‘matched’ Medicare cards – the Chinese, Indian & other tourists matched in their look, age / gender (and even blood group if an operation needed) and their chronic health or disease issues all treated at Australian taxpayer expense.
    Tens of billions stolen.

    Same with the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme.
    the foreign tourist often here for long periods or using a proxy to accumulate huge stockpiles of Australian taxpayer funded drugs to launder in the local underground economy, or take back / send to China or India to sell – fund their entire trip – plus cash.
    Tens of Billions stolen.

    Or just get in as a tourist or visitor – present to Emergency with the chronic long term disease or health issue never declared or checked for – and sign the promise to pay & rack up tens of thousands of more in costs and disappear.
    Then re-enter & do it all over again.
    Tens of Billions stolen.


    2.561 million third world migrant TR.
    8.8 million tourist visitors a year – dominated by Chinese & Indian elderly on long stay & repeat stay visas – staying with ‘family & friends’ and only here to steal.

    Our borders & visa controls are already completely broken.
    And it’s already costing Australian’s many tens of billions of dollars.

    These elderly migrant parent visas just add to even more theft.

    • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

      mike. thanks for your talibanic warnings about migrant abuse.
      I wish they were more widely reported.
      Aussies are being rorted like muppets by Asian migrants at every part of the migrant and social security systems.

    • Do they really export pills? Aussies import Hepatitis C pills from India.

      Hepatitis C sufferer imports life-saving drugs from India

      • are you being serious or deliberately trolling ??????

        India doesn’t have a PBS scheme. You can buy what you like at pharmacies (hope that the drug isn’t counterfeit – but that’s another story)

        Exporting PBS medications (subsidised by Australian taxpayers) by the suitcase full has been a cottage industry for decades – first uncovered by accident when Customs checked a Viet tourist returning home

        Was one of the reasons HIC got around to introducing regulations to prevent or at least limit to some extent, ‘doctor shopping’ for multiple scrips.

        One on the many areas the Privacy lobby has screwed the population… the rackets in Medicare cards have been known about for decades but nothing substantive is done for ‘privacy protection’ and fear of the multiculturalist fanatics accusations of racism ……..

        wake up Jacob …

    • Labor are always tards when it comes to immigration and borders….thats the lefty/greens in them, they cant shake it.

      • That’s why we’ve ended up with LNP over the past 2 terms.

        You watch, we’ll throw Labor out after a term of this.

        Labor’s immigration policies are wrecking Australia for 2 reasons.

        1. We throw Labor out giving us LNP.

        2. The results of Labor’s immigration policies.

    • I hope so but I doubt it. The news has been smothered by the media. I’ve only heard about this on MB. The punters simply don’t know about this, so they’ll vote the same old way and that will be the end of the welfare state in this country.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Although the answer is always, potentially Yes, it’s unlikely. See the readers of MB live in a bubble and I include myself in that. The majority of stupid sheeple in Australia do not even have this type of thinking on their radar. Aussies are so easy to cheat because they are mostly in cruise mode. Life is to easy on the big island and they like it that way, hence the outrage at the thought of having any public subsidy or handout taken away. Work for a living, earn my own results in life? Nah, not me mate…

      • Don’t have to explain why the left and the business types like immigration, but a lot on the right think that immigration is grand because they believe that Australian youths are lazy and don’t want to work (without understanding that many places pay below award wages). These are the same miscreants that fall for simple analysis regarding house prices being affordable now because interest rates were 17% in the 90s (without understanding the lower loan amounts or neglecting the rates were only high for a short period). They think $20 for breakfast or cafe meal is excessive, as in their day you could get enough Chinese takeaway to feed a family of 4 for the same price.

        At some point these idiots might wonder why traffic is so bad, hospital waiting lists are so long or how come their kids can’t afford homes, have to work minimum wage or get replaced by 457 workers – but by the time they make the link to immigration, it’s too late. The ones who might tweak to this will realise that the major parties are all singing from the same songsheet, but it’s too much to back someone like PHON.

  5. “Last year, Labor leader Bill Shorten gave a speech to the Press Club claiming Australia’s private health insurance industry is “treating Australians like mugs” and “gouging people on the basis of a con”. Shorten also pledged to cap health insurance premium increases at 2% per annum for the next few years.”

    These are the same PHI policies which will serve to mitigate social cost resulting from the influx of elderly immigrants. The same industry that Bill Shorten has just recently been bagging. And what exactly does he think will happen to PHI when this additional pressure is added to his nonsensical 2% pa max increase claim?

    Now don’t get me wrong. I detest the current government and don’t want to see them reelected, but at what point is it finally going to dawn on the true believers that Bill has his eyes on one prize – being elected as PM. He has spent many years positioning himself for this. What wouldn’t he say, do, or promise to reach this goal. Even Labor’s supposedly good policies like the oft mentioned curbing of negative gearing and franking credit refunds are lazy, inept, and preserve the majority of the benefit for those who already gain the most from them.

    I started out feeling somewhat positive about a change to Labor, and never expected they would get everything right. But as it has turned out they are a smoke and mirrors scam operation which are going to pick up a bunch of votes based on destructive, divisive rhetoric, while in fact proposing to make circumstances worse for the very groups of people they should be protecting.

    A bunch of fkn pretenders.

      • With our deeply flawed preferential voting system in mind, I will be voting strategically in order to send a message, however feeble and insignificant, to the major parties that I am not impressed by the continued promotion of their own self-interest above that of managing the country competently.

        When all is said and done, that’s all I’ve got.

  6. Wouldn’t it be as simple as putting these migrants into their own risk pool for insurance, and then creating an ‘Australia Card’ with biometrics and photo that includes Medicare, Drivers License, Personal ID?

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Yes it would be. But it’s unlikely to happen despite so many other countries doing just as you have said

  7. We might eventually be able to move to where all the immigrants came from and start over. Initially it was the UK invading these countries, now they are getting their own back.