Labor loons to give unlimited visas to migrant elderly parents

By Leith van Onselen

In one of the craziest policies ever written, a Shorten Labor Government will dramatically age Australia’s population by uncapping visas allowing migrants to bring their elderly parents into Australia for continuous periods of three or five years. From The Australian:

Labor has revealed its proposed three- and five-year sponsored parents’ visas would cost $1250 and $2500 per entrant — a quarter of the cost of the Coalition’s parents’ visas — and would be available to an unlimited number of applicants.

Labor would also allow a single household to sponsor up to four parents at a time — compared with two under the Coalition — and enable visa-holders to renew their visa in Australia for a second three- or five-year term…

Demographers warned that the backlog of 97,000 ­applicants for permanent parents’ visas could be expected to apply under Labor’s policy, unleashing a 1980s-level surge in migration that would place additional strain on cities and ­services…

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen, about half of whose constituents in his Sydney seat of ­McMahon speak a language other than English, said the new visa was a fair, compassionate way to help migrants reunite with elderly parents…

Mr Bowen said Labor’s pledge was in stark contrast to the ­Coalition’s “heartless, callous and cruel” policy that would force families to choose which parents they sponsored…

Under Labor’s and the Coalition’s policies, applicants would have to obtain health insurance and any debts they incurred during their stay would have to be guaranteed by sponsors.

Demographer Bob Birrell said the uncapped nature of Labor’s policy could drive up demand for hospital beds and doctors. “It is highly likely that demand for particularly health services will grow because of the high incidence of health problems for older people,” he said.

“The question then becomes — if these parents do pay for these services, are they going to out-compete locals seeking the same service?”

While these proposed visas are long stay temporary, the Productivity Commission (PC) estimates that the circa 9,000 permanent parental visas granted each year already cost Australian taxpayers between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms, with the cost rising over time as numbers increase:

Overall, the cumulated lifetime fiscal costs (in net present value terms) of a parent visa holder in 2015-16 is estimated to be between $335 000 and $410 000 per adult, which ultimately must be met by the Australian community. On this basis, the net liability to the Australian community of providing assistance to these 8700 parents over their lifetime ranges between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms. Given that there is a new inflow each year, the accumulated taxpayer liabilities become very large over time. This is a high cost for a relatively small group.

Ultimately, every dollar spent on one social program must require either additional taxes or forgone government expenditure in other areas. It seems unlikely that parent visas meet the usual standards of proven need, in contrast to areas such as mental health, homelessness or, in the context of immigration, the support of immigrants through the humanitarian stream, and foreign aid.

Given the balance of the costs and benefits, the case for retaining parent visas in their current form is weak”.

Clearly, the open borders nutters at the Labor Party have gone against the explicit recommendation of the PC by announcing the rapid expansion of the parental visa system.

The budgetary cost of having up to 100,000 elderly migrants pile into Australia under Labor’s policy is likely to be enormous –  potentially tens of billions of dollars – and will place immense strains on infrastructure, health and social services, which are already under pressure.

Moreover, with the proposed fees set so low – at around $500 a year – existing residents will be required to foot the cost for the additional investment in hospitals and infrastructure required to meet the additional demand.

Existing residents will also likely see the cost of their private health insurance increase as the elderly migrants become heavy users of the health system, thereby requiring cross-subsidisation.

There is no magic pudding when it comes to the budget, and the massive fiscal cost of Labor’s policy will divert funding from other worthwhile areas, such as raising Newstart, investing in infrastructure, or increasing disability funding.

Labor clearly cares more for the welfare of elderly citizens of other nations than Australian voters. Otherwise, why would they support such egregious fiscal vandalism?

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Unconventional Economist

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.


  1. Jeez I hope this is just a cynical ploy to get all the migrant votes that will be jettisoned as a non core promise an instant after the election.

    But for some horrible reason I don’t think it is.

    • We could be at the point where the local vote is marginal, and Bill just want power at any cost? Hard to say, but he’d get two titles PM, and traitor. If he really cared about local workers and their kids things might be different. In these times it’s probably all we can expect from any politician to drive GDP at any cost, but the mathematics of it are flawed and we’ll be f….d by the tax burden and lack of services eventually. Most likely our kids are in for hell. With climate change where will the water come from, and as they develop the farm land for housing where will the food come from. My wife is actually studying the impact of farm land development around the Melbourne region and it’s not good.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Decided that 20 was too much against my training principles, so 10 it is, but try for improved times instead.

      • BE do intervals. One fast one slow. If to much, do short intervals like two/three street blocks. It works

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        I love this dude how he throws in random talk and hook-up chats. It is far more interesting than “Look, house prices are crashing, eventually, coz migrants, what’s wrong with you, can’t you see it?” type sh1te that goes on in here year after year after year.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Reuse,sic That’s what happens when you overdose on economic’s books.
        Your time will come.

      • Reusa I have no idea what you’re saying. My street talk is pretty sketchy. But just in case you don’t know…trust no one 😨

  2. Who even dreamed this visa category up in the first place? Why would we even do 1 of these long term visas? Makes absolutely no sense. Ridiculous!

    • Not contributed to our welfare system and coming from countries with little or no welfare system so no reciprocal arrangements in place and so the Australian taxpayer picks up the massive cost of looking after them. Our welfare system will collapse and become inaccessible to many people.

      • Although I understand with the sentiment, I’m not sure it’s actually completely true. My experience is that most countries place a limit on the welfare anyone can receive (e.g. disability benefit, old age pension) based on that recipient having spent a certain significant part of their life living and working in that country (i.e. paying taxes). I haven’t had time to do the research yet, but I expect to find these parents etc will not be eligible for most benefits, and would have to apply back to their native country to get benefits from there, according to whatever social security net it offers. Barring universal ones like Medicare. Will try to find out more and post again at a future time.

    • I was wondering when the ALP would really let the poll lead go to their heads.

      Albo’s very high speed east coast “monorail” was just a warm up.

      But still the LNP must go.

      Fresh idiots in Canberra are always welcome.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      When i saw this on the weekend i did for a moment think that although i think the current government is the most pathetic in Australian history voting Liberal would be about the best way i had of representing my thoughts about the future.

      Now i wont be voting Torynuff, but i sure as hell wont be voting ALP either

    • ErmingtonPlumbing

      Makes me not want to vote for them and I’m an ALP member!
      The spin doctors have taken over and this policy clearly targets immigrant voters, the majority of whom are Social Conservatives that don’t like Labors GLBTIQ stuff.
      Bennalongs Chinese comunity massively swung against Labor at the last federal election due to hysterical claims the “Safe Schools” program was going to have their kids all exposed to [email protected] porn and Immigrant electorates also had the highest percentage of NO voters on [email protected] marriage.
      Though I share 007s fear that Labors lead may go to their heads on other issues, on this one the ALP is trying to claw back the Social Conservative immigrant vote that they know they need to win back in a number of Sydney and Melbourne seats.
      It is a Cynical policy announcement and shows a total disregard for the Labour Parties traditional duty, the duty of representing the interests of Working Class people in this Country.

      Still most likely the ALP will win the next Federal election and Rule,…so if you really want to oppose this policy then join the Party and make some Fu#ken noise about It,… fight it from within.

      Note,…you don’t have to “prove” you voted for them to Join but maybe just don’t tell em ya didn’t when ya do.
      The Spivey leadership fear a revolt from a growing and discontented membership so much more than thay do the Voting Public who mostly vote tribaly, with the few million swingers easily manipulated.

      • True Ermo, we could have a bigger impact from within.

        Labor have the better policies but they just blew it with this as far as I’m concerned.

      • I lean to the economic right on some things, but to the economic left on others…we need an economic left party for balance..I was hoping Labor would be that, as I was probably going to vote for them….but they are internally contradictory, and can only just be called the Worker’s Party these days…

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I lean to the economic right on some things, but to the economic left on others…we need an economic left party for balance..

        Greens or SAP – though both are shifting slowly rightwards in that regard.

  3. Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

    We need this cos migrants gonna pay for our pensions and staff the nursing homes cheaper than aussies.

  4. “One of the craziest policies ever written” … calm now, there’s some pretty strong competition for that title.

    But I will note my bemusement at Shorten putting out all of the big target policies … is he trying to confuse Morrison by giving him so many targets to hit? Herald Sun’s Mark Knight compared his approach so far to John Hewson, and his 1993 Fightback campaign was the last big target campaign from opposition. However that is unfair … Hewson was well beaten by a more experienced politician in Keating, whereas Shorten and Morrison are not that far apart for political skills and dark arts.

    But I don’t understand why Shorten is giving Morrison even a sniff.
    Morrison is clearly going hard in the contest, always competing, and will go hard until the AEC call time. He will leave nothing in the tank. So why give him something to compete with?
    I know some will say that he needs to flag policies in the campaign so that WHEN he wins he can claim a mandate and implement … but for mine you win first and then you govern. And if you really want a man date then book a nice restaurant.

  5. “Labor would also allow a single household to sponsor up to four parents at a time”
    What? A migrant couple can only bring in 4 parents? That is unreasonably stringent. Some of their parents will have divorced and remarried. So there are step-parents to think of. I think 8 parents / step parents per couple is more reasonable. Plus I’m sure some Aunts and Uncles have been like parents, so they should be able to reunite also. Lets keep it simple and allow 10 geriatric relatives per household.

    Anyway, if ALP get in then you better get used to less healthcare for Australian tax-payers and their dependents, Australian pensioners, Australian veterans etc. After many years of increasing, healthcare expenditure is going to plateau. We simply can’t afford to spend more and more on healthcare.
    Ask any bogan. They all know that if you have a party and invite twice as many d#$%heads but have the same amount of beer, then everyone only gets half as p1ssed.

    The suggestion these people take out private health insurance won’t help for several reasons:
    1. Medicare card fraud. Many tourists will simply borrow someone’s Medicare care. Some will lash out and buy a fake card made to order for $50. Why go private (and pay an excess) when you have the nice green Medicare card (with zero excess).
    2. Private health insurance does not have a loading for age or ill health. So if you add lots of chronically ill, the premiums have to increase for all – right at a time when low risk younger people are dropping out anyway.
    3. There are many gaps and caps and excesses for private insurance. Watch the children cry poor and show empty pockets when grandma’s policy won’t cover everything.

    Every year NSW writes off about $30M of unpaid healthcare bills incurred by overseas visitors. Well under ALP that $30M will skyrocket.
    Examples of unpaid bills by overseas visitors
    Case study 1: Following a cardiac arrest, an overseas visitor received emergency department and inpatient care on two different occasions at NSW public hospitals. The visitor did not have travel/medical insurance and incurred bills of nearly $175,000.
    Case study 2: A mother who travelled to Australia to visit family became very ill, and was in intensive care in a NSW public hospital for nearly six weeks. There was a misunderstanding about her travel insurance, and the family realised she was not covered. The resulting medical costs totalled more than $270,000.
    Case study 3: An overseas visitor was rushed to hospital by ambulance, received emergency surgery at a NSW public hospital and was discharged five days later. “My brother is truly blessed to have his surgery in Australia as he most likely would have been misdiagnosed and not survived in (our home) country as it is a developing country.” The treatment costs amounted to $17,000.
    Case study 4: Overseas visitor visiting family who suffered a cardiac arrest and required emergency admission and treatment in a NSW public hospital. The visitor’s three months’ travel insurance had expired, with a bill of $24,000 to be paid.

    “a fair, compassionate way to help migrants reunite with elderly parents…” Here’s an idea. Fly back home during your 4 weeks annual leave and reunite there.

    I think LNP are bad. Then the ALP starts up. F#$% me dead.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER


      Importing people who are disproportionately prone to being unwell and dumping them them on the public health system is tantamount to breaking that public health system. I thought the ALP were pro public health.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      We could allow 4 parents in costing $400,000 each or tell people to use skype and to jump on a plane from time to time to visit your parents.

    • Great post. Do they get the aged, disability pensions or NDIS entitlement? If so for how long? What about a waiting period? Do they keep the the aged pension if they go home?

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Been saying we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t for too many years now….Another election proposal clearly thought through in the hallway prior to talking directly into the camera……

    • DreadnotMEMBER

      Here’s another idea. How about issuing a visa only after obtaining comprehensive medical and travel insurance with a certified provider covering the period of the visa.

      • Won’t work. They will take out a policy and then cancel it and get a refund. Or they will continue to access the public system illegally rather than using their private health policy (with gap, caps and excesses).

        Only way I can think of is for the children in Aust to take out a line-of-credit for 300k or so. They complain about taking out private health cover as it is a rip off and they don’t need it and their diabetic smoking father is healthy….. So taking out a LOC is a win-win. There are guaranteed funds immediately available to pay any incurred medical expenses. The Aust government can verify that this LOC is in place and has not been closed. And when dad returns home, they can cancel the LOC and save the money they would have spent on a health insurance policy.

  6. Again, in a country with the highest migration rate in the developed world, I would of thought I would be able to bring my wife of 3 years, now pregnant, into the country with very little fuss: TLDR:

    I’m a 5th generation Australian who was forced to move to NZ with my wife (now pregnant due in July) of 3 years due to the ridiculously long, and costly partner visa processing times that were deliberately imposed by Dutton and Morrion. Why is their a backlog of 80,000 partner visas needed to be processed? My rights as an Australian citizen are below that of skilled migrants and their families simply because big business always get their way with this government. If I could renounce my Australian citizenship, and apply for a skilled visa (I’m an Actuary) my wife and family would be in Australia in less than a month. I’m stuck in NZ for at least another year due to the processing times and my handicap of being born in Australia.

    So now f*cking elderly migrant parents are ahead of my rights as an Australian citizen in the visa que. Why do migrants have more rights then me?

    • Tl;dr indeed.

      You need some new schtick.

      Maybe you could rip on NZ and how they’re not giving you as many sweets and perks as Australia gives to its visitors?

      • I do bitch about that, if macrobusiness was serious about population growth first thing to do is tear up the transtasman treaty. 60 dollar co payment for doctor, 30% gdp gap no wonder 15% of nz lives in Australia. It is a scam, lets see NZ bitch when Aus forces 650,000 ppl back overnight.

    • NZ is not the biggest source of immigration into AUS. A very low wage nation is. I do not know why people complain about immigrants from NZ when the minimum wage in NZ is almost the same as the minimum wage in AUS.

      AUS has had an open border with NZ for 20 to 30 years. Now, AUS has an open border with the third world and we all know what the wages are in the third world. Heck, it is a one way open border because I would not be allowed to edit a newspaper in Beijing or Delhi. But they are allowed to come here and work in any job! Even in the NBN!

      Britons voted for Brexit because they were inundated with cheap labour from low wage nations in Eastern Europe. The EU was ok when it was a club of rich nations.

  7. boomengineeringMEMBER

    There seems to be a pattern that if an Indian origin person is in a certain type of job command then a sudden influx of like arises with the expulsion of whatever other nationality was there previously.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      Are you saying that said managers will demand part of the salaries of those they appoint as quid pro quo for appointing them ??.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Len, That ethnicity have been known for buying businesses in the Central Coast laying off the 20 or so workers then demanding 457’s. Now if they were to charge each $50k or $100k then this profit would most likely exceed the original companies takings. Incidentally if they shut down afterward you have 20 out of work Aussies and 20 out of work immigrants as well.

    • That’s common practice. However you’ll note that they’re all relatively new arrivals or not quite skilled but in the payroll anyway because of nepotism.
      This is a very good reason Australia will slip to third world levels. You cannot sustain high levels of inefficiency and remain competitive.

  8. WhatcouldgowrongMEMBER

    The cynic in me thinks that this could be not only a sweetener but an invitation, a billion potential Labor voters!

    • Not unlike the democrats sudden embracement of illegals, sanctuary cities and dreamers between 2008 and 2016 – suddenly the party has an untapped support base

  9. This is lunatic policy of the ALPs. This is not the hardheaded thinking of former ALP days. This is craven vote-buying in marginal seats dressed up as warm-hearted family reunion policy. But they didn’t think how pi$$ed it’ll make the rest of us who will have to pay.

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    This is a great policy and only a sick racialist would not want to re-unite vibrant families. It’s extremely rashist that new Australians are to be charged huge fees for their parents to live here when locals who were born here are not also charged huge fees to have their parents live here too.

  11. There was a article yesterday about a woman from the Maldives, living in Toowoomba on a skilled migrant visa as a social worker ! Based on this visa she brought her husband and kids . Decided to have another baby who sadly was disabled – the feds want baby out of the country the lefties want baby to stay ..
    I simply couldn’t believe we are importing social workers from the 3rd world when there are so many kids desperate for work after studying these social (sciences…) degrees

    I really believe the only reason these people are here is because the banks need fresh meat to gear up

    • That’s one of the issues with people – they’re basically impossible to kick out after they are in, unless you have heartless can’t policies.

      So the past can’t really be undone. but we have to at least STOP DIGGING ourselves even deeper into big Australia madness.

    • My fav was the “corporate trainer” here on skilled visa with hubby and hubby but could barely speak English.

      FOB with PR.

      Open door policy administered via a cloud of visa classes and shonkiness.

      If we really had a non discriminatory immigration system why would the numbers be so heavily weighted towards a couple of specific countries.

    • That is the essence of this whole migrant issue — it’s a numbers game. The ponzi needs ever more people to keep it going (retail, banking, property, you name it)

      What will eventually transpire is a huge welfare catastrophe. Taxes in this country will blow right out in future in order to fund it all.

      • Especially if we import from countries will poor health outcomes, are relatively low skilled (as the Australian market sees it), and a have a sense of entitlement, with statistically larger incidences of corruption and fraud. Also, as automation comes into play, we going to see more in the dole queues.

    • Will the disabled kid qualify for Australian citizenship after the age of ten, because they were lawfully born here to temporary visa holder parents? If so, will the parents push the appeals process until the kid turns 10 so he can stay and get full Medicare and NDIS treatment?

  12. Awesome! Dad just turned 70, he’s pretty healthy as is mum a few years older than him. As paye taxpayers dumb enough to be teachers and therefore have zero ability to avoid tax in any meaningful way I’ll make sure to tell them they’d better not be getting sick any time as access to that health care system they’ve been supporting since the 60s (yeah they started working and paying tax at ages 13 and 11 respectively – mum had to start work illegally young by 2 years due to her father dying young) is going to become more and more difficult.

    They’re already super uncomfortable about seemingly unavoidable medical misadventures friends and family seem to be experiencing recently

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      I’m his age and still paying taxes, feel like a willing horse getting flogged to death whilst suffering the burden of having to get out of bed in the early hours for safe exercise, which besides my reasons doesn’t burden the taxpayer via health care.. A double whammy, work on jobs, work on health to carry the lazy.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Well apparently Labor want to make sure we have an ageing problem, so… we can, you know, bring in more immigrants…

      • Yes, yes! Up the number of oldies to further strengthen the argument for more young migrants to pay the taxes. Brilliant.

  13. On the ABC radio this morning they were talking about a new La Trobe Uni survey and apparently we seem to support the current levels…there was more, but I switched off. I suspect they target a different Australia than I live in.

  14. As a young Australian, I’m struggling with any loyalty to this place. Many of labor’s policies are seemingly going in the right direction in terms of giving us younger people a fair go (ie. negative gearing, capital gains, franking credits) – but then this!. Tax payers will now be supporting an unlimited number of foreign parents. Sure they may have to private health insurance, but that will push up the premiums for all of us young families. Not only have many affordable housing areas been turned into a monoculture, now the roads and public transport will be further clogged by those who are not helping to fund them at all, not to mention the myriad of other public services which they will avail themselves of at no cost.

    The whole narrative around high immigration is that it is to benefit the economy by reducing the dependency ratio of the aged!
    This policy completely undermines benefits from the high rate of immigration.
    This completely obliterates any attraction labor polices have for young Australians.

    • Too true. My son is applying for jobs off shore. When the political parties have absolutely no loyalty to the electorate, there is no surprise if there is no loyalty for the country. We occupy a Balkanised nation where it is everyone for themselves. The free market at work.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Go. Just go. Australia is doomed.

      Only think about coming back after the war is over. And it is war. War against anybody who pays taxes and does the right thing. Don’t be an idiot and do the right thing like I did. You’ll be prison raped every day for the rest of your life.

  15. Even StevenMEMBER

    I have no words.

    It’s like they are deliberately giving Australians the finger.

  16. turncoatMEMBER

    This may be the issue for One Nation to latch onto and recover from their gun induced slump. Backed by solid economics provided by the productivity commision this can be framed as a budgetary management issue whilst dog whistle supporters will also be kept happy. The Liberals will faff around but Pauline will put the bit between her teeth – and it’s off to the races.

  17. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Australia is too soft to stop this.
    But we now know that X migrants = X number of elderly parents and can estimate the cost and the aging of the population.
    Migration will not stack up as an economic benefit with this accounted for. This is the key to reducing the numbers at source – all the ridiculous visas and avenues to permanent migration.

    Dont vote liberal or labour. Vote anyone else.

  18. This is heartbreaking. I feel so discouraged. Despairing even. Where will this lunacy take us?

  19. Didn’t realise how desperate labor is to get in power. Although I hate all parties equally, would be funny if liberal got in with votes from Palmer, Pauline, Katter, Sustainable. It would be a dog’s breakfast but at least with gridlock they can do no more damage to this country **hopefully**

  20. The Government won’t allocate any extra funding to the public health system – they will just let the queues and waiting lists balloon and the hospitals crumble, as they have been for the last two decades.

  21. Unbelievable. We are struggling with providing current services & now they will increase demand legthening waiting lists etc

    I was going to put Labour ahead of Libs (my primary vote will be for a minor party) but now I’m going to have to find another party where my vote will count instead of Labor … but who, Clive Palmer?

  22. Just like the Democrats in the US, Labor immigration policy has been captured by vested interests. It’s only a matter of time before they demand no borders and free movememt of people too. This is going to destroy our standard of living and way of life.

  23. Sneaky thinking. The Big Australia liars say we need mass immigration to cater for their oft claimed future labour shortages in the aged care sector. What better way to create the labour shortage than to import more elderly people from overseas? Brilliant strategy, this will be used to justify all the extra migration that is the basis of A Big Australia. We need the migrants to work in aged care we are told and to boot, we are actively expanding the aged care sector by bringing in more elderly people

    • It is thoroughly delusional. There will be no way we can pay for these low/no skill third worlders. The ‘value’ creating part of the economy continues to shrink and the rest of the economy is propped up by a massive debt bubble. We are living way beyond our means and stupidly importing useless people that are a cost to the economy.

      • I agree entirely, I am making a semi satirical comment on how some of these Labor Big Australia idiots must be thinking. I wish I could say it was completely satirical but I suspect its so crazy it may be true

  24. I hope the ALP wins so they can implement this sheet. Only after some years of more extraordinary Big Oz rorting is there a chance for some sanity to prevail and for more people to vote for the only party that will end mass immigration, and that is ON. The Indian and Chinese immigrants were always going to get this option up due to their voting strength.

    People here who are silly enough to think that anything will change by continuing to vote Lab/Lai/Green ahead of ON are going to get their just desserts.

    For strategic reasons vote Lib/Lab/Green last otherwise we will end up with an overwhelming ALP majority controlling both the House of Reps and the Senate. But the ALP will still win because Its Time.

  25. The share of immigrants as a percentage of the total population keeps rising with each passing year and so does their political clout as a group. You will see more Chinese and Indian temples, mosques, restaurants in your neighborhood. This situation is entirely of your own choice because you have elected the government who made these decisions on your behalf. The sooner you whingers realize this and come to terms with it the better it will be for your mental peace!

  26. Denis413MEMBER

    LNP are paying $4.25. I’ve cashed out of my ALP vote and am now balls deep on LNP. What a ridiculous party (even relative to the LNP…).

  27. Communists at ALP just following post-modernism as explained well by Peterson and Chomsky, in a nutshell, it does not matter what you say or do, as long as you win power from another competing mob.

  28. This will mean households with three sets of adults pooling their money together when buying a house, pushing up prices / outbidding locals.

    This will add to public transport and car / pedestrian traffic.

    There will be increased healthcare costs as private insurance (if they keep it) won’t cover all the costs and will end up in emergency rooms.

    There will be cases of ‘dumped’ parents when they are no longer useful or become too costly. And there will be an outcry when we try to deport them.

    There will also be federal money funneled into supporting community services / outreach services developed specifically for these migrant groups, not just simplified Chinese character subtitling on ABC / SBS.

    And no doubt, in time, the Chinese and Indian migrant community will push for residency and benefits for these visiting parents after a qualifying period.

    • There will be no deportations. Imagine the optics.
      Nanna in a wheelchair staring vacantly into the middle distance while Pops shuffles slowly along beside her with a stick.
      Daughter and grandchildren in tears behind while family friend talks of Nanna’s recent stroke and Pops’ diabetes and hypertension and the upcoming 10 hour flight which will surely kill one or both of them…

  29. Seriously people.
    You cannot vote ALP.
    You cannot vote LNP.
    Just vote for CLIVE.
    Yes he’s an idiot but many of his policies are good.
    And at least he’s saying what ALP and LNP won’t but should.