Keating triggers Washington alarm

Via the AFR:

A spokesperson for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday (AEST) that the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in 5G networks could leave sensitive data open to Chinese government access.

“The United States is very concerned about that – not only for American national security, but for the security of our allies and partners,” the spokesperson told The Australian Financial Review.

The reiteration of the US position suggests a degree of concern in Washington over Mr Keating’s blistering attack on Australia’s spy chiefs less than two weeks from an election that Labor is forecast to win.

This is highly irregular stuff for diplomatic circles and underlines just how tense the US/China stand-off is.

But is it any wonder that the US is alarmed after this:

Mr Keating says a Labor government would make “a huge shift” in Australian-Chinese relations, while calling for a “clean out” of spy agency ASIO.

“I think what we have to do is recognise the legitimacy of China,” he says.

“China’s entitled to be there … The fact that 20 per cent of humanity has dragged itself from poverty, I mean, is this illegitimate? Of course it’s not illegitimate. It may not suit the United States as a second rate economic power in the world.”

As for the security agencies that would be advising Bill Shorten as prime minister, he says: “You’d clean them out. You’d clean them out.”

“When you have the ASIO chief knocking on MPs’ doors, you know something’s wrong … When the security agencies are running foreign policy, the nutters are in charge.”

Mr Keating praises China as “a great state” and the world’s soon-to-be-largest economy, saying: “If we have a foreign policy that does not take that into account, we are fools.”

There were more attacks on the security agencies at Domain:

“They’ve lost their strategic bearings, these organisations.”

He added that they had “gone berko” over the threat of Chinese interference and influence in Australia.

…On Canberra’s relations with Beijing, Mr Keating said there was “healing to be done”.

…Mr Keating said the spy agencies had “gone berko” since that report was written.

The US is sharing all of its intelligence with these alleged “nutters” as it battles the rise of the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The power of the CCP is obviously dangerous to the Australian way of life, which is based upon its opposite in liberal democracy. Australia’s only protection against it is US enforcement of the liberal democratic order it imposed upon Asia post-WWII. This is not some idle notion. It is the raw truth of power. The US liberal empire that, although deeply flawed, for the most part aims to govern on principles of freedom of expression, freedom of self-determination, freedom of commerce and the rule of law.

Australians (especially its leaders) should always remember that although alliances are supported by institutions and interests, the edifice is made up of people. Cast one too many aspersions, take one too many bribes, be ungrateful once too often and suddenly what you take for granted can become quite insecure.

Paul Keating has done real harm and should think long and hard before speaks on the subject again.

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  1. the most insidious feature of China’s geo-political strategy is the colonisation of US’ allies in the Pacific Ocean, specifically, Australia, Canada and New Zealand via their liberal immigration policies so as to demographically replace the populations in the strategic coastal cities Sydney, Vancouver, Auckland and Melbourne. Once they’re the demographic majority, they’ll be able to use the electoral process to implement policies which deny these coastal cities to the US Navy.

    • Is this the same US that is extraditing and locking up your great hero, Julian Assange?

      Just lol

      • @HH

        Lol to you as well. Jim is one of the frothers who believe’s the Elders of Zion and Soros control the US, but that also, somehow, there is a nefarious Chinese colonisation project ….so are we backing the Soros reptilians or the Chinese?

        Of course all this is moot when Biden wins the White House come November…..almost makes me want to keep my membership past Oct to see the unhinging, but I guess you’ll make that thread open to all comers? Got to feed the chickens daily!

      • @Nathan “almost makes me want to keep my membership when Joe “if she’s little, I’ll diddle” Biden wins the Presidency….lol…and I’m not sure how it’s moot even if Joe wins the Presidency, in fact Joe’s is a great appeaser when it comes to China, and it’s good to see you’re still seething how Assange de-railed Hillary’s campaign, it was her turn remember??

        @John Vancouver is a coastal city champ, it hosts one of the busiest ports in North America and the presence of an island makes it one of the finest natural harbours in the world.

    • You might want to check a map to see where Vancouver is located. It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a “coastal” city given that there’s the massive island of Vancouver Island between it and the Pacific. Even if Chinese residents of the city of Vancouver somehow voted to deny the US Navy access to Vancouver, the Americans could obviously retaliate by denying Canadian ships access to the Georgia Strait, which would be rather more painful. So that’s obviously not going to happen.

  2. TighterandTighter

    Have sighted my 22 WMR in but doubt I’ll be doing much damage to the CCP Expeditionary Forces

    • Really? shit expensive round also hard to get at times a 223 would serve you better if its good for the military.

  3. kodiakMEMBER

    The cold hard truth is that Australia and the the Australian people are either enemies or useful idiots.

  4. Did youse see the response on Q&A when Shorten said he was a great pollie (or whatever) only about 2 people clapped/cheered & they shut up as soon as they realised they were the only fools in the room. 😂 quickly followed by Bill backpedaling 😂

    • How about Bill’s flippant dismissal of our relationship with the US when asked about China….

      • Yes, I didn’t like that either! (Though I thougt he was generally very good, just that & a couple of other bad policies eg immigration ponzi)

  5. China Bill and Dan will get us “Belted and Road killed”. Seriously all the pollies are bad in this regard, but is anyone really comfortable with Bill running the country with his bent towards the CCP and fobbing off the intelligence services? It looks bad and if the punters catch on to this he’s lost. My feeling is that MSM supports Bill as does the ABC and none of this is going to be looked at seriously. It may even be too late. I feel we’re being sold out on many fronts and this is just another, but it’s a big one for our future. We’re being governed by nutcases with no clue of what’s best for the country, and for the ADF trying to defend us it must be alarming. Disgusted!

  6. Even StevenMEMBER

    Sad truth is that most people have no awareness of China and its intent. Some people might have heard of South China Seas, or Taiwan. Fewer of Tibet. And fewer still of the Uyghurs.

    But if you ask people what their AFL team scored in a match three rounds ago, they’d probably be able to give you a pretty close answer.

    I’m not sure in what context Kodiak meant it when he said “Australians are either enemies or useful idiots”. But I suppose it doesn’t matter. Depressing.

    • kodiakMEMBER

      I meant something similar to what you are saying, but perhaps a bit more mean-spirited.

  7. If the US can flip elections in this country in the past – can they use some of their power and influence to help us reduce and refocus immigration now? 38% of births in NSW to foreign mothers – where do those allegiances lie?

    • kodiakMEMBER

      You are exactly the kind of fool that I am talking about. Nobody in the USA gives a shiz about Australian elections.

  8. – Yeah, sure. And when we buy telecommunications equipment form US companies then the software is also “comprimised”, stuffed to gills with “spyware”.

  9. – Australia is (together with the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, the socalled “Five eyes” spy-ring. It’s prohibited to spy on people in one’s own country. So, e.g. then the US asks New Zealand to spy on a US citizen. Problem solved.