Chartfest 23-24 February 2019




5 Eyes Part Time Employment


Australia CPI

Housing Wealth and Consumption

Residential Rents

NSW & Vic, wages & unemployment


Australian coal export destinations


Australian Commodity Exports


Australian House Prices


Australian Housing Finance


Australian Renewable Energy


Australian Services & Manufacturing


Australian Short Term Arrivals


Australia Trade Balance


RBA & Unemployment


Market Pricing & the RBA


Australian Real Estate Prices and Mortgage Rates




Asian Banking Growth


China Demographics


China Bad Loans

China Government Corporate Bond Spreads

China Home Prices


China New Loans


China Population

China Property Prices and Real Estate Credit


China Trade Balance


Japan Exports


South Korea Unemployment


Turkey Balance of Payments




US Fed – Balance Sheet & Who is Buying


United States – Net Interest to GDP


United States – Private Debt


United States Corporates – Profits & Taxes


US Pharmaceuticals & Medicines Trade Balance …to be sure, to be sure…


United States – Most & Least Trusted Professions


United States – Childless Women by Age


United States – Pre Tax Profits by Employee in selected locations


United States – Pre Tax Profits by Employee & Taxation Domicile


United States – CPI


United States – Bachelor Degree at 22, 23, & 24 by Gender



United States – College Graduation by Gender


US FDI – Reinvested or Dividends


US Fed – Balance Sheet & Assets


United States – Federal Health Spend


United States – Top Income Tax Rate


United States – Jobless Claims 


United States – Unemployed and Openings


United States – Non Farm Payrolls


United States – Problem Banks


United States – Retail Sales


Venezuela – GDP Collapse with Historical GDP Collapses




Europe – Debt to GDP, Selected Nations


ECB – Net Interest Income from its QE Portfolio


Eurozone – GDP & Composite PMI


Real GDP – Major Euro Nations


Europe – Government Debt to GDP


Europe – Selected Industrial Production


Europe – Option Implied Inflation Probabilities


Eurozone – Negotiated Wages


Eurozone – Car Registrations


Eurozone – National Fiscal Settings


France – 2018-19 Budget, Household Income & Gillets Jaunes


France – Unemployment 


Germany – Real GDP


Germany – Manufacturing & Services PMI


Italy & Eurozone – Real GDP


Italy – GDP


Italy – Germany 10 Yr Spread


Sweden – Policy Rate and Core Inflation


Russia – Policy Rate and Inflation


Switzerland – Trade Balance

United Kingdom – GDP & PMI




Australian 10s


International Monetary System – Major Currencies


DJIA – 1937 & 2018


Major Global Bad Loan Ratios


Global Debt


Japan 30s


Global Negative Yielding Debt


OECD Sovereign Borrowing


Major Global Central Banks – QE Holdings


United States – Loans & Debt Securities


UST Yield Curve 






Asian refineries


China GDP & Oil, LNG Imports and Refined Products Exports


China Iron Ore Imports

Copper Global Growth and Output




Crude Imports


Coal – Newcastle Prices & Exports to China




Gasoline Margins


Thermal Coal & LNG


Thermal Coal & LNG Supply


World Gold Holdings




Baltic Dry


Global Budget Positioning 


Global Central Bank GDP Outlooks


Emerging World Real Interest Rates


Labour Productivity – Selected OECD


The Potential Implications of a US – China Trade deal




Amazon Profits & Tax Payments


El Nino – La Nina


Energy Source Materials


US Ethanol to China Sans Tariff


Gender and Ad Testing


CO2 Emissions – Up and Down 2017


Inherited Wealth by Continent


Distance from Maccas – United States


Major Bunker Ports


Mass of Living Things


Median Age by Continent



Perception of Transgender Rights


…and a Sunday morning Video…..


Australia – A Coming Financial Crisis?

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  1. Can I ask where the ‘Wealth Effects by Consumption Category’ chart came from, and is it saying that as house prices go up the people selling them are more likely to buy an expensive car?

    Also that last chart, is that telling us that the rest of the world doesnt have year long debates about recognising LGBT rights? – I didnt have a problem with making sure or LGBT crowd had whatever rights they like, but thought 18 months of parliament time a bit excessive.

    • @Mechanic

      The wealth effects chart was doing the rounds on twitter last week. It was brought out by Alexandra Heath of the RBA at a presentation (not sure where). You got some expensive cars going cheap?

    • Not to demure from their plight it’s important to them, but it wasn’t about LBGT….. they were just the next minority champing to be stirred up & used as a sideshow distraction so larger problems could be kept out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

  2. Australia has problems in all directions.
    The Iron Ore price and demand may be the next to take a dip