Weekend Chartfest, November 24-25, 2018









Housing Finance




Australian house prices v the rest




Australian house prices to income v the rest




Sydney & Melbourne Auction Clearances




Employing Sectors




Consumer Confidence




Housing Sales and Stamp Duty Revenues




Department Store Sales Per Capita




Housing Wealth & Savings Ratio




House Prices & Jobs




Listings – Combined Capital Cities




What Australian Houses are Worth




Labour Costs




Australia & New Zealand – Wage Growth




Population Growth




Real GDP & Per Capita Household Income




Retail Sales & Dwelling prices




Retail Sales




Selected Super Fees on Small Accounts




Trade Balance




Unemployment & Participation




Real Average Earnings per Hour




Wage Growth by Employment Instrument




Wage Growth by Industry




Underemployment & Wages




Wellbeing – Strengths & Weaknesses




What Matters?




Doubling Population




Private sector Wages and Unemployment




Victoria – Underutilisation & Wages




China – Asia




China – African Swine Flu Outbreaks




Japan – BOJ Balance Sheet & Japan GDP




China Credit Growth 




China Credit Growth 2




China – Share of World Imports & Exports




China Corn Production (recent, very large, revision)




China Current Account




China Current Account Composition




GDP Contribution and Employment by Sector of Production




China Trade by Country




China Growth Gauges




China Inflation




China Fixed Asset Investment




China – Investment Saving & Current Account to GDP – Final Consumption & Capital Formation to GDP




China – Manufacturing PMI & Exports – Current Account as % of GDP




China – Merchandise Trade Balance and vis USA




China – PPI, CPI & Interest Rates




China – Private Sector Credit to GDP




China – Retail Sales & FAI




Japan CPI




Japan 3Q 2018 GDP




Philippines Inflation




United States




The Trump Administration & New Regulation




U.S. Agricultural Productivity




U.S. Economy – various measures




Auto Sales




United States & Canada – labour participation & gender




Corporate Debt & Household Debt – Two Stories




United States – Recessions & Expansions




Employment outcomes by size of community




Household Energy usage




Equity Markets and Tax Receipts




Financial Conditions & Fiscal Policy




Government Borowing




Hires Quits & Layoffs




Merchandise Deficits over time




Milk Cows




Milk Cows – more or less








Thanksgiving gasoline








ECB purchases of public sector bonds by nation




ECB QE and Portfolio Flows




Next Generation Broadband Access




Euro Butterfat & Milk




Target 2 Assets and Liabilities by Nation




The European diet by nation & the carbon emissions therein 




Euro demand in the post GFC era




Euro GDP post the Lehman collapse




Euro Inflation




Euro NPLs


Euro Pensions to GDP




Germany Italy France Spain – Foreign Ownership of Debt




Germany – Core Inflation




Germany – CPI composition




Germany exports




Germany – GDP & the auto sector




Germany GDP composition




Euro households and Euro sovereign debt




Long Term Refinancing by nation




United Kingdom GDP




London & UK House Prices




Great Britain & the 1%




United Kingdom – Veracity Index








Asian Metallurgical Coal Imports




Coking Coal per tonne




Thermal Coal




WTI & Brent




Major Oil  Consumers




Oil Output – Saudi Arabia, United States & Russia




Iron Ore




Iron Ore 2




Seaborne Iron Ore Imports




Lithium use by product




Central Bank of Russia Gold Reserves (and does Russia have more ‘off book’?)




Capital Markets




Asset Classes & Positive Returns




BBB rated as % of Total Investment Grade








Cash is King




China & US 2Years




Defaults & Distress ratios




Developed Market Corporate Bonds




Emerging Market Risks




Federal Reserve rate and ‘neutral’ 




Federal Reserve Tightening Cycles




Nations & Debt Sustainability (oh really?)




Global Systemically Important Banks




China – US 1 Yr Spreads




Bid to Cover US 30s




Global Macro




Real GDP Growth, China, US, Europe, Japan




Unit Labor Cost – China, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico




Billionaires in Asia Pacific




Exports – the biggest for every nation




Chinese FDI into EU




US Tariffs on China – who benefits most?




Confidence in Xi Jinping outside China




Share of Global Exports




Global Home Ownership




Global House Prices




Mobility & Inequality by nation




Rates of Poverty over time




Household Debt to Disposable Income – Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom




France & United States – Inequality & Fiscal Redistribution




Developed & Emerging Market Output Gaps




Developed World Incomes, GDP and Government Debt




Real GDP – China, U.S., Japan Europe




Real GDP Growth – China, U.S., Japan, Europe




Real Estate as Household Wealth – China & United States




School Performance & National Productivity?




Population Growth – major developed nations




China – United States Trade – 2017




United States Tariff Measures and responses 




Wealth Inequality & 1984




World Exports




…and furthermore…




Mothers Earnings & Children




Estimated Global Nuclear Warheads 




United States & Europe – Equipment Spend per military personnel (could not find same chart to current)




OECD Changes to life expectancy since 1970




Quality of Life Measures and impact of industrial revolution




Full Pay Maternity Leave – various nations




United States PhDs by Gender




What we should eat and what we produce





    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      What do you know about too much casein in the diet affecting Asperger’s. In my case as a bodybuilder/power lifter had 12 pints of milk (16 once) per day with pure casein to boot.

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casein

        I was also into bodybuilding and had all the supps including casein, and mixed my own amino acids into stuff.

        I did months of reading on and off all about diets and never came across anything about aspergers. The above wikipedia says there is little evidence for casein affecting apergers.

        I had no effect from the ton of diet and supp stuff i had other than gaining a fair bit of strength, but also gaining fat from excess calories. It would take me a lot of time/effort/dieting to lose the fat. I got sick of that cycle.

        Now i just do weight stuff if i have a thick steak or lump of chicken for tea (i do gym around 10pm), or cardio otherwise.

        Still get pretty pumped and buff without any supps or special diet at all, though i do more lighter reps in the 20ish range, and 100 wide-grip pullups (3 sets of 30-35).

      • It is a general theory that foods that cause inflammation also inflame the brain.

        I occasionally suffer from inflammation (including last few weeks) and notice it also affects my ability to think and socialise. I also notice something similar when I am in the earlier part of my weight training cycles when volumes is higher (more damage to muscles).

      • Going to do more weights tonight.
        Laying off the 3km treadmill runs for a few weeks until internally inflamed left foot gets better.

  1. This is worth thinking about. Saturday morning (we work saturday mornings until 2PM), I get in, see a MacroBusiness chartfest which I really enjoy. One of the boys rigs up something on the computer so that instead of our usual advertising coming through on the advertising flatscreen we are running an endless loop of random MacroBusinss chartfest charts, 5 seconds a pop.

    We have had maybe 80-90 people in. I reckon nearly every last one has commented to me on where I got the charts from – and all those Australian housing charts have people quite literally stop and watch for a few minutes at least. Amazing how many people stop and chat about it! An evrybody is really interested!