Weekend Chartfest 2 – 3 June, 2018



Australia – temporary visas


Declines in 457 visa numbers


Australian National Minimum Wage Increases


Australia – Average and Median Incomes


Australia – Capex


Australia – Capex by State


Australia – changes in dwelling values


Australia – share of dwellings by price growth


Australia – Sydney Real estate downturns and return to peak


Australia – Home lending and prices 1


Australia – Household Credit


Australia – Owner Occupied and Investor Lending


Australia – declining foreign residential real estate buys



Australia – FIRB approvals by state


Australia – FIRB Real estate Approvals by year


Australia – Proportion of Foreign Owned Agricultural Land (note Northern territory, NW Tasmania, and Werribee [to west of Melbourne])


Australian Banks – Offshore and Onshore funding


Australia – The ghost of the Howard tax cuts


Australia – Manufacturing PMI


Australia – Superannuation returns and fees


Australia – Superannuation performance



Australia – FDI Stock


Australia – Commodity Export Values

United States


United States – disposable income, credit & cost of living


United States – Nominal Wages


United States & Canada – debt to disposable income


United States & Canada – real house prices


United States – Office Real Estate to GDP


United States – Auto related imports


United States – Industrial Machinery



United States – Population by Age and Generation


United States – Wealth Race & Ethnicity



China & Asia


China – energy demand (epic chart)



China & Japan – Gas Imports


China power consumption growth


China Renewables


China – Current Account 


China – Total Debt to GDP 1


China Debt 2


China Money Supply


China GDP and domestic consumption


China – steel consumption and floor space


China – PMIs



China – Emerging Nations exports to



India – core inflation and credit


Turkey – reserves, current account & short term foreign debt


Asia – Selected Birth Rates



Europe – Brexit and its impacts



Europe – Collective Action Clauses & Debt


Europe – Electricity Generation


Europe – Steel Exports the the United States


Europe – National Debt to GDP


Europe – Eurobarometer


Germany & Italy – GDP per capita 1


Germany & Italy – Real GDP 2


Italy as export destination – selected countries


Germany – Unemployment


Germany – Income outcomes by decile since 1991 (in Deutsch)


Germany France & Italy – Manufacturing Gross fixed Capital Formation


Europe – reliance on Gazprom (Russian gas)


Europe – Selected markets changes to exports 


Russia – looking East


Russia GDP


Russian Goods Imports – Selected nations by value 


Russian Tourists (explains some of Erdogan’s actions)


Russian Tourists – become a big factor when crude prices rise


Europe – sentiment on the Euro


Switzerland – GDP Growth


United Kingdom – composite PMIs



Euro Area – Negotiated Wage growth 




Wheat Exports




China Coal Imports


China Natural Gas – production & imports


Commodities & China PPI


China Steel Margins


Eurozone – electricity production sources


Asian Pulse imports


Barley production


Soybean Production


Sunflower oil consumption


Asian wheat consumption & imports


Global Water prices





Iran – Oil Exports




Capital Markets

4 or more Federal Reserve Rate Hikes this year – Probability


10 Years Returns



Exposure to Italian Debt


Inflation Adjusted S&P 500


Merger and Acquisition activity reaching another peak (after 2000 & 2007)


The Post War Bulls


Asset Class Real Return Forecast (Emerging Debt and Equities or US Cash)


Eurozone – Redenomination Risks


Speculative futures


US 10s minus 2s


US 10 Year yields


Credit & Markets


Emerging Market bonds


Global Valuations


Global Macro


Capital Labour Ratio 


WTO and China related issues


China, Ireland and Canada – Debt-Housing bubbles


Non Financial sector debt to GDP


Potential Impact of China Tariffs


China and United States – Nominal GDP


Global debt



Nominal Yields – Israel, Germany & United States


OECD Take Home Pay


Net Capital Stock – Germany, France, Italy, United States


The Risk Free Rate through the ages


Sub-Saharan Africa Public Debt


Tangible and Intangible shares of developed economies


The rise of the MINTs (and the vanishing of Australia)


Transfer Payments – to whom?


…and Furthermore…

Airfares (or US airfares at least)



China & United States Military Spending (…and as that gap narrows?)


Economics and Australian Women


One Minute of Internet


The Potato Cake-Scallop Line


Top 10 Happiest nations


US States and global national comparisons

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  1. Super Phoenix

    Thanks, Gunna

    So, Iceland is the forth happiest country on earth? For real?

    Why are the water prices in Cairo so cheap? Isn’t it in the middle of a desert?

    457 visa grans are down – the wheels are coming off Strayan economy.

    The 2018 internet minute is interesting – it shows just how much the world has become dependent on the internet. All these millions of miles of cables cannot be defended everywhere, not economically anyway. Now, if some clever terrorists blow up fibre optics ’round the world….

    • GunnamattaMEMBER


      Iceland jailed bankers (which i figure is grounds for some happiness) then told global markets to get stuffed (even more)

      Cairo is on the Nile which is a seriously big river (although fairly filthy by the time it reaches Cairo)

      457 grants are down but as the top chart shows they are stashing them on bridging visas

      Whenever i have showed that internet chart my first response has invariably been ‘where’s porn?’

      • Super Phoenix

        Well, I guess today may be a good time for a change from the “invariable first response” you usually get. After all, I am an expert in exposing weaknesses.

        By the way, do you still hold SLX? If so, the quiz I posed below may be worth contemplating.

      • Super Phoenix

        I have been scratching my head as to what to make of that Russian tourist flows to select countries.

        Are the Russians trying to take over their smaller neighbors like Finland, Turkey, Estonia? But it doesn’t make sense to do the same to China.

        What happened to Egypt? Did they close their border to Russia?

        Thailand, Greece, Spain…… ummmm…. Not sure what to make of it.

      • Paddy Finucane

        Russia banned direct flights to Egypt after a Russia bound jet was blown out of the sky a few years ago. The ban was lifted last December and I’d say you will get a big bounce in Egypt numbers this year.

        As Gunna says crude is up, meaning the Russian economy is up, and the Russians will travel wherever they can without visa hassles – meaning Egypt, Hurghada and Sharm mainly – will be really jumping

    • the go on all these cables around the joint is not to blow em up
      but to listen in to em, maybe substitute the message. Its dead easy to convert a 1 to a 0 or VV
      SLX is dead WW

    • > 457 visa grans are down – the wheels are coming off Strayan economy.
      There is a simple reason for this 457 visas are not issued since April. They are now called 482 visas.

  2. Super Phoenix

    Here is a quiz.

    A man is selling $10 notes for $9 each in a marketplace. Should you buy?

    • Less risk compared to other potential buys….. maybe….

      But then again most operate on environmental biases, tribalism, with a few contrarians thrown in, where time and space does the washing….

      • Super Phoenix

        You sound quite hesitant – a careful man.

        Of course, the $10 note is not counterfeit or anything phoney. But I guess you can’t be too careful when something sounds too good to be true.

      • I understand how to judge risk, kinda why most ticker numerology or its variants is low on my priorities, where physical realities and people dynamics is my primary. Yet no one can judge uncertainty, some don’t even understand the fundamental difference between the two.

        Don’t know what to make of your thingy about counterfeit i.e. junk bonds issued for stock buy backs goosing equity or tax reductions leading to the same conclusion – in my opinion could be. I could go on.

      • Super Phoenix

        I topped up at 27c, 26.5c, 26c, 25.5c and 25c. I was prepared to top up at 24.5c, 24c, 23.5c and 23c. But SLX unexpectedly jumped from 25c to 27c on Friday (did you trigger that jump?).

        My sense is that the Global X management decided to delist SLX from their uranium ETF and they are dumping the stock as a result. They still have about 14 million shares to offload. The trading volume has been averaging around 1 million shares per session during the dumping, so at this rate it will take at least 14 trading days for them to finish offloading their holding; that will take us to circa June 22nd. Now mid June is traditionally the low point before the end of FY window dressing rally lifts all boats.

      • Super Phoenix

        Actually, only about half of the total sell volumes are due to Global X. So unless the trading volumes double it will take twice as long. Either way, the price will likely come down further.

  3. Paddy Finucane

    Great collection G. A nicely curated set to wade through – with a bit of a Russian focus this week I notice.

    But one question. What is the significance of ‘Werribee’ near Melbourne and NW Tas?

    Greets from StP

    • Can’t speak about Werribee but in terms of NW Tasmania much of the shaded area isn’t agricultural land (or privately owned for that matter) but of what is it would be strongly influenced by Moon Lake, which is a 100% Chinese owned company that bought the old VDL Co maybe 2 years ago. It’s described as Australias largest dairy, something like 30000 cattle over 24 properties I believe.

    • From recollection Werribee produces about 50% of the state’s vegetable product. Added bonus for Chinese money is that it is almost completely bounded by outer suburban residential development, so with the help of a few more local Julie Bishop Glorious Funds, they’ll be able to ‘arrange’ rezoning in the future. Cash cow either way.

      As for NW Tassie, that’s purely a pristine landholding play with good rainfall in the NW. They’ll rape and pillage that too given half the chance.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Padster that chart interested me too

      In NT I understand that it is some of the large stations which are owned offshore (not just China but UK and US). In North West Tassie I understand it is dairy farms. That small area north of Brisbane I am not sure about. The Werribee region grows of vegies, lots of Italian origin farmers who do broccoli cabbage and the like – and as previously mentioned there is a Chinese property speculating set with their eyes on productive farmland as a speculative real estate play..

      I can tell you that down through Western Vic there are more than a few potato and onion outfits, as well as cattle outfits owned from offshore. I translated for a Kazakh guy a few years ago who bought a cattle place up near Langhi Ghiran (near Ballarat) and only wanted the house for a picturesque location. I know an Arab outfit snaps up a lot of cattle down near Warrnambool. I am also reliably told that a significant factor in water usage along the Darling (middle of NSW) is an Argentine magnate who has bought properties for water rights and then sells the water rights and leaves the properties running dryland.

      • Gunna, great set of charts.
        Twynam Pastoral owned by the Kahlbetzer family have owned a lot of properties along the rivers in NSW. They were real farmers but are now selling down. They were large metals traders amongst other things.

        Corrigan through Websters and other Macquarie like groups are playing the water games.

        The holy grail for developers around Werribee is to get hold of the Werribee Sewerage Farm – if the highway frontage could be stripped out for industrial development and houses on western side of freeway. Hustlers have been chasing it for over 30 years.

        Believe it or not the smell issues have been improving over time as the treatment lagoons are enclosed to capture the gas. The soil/irrigation-based sewerage treatment works is another area where Australia led the world.

  4. The One Internet Minute chart reminded me of Stanislaw Lem’s fantastic book, ‘One Human Minute’.


    For me, Lem floats in the rarified air with the likes of Ballard and Huxley. They observed and perceived where most of us just pass on the comments we’ve heard others make.

  5. Great stuff. That German income by decile chart really shows up the dark side of Germany’s export driven success.

  6. Race to the bottom on airfares. Air travel is the modern day greyhound bus lines. I noticed JetGo went into voluntary administration yesterday. Another one bites the dust. As they say it’s easy to make a small fortune in aviation – start with a big one first.

  7. Great charts. Thanks. Shame the Internet traffic graph didn’t distinguish torrent data.

  8. re the ChartFest, (TR Visa holders, and later Dwelling Values)

    This data below would make a good chart re the last decade migrant impact by PR/TR etc in Sydney & Melbourne housing.

    Total intake 4.7 million, PR 2 million, TR 2.3 million, TVI/OS 0.5 million. Highly concentrated in Sydney and Melbourne.
    Most living in modest ex Australian established dwellings, that are now foreign owned, often via proxy and converted to migrant sub let cash in hand slum-share.
    The data on average rental incomes versus the actual migrant occupancy which is twice the Australian averages, confirms that over half the rental income is not being declared.

    This is why the lower end market in Sydney and Melbourne, particularly the middle and outer suburbs are holding their values, as the Migrant subletting rapidly expands out. Funding initially by dirty money laundered in, but now increasingly from the goldmine of cash in hand incomes in migrant subletting.

    And if any doubts this, ask yourself this – there are 4.7 million new migrants (last decade) onshore.
    Where do all the migrants live ? (4 million are in Sydney and Melbourne).
    Are they owner occupiers or renters, if renters, how many per dwelling and who do they pay rent to ?
    And the answers from ABS, ABS QuickStats, Migrants by City, Suburb and Migrant Visa types (ABF, DHA) are below.

    And it explains the reason why ‘direct foreign investors’ in Australian housing is moderating, increasingly the foreign syndicates are buying via a local proxy (avoid FIRB) and then rent the dwelling out via a Real Estate Agent, a transient lead tenant in a nominal rent, then the rest of the rental income is collected cash in hand.
    See stats on the $33 billion total migrant rental market, $19 billion as cash in hand subletting.

    The ‘new’ or last decade migrant intake now onshore is 4.7 million people.
    At an occupancy of 5 per dwelling – much higher than the Australian average of 3.
    This is 1 million dwellings (4.7 million / 5 per dwelling). None of that was built, or ever will be built.
    Instead it has been a decade long conversion of mostly Australian Established Modest Housing, initially in the CBD, now in the suburbs where its much easier to run the subletting racket to house migrants in very high density cash in hand.
    And the existing Australian occupants are squeezed out, onto the street or out of the cities.

    Interestingly, it is the Temporary Resident intake that most destroyed Australian housing affordability- they alone occupy over 400,000 Australian dwellings, 350,000 in just Sydney and MELB, as they are far more concentrated than the PR.

    New Migrant’ (last decade PR plus TR, TVI, OS) occupancy of Australian dwellings as of 2017.
    Sources are 2017 ABS quick stats – Housing & Tenure, then matched to ABS Migrant intake by city, and ABF 2016.

    2 million PR (Perm Residency) 1.87 million intake last 10 years plus birth rate.
    76% concentration in Sydney or Melbourne..
    68% rent in private shared accommodation. A higher % rent in the two cities, more owner occupiers outside the two cities.
    The PR intake has lower than average Australian incomes.

    2.29 Million TR (Temporary Resident) long stay duration onshore, multiple visa churns & extensions.
    TR are 91% concentrated in Sydney & Melbourne.
    95% rent in ‘private shared accommodation. (DHIA).
    The TR intake has lower than Australian incomes, many work illegally (70% of 621,000 foreign students etc),

    495,000 TVI & O/S. TVI (440k are TVI Tourist Visa Illegal workers* and 55k O/S or Overstayers).
    *ABF est is 5% of 8.8 million Tourist Visitors here work illegally, living in private shared accommodation).
    89% concentrated in Syd/Melb (as some work illegally in rural areas). 98% rent in private shared accommodation.
    The TVI and O/S have lower than Australian incomes and work illegally.

    Sydney. Migrant housing impact.
    PR 810,000 in 125,541 dwellings. 71% rent. 5 per dwelling.
    TR 1,333,470 in 190,423 dwellings. 96% rent. 6 per dwelling.
    TVI/OS 230,000 in 38,525 dwellings. 97% rent. 6 per dwelling.
    Sydney Total 2.173 million in 373,030 dwellings. 328,287 rent, typically foreign owned private shared accommodation.
    TR alone are >51% of the housing impact, PR 39%, TVI,O/S are 10%.

    Melbourne. Migrant housing impact.
    PR 710,000 in 125,541 dwellings. 66% rent. 5.5 per dwelling.
    TR 950,030 in 160,238 dwellings. 96% rent. 6 per dwelling.
    TVI/OS 210,000 in 35,175 dwellings. 97% rent. 6 per dwelling.
    Melbourne Total 1.870 million in 320,954 dwellings, 269,979 rent, typically in foreign owned private shared accommodation.
    TR = 50% of housing impact, PR 41%, TVI,O/S 9%.

    Elsewhere (not Sydney or Melbourne) in Migrant housing impact.
    PR 480,000 in 84,218 dwellings. 58% rent, 42% Owner occupiers reflecting cheaper housing, 5 per dwelling.
    TR 215,003 in 53,751 dwellings. 96% rent. 4 per dwelling,
    TVI/OS 55,000 in 11,055 dwellings. 97% rent. 5 per dwelling.
    0.753 million in 149,024 dwellings, 113,536 rented, typically foreign owned private shared accommodation.
    PR 57%, TR 36%, TVI,O/S 7% of dwelling impact.

    All Australia combined by Visa type. (New migrants PR, TR, TVI O/S)
    4.793 million in 843,008 dwellings.
    New PR 2 million, 5.5 per dwelling, 353,841 dwellings, 44,743 owner occupied & 328,287 rented dwellings.
    TR onshore 2.29 million, 6 per dwelling, 404,412 dwellings, 22,081 ‘owner occupied’ & 382,331 rented dwellings.
    TVI & OS 495k, 6 per dwelling, 84,775 dwellings, 1,375 owner occupied & 83,380 rented dwellings.

    The majority of housing impact is the 2.3 million TR both in total number & their high concentration in Sydney or Melbourne.
    They are 51% or 350,661 of the total 693,984 migrant occupied dwellings in Sydney & Melbourne.
    Subletting Cash in Hand racket.
    A total of 4,032,172 Migrants rent in 711,802 dwellings – an average occupancy of 5.2. Often much higher, but averaged.
    Using ABS average rent payment of $158 per person (Syd/Melb avg, most are in these two cities) that is $821 a week rent per dwelling.
    But only an average of $356 per dwelling is declared (City/Suburbs average – ABS)
    That’s a shortfall of $465 or 56%, more than half taken as cash in hand.

    In total national terms that is
    4.7 Million ‘new’ Migrants. 4.1 Million rent, paying $158 week = $33 billion in Rent.
    But the 711,082 dwellings they live in only declare $356 per week or $13.1 billion in Rent.
    That’s $19.95 billion, say $20 billion as cash in hand untaxed.

    And it is this $20 billion cash in hand untaxed goldmine that is driving the foreign criminal syndicates & their onshore proxies to acquire even more Australian established housing for the Migrant rental market.
    Mostly in the suburbs now, migrant friendly councils, blind eye to overcrowding & illegal usage, and Turnbull inc championing middle and outer suburb ‘higher density’..
    And the onshore proxies purchasing for the foreign criminal syndicates often claiming Negative Gearing.
    Your tax dollars assisting in destroying Australian housing and its affordability.
    This is one of the key nutrients in the Sydney & Melbourne housing bubble.
    Why its unique to Sydney & Melbourne, and in low end and now middle suburb modest housing.
    Because that is now the epi-centres of the Migrant renters and the subletting racket.
    And why we have 120,000 Australians homeless, and a younger generation with no hope of affordable home purchase.
    And why property prices remain high, but (declared) rent yields are low.
    Because migrant subletting is two or three times the real yield, but never advertised or declared.
    And Australians in any normal dwelling usage are discriminated against, can not get affordable housing.
    And other Australians indebted in mortgages based on this migrant demand in purchase and conversion to migrant subletting.

    Action needed.
    TR and TV Migrants – identity checks, their place of residence, the rent paid, and to who exactly – with ATO matching.
    Housing audits. Building by building and suburb by suburb inspections.
    Councils and State Authorities to do their job in state and local area housing occupancy & fire/safety controls.
    Location controls to reduce transport, public infrastructure congestion.
    Inspection of the proxies source of funds in housing purchase.
    Inspection of proxies claiming negative gearing with falsified nominal rents being declared.
    Its long overdue to shut down the TR rackets & decentralise the TR onshore.
    All international education (621,000 foreign students and ‘partners’ now onshore in a variety of visa scams occupying 120,000 Syd/Melb dwellings), to be relocated outside Sydney or Melbourne. Remove all work rights for foreign students.
    Shut down the TR bridging, sponsor, partner, skilled rackets (350,000)
    Strip out the NZ SCV foreign born (205k of 615k) and remove work rights. It was intended for Aust/NZ born, not a backdoor racket in third world migrant trafficking.
    Enforcement to stop the Tourist Visa illegal workers racket (440,000), massive employer and participant fines.
    That is 1.6 million TR & TVI that can be immediately decentralised or exited.

    And reduce the PR intake to 30,000 until housing capacity is restored.

    These actions, long overdue, would free up over 300,000 modest dwellings in Sydney or Melbourne for over 1 million Australians (& the new PR already here) to get affordable housing back.

    Sources :
    ABS QuickStats 2017 Australian Housing, Occupied Dwellings, Owner/O, Renters, Rent payments, Occupancy ratios.
    ABS 2016 Census Migrants by Location, Cities.
    ABS 2016 Migrants by year, origin and housing.
    ABF 2016 Migrant intake report 2007-2016.
    DHA / ABF TR Intake by Visa Category 2016.
    NZ Dept Statistics : NZ to Aust SCV non NZ Born 30% rapidly increasing.
    Where do Migrants come from (Migrants by City & Suburb)

    • mike
      Thank you!!! GREAT post! Depressing but great! Depressing because as you point out government at ALL levels is championing this stuff!! ‘Sundry obscene expletives’ bunch of ‘sundry obscene expletives’

      • Well I was just pointing out facts & practical actions needed.

        We are stuck with the 2 million PR/Citizen grants now onshore.
        We can reduce the PR intake to under 35k a year or even zero, but it would take years to digest the current PR overload and that still only solves a fraction of the issue.

        The big impact is the TR & TVI.
        2.7 million – occupying 400,000 plus ex Australian dwellings, most breaching their visa and the vast majority rent in private shared accommodation, work illegally & here to repay their agent procurer & also secure a PR.
        It always amazes me on MB or anywhere else that no one asks the question – apart from being here on pretext visas to work illegally & secure a PR etc – where and how do these 2.7 million TR & TVI all live ?
        Who do they pay rent to ?
        And the facts are 88% are in Sydney & Melbourne and 92% rent in ‘private shared accommodation’, with an average of at least 6 per dwelling.

        We can do something about these 2.3 million TR & 0.5 million TVI O/S.

        Over 1.5 million TR could be exited immediately on visa breach, or decentralised.

        All 621,000 foreign students & ‘partners’ on a range of pretext visas can only live outside the two main cities).

        All of the 203k non NZ born who sneaked in on the NZ SCV backdoor racket have work rights removed.

        The bridging, skilled & sponsor programs wound back.

        The backpackers not allowed to visa churn/one stay regional areas only.
        And all TR to PR offshore application & no preference.
        Simple rules most other countries have.

        On the TVI (Tourist Visa Illegal workers) – enforce the tourist visa rules to exit out the 440,000 here to work illegally. And savage fines & jail for the foreign criminal cartels running these illegal worker rackets.

        Again simple rules, existing rules in fact enforced.
        1.8 million TR & TVI exited or quarantined outside of Sydney & Melbourne.

        That is 350,000 dwellings in Sydney & Melbourne immediately freed up. Empty overnight.

        See the original comment for the data matching & sources.

        No congestion. Major silly projects costing tens of billions can be scrapped.
        Reduced squalor. Improved assimilation.
        Better prospects for the new PR migrants.
        120,000 homeless given their housing back.
        Housing, job & wages recovered.

        Most of the PR (68%) and almost all the TR/TVI rent.
        See original comment stats.
        It’s a $33 billion industry, 4 million new migrants rent in some 700,000 dwellings nationally. Fact. Mostly in Sydney & Melbourne. Fact. At occupancy densities two or even three times Australian averages. Fact. But rents declared are at or below average dwelling rent.
        Market, street price, media shows massive migrant subletting across the board, $180 for a bunk in Sydney..

        Very high occupancy density (6 migrants v 2.9 Aust average) but only $13 billion is declared (ABS rentals/Tenure v ABS migrant locations & housing – see original comment).
        => $20 billion taken as cash in hand.

        That is what is fueling the acquisition of modest Australian established dwellings – to repay the foreign criminal syndicates & to purchase even more Australian dwellings for the migrant renter ‘private shared accommodation’ industry.

        If every TR & TVI was given a proper identity card, electronic tracking & reporting, their address, their rent paid & who to – this $20 billion migrant cash in hand racket would crater overnight. The ATO would collect tens of billions in back taxes (and false negative gearing claims by the proxies)

        House prices, especially modest established Australian dwellings – would plummet – as the foreign buyers and their proxy hit the wall – and their acquisition of Australian modest housing would stop overnight.
        And isn’t this what MB & Leith has been on about for years / the housing bubble & later the migrant impact?

        Well there’s your answer.
        The above actions help fix up both.

    • The really really scary things about it are twofold
      1. EVERY level of government is involved in this nation destroying programne just to either build their own egos and/or add to their personal wealth.
      2. All these migrants parked in Sydney and Melbourne produce NOTHING – certainly nothing in any external facing industry. So the scheme is we bring them in park them in Sydney and Melbourne. Then we pay them social security and they all eat at each other’s eateries and coffee shops. Want a car? – imported! Want furniture? – imported! Have to have a bloody iPhone – imported! Petrol? Imported! TV? – imported! Food? Large % imported! etc etc etc.
      How are the imports paid for??????? They are paid for by REAL foreign debt supported by widespread sale of key industries to foreign interests. The farming land issue in the charts is just a part of a wholesale sale of any key industry that we depend on. When the scheme breaks the sale of ALL assets to foreigners is going to get worse – every asset will cost less than half as much as it does now- and we will NEED to sell!!!
      Is this a GREAT economy for a great nation or what?

  9. Mike MB

    In the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank this has been an issue for the past 15 years. Brisbane City Council ( LIB or LAB ) care not what is happening.
    Drive past a 3 bedroom house with 5 cars parked in front yard and 3 washing machines hocked up sitting on the side path. Neighbours state that 8 young Uni students live in this 3 bedroom house. The property is a mess and the locals complain to BCC no avail.

    Sunnybank has a HSBC branch office and all the 4 majors are staffed almost exclusively with Chinese workers. Their client base is mostly Chinese which shows how this suburb has changed over the past 15 years. Many Chinese restaurants offering “cash only” payment. I am not against the Chinese but there are many illegal activities which should be addressed. Illegal foreign workers have been found and sent packing by the Immigration investigators, but this is just a revolving door.

    Look at data for Sunnybank Qld and see for yourself.

    • Re the cash only restaurants – one would think the occupants of the tax office up the road occasionally eat at one or two of them!!

    • Sounds like some places I know without any Chinese, albeit Sunnybank also has a large Islander demographic. Not to mention the whole student thingy was happening say just outside St. Lucia campus before it got gentrified.

      But hay have a look at that sport and entertainment facility – !!!!!!

    • Yes – I dealt with Sydney & Melbourne mainly as there is good data on the specific migrant intake, the concentration of 4.0 million of the 4.7 million total migrant onshore intake in those two cities, and the census data on housing ownership/rent & occupancy
      (ABS & Smallmultiples ‘migrant origin’ website).
      Whereas this hasn’t been done in such granular detail for Brisbane as yet.

      But it will be exactly the same.
      Brisbane jobs & Brisbane modest established housing being acquired by the foreign criminal syndicates via a proxy & converted into the goldmines of cash in foreign owned & ‘migrant only’ cash in hand sublet to house the migrant influx.
      Why the State & Councils should be doing occupancy checks, identity cards, who lives where & how much rent is paid & who exactly pays rent to who.

      Sunnybank & other areas around it.
      36% Chinese, 17% other Asian.
      Over 52% Asian origin alone. Plus all the rest.
      12% Australian.
      Brisbane Times : a perverse pride in how many migrants can be squashed into an migrant enclave & how no assimilated it can be. We see this in Sydney.
      Note the Jihadi poster girls, Asian’s, Africans, name it, all living within an ethnic non Australian bubble.
      Only assimilated is with Centrelink & Medicare.
      “Many international students’ adding to the accommodation impacts & overcrowding.
      “Most of the shops in Sunnybank – quite sensibly – no longer have English signs”.

      Sydney & Melbourne show the path of what’s going to happen in Brisbane.
      The migrant enclaves in both Sydney & Melbourne now form a vast belt of over approx 2 million in each city, the majority renting in ‘private shared accommodation’.
      See original comment & stats.
      The key point is the majority of housing & job impact are Temporary Visa / TVI & then migrant PR.
      And the TR numbers and migrant sub letting cash in hand racket can be dramatically reduced with visa enforcement controls including registration of their addresses, rent paid & to who.
      Have a look at Sydney & Melbourne in 2011 to 201) compare. The migrant enclaves spreading out like a rash across both cities. Majority foreign owned ex Australian modest housing, now ‘rented out’ in migrant only (anti Australian or any other ethnic group) private shared accommodation’.

      4.793 million new migrants onshore in 843,008 dwellings nationally.

      New PR 2 million, 5.5 per dwelling, 353,841 dwellings, 44,743 owner occupied & 328,287 rented dwellings.

      TR onshore 2.29 million, 6 per dwelling, 404,412 dwellings, 22,081 ‘owner occupied’ & 382,331 rented dwellings.

      TVI & OS 495k, 6 per dwelling, 84,775 dwellings, 1,375 owner occupied & 83,380 rented dwellings.

      The majority of housing impact is the 2.3 million TR both in total number & their high concentration in Sydney or Melbourne.
      They are 51% or 350,661 of the total 693,984 migrant occupied dwellings in Sydney & Melbourne.

      There’s your ‘housing bubble’
      There’s your congestion, filth & squalor.
      There’s your hubs of illegal workers.
      There’s your reason why low end modest house prices won’t fall as long the foreign owners & onshore proxies can buy them up to gouge 2, 3 times a normal rent in cash in hand migrant subletting – funding even more housing acquisition.

      And there’s your destruction of Australian housing affordability.
      Jobs, wages, housing, destroyed by a 2.7 million pretext visa migrant guestworker program that imports third world unskilled to work & live illegally,

  10. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Great charts Gunna…….a few standouts for me

    1) Note the 457 charts interspersed with ads for flights to New Delhi and other Indian cities for $238 ……how many hours at a 711 to earn that ?
    2 ) NW Tasmania foreign ownership ….dairy intrests noted ……but are there a few potentially good deep water ports there ?
    3) Iran export of oil to China ……..those geopolitical plates must be starting to grind a bit hotter .

    This is a great addition to weekend MB ……a definite enhancement to the value proposition .

  11. That is just epic… well done – I know how much effort that would have taken…