If you’ve ordered Dominos, might as well eat the box

Via the AFR:

Researchers at Deakin University scored the fast food chains according to their nutrition policies, including marketing to children, disclosure of nutritional information and plans to reduce sugar and saturated fat.


  1. Gourmet Pizzas are well and good if you can afford $25+ and are not very hungry, But for something that goes with a few beers and stops the tummy grumbling as you get together with mates, it is very hard to go past a Dominos meatlover pizza. They may have shrunk a little bit over the years, but the salt level certainly hasn’t.

    The Domin

      • My wife gave me a biurthday card with a squirrel lying on a psychiatrists couch. The squirrel says “When I learned ‘you are what you eat’ I realised I was nuts.”
        It was probably appropriate at the time (and perhaps still) I think!!!

  2. StephenMEMBER

    Sure Claw. But when you’re getting smashed 42 to 3 by McSh!t burgers it might be time to recalibrate your definition of ‘gourmet.’ Maybe upgrade to a dodgy Greek Lamb sandwich? Usually at least a tomato and some parsley in that…

  3. At least sugar’s getting attention.

    But, if you think for a moment, it’s just a reflection of the bread base, fatty cheese, and minimal albeit fatty protein to pad the stats.

    Pizza hut does a thin base and has a few other menu items, so I’m guessing that’s where their saving grace is.

    A tomato and cheese toasty would rank the same.

    • Cheese is hardly a concern.
      Wheat is crap. Sugar is crap. Vegetable oils are crap. Avoid these three ingredients and soy and you’re health is likely to improve. But it rules out most fast food (obviously).

      • Potatoes are crap. rice is crap. Corn is crap. Avoid these and your health is likely to improve. Of course this rules out the vast majority of food consumed throughout history, and avoids the real problem that all these health things miss. Eating more energy than you burn is the problem, and food hasn’t become less healthy, people have become less active, and all the diet advice is really trying to cover up the lack of physical activity of the population on average.

      • Crocodile Chuck

        “and avoids the real problem that all these health things miss”


        Its not that simple.

      • Actually in reality it truly is. How many cases of scurvy do you think are diagnosed in Australia every year? Or any other vitamin deficiencies? Why do you think there is so much conflicting advice on what is healthy and what isn’t? It’s because it doesn’t make a significantly measurable difference on type of food because the what doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as the how much, and lack of exercise leads to all sorts of health problems even without weight gain.
        And any nutritionist who acknowledges that is declaring themselves worthless, so expect a never ending stream of conflicting studies all showing different and marginal effects of eating this or that that are all meaningless in the end.

    • The fats and the cheese are not really the problem they are made out to be.

      The researchers are not knowledgable about important nutritional facts if they are searching for saturated fats as an indicator of poor nutrition.

      Some saturated fats such as coconut oil and egg yolks are very beneficial to health.

      It appears that these so-called researchers don’t know what they are doing and are barking up the wrong tree.

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        Coconut oil is the most over rated hipster, mummy blogger load of bollocks currently available.

        Look at the people who eat a lot of coconut oil, the pacific islanders have a diet high in seafood and coconut oil, they should live till their 90 but they have massive rates of obesity and diabeties and die way too young.

        As for the “but its so healthy” please show me peer reviewed research to confirm this. A shiny brochure from a coconut oil company ain’t going to cut it.

        …and dont start me on mummy bloggers and their paid for content….

  4. Worked there many moons ago in high school. Not surprised at the result. The whole operation was dodgy as – never order a supreme pizza from there. Why? Well, their pans were only cleaned about once every 6 months (contracted out to an outfit that put them in a centrifuge which spun the pans so fast the built up black grease would fly off). As the pans with pizza bases were passed on to be topped after having been sauced, much cheese and other ingredients would fall outside the pizza and land into a tray under a grate. What also fell into the tray was bits of black grease flakes off the pans. To save on food costs when a supreme pizza was ordered guess what went on it?! The cheese and other ingredients that fell into the tray as the supreme pizza had just about everything on it. Mmmmmm bonus carbon.

  5. Home made pizza how hard is it – ????? – flour, yeast, salt, presto dough, “plain tomato sauce”, cheeses, add fresh ingredients and spice with fresh or dried herbs. I do this usually once a week for the two pizza hounds in the house. 15 min set up, half hour for dough to rise in oven, 4 pies out of 500 grams of flour and cheap.

      • I would have you know that I adorn my Roman pizzas with grilled hogs nipples – !!!!!! – Nouveau riche swine [RE flippers] will do in a pinch….

  6. This study is a a load of crap!! McDonalds get a big tick because they effectively advertise to kids??????? FFS! Grill’d gets smashed because it doesn’t advertise to kids!!!
    Just another example of the stupidity and how screwed up our universities are!! – in every damned field.

  7. McDonald’s well above Grlld shows to me results are meaningless, why not assess food nutritional value instead of policies.