Tassie World for Chinese tours as Cradle Mountain tamed

Via The Australian:

The Coalition’s candidate for the Tasmanian seat of Braddon claims a $60 million cable car project on Cradle Mountain will do for the north of the state what gambling magnate David Walsh’s MONA art museum has done for tourism in Tasmania’s south.

Visiting Cradle Mountain to make the announcement alongside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Will Hodgmann, Brett Whiteley, who lost the seat to Labor’s Justine Keay at the 2016 election, said the project was a “game-changer”.

…“When I had the privilege of being your tourism minister, Prime Minister, and talking to the international players in tourism, their argument to me is that experience is the new star rating,” Senator Colbeck said.

“It is not about marble in bathrooms. It is about the experience that people can get, and that’s what Tasmania has in spades, so this investment really contributes to the improvement in the experience.

…“Lonely Planet has listed Cradle Mountain as No 32 in the world of places to visit. It is an iconic place in Tasmania. It is great to be part of this in securing the funding.”

“No, this is a cableway to get people up here, to deliver 60,000 more visitors and many more jobs in Tasmania,” the Prime Minister said.

Has it occurred to anybody that Cradle Mountain is No 32 because it has no cable car on it?

I predict open war.


    • ResearchtimeMEMBER

      Have done the Lake St Clare to Cradle Mountain, and side routes… not going to rule it outright, but seriously not convinced that Cradle Mountain is the right place. It would destroy its purity, and there is little or tourists in that region that would be attracted in anywise??? The idea has DOA written over it. Seriously, not a good idea. Tasmania is not quite the South Island, but there is an incredible aura which is worth preserving (although I love dams, and would populate the West Coast)

      A cable car up Mount Wellington (possibly from Constitution Dock) on the other hand would be bloody brilliant. I mean, it has the floating condom, so aesthetically it doesn’t make a major impact. The Swiss do it everywhere. And with the cruise ships coming in, it would be massively viable as well.

      Mind you, Hobart is NIMBY central – so nothing will get up…

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I like your cable car up Mt Wellington idea.
        Government owned and opperated of course,…profits for the benefit of all tasmanians.
        Something like the privately opperated “Sydney Harbor Bridge climb”, RIP OFF should not be allowed to ever occur again in this country.

      • ResearchtimeMEMBER

        Actual know one of the guys who did that bridge walk, does other things as well – note, however, it did take them a decade to get it up past government red tape, etc…. but the amount he makes (told me) is astronomical!!!

        Full marks to them. I wish I was older and thought of it!

      • It’s an awful idea. They’ll turn it in to a sideshow like twelve apostles.

        The wild places are wonderful *because* they are wild.

    • Better to Build a cable car in Point Piper. Or even affordable high rise housing for the masses.
      More convenient for the tourists..
      No , would ruin the pristine environment of 30 millon dollar houses….

      • ResearchtimeMEMBER

        I don’t know, I buy a ticket so I could look through the windows and see how the leopard skin mob live…

  1. The locals in Sheffield were all excited about this a couple months back

    Queen Lucy and Gladys could have put one of these up George st much quicker then a tram, tourists could literally spit on the heads of locals, missed opportunity

  2. It’s not a cable car to the mountain, it’s one to a visitor centre that will be built in the existing car park. All the same, it’s just more chook penning. Half the enjoyment is being able to drive to the car park and come and go at your leisure. Dunno how you’re going to get a kayak or canoe into a cable car… oh wait you’ll be able to hire one from the approved rent seekers I bet.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      “Chook Penning” Brilliant expression! I’ll use that one in conversation in the future. Thanks.

  3. rentsailorMEMBER

    Fk that!

    I’m trying to cut back on rants but this article needs a trigger warning.

    The same coalition that’s failed Tasmania (hobart) wants to spend tax dollars on a cable car for the chicoms to invade Cradle Mountain.

    This will be interesting. What will it take for the populace to rise up against these f#$kers.

    • Can’t do it dude… we’ve already been diluted to the point where we’re playing Where’s Waldo. And with the main populate living hand-to-mouth, yeah – nah! The’ve got ‘more important’ things to worry about than to notice that they’ve been sold down the river by successive generations of increasingly corrupt and venal politicians.

  4. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    No, a Tasmanian cable car will be the new unique experience everyone is after. Get with the program! Cannot make up the stupidity of these clowns!

    • rentsailorMEMBER

      Did the cradle mountain ultra in Feb.. a cable car would ruin the untamed wild of the area.

      If this goes ahead. Tassie deserves what it gets.


    “”We need a prosperity that is based on community and based on real wealth of collective vision, rather than one that is based on relentless consumption. Aviation is a symbol of the kind of consumption that we need to leave behind.”

    Jet travel is really, really damaging on the Earth’s environment.
    Please don’t encourage the ‘consumers’ to do ‘more’ flying.

  6. To paraphrase an American commander from the Vietnam War “”in order to save the Cable Mountain we had to destroy it””

  7. St JacquesMEMBER

    And why not a cable car to the top of Uluru with souvenir shops and restaurants at the top? FFS.

  8. A cable would allow the chinese to have a birds eye view of the realestate they want to buy. They will also be able to see the homeless people in tents living in the showgrounds, because they cant afford to buy or rent anymore.
    But who cares. The chinese will be sipping champagne all the way to the top of the mountain.

  9. stop the stoats

    Having climbed Cradle Mountain under my own steam (the only achievement in my life I have to be proud of) I am outraged that people will be carried to the summit by a machine.

    • Though I could be convinced by the judicious and intensive use of a trebuchet and/or catapult.

    • I also made it under my own steam (though I took the seat out of my pants coming back down) but on the way up I couldn’t help but notice all the people in tank tops and thongs running – running! – past me, often with, apparently, multiple babies and toddlers strapped to their backs. So I wasn’t really that proud when I barely had enough energy to get back to the car, which I also misplaced. But it was certainly a very authentic experience.

    • It’s not to the mountain itself, they’re getting rid of the road to the main carpark and sticking in a visitor centre.

  10. Crazy idea what a way to ruin a place, never seen a Chinese hike in my life. I hope there is a huge opposition to this from the Tasmanians and it does not go ahead.

    • The Chinese never hike – they “waddle” at best, and “move in and take over” at worst. “Hiking”-contract means there is an explicit “return to where they came from” clause.

  11. Tassie TomMEMBER

    The Tassie government is right “open for business” these days. Grey gifts are on offer left, right, and centre. Licenses, planning scheme modifications, subsidies, fast-tracks – things that are ultimately by the Tasmanian public, which have real value, which would be bought for their real value if they had to be, but which are given away by the government on behalf of the public for free.

    How to earn a “Grey Gift”:

    Phase 1:
    1) Announce a proposal that is eye-bogglingly huge.
    2) Talk up how many jobs it will create (aim for 10X as many jobs as it actually will create).
    3) Talk up how wonderful it will be for the community.
    4) Talk up the environmental credentials of your proposal.
    5) Ask for a tiny bit of help (change in planning scheme/ exclusive access to public land or ocean/ fast-tracking assessments and approvals/ new public infrastructure, etc).
    6) Gain whatever “help” you’ve asked for.

    Phase 2:
    1) Announce that you have had to make some tiny little modifications to your proposal.
    2) Instead of being environmentally sensitive/ community-orientated/ publicly accessible, it will not be utilitarian and designed to make the most possible profit for the least possible cost.
    3) Make threats about how many jobs will be lost if the project is obstructed.
    4) Make threats about how Tasmania’s investment reputation will be sullied if the project is obstructed.
    5) Make legal threats to force the project to go ahead (especially useful if a council is the obstruction.)

    Phase 3 (if all else fails): Make a corrupt deal with one side of politics or the other, and then buy all TV and radio advertising time in the state for a couple of months on that party’s behalf, winning them the election (happens about every 3rd election in Tasmania).








    We already know about the two cable cars and the $250 million poker machine licence gift, so I haven’t repeated these links.

    • Well – I’m sure that private enterprise can implement the above modus-operandi a lot more efficiently than the .tas.au state government! So, what say you to privatising the government?

      • Tassie TomMEMBER

        If the government sells their policy-making department to private enterprise, does that count as privatisation of the government?

  12. @Tassie Tom has made a very good summary of the state of affairs in the mendicant state . All is booming whilst underneath the bogans are hocked to the eyeballs into the Tasmanian real estate bubble with no real income growth or job prospects. All the ruling elite care about is the new Rnage rover or X5 it just lookes like the Moat at Bilge water north of Hobart may need to be re instated . The place is an absolute example of poor governance zero due diligence and lack of creativity.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      The “bogans” have actually had a pretty rough trot in Tassie.

      From the 50s to 80s we were a massive manufacturing state – largely thanks to our surplus electricity, but also our cheap input costs (labor, land, etc). We weren’t rich (we haven’t been rich since the 1880s), but everyone who wanted a job could get a job. And a good job at that. Not highly paid, but full-time, permanent, with the associated sick leave/ long service leave, etc.

      Manufacturing is still very important in Tassie, but doesn’t employ anywhere near as many people as it once did. Uneducated men used to work in manufacturing, and uneducated women used to work in retail and hospitality. Now you have suburbs or towns which used to be our manufacturing heartland that have little education, few jobs, and all the things that go with unemployment – breakdown in family and daily structure, drugs, crime, poor health, depression and suicide – and these problems get passed down to the next generation.

  13. I mean as an ex Tasmanian living in China I havent got a problem with Chinese tourists god forbid the place down there would be really screwed without out them but its the Clear methodology of the idiots that run the pplace over and over again screwing things up and essentially giving away public assets for Zilch . They have done a very good job of talking up the whole Tasmanian food scene mind you last time I looked the food in France was a whole lot better and cheaper … parallels should be drawn after seeing the hoardes of chinese tourists step of the plane with me from Shanghai to Paris recently … be careful what you wish for . Cradle mountain, Wineglass bay etc are now not what they used to be 20+ years ago plenty of other places to go . Its a strategy of containment now the horse has well and truly bolted down there . You only have to mention the word I know someone in China and the libs are so desperate they will gift you anything you want for free

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Tasmania has scallop pie!! That should rank it as one of the top world food places!!

    • rentsailorMEMBER

      Interesting insights there. Very accurate depiction of how Tasmania has been talked up and its reliance on the Chinese.

  14. I mean you cannot blame the Chinese they do think the place is essentially a joke as well. Every transaction the Tasmanian muppets enter into will not be for the benefit of them . Lets look at the Wind farms deals , university scams , and the best most recent has been the Woolnorth Farce . Essentially its an administration project run by ABC bank in China as he was the most dodgy punter even in china that’s a big call . The modus operandi is employ a few mouthpieces such as Evan Rolley etc and any other useless Tasmanian rent seeker to get the ear of the people you need then do as you want … ” soft power”. There is a clear reason that Chinese go for the weakest and easiest to operate jurisdictions with usually the poorest due diligence.

    Essentially its all good down there you just have to repeat the mantra we are open for business … and sip on the cool aid .

    Fact is its the oldest population in Australia , has massive structural and welfare issues , poor educational outcomes and a failing health sector . The vast majority of the populace rely on the government for their employment welfare and in most cases business income , whilst the libs are too scared to implement any real reform in the bloated public sector not implement any structural reforms .
    Then along comes the RBA slashing rates for years and now everyone in Taswegia is a property Tszar via negative gearing air bnb and low rates its pure genius .
    Tasmania is a world leader ……. in Bullshit

  15. You said it here; the colonised adopt the ways of the coloniser. I was thinking that today as I drove through rural Victoria and heard news stories of rural crime, including prize ram theft and swapping out wool bales so poor quality gets passed off as prime quality. Fake wool!

    Soon, glass bridges at Katoomba.

    I just weep.

  16. Didn’t I just see Tania Plib saying the same thing as these Lib tossers re the cable car thingy? She just said they’d been looking at this for awhile! I presume that means about 5 seconds for a sound bite! WHy not go bigger & have a friggin cable car from Mt Kosiosko (spelling?) to Mt Wellington! Now that would bring the Chinese in (to build it?).