Gerry Harvey hearts the population ponzi again

By Leith van Onselen

Last week, billionaire retailer, Gerry Harvey, pronounced that Australia would become an “Asian country” with a population of 100 million in the next century, saying there is “not a chance in hell” immigration can be dialed back.

On Monday night, Harvey appeared on ABC’s The Business (video above), where he gave insight into why he loves mass population growth (immigration) so much:

“There were 350,000 more people in Australia this year than there were last year. So, they all have to eat, buy things and live somewhere. And the market for refrigerators and washing machines and all the things we sell is actually growing all the time. It’s not going backwards. There are more irons sold, more toasters sold, more fridges sold this year than last. And next year there will be more sold again”.

That there highlights why the growth lobby pushes incessantly for a ‘Big Australia’ via mass immigration. It’s an easy way for retailers, banks, the property industry, and the like, to seamlessly grow revenues and profits without becoming more efficient.

Meanwhile, the costs of endless mass immigration are borne by the ordinary resident, who must put up with increasingly crush-loaded roads, public transport, schools and hospitals; must pay through the nose for housing and infrastructure; must endure more competition in the labour market; and must put up with a degraded natural environment.

For what? Just so already filthy rich billionaires like Gerry Harvey and Harry Triguboff can make even more money selling imported goods or non-income producing apartments?

If all of these extra residents were being used to build-out new industries and exports, there might be some rationale for mass immigration. Instead, Australia has imported large swathes of people into our already crowded biggest cities merely to boost consumption. There has been very little extra export income derived but a helluva lot of imports, debt and asset sales.

By pursuing such an economic model, Australia has merely diluted its fixed mineral endowment among more people, worsened the trade and current account balance, crush loaded infrastructure and housing, and destroyed the environment.

Australia’s mass immigration program is the hallmark of “dumb growth”. And yet almost every mainstream economist and policy marker wholeheartedly supports it, bank rolled by the growth lobbyists like Gerry Harvey.

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  1. no matter how many graphs and rational arguments you make leith they will never come close in value to persuading people we’re right as when this greedy old reptile opens his mouth to say something. gerry is absolutely the best PR anti-ponzi advocates in australia could ever ask for. just let him talk – he has no qualms being completely honest immigration in australia is about greed, rather than humanitarian or economic concerns.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Good people, ie, most people and they don’t come to this blog, except for me, hear what Gerry say and say to themselves “what a great guy, he’s helping the boom along”. You belong here.

  2. Anyone who’s had to deal with the health sector (going to see a doctor, or god forbid hit the emergency ward at a public hospital) would know how big a disaster the whole thing is.

    • ’tis ok for Master Gerry – he doesn’t need to go to the same hospital you plebs go. Boom boom times!

      • True, but not for emergency services.

        I was at a shopping center in Lane Cove, Sydney this weekend, when I saw first-hand how overloaded the emergency services are. A lady there had had a stroke, and was vomiting and could not move the one side of her face or body.

        Early treatment in stroke cases is critical – it makes the difference between the life of a vegetable with severe disability and almost full recovery.

        The ambulance took 50 minutes to arrive. We could have driven her to Royal North Shore in 10!

    • I have several times had the unfortunate experience of sitting in a clinic waiting 4-6 hours to see a doctor behind a massive queue of people all speaking foreign languages.

      Infrastructure is decaying and failing all over the place, and we become more third-worldian every day.

      • Here is on reason the clinics are so full:
        A common rort is for temporary immigrants to get and share a medicare card. There is no photo-ID on a card so it can be shared among friends or to aged grandparents living “temporarily” in Australia.

  3. “… And the market for refrigerators and washing machines and all the things we sell is actually growing all the time. It’s not going backwards. There are more irons sold, more toasters sold, more fridges sold this year than last. And next year there will be more sold again”

    We must be treading water just to keep up with imports. Our iron ore returning home!

    • be careful what you wish for. remember that who song, “won’t get fooled again”?

      “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

      gerrys a tosser but at least he employs some aussies and presumably pays tax.

      • Hill Billy 55MEMBER

        No, Gerry doesn’t pay tax. That’s for losers. Interesting that he only gets (or used to) a salary of $250K. What he doesn’t tell people is that he gets the majority of his pay through tax advantaged employee share scheme whereby the company pays the tax relating to this income, and he reaps the benefit. A nice gig if you can pull it off.

    • You know, a good mate of mine just said the same thing.

      My reply to him was Oh yeah – but by the same token Amazon will be another “supporter” because now *they* will be making money. You know, we’re just the slave who’s masters change…

      And what a time to live in, when you think your citizenship rights are equal and equivalent to your “consumer rights” … and if you don’t like it, then you buy from the other guy… Not seeing the fact that it’s not the question of buying more shit, but what is happening around you with your own country. Your country is *NOT* a strip mall, where if you don’t like one starbucks cofee, you have a choice of 30 more… starbucks cofee shops…

      fuck me dead…

    • Australia no longer knows how to be innovative, our collective IQ has been on the downhill slide into the shitter for years now as we get dumbed down by successive governments who treat the local populace like idiots, just feed them another shit sandwich, they are getting used to the taste by now…..

      So we will eventually drown when we get tired of treading water and start to choke on the latest mouthful of shit washed down with copious quantities of household debt.

      • “”as we get dumbed down by successive governments who treat the local populace like idiots””

        The fact that we keep electing these governments/politicians is strongly indicative that we are collectively a bunch of idiots or that we have collectively sold out for the perceived benefits that they have offered us …. negative gearing, capital gains and so on.
        It tends to be that only when something “goes wrong” such as needing an ambulance, having to go to an emergency ward or a doctor etc. that the cracks in the system appear.
        Cracks that will continue to get bigger.

        Where we find ourselves now is also indicative of the “smart for one; dumb for all” mentality that has been the default thinking of the majority of Australians.
        This thinking goes along the lines of ….. “As long as I can take care of and provide for my own; who cares about what is going on in the society around me”

  4. Will the ABC be interviewing Count Dracula any time soon in order to explore his views on the Blood Bank?

    What makes the ABC the absolute pits when it comes to the issue of mass population growth is its refusal to interview people who don’t have a vested interest. I think we all get that High Rise Harry and Gerry the Retailer love mass immigration. I suspect that the finance-housing complex does too. Bears shit in the woods too.

    Perhaps the ABC would have interviewed the slave owners and forgotten about the anti-slavery lobby back a couple of hundred years back?

    How about interviewing some independent academics or those people who live in overcrowded cities? What about investigating the morality of using people as cattle to prop up a neoliberal agenda based on a population bubble? How about examining whether you can oppose mass immigration and not be a nazi and bigot at the same time? What about asking the question “why should we want to become like Asia anyway – and when do the Australian people get to vote on the issue?” Perhaps even, “what gave Gerry the ‘Made in China’ Merchant and our government the right to rob us of our amenity and allow their mates to profit from it?”. What about the validity of their “economics” being what’s good for my business is good for Australia?

    Because you could hear a pin drop when it comes to such issues at the ABC.

    And why the hell should someone like Gerry Harvey have any more right to decide the nature of Australia than any other Australians? And WTF? How come people like this clown don’t realise that their politics and overexposed head is producing white hot anger. The game has been rigged by selective interviewing and an unwillingness to be a forum for the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE.

    Boycott Gerry Harvey – please don’t buy from this traitor’s store. It would make me sick to support someone hell bent on destroying the Australian way of life.

    • This. Stan Grant covered the issue with Dick and asked a bunch of fruit wholesalers.

      But at least they give it a bit of attention. Unlike the commercial media where it’s completely zero from what I can tell.

      So Dick isn’t entirely correct in his attack on the ABC.

      • Really Owen?

        Stan Statue Grant + some fruit wholesalers = a debate on demographic policy, ecological sustainability, amenity and the subversion of the Australian people’s right to determine the fate of their cities and culture?

        You’re pulling my leg, right?

        What about the academics who have an alternative view based on evidence based policy rather than self interest? How about showing that Mr ‘Made in China’ Harvey lives in a suburb immune from the development that others must contend with to feed his never ending desire to flog consumer goods to drive up his share price?

        Because the Gerry Harvey’s of this country have found a way to turn public amenity into a private profit; build a concrete dog box and stuff it full of people who buy Made in China crap from Gerry. It’s these parasitic reptiles who have lobbied for an economy that sees the end of the kind of life Aussie kids once knew. They donate to political parties to build the Big Australia of their consumer dreams that end up by feeding landfill with plastic junk made by off-shore industry.

        Such bastards want to see Sydney and Melbourne become like Hong Kong and Bangkok because it suits their pathology of never having enough. I’ve lived in many mega-cities and feel that it is only the poisonous, greedy and treasonous who would want the same fate for Australia given all the social, health and cultural implications.

        F*** off and live in mega city in Asia if you like them so much Gerry Harvey; consumer goods merchant who’s benefited from the destruction of local manufacturing, free trade, corrupt planning and Big Australia to drive up your share price while average Australians have paid the price with their quality of life. Have you ever seen the conditions under which MrMade in China’s goods are made and the low salaries paid to local workers. This guy has no concern for anything other than pathological profit making.

      • I’m on your side Clive.

        Don’t forget almost everyone votes for this. All these McApartments are right in their face yet they keep on voting Liberal and Labor. Gerry can be extremely brazen, put it right in their face and they still vote like lemmings.

        They need to start taking some responsibility but I know they won’t.

        But the commercial media says absolutely nothing. So to solely call out the ABC for treason is not correct in my opinion. They are the ones that gave him about two hours in about 2010 I think it was, a showing of his documentary Population Puzzle, plus another hour of a Q and A session where they talked about it.

  5. I can see it all now. 22nd century. Gerry Harvey the Third, belting it out:
    “Gotta move these refrigerators,
    Gotta move these colour TVs”
    Australia will fullfil its great destiny.

    • gerry harvey burial pyramid

      made from stacked lcd tvs cut from the lcd tv quarries hauled over the ocean from taiwan and shenzhen

      slaves toiling in the hot sun of the inhospitable australian outback to build the monument to gerrys eternity

      also theres a harvey norman outlet right before the corridor to gerry’s burial chamber, where his mummified body will be laid to the rest alongside the best of harvey norman merchandise over the past thirty years, including the sony trinitron, a stainless steel two-door refridgerator and a $1500 set of living chairs, which will keep him comfortable and entertained in the afterlife

  6. that picture of him = face like an anus

    only way to make it in straya now is to screw someone else over, there is nothing left

    wonder if he anonymously donates to the greens

  7. I used to actually like this bloke till he ranted against online retailers.

    He was honest about the Baby Bonus and got it changed. It used to be a lump sum payment and people used to come in and buy stuff from Harvey. Then PM Rudd changed it to a weekly payment.

  8. Wouldn’t it makes sense that with a bigger market / demand would attract more retailers and sellers of washing machines and thus neutralize Gerry’s benefits ? Or has the big end of town crowded out the banks

  9. Leith, one interesting thing to look into might be how our water supplies are going to cope come the next drought. We haven’t built a dam in this country for 30 odd years, yet we keep piling people in. Is there any info out there on the capacity of our water systems? Sure, power outages suck, but severe water shortages are even more deadly.

    • No one talks about this, but it is hugely important. It looks like we are heading into a very dry summer in NSW.

      You can live with congestion on the roads, power blackouts and overcrowded schools. But not building enough hospital beds and dams kills people.

      We have 9 million more people to feed and water, but no new dams.

  10. What about the fact that there is zero supporting historical evidence to indicate this civic nationalism experiment can possibly succeed? China is colonizing this country – that is the truth – there will be no Australian nation left if these trends continue.

    Individualism advocates miss a significant component, that is that you will have no individual freedom to express said individualism without a socially cohesive collective establishing said freedoms and protecting them. You don’t get these freedoms in a vacuum, the foundation of all forms of European Civilization have been ethno-nationalist/racially collectivist. There is zero supporting evidence to indicate there is any chance of long term stability when diverting from this base foundational reality.

    Ethno-nationalism or Racial Collectivism is much like the prisoner’s dilemma.
    Which means:
    1. the best possible accumulated outcome would be, if no one did it.
    2. the best possible outcome for a group would be, if the group does it but its competitors don’t.
    3. the worst possible outcome for a group would be, if the group doesn’t do it but its competitors do.
    4. the expected outcome is, that all groups do it because no one wants to be the group with the worst outcome.

    This means, that choosing ethno-nationalism is always better than not to. This is what the Chinese are in Australia – they are their own nation inside our borders, or well on their way to being one. And other groups are doing the same – as one would naturally expect – why would they not, it is human nature.

    Only in a world in which there would be no in-group preferences from any side, not choosing ethno-nationalism would be beneficial. But such a world is a Utopia completely opposed to nature that has never existed and will never exist. Under the Civic Nationalism model you are basically saying that a nation is nothing but its territory, resources, infrastructure and laws – the people are an irrelevant interchangeable component. Our ancestors would laugh in your face if you tried to convince them of this, a nation is its people first. Civic Nationalism is a meme.

    • Ah yes, nothing that a return of the white australia policy and spot of ethic cleansing would not fix….. You do realize that is the end point of your argument, don’t you?

      • I am not putting forward a solution. My point is that it WILL fail, perhaps not in our lifetime, but it is inevitable. This is nothing but an experiment.

      • Glad to hear you are not proposing the (Final) Solution. I am a tiny bit more optimistic, if only in the sense that if it truly is an ‘experiment’, perhaps we cannot yet say how it will turn out. But I agree it would require a lot more focused effort by a lot of people, to change the direction this country appears to be heading in….

  11. My he’s an odious leech.

    HN 2016 annual report
    p7 “HN franchisees are leaders in the home and lifestyle market with sales underpinned by a resilient property market, population growth and favourable interest rate settings.”

    p14 “property portfolio remains substantial and was valued at $2.44 billion at 30 June 2016. It represents approximately 55% of the consolidated entity’s total asset base as at valance date and the property segments’s result before tax represents 34.3 % of consolidated profit before tax. ”

    Also of interest, Gerry is also Big Coal
    p14 mining camp accommodation joint venture write-downs.

    Icing on the pitchfork is to know how many 457’s in HN and his franchisees?