Don’t miss the MB Fund seminar in Brisbane next week

I’m freshly returned from Adelaide where last night we kicked off the MB Fund national rock-n-roll thunder tour.

It was a splendid evening running an hour over time with lively presentations and discussion across typical MB policy and investment territory.

It was terrific to meet MB readers and commenters in person and there were no punch-ups at all!

Next up we’re in Brisbane Tuesday night:

Tuesday 12th September, 6pm till 8pm
Saxons Brisbane
Level 11, 300 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, Australia

And the agenda:

War on the bubble and other stories. 

David Llewellyn-Smith and  Leith Van Onselen describe the history of MB and its future. How did a war on a housing bubble drive a blog to become a fund manager? Contrasted with the inside word on asset allocation and portfolio positioning.

Merging big data with small data.

Damien Klassen on the latest in quantitative techniques to select stocks, where the pitfalls are and his thoughts on when the fundamental analyst is destined for the glue factory. How does that fit into the current investment environment?

The future of investment advice.  

Tim Fuller gives a guide to Australian investment options, the evolution of financial advice and how we see the landscape unfolding.

Panel Discussion: Just how buggered is Australia? 

This is designed to be an open, free flowing discussion on the investment outlook. Given we are about to celebrate (commiserate) a lost decade of Australian income non-growth, this is vital discussion for the future of Australian investors. The discussion will be loosely based around this major macro theme.

There’ll also be a guest appearance by Dr Cameron Murray to discuss his shocking book Games of Mates.

Don’t miss out. Sign up right now!


  1. No punch ups? WTF? Don’t tell me polite conversation was had by all?

    Heh. It’s funny how “Eat shit and die, fuckknuckle” over the interwebs becomes “Please allow me to respectfully disagree” in person. 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll be at the Canberra gig and I think stagmal has signed up too. Looking forward to it.

  2. Was great to get some perspective hearing more detailed back stories for each of you (in Adelaide last night).

    Haven’t read much of Damien’s work, but seeing him speak and his answers to questions confirmed he’s a compliment to the team and a more than competent critical and independent thinker (rarer than you might think in the fund management industry).

    • Not at all. 95% of mom ‘n pop investment managers are “index huggers” and therefore independent thought is as rare as hen’s teeth. They care not whether they make money for their clients, just that they outperform their peers i.e.

      After the GFC: “I outperformed (the average fund manager in my peer group) by 100 basis points! Said otherwise: “Their funds lost 50%, mine was only down 49%”.

      • To be fair, most investment managers I know are generally bored as fuck but it is the industry generally (and gatekeepers in particuular) that force them to index hug.

  3. Terrific start to the series, and fair to say, much like the blog, you come for the content but stay for the Q & A! (comments!)
    Come along and hear what drives these fellows to do what they do every day.

    • Toasted property investor on bed of young avo smash.

      Roasted rump of Turnbull with a conservative dribble of Abbottesque jus

      Wood fired Weatherill lemmings with sun crusted sourdough crumble

      Artisan baked beans, (guest chef, bearded AGL Man)

      Peking Duck

      Greens, with mushy multicultural influences

      Rainbow icecream

      Served with Export Lager and a good Red. Sour green slushies for Lorax.

      Freshly laundered linen courtesy CBA.
      All costs borne by the mining sector.

      Bon appetite!

      • The mining sector is the biggest factor in costs to Australia bar none…

        disheveled…. the banks just provide a transaction service…

      • Did I mention an old family friend ran the pipe for CBA for Papa New Guinea, currantly works out of Cambridge after a stint in Singapore.

        Disheveled…. Chortle…

  4. Out of all the Q and A audiences Brisbane had to be the most normal by far. You better watch out you lot. Nothing makes SJWs and specufestors happier than shitting up a mostly white and civilised town.