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  1. From the tabloid rag,

    Bongiorno & Partners has ­offices in Sydney and Melbourne and provides a range of services, including accountancy and fin­ancial advice.

    The group, which has been operating since 1964, concentrates on assisting doctors and dentists with their financial management.

    No conflicts there.. doctors and dentists are mom and dad battlers too, you know. *cough* rich moms and dads *cough*.

    Speaking of conflict of interest, how about this from The Conversation..

    Our global publishing platform is funded by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

    and the author’s lobby group.

  2. no city in USA has median rent over $1500
    NYC and SF are expensive in inner city ares (like Manhattan or SF city limits) but rents in metro areas are much cheaper
    Compare that to Sydney where median rents in cheapest suburbs is well above $1500 pm. Two bdr units in outer western suburbs (Blacktown, Penrith) are over 1500 per month (over $350 pw). Median household income in Sydney is similar to SF (~80k – hard to compare directly because ABS and uses different – obfuscating methodology)

    • haroldusMEMBER

      Yeah but Page has serious form in plagiarism (theft) of other people’s songs.
      Almost every one of their big hits is a direct steal.
      Disclaimer – even with that knowledge i still think II and IV are monumental pieces of art.