Chinese investment in Aussie housing explodes

By Leith van Onselen

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) has released its Annual Report for 2014-15, which registered another explosion of applications from foreigners to purchase Australian real estate.

According to FIRB, there was a 57% increase in real estate approvals in 2014-15 to just over 37,000 (see next chart).

ScreenHunter_12524 Apr. 11 07.28

The number of real estate approvals for foreigners has more than tripled since 2012-13.

The lion’s share of these were in the sub-$1 million category, almost all of which was residential (see below tables).

ScreenHunter_12525 Apr. 11 07.30
ScreenHunter_12526 Apr. 11 07.35

In dollar terms, foreign investment in real estate rose by 30% to $96.9 billion in 2014-15.

There was a 17% increase in foreign approvals for existing real estate, from 7,915 to 9,236, with an average value of $1,092,000 (see below table).

ScreenHunter_12527 Apr. 11 07.38

More encouragingly, since it at least adds to supply, foreign approvals for new dwellings jumped 42% to 20,703 in 2014-15, versus 14,591 in 2013-14.

Victoria and New South Wales (read Sydney and Melbourne) lead the charge, which is hardly surprising given they are also the two bubbliest real estate markets (see next table).

ScreenHunter_12528 Apr. 11 07.42
ScreenHunter_12529 Apr. 11 07.44

Not surprisingly, real estate investment from China exploded, nearly doubling to $24.3 billion in 2014-15 from $12,406 in 2013-14:

ScreenHunter_12530 Apr. 11 07.48

It is worth pointing out that this data likely significantly understates the true level of foreign investment into Australian real estate, particularly into existing dwellings.

As noted last year by the chair of the parliamentary inquiry into foreign real estate investment, Kelly O’Dwyer, the systems and data on foreign transactions is woefully inadequate and FIRB do not know the true levels:

“I regard the current internal processes at the Treasury and FIRB as a systems failure. Most concerning is that sanctions seem to be virtually non-existent. There have been no prosecutions since 2006 and no divestment orders since 2007. Suggestions by officials, that this is due to complete compliance with the rules is simply not credible. The data on foreign purchases of Australian houses and apartments is inadequate, making policy evaluations very difficult”…

The global regulator for money laundering, the Paris-based Financial Action Taskforce (FATF), has also identified Australian property as a haven for laundered funds, particularly from China, and has recommended that the Australian Government implement counter-measures to ensure that real estate agents, lawyers and accountants facilitating real estate transactions are captured by the regulatory net.

After much bluster initially from Treasurer Scott Morrison about cracking-down on illegal foreign purchases of Australian real estate, he has been deafeningly silent of late.

Time for another update on the ATO’s surveillance/enforcement efforts, Mr Morrison. Or have these been put on ice?

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  1. Morrison, what a dodgy fkn prk. Destroying the fabric of Australian society, with a smile on his face.

    • The NAB data indicates that there were about 40,000 to 50,000 sales of existing dwellings to foreign nationals in the last year.
      The FIRB approved 9236.
      ZERO prosecutions commenced in nine years.
      Who said this appalling systemic regulatory failure was fixed?

      • This very article says “There was a 17% increase in foreign approvals for existing real estate”. I thought foreign ownership of established properties is illegal?

    • Is deliberately sitting on your hands with your thumb up your clacker technically corruption?

  2. Terror Australis

    Correction: “More encouragingly, since (Chinese investment) THEORETICALLY adds to supply …”

    • It does add to supply, sort of – it’s a supply of poorly built, inadequately sized, hugely expensive high-rise apartments that the locals neither want nor can afford anyway. It’s ‘Claytons’ supply.

      • Terror Australis

        Exactly. And occupies land that would otherwise be available for dwellings more in keeping with the Australian lifestyle.

      • Lest we also forget there is no compulsion to bring it to market for lease.
        Its negative supply. The land and resources are consumed to produce a box in the sky that is effectively exported.

      • Aaron, true, there is an opportunity cost in the resources devoted to producing these apartments could have been directed to something more useful. Then there are the less tangible aspects such as the loss of good existing buildings, the visual blighting these apartments cause, and the change of character of the areas they are built in.

  3. My understanding is that the team of people in the ATO doing the data match which was notified last May have been handing up names and addresses and that from there they drop into a void with nothing further heard. I am also told ( having just called a mate working there) that the team is being reduced with some personnel moved to other projects

      • Beyond the fact that there has not been one single prosecution commenced despite a team of 50 ATO investigators and thousands of unapproved and illegal sales,
        beyond the fact that proven incompetent “asleep at the wheel” Brian Wilson is still Chairman of the FIRB,
        ….the truly astounding fact is that nearly 2yrs after a 9mnth Commonwealth Parliamentary inquiry was held into foreign ownership of Australian dwellings the govt STILL do not know how many Australian dwellings are owned by foreign nationals.
        The appalling lack of data continues
        The appalling lack of enforcement continues
        The sham continues

    • I have asked my local member to ask the question upon notice in Parliament. Maybe someone in the government has noticed the spike in delinquencies in the 2005 originated loans and has concluded that were that laws to be enforced there would be a market collapse.

    • That is appalling policy. The laws are deliberately disregard to favour one section of the population over another. Spivs over workers, old over young, foreign over local. So much for the “rule of law”. Banks and RE agents over productive industry producing tradable goods….

    • It’s fair to assume then that upper echelons of the ATO have been compromised, either by elements within the government or directly by money laundering cartels.

      Corruption is endemic in Australia now, it would be naive to believe the ATO is pristine.

    • This deserves a leak by one of those people. But meh, if shutting down a baby rape ring could lead to house prices dropping, they’d sooner designate it a non-profit than actually stop injustice.

    • The ATO only has to identify one illegally purchased property held by a Princeling who is directly connected with the Communist Party member and it is game over.
      The ATO will throw their hands up in the air – too hot to handle.
      Surrender Australia, resistance is futile.

    • See everyone, the system does work.

      But seriously, this is very disappointing, if unsurprising.
      We are like addicts who self-sabotage every opportunity to get our shit together.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      My understanding is that the team of people in the ATO doing the data match which was notified last May have been handing up names and addresses and that from there they drop into a void with nothing further heard. I am also told ( having just called a mate working there) that the team is being reduced with some personnel moved to other projects

      Does anyone happen to know if it’s possible to FOI department procedure on this? Without a name or department identified as the source of inaction this will just fall into the void, while government pretends to have taken action and leaves us funding this sham.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Youd think the media hysterics about a fuck all number of boat people, could easily be transfered to this scandalously large number of “FOREIGNERS” illegally buying property .

      • At least Joe Hockey was doing something about this, but what happened? Everyone on MB was criticizing Hockey and the media pounded him relentlessly until he stepped down. Wouldn’t be surprised if the new treasurer toned down threats of prosecuting our new millionaire neighbors. Anybody notice lately how the media has been keeping a very quite stance on Morrison and Turnball. They got what they wanted!

    • Yeah, prices may be unsustainable for normal people,, but this is an Olympic pool full of money flooding a bathtub, The global corruption has gone on for so long on a global scale that the rich have almost unlimited levels of wealth for the purpose of stashing it in countries’ real estate who are happy to take it. There may simply be too much money to stop the bubble.

  4. “After much bluster initially from Treasurer Scott Morrison about cracking-down on illegal foreign purchases of Australian real estate, he has been deafeningly silent of late.”

    So are Labour and the Greens. We are truly a rotten society.

  5. Tassie TomMEMBER

    Bring on a land tax! Those $200 billion of purchases last year alone – given approx. 2/3 of the purchase price is the land value at the moment, would mean tax being paid on $130 billion worth of land. At a flat rate of 1%pa this would mean $1.3billion per annum of foreign money contributing to Australian services, plus $1.1billion pa from 13-14’s purchases, and $900million pa from 12-13’s purchases (depending on if the foreigners have sold them back to Australians yet.) So $3.3 billion per annum for the foreign purchases made in the last 3 years.

    It’s not going to balance the budget, but it sure as hell would help. It would also help Australians feel more comfortable about foreign investment if they could see that they were getting dividends from it.

    • They are getting dividends from it Tassie Tom.

      Through stamp duty.

      Oh, and if you switch stamp duty for land tax, the net tax for investors fets lower (because more if it us ‘smeared’ to owner occupiers who are currently exempt from paying land tax).

      Do your own research, thinking or analysis for yourself.

      Or let others do it fir you.

      I don’t care, it’s yoyr life I guess.

      • Tassie TomMEMBER

        Accidentally have a decaf this morning Melbourneguy?

        Stamp Duty – approx. 5.5% in Victoria. This is approx. 7.5% of the land value. So a churn of buying a new property every 7.5 years or sooner is required for stamp duty to be a greater revenue raiser than land tax at 1%pa.

        This might happen – especially in housing mania, or it might not. Is there any data on how long foreigners are holding their properties? And more to the point, is stamp duty fair? If a banker or policeman or engineer has to frequently relocate is it fair that they pay more property tax than a doctor or lawyer who sets up shop locally and runs it for 40 years?

        We need tax, and instead of every man, woman, and child contributing $15,000 per year we deem it fair that people with more means pay more tax. People with more means have either higher income, or higher wealth. Currently we tax some income to buggery (earned income), tax other income very concessionally (investment income and speculative income), and hardly tax wealth at all.

        So after all that, if you don’t like the concept of LVT, then please do tell – what’s wrong with it?

  6. “The lion’s share of these were in the sub-$1 million category, almost all of which was residential (see below tables).”

    you mean The lion’s share of these were in the 1st home buyer category.
    Country is selling out its future. Cant believe people arent more angry at this !!!!!!!!!!

      • Smart ones would of predicted what would of happened and bought multiple property years ago when it was dirt cheap and the ones sitting on management boards and lucky baby boomers who rode through 17% interest rates. The ones sitting on the sidelines now are XYZ youngsters who upgrade their iphones and samsung galaxies every year, thinking they are wise and educated because they can “Google” everything… Wishing for a crash that will never happen.

      • +1 – no good. I find it better to read this site less these days. I’m less stressed out as a result.

  7. Andrew William

    The ones who are smart are people like Lord Dudley and they have already left this corrupt, rotten, sold out country

    • Today's Empire Tomorrow's Ashes

      No offence, but that’s a facile comment.

      Plenty of smart people are staying. Not because they’re stupid, but because maybe they don’t want to live in America, maybe they have elderly family members here who they’d prefer to spend last days with, or just spend time with them. Maybe they have family here, have bought conservatively and can ride out a crash, and spend time with family.

      Maybe they’re well prepared for a crash. Maybe they have a safe/recession proof job. Maybe they own their home. Maybe they have loads of equity,.

      There are all sorts of reasons you can live here and still be smart.

  8. I am a happily paid member but would be grateful if you could make this one story open to all. It has to be exposed.

    It is utterly, utterly atrocious that the government is selling out its own country. Go show all those locked out of the housing market how and why the government allowed $11.5bn of existing properties to be sold to foreign landlords. Making out own renters in their own country.

    If Shorten wants to touch a nerve, he should reduce this value to zero and close all loopholes. That would truly be putting families first.

  9. There is no doubt that we need to have action to stop the purchase of existing property by foreigners.

    We need to also reconsider allowing foreigners to purchase residential property property in particular and then build (ie off-the-plan) as this system squeezes out locals and keeps prices high as developers of property sold off the plan to foreigners compete with developers who sell to local people for the land upon which they build. This forces prices of land higher and reduces the ability of locals to buy.

    You can be sure that wealthy foreigners (or the developers intending to sell to them) will outbid locals for the land to develop.

  10. surflessMEMBER

    The population ponzi is alive and well, the government is going all out to pump hydrogen into the real estate bubble. And given the amount of thought bubbles being pumped out by Turnbull, sooner or later these bubbles will burst and the mug voters will not know what hit them.

  11. Just a quick observation – a lot of Chinese construction company/property developers used the SIV program to buy and build small to mid-size developments in this timeframe (the delay from their visa approval to the start of construction). Under the rules, these were marketed to Chinese investors (locally and internationally) in the Hurstville westfield, Ashfield, Macquarie shopping centre plus many more I don’t know in Melbourne. So a double foreign transaction for a new batch of shoeboxes. Then throw in the big boys like Greenland and Wanda who purchased new sites for development and existing buildings for conversion (such as Goldfields in Sydney) and a lot of the Parramatta redevelopment plus many many sites in central Melbourne. So it really is not surprising that the investment last year was large, given there was some delay in SIV visa approvals, DA etc from around 2 years ago and the SIV visa changes mid-last year saw a bit of a rush to file before the changes. Also a lot of Oz commercial buildings were purchased by Chinese investment groups.

    The big concern is the existing dwellings and the failure to take action. Had they acted as they started to under Hockey, there was a genuine concern from Chinese we knew and this whole thing could have been squashed in 12 months. It is leaving the sense that Australia is just as corrupt as China. I was out yesterday with a Chinese executive from an SOE power company with investments in Australia. He was surprised that the rent he was receiving from his OTP investment property was not covering interest payments and wanted to know why Australians put up with this…..

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      I know someone who works at the development at Macquarie park for a Chinese company. The number of apartments going up there at the same time is staggering. There is a rush to finish it off and sell it while prices are still high.

    • Except buying 2nd hand houses by foreign investors to develop apartments is completely legal. No amount of ATO audits is going to change that.

      • It is ILLEGAL for a foreign national to purchase an existing Australian dwelling without prior FIRB approval.
        That is the purpose of an audit.

  12. I have nominated to the ATO at least 19 properties in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs where the owner (some very recent / new and some long standing) does not appear on the electoral roll indicating they are most likely a temporary resident. The names of the owners are exclusively of Chinese origin and some of these indivuduals own multiple proprties. When buying, the transfer paperwork oftens states that their current address on the transfer is the address of the newly purchase property indicating they either do not own a property here yet or they do and they do not want to disclose it. All of this information is available on the public record and I am doing this in my spare time. FOI requests for the ATO information about the investigation progress has been denied on privacy grounds so I have made another FOI request asking for all FIRB application information on the same group of properties. If they are temporary residents then I assume an application has been made and can be disclosed. If not, my random sample of properties is highlighting a systemic problem with the Victorian and most likely NSW established property markets. I am yet to receive a reply from the second FOI request because the matter I assume is receiving serious attention in case it highlights what the pollies and enforcement agencies do not what us to know.

    We are all being dudded and someone needs to call it for what it is and back the powers that be into a corner.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Have you tried to stir up any Media interest in these properties Dave?

      It’d be nice to see shows like ACA give the Dole bludgers, Taxi drivers and boddgy Plumbers a break for once and shine some light on this shit.

    • Good on you David well done. I was only today thinking about FOI and the ATO with regard to this matter given we have heard nothing from them I presumed they are as corrupted as FIRB.

      • “Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulations. That’s Milton Friedman. He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. Corruption is why we win.”

    • David I’ve reported about 4-5 properties in my area in the Inner West of Sydney, 2 sit vacant doing nothing – 1 has been vacant for at least 11 years the other for 1.5 years (bought at 1.4M).

      If you need any help with this please let me know? I’m happy to dedicate my time towards fixing this.. ;).

  13. Congratulations Australia.

    You are officially the dumbest, most self-absorbed group of pathetic opportunists only interested in serving oneself on the planet.

    Kids… Your predecessors have sold out, and with that, your future of impoverishment is secured.

    The one saving grace is that the baby boomers who have been the biggest contributors to this mess will have aged care provided by largely immigrants of culture so dissimilar from their own, they won’t know what hit them. Kharma.

    Dumb phucks.

    • “The one saving grace is that the baby boomers who have been the biggest contributors to this mess will have aged care provided by largely immigrants of culture so dissimilar from their own, they won’t know what hit them. Kharma.”

      And the boomers will be at the age where they don’t even even bother to precede their bigoted comments with the ever fresh “I’m not racist, BUT…”

      • My boomer generation Aunt’s said that “I’m not racist… but” then launched into a whole thing about Muslim’s and not wanting to be blown up.. I said you know the next sentence will be good when it starts with “I’m not racist.. but…”.

        I guess also technically it’s not racist… to be opposed to a certain religious ideal. Maybe sectarianism?

  14. Applications by foreign nationals to purchase existing dwellings = 9236
    FIRB approvals for foreign nationals to purchase existing dwellings = 9236
    Can the FIRB justify why it approved any purchases of existing dwellings by foreign nationals?

  15. Foreign ownership NEVER equals investment. Leases, potentially ok.
    Anyway please consider using the word “purchase” etc in future articles.

    • In Australia the word “investment” has been redefined to mean the same as “buy-out”. Gone are the days when investing meant partnering with a local to grow his business.

  16. Surely this epic scam is ripe for coverage by 4 Corners?
    I can picture the howls of “racism” in the aftermath.

  17. Without a complete and transparent audit of residential land titles records for FIRB compliance, there is no data.
    Without proof of the purchaser’s FIRB compliant residency status/approval required to register the transfer of land title, there is no enforcement.
    Anyone who tells you this ongoing appalling regulatory failure is fixed is either lying or a gullible idiot.

  18. Is this the main driver of the residential price bubbles in Australia’s major cities, much more so than domestic tax rules? I’d say close the foreign investment flood by enforcing the investment rules, before and rather than “bashing up” Australian investors by increasing CGT, which will drive capex offshore and destroy long term savings

  19. Peter.
    Mate, good in theory.
    But the horse now has bolted.
    Australia is well and truly a prostitute to overseas interests with locals rated less than your latest number 2.

    • Steernorth, your point has merit. But we can still close the gate. Singapore did this two years ago, in the face of the bubble pressure in its housing market, and popular resentment against the “mainlanders” as investors and PR immigrants! Even a “whore” can pull up her “drawers”!
      P.S. I’m neither sexist nor racist – my wife is of Chinese ancestry. Yet, I’m worried by the headline impression this issue will have in the minds of Gen Y and Millenials Australians as they see their righful place being taken from them. Asian Australians don’t want to be associated with the frenzied greed emanating from elsewhere. Housing is a basic right, and yet there’s room for moderate investment returns in the longer term. These two principles are compatible.

  20. FIRB prosecutions must exist in the same parallel universe as AML legislation, MP, the Melbourne housing glut, Chinese capital controls and deflation

    • Yes. In that parallel universe properties are valued solely according the returns they generate (free of tax breaks) from the productive earnings of a highly diversified domestic economy.

  21. Not surprising. I have a couple of friends who now have Aus citizenship/PR, their parents believe OZ property is quite affordable! (was shocked when they said that). A tiny unit in say Shanghai CBD would cost well in excess of $3+ mill. A large apartment in Sydney CBD is merely around $1mill or a huge block of land 1000m2 with an old house that can be destroyed and built with a huge new mansion would be around $1.5m.. One has 3 properties in OZ. Personally, I don’t have an issue with this. This guy says his parents worked so hard to put him in Australia and at the end of the day, millions of $$$ is now absorbed into the Australian economy creating new jobs, etc. Of course if you sat on the sidelines all these years renting, then you obviously made a bad call. The real culprits behind this mess is not the Chinese. As soon as the Chinese leave, another group (India) will enter. It’s the stupid laws made by policitians. No passport required to buy a property. Property being allowed to be purchased by offshore trusts hidden behind anonymous owners. Trickle release of land by state governments to ensure they get heaps of $$ from land tax. BIG business unions are all in bed with each other. Look at all the people on the RBA board, they all have vested interests in maximizing their business investments. Banks want more $$ to loan out so their profits increase, governments want low employment rate to look good, unions want to stay in power, education sector loves the huge $$ overseas students pay them. All of these are reasons to keep the flood gates open! It will never stop because powerful business individuals want more and more $. Doesn’t matter who you vote unless it’s the Greens. Which is ironic because the GENERAL PUBLIC don’t want the Greens in power. The people deserve who they vote. Most people complaining about this deserve what they get for voting in politicians they asked for.

    • Ask your mate what his parents do for a crust in China. Fifty bucks they say they supply hotels with ‘shampoo and personal care products’. Aka on the take. Less people would care about this issue if so much of the money wasn’t dirty. This country used to be somewhat clean.

      • China doesn’t allow foreigners to buy land or houses for residential purposes. How is it that a COMMUNIST regime which we openly criticize all the time, actually CARE about the future of their people?? btw, you must remember that property prices have been skyrocketing in China too, even though foreigners are not permitted to purchase property… The REAL CULPRITS of this mess is EASY FREE CREDIT flooding the world bought to you by banks.

    • Interesting to see a more balanced point of view, and still surprised MB and other Oz media don’t simply interview a sample of ‘foreign property investors’, with 1/4 chance they will be ‘PRC Chinese’.

      It’s all very well for headline to conflate all property investment as established residential by Chinese, but considering Australia’s history of Anglo investment (BA’s temporary takeover of Qantas years ago, with an Oz CEO), often to our own detriment, not sure what the sudden obsession with obeying the law etc. for others is, quite autocratic or authoritarian?

      Much investment has been in new apartment developments (not all are low quality etc.), no one is forced to live in them, and trends show that single bedroom apartments will become most sought after, and with ageing population such density makes provision of services much easier.

      There does need to be more compliance, but it’s not for Chinese citizens or even Australian media to make rules that are complied with, but our own politicians, who themselves seem committed to preserving NG rorts and enforcing a neo liberal agenda (i.e. no compliance) across many sectors.

      Maybe it’s more about our own governance and how the political parties have become, to be attractive for most Australian voters?

      I wouldn’t be so bothered, outcome could be cheap accommodation in say Melbourne city centre, on land that has limited potential, e.g. Docklands is not going to become surburban with large (unaffordable) houses.

      I’m still a bit suspicious of all this (confected) ethical outrage (Australia?) after generations of bending over forwards for Britain and America? With or without Chinese investment, what would the Oz economy look like?

  22. Aaron if you feel inclined to assist perhaps post your email address and we can see what you may be able to bring to the table? We need influence!!!

  23. mbreader is sort of right except the laws we have currently are just fine – they just need to be enforced. I will always take exception to anyone coming to Australia and gaming the system. This is especially so where local, taxpaying law abiding citizens and their offspring will feel the disadvantage of their illegal actions for generations to come. Politicians and the agencies share the blame together with the parties to the transactions. If anyone has ideas for a public rally and a figurehead (Geoffrey Rush comes to mind) lets get it moving and march on Parliament.

    • We need to stage a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate, Australian Taxation Office, and Reserve Bank in Sydney. Get as many as you can Australian’s with Chinese heritage to attend and write up a banners in Mandarin, calling the Chinese leadership and their families a bunch of corrupt crooks and the Australian government no better than the government of Panama.
      The media throughout Asia will take notice, especially if many Chinese heritage Australians attend.
      I’m sure there are many Australians with Chinese heritage here outraged with this governments inaction.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I unblocked the stormwater drain of the Foodworks on Morrison rd Gladesville recently, the Chinese owner, a lovely fellow, came here in 1989 and has owned his local comunity store for 18 years.
        After chatting about how Woolworths and Coles are screwing his business and a raft of other subjects including his and my ansestoral origins, he volunteers that he experiences a lot of Racism now, were as when he arrived he experienced almost none!
        I said “No way, People arn’t as racist now as they were in the 80s. Fairdikum?”
        “Oh yes, absolutely” he says
        “Because the Chinese are bidding up house prices to much”? I venture.
        “No,… because to many”! He says
        We both laugh, I did find it amusing to here this Shanghainese man lament the number of Chinese arivals coming here.

      • I know many Asians of all nationalities that have been here 20 years or more that would agree. Poor housing policy & policing is sowing the seeds of social strife sadly.

  24. Marching on parliament – we need much more than that.
    1.We need baby boomers to pass away
    2.We need a new system of government
    3.We need to start thinking of kids and our youth since all the talk at the moment is on the over 50s.
    4.We need a fricking revolution – and if you think that’s too radical – you’ve got your eyes closed to what is happening to our kids …. Depression, suicide, ICE, futurelessness, underemployment, housing unaffordability, the list goes on.

  25. We need the ATO, the AFP and the Commonwealth DPP to actually work.
    At the moment they are getting paid for doing nothing.
    If this is done at KO’D’s direction it would be very, very, very sad.

  26. The Tories will do a few token deportations here and there to pretend they are enforcing the law, but they are actually hell-bent on getting the laws broken.

    And Aussies are too stupid to vote for anyone but the 2 major parties.

  27. The simple truth is this….

    Those that want to maintain the status quo either…
    1.Will turn a blind eye and plead ignorance
    2.Purport to care when they really couldn’t give a shite.
    3.Are the same severed lot that control the state of play.

    Those the want change are either….
    1.Too lazy to act
    2.Expect others to stand
    3.Are too gutless to advocate for youth
    4.Hide behind others via fear
    5.Dont believe in delayed gratification
    6.Are so disillusioned with the state of things they are paralysed by it
    7.Cannot see that a protest vote AGAINST these major parties is actually THE BEST WAY to change this monopoly of muppets running the show.





  28. Thanks for the support people. ACA (not favoured but worth a try) and Four Corners have now been contacted with some information. Hopefuly enough to pique their interest…