Order your Spruikbot Telephunken U-47!

Macrobusiness Industries presents the new Spruikbot Telephunken U-47.


    • Fiat cash is trash!

      Gold has been used as money for 5000 years!

      Inflation is the work of private bankers who have taken over the world and are slowly confiscating your wealth!

      Unlimited naked paper sales are pushing down the price of physical!

      There is a disconnect between the price of paper and physical Gold [insert link to ebay]!

      The Fed is manipulating Gold lower to protect the dollar!

      How am I doing?


  1. Does it come with election mode? “private debt doesn’t matter”…”interest rates will not rise”…”we will never introduce a carbon tax”…”we all support our leader”.

  2. Alex Heyworth

    All we need now is Doomsayerbot and we can have the war of the bots. Pass the popcorn.

    • Exactly what I thought!

      Steve Jobs is back! And the Spruikbot sound suspiciously like a royal personage from the UK 🙂

      Cheers, SB

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Possible JG. You can just see the makers plate:
      Built Under Leith License Spruiking High Intensity Telephunkenbot (model U-47).

    • That is exactly the direction Professor Dalia Marin sees the continued adaptation of globalisation heading: ‘paperwork’ based service sector jobs – middle management, technical, routine legal, insurance, corporate propaganda, and even substantial proportion of government departmental bureaucracy – highly transportable interchangeable skills.


      This touches on problems Foreign Affairs dedicated an entire issue to, and one governments around the world are trying to address.

      In order to compete with other nations or indeed robots we need to strategically target future economic growth strategies. The World Economic Forum’s work in this regard is relevant, not to be ignored or passed off by our disgrace of a PM as solvable by throwing more money at education – just kidding ourselves. Look at global manufacturing, much of which has shifted to low cost international providers – there are many areas we may find ourselves over-rewarded in, and reluctant to face competitive realities in a global environment.

      • 8/10

        Penetrating analysis although lacking originality, nonetheless a reasonably impressive emulation of Correct View. Near top marks awarded to a hard swotting student – now what would be of great interest is the Spleen’s opinion on the current ALP Leadership dilemma – Gillard or Rudd, or other (Ellis a non starter).


        Ps. Spleen may have achieved top marks by astute segue noting pre-eminence of resources sector and necessity of promoting and protecting sector into the future via industry incentive and tax advantage.

    • thomickersMEMBER

      I think with those prices, the new owner would need to agree to continue on with the existing mortgages.

  3. I can’t quite make out the serial number on the foot of the spruikbot lying flat on its back on the operating table, but it looks like an old RBA-OZ1 waiting for its new macroprudential micro chip. That would make it a U-R2L8, then…..

  4. sydboy007MEMBER

    Doomsayer Doomsayer

    Just had flash backs to when I was a kid watching Doctor Who.

    Put the host in a wheel chair and I could almost picture him as Davros with his first dalek.

    Spruikbot certainly has most of the cliches down pat. Keep up the gut werks.