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By Chris Becker

As our regular readers know, we recently launched the MacroBusiness Forum, a place for more robust discussion about any topic, and this week’s hot topic was no surprise – climate change. Please note that registration in the The Forum is automatic – if you’ve registered as a reader at the blog, you’re already logged into the forum, and can comment or start your own threads.

For signed up MacroBusiness Members, there is also a separate “Member’s Pavilion” where you can add your thoughts on how MB can hold the broader media, policy and investment community to account. Early next week our Members will exclusively receive the latest monthly report, a special on Negative Gearing by Leith van Onselen, which will be followed up by a Podcast available for all. Members will also receive the latest site statistics (new highs!) and other details.

You can find all the MacroBusiness Radio podcasts by clicking here  – or you can subscribe to the raw feed by clicking on the purple icon on the sidebar (under “Follow Us”). We hope to have an official iTunes channel up later next week and begin frequent and regular podcasts soon, as the response so far has been very supportive.

Finally, we’ve recently upgraded the comments section on the blog itself, with both a preview and edit function, plus ability to embed pictures and Youtube videos.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Let me know when you form a political party – I’ll give you a thousand bucks +
    You guys make alot of sense to the proletariat, which includes most of the sucker generations to come

    • You are losing your vision. Top of forum ‘New Topic ‘ and ‘Subscribe” are very close together. Above heading for ‘Last Post’….

  2. And I will make polemical contributions – soaring oratory, grave declarations, hyperbole, perorations, filibusters, rebuttals, rabble-rousing and commotion, insults, heckles, soliloquies, verse, dramatic dialogue, interjections, lectures, harangues, invective, rebukes, retorts, sentimental appeals, satire and irony… 🙂

    But no lies. These I forbid.