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Macro Afternoon

A mild selloff across Asian share markets today following the mixed action overnight due to the lack of direction from closed US markets. Focus on the Canadian imbroglio over the Huawei CFO court case brought the Yen buyers to the fore and saw risk currencies like Aussie and Kiwi to falter. The latest IMF growth


Australian dollar flat as Yuan weakens

by Chris Becker The PBOC are back on the weakening bent today with no news about the US/China trade talks or Trump’s shutdown not pushing currency markets around. The Australian dollar is flat lining at the mid 71s against USD, ready to make a new daily low as it moves to breakdown before Thursday’s unemployment


Bitcoin bubble to the dark side of the moon

by Chris Becker The Bitcoin boosters are back! HODL! Russia is still going to save the day and Bitcoin is going to $2 million! From Mickey: The economic analyst who claims Russia is about to buy more than $10 Billion worth of Bitcoin has responded to doubts about his credibility. Speaking exclusively to Micky News, Vladislav


Macro Afternoon

Asian share markets had a good start to the week today with green across the board, helped by the very positive sentiment on Wall Street on Friday, and a much stronger USD against domestic currencies. The ASX200 almost closed above 6000 points helped by a lower Aussie dollar in response to the Chinese GDP print


Australian dollar lower on Chinese GDP print

by Chris Becker The Chinese GDP print has seen the Australian dollar fall back to the Friday night session lows at 71.50: With Kiwi also falling: But stocks are still well bid in response to the surge on Wall Street on Friday night, although the ASX200 is now treading water. Amid all the GDP prints –


More economists with balls needed

by Chris Becker From the bowels of Ross Gittins comes “Positions vacant: the nation needs economists (women preferred)” Never in the field of economic conflict was so much analytical effort devoted to so few… as in Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe’s one-man crusade to save the economics profession. This latter-day Lord Kitchener wants more young


Macro Afternoon

Asian shares finish the week with a flourish, with green results across the board as optimism grows over a potential positive outcome to the trade talks between the US and China. USD remains firm against the Asian major pairs with both the Aussie and Kiwi retreating while gold also fell a few dollars per ounce.


Global clean energy investment falls in 2018

by Chris Becker While the headline looks bad at first glance, there’s still a lot of good news for renewable energy investors and energy consumers with the Bloomberg New Energy Finance annual report out this week. Global clean energy investment totaled $332.1 billion in 2018, down 8% on 2017; last year was the fifth in


Ray Dalio: capitalism isn’t working

by Chris Becker It’s always interesting to hear mega-capitalists complain about the very system that provides them opportunity to turn their talents into Scrooge McDuck size piles of cash. Furthermore, it’s usually the most successful that have the most liberal of views and Ray Dalio, head of hedge fund Bridgewater, has weighed in again. From CNBC:


Macro Afternoon

The rally in Asian shares slowed this afternoon as comments from the Chinese commerce industry on the global slowdown took risk well off the table. The Australian dollar cracked to a new daily low while Yen rallied on the risk off mood, affecting domestic Japanese shares. The Shanghai Composite is down over 0.4% going into the close,


US student debt hinders home ownership

by Chris Becker The US Federal Reserve as an interesting report out (unlike the US government, Trump can’t shutdown the Fed! on the impact of student debt on new homeowner rates in the US. Salient because the Coalition wants the education cake and to eat it too. Last year the Senate passed the HECS/HELP adjustments


Australian dollar poised to fall

by Chris Becker Last night the US Dollar index (DXY) was largely unchanged mainly due to the lack of any catalysts because of Trump’s shutdown. The much watched December US retail sales were postponed but both Aussie and Kiwi lost against King Dollar, down nearly 0.4% or so each. Midday in the Asian session, the


Macro Afternoon

The risk on mood from overnight markets has not translated into any substantial gains here in Asia with most stock markets retreating although local stocks blipped higher due to a rise in bank stocks. Currency markets are somewhat back to normal as well after the big moves in Pound Sterling overnight while gold retreated slightly.


Could Trump’s shutdown push US into recession?

by Chris Becker The record US government (partial) shutdown moved into its 25th day overnight, with both sides digging in as Senate Leader McConnell blocked another continuation vote in the Senate to re-open the government. The impact is being felt at a micro level by the near 1 million US government employees who haven’t been


Macro Morning

By Chris Becker  With the UK parliament Brexit vote dominating markets overnight – particularly currencies – sentiment picked up as US markets opened and OPEC made some gestures towards production cuts, helping oil prices as US tech stocks pushed higher. The USD lifted slightly against the majors, with Pound Sterling obviously having the most volatility, while


May’s Brexit vote fails

by Chris Becker The Brexit parliamentary vote has come and gone overnight and it’s bad news for Theresa May. From the BBC: Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been rejected by 230 votes – the largest defeat for a sitting government in history. MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal,


Macro Afternoon

It’s damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead as risk markets go into tonight’s Brexit vote with a lot of confidence, as the return of Japanese markets helped buoy the risk complex across Asia today. Yen sold off helping Japanese stocks while the Aussie dollar advanced slightly and Pound Sterling remained high in advance of