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By Chris Becker

Last week, in response to our loyal readers and Members, we trial launched the MacroBusiness Forum, a place for more robust discussion about any topic.

The Forum allows any registered user to start their own topics, links and ideas – but for signed up MacroBusiness Members, there is also a separate “Member’s Pavilion” where you can add your thoughts on how MB can hold the broader media, policy and investment community to account.

Also, in news I’m sure the most voracious commenters will enjoy, we’ve upgraded the comments section on the blog itself, with both a preview function and an edit function that gives you up to half an hour to fix up any mistakes, or remove egg from face…

Lastly, if you’ve missed the trial podcasts from this week, click here  – or you can subscribe to the raw feed by clicking on the purple icon on the sidebar (under “Follow Us”). We hope to have an official iTunes channel up later next week and begin frequent and regular podcasts soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I never got around to commenting on the trial podcasts that were broadcast over the last week or two. It seems as though they didn’t attract many comments and I was hoping that was not an accurate indicator of the interest they garnered.

    I just wanted to get in a quick comment saying that I found them thoroughly enjoyable, for a couple of reasons: Firstly it was good to hear what the bloggers actually sound like. More importantly it was simply a pleasure to hear an intelligent, high quality (in terms of intellectual content) discussion, based on factual data.

    Hearing discussions like this, in the current environment, is akin to smelling fresh air as you exit a public sh!thouse in Mumbai…

    • thanks Yxoc – heres the latest stats – not bad for first trial and no iTunes integration (yet):

      DLS Podcast – 675 plays
      GM Podcast – 512 plays
      CB Podcast – 344 plays

  2. In the end with the podcasts I was more intrigued they were recorded live, not over say Skype.

    If I was to make one comment on those, Gunnamatta starts off a little loud – other than that, no complaints.

    I’ll add I thought the forums would have gotten a little more use.

  3. I think the forum misses one crucial feature and that is the ability to list unread posts since last visit.

  4. MichealMEMBER

    I know some of us download the podcast to listen while bike riding etc, but incorporating “the charts below” could add another dimension

  5. I just wanted to say thankyou to the team at MB. For those of us that cant be paid members your site has really presented a wealth of knowledge on the flip side of Australias economy.

    I hope that your team can continue to contribute in the same informative way that you do now.

    Its good to see more visitors and posters now and in general the australian public start to realise the MSM may not always be presenting the full story.

    Keep it up!!

  6. Agree with prophet, but with a few caveats. MB is at a crossroads, in more than just their website and business model I think. HnH’s article on the young gun economists this week was pretty disappointing. Play the ball, not the man, otherwise it won’t matter how good your arguments are. You’ll just get enemies. Make them hate you not because you lack humility, but because you threaten them.

  7. + 1 to Jake

    Can I add…

    Fronting up $99 is a challenge too great for some who need and can leverage the valuable perspective and analysis provided here.

  8. Hi Guys,

    First of all thank you for the great content. Well done!

    Do you have any particular reason for using java player for your podcasts? Can you not publish an MP3 link so that it can be streamed on a mobile device such as Android or iPhone. Look at how Bloomberg is publishing their podcasts. Making your website mobile/twitter friendly would make it even more popular and accesible.