What the Fox? MB Caption winner revealed

A couple of weeks ago we asked the MacroBusiness community to give us some ideas for bylines for the introduction of some MacroBusiness paraphernalia in order to get Reynard the Fox some further recognition out there in the wider world.

We received such an overwhelming response – nearly 300 suggestions – that we decided to run a poll in order to determine “the People’s Choice”.

The winner of the popularity contest from the short list selected by the MB bloggers, and with 22% of the vote, “Hedge against the Mainstream Media” won the day!

The suggestion came from reader Pantone, so as promised, Pantone will now receive the first ever MacroBusiness t-shirt containing his/her winning entry and will be contacted shortly.


This particular shirt can be found here and is available in many different sizes , colours and styles along with the MB bloggers favourite the Risk ON, Risk OFF.

We have now opened our on-line store with a range of merchandise to allow others within the MacroBusiness community to share Reynard’s message with the wider world:

So stop saving or paying off your debts and get out there shopping!

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  1. Shouldn’t you have used local manufacturers? How hard can it be to get a Tee-Shirt ‘Made in Australia”?

  2. Does this mean MB is not going to be talking down the discretionary retail sector as much anymore?


  3. MB, the T-shirt looks like underwear. Maybe some color for the letters will make it better or bigger size of the text.

  4. Put the fox on the front and comment on back.

    Maybe a collar also

    But the hat, sht you need a hat. No 1 seller for sure

    • MsSolarFelineAU

      “Maybe a collar also”… for pampered pooches? Is this what you mean?
      Sounds good!

  5. Love the T-Shirt. Gota get some of these.
    Hat/cap will be good. Love the logo’s. Keep up the good work. This is exciting!