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Here at MacroBusiness we are contemplating taking the campaign for world macrobation to the next level. Ok maybe not, but we are contemplating the introduction of some MacroBusiness paraphernalia in order to get Reynard the Fox some further recognition out there in the wider world.

We are in the early days on this, so we aren’t quite sure exactly what we are going to produce, but we are thinking of products such as t-shirts, polos, stickers and mugs etc.

One of the missing pieces in our strategy is  a byline ( or a set of them ) to place on any of the products that we create that could support Reynard’s mission.

So while you are enjoying your weekend see if you can come up with a short,  possibly humorous, byline that you believe deserves pride of place on a piece of MacroBusiness paraphernalia.



    • Or…

      Proud to macrobate

      Ask me how to macrobate

      And so on.

      I’m no marketing guru, but here some random slogans

      What housing bubble?

      Dear real-estate agent, read MacroBusiness to find out why I won’t be buying this house.

      Don’t ask me about the housing market. Just read MacroBusiness.

      Austerity v prosperity – learn more at…

      Ignore this website to continue enjoying the campaign for national ignorance

      Outfox the market at MacroBusiness

      Reynard is watching you… as closely as he watches the markets

      Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

      No easy credit at MacroBusiness

      House prices reflect fundamentals? Not at MacroBusiness

      Greece is the word

      Learn to say creative destruction in Chinese at MacroBusiness

      Where the technicals meet the technicians

      Don’t catch Dutch Disease. Visit MacroBusiness

      Read stuff written by guys with crazy names at MacroBusiness

      Stuff the mainstream media. Get you kicks with Reynard at MacroBusiness

      Bypass vested interests at Macrobusiness

      Reality bites at Macrobusiness

      And, if you don’t mind-

      Weaving statistics into gold for your first born child. Rumplestatskin @ MacoBusiness

      Don’t be Delusional, read MacroBusiness

      I hate happy endings. Deus Forex Machina @ MacoBusiness

      Sell ‘em dirt. Houses and Holes @ MacroBusiness

      Machiavelli meets the markets. The Prince @ MacroBusiness

      Don’t conform. Read Unconventional Economist @ MacroBusiness

      • Thanks. My favourites are the personal ones (slight change to Leith’s). I’ve also started ad hoc voting on other top comments.

        Weaving statistics into gold for your first born child. Rumplestatskin @ MacoBusiness
        Don’t be Delusional, read MacroBusiness
        I hate happy endings. Deus Forex Machina @ MacoBusiness
        Sell ‘em dirt. Houses and Holes @ MacroBusiness
        Machiavelli meets the markets. The Prince @ MacroBusiness
        Can’t conform? Read Unconventional Economist @ MacroBusiness

        • All great.
          I also really like these:

          No easy credit at MacroBusiness


          Austerity v prosperity -learn more at..

  1. “We provide the platform, you provide the quality.”

    “To discuss or to be told. You choose.”

    “Learn about what’s best for your wallet, not someone else’s.”

    “Think Australia’s interest goes beyond bucks and polls? Join the club.”

    “In a decent political system we’d be in Parliament.”

    … or something else along similar lines. 😛

    P.S. I earlier used your contact form but I’m highly skeptical it works having used it before without any sign of life. Could you guys please check and confirm? 🙂

    • or to make it more monetary take known slogans and use them for the monetary system:

      “Deflation — Where lower prices are just the beginning”

      “Inflation — Don’t wait to be told, you need [strikethrough]palmolive[/strikethrough] perth mint gold”

      (how do you do strike throughs?)

  2. ‘Macrobation over the bottom line’

    ‘Low fat, sugar free, economic analysis and Macrobation’

  3. MB: the new AFR without he cheap jurnos.
    MB: the online finance spot for smart people.
    MB: where smart, good looking finance people go to chat.
    (you my have to put a disclaimer on this)

  4. ‘Macrobation in a Panglossian world’

    “Has your business media become a ritualised form of psychic masturbation?

    Try Macrobation instead’

  5. ‘MacroBusiness: In space nobody can hear you scream’

    ‘MacroBusiness: Has a luverly bunch of coconuts’

    ‘MacroBusiness: Looking out for the next recession Australia has to have’

    ‘MacroBusiness – when the Bex and a good lie down doesnt work’

    ‘MacroBusiness – You know its good for you’

    ‘MacroBusiness: From people who think economic and business news should not only taste good, but be good for you’

  6. ‘MacroBusiness: And it was good’

    ‘MacroBusiness: For those who are sure that all that glitters is gold’

  7. Fox News, it Ain’t!!

    I got totally foxed @

    Try the other Fox News

    Well Fox me!

    I may be crazy but I like…

    Be the bunny or the fox.. your choice.

  8. “I would recommend you panic” – Hugh Hendry 26/5/2010

    “Ricardian, Keynesian, Austrian, Mynskian, Keensian, …Reynardian”


    (perhaps too long?)

    Also, votes for:
    “It’s different here…”
    “Don’t say we didn’t warn you…”

  9. Australian Financial Drone Pilots ..corp MB
    Leaders are Readers @ MB

    Think Ozzy Think…MB

    Figures Flights and Facts,must be MB

    Financial Fight Club-OZ.. @ MB

    Helping You Think…Returns @ MB

    Foxin Figures Boxing Riggers

    Hittin U where it Counts [email protected] MB

    The Macro Monks of

    The wright blue brigade..MB Read

    Ozzy Financial Drones ,not msm Clones

    Foxinomics..Move or Be..

    The Macro-Micro Mind

    No place for rabbits

    Cheers JR

  10. Ignorance is not bliss.

    Follow the money.

    The data shall set you free.

    Reality has a contrarian bias.

    It’s a lot more than the economy, stupid.

    For people who want to hear all three sides of the argument.

  11. There’s a free sample for the winner right? 🙂
    P.S. More likely to buy an embroided polo top than a tshirt.

    Outfoxing mainstream media.

    Macrobation. Australia’s mainstream media contraceptive.

    Macrobation. The best type of protection from ETDs (economically transmitted disasters).

    Ceiling fox is watching you macrobate. (note: lolcats familiarity required)

    Go on, macrobate my day.

    Keeping my business fit with a Pascometer.

    Free investment tool. Learn how to read the Pascometer at…

    Where’s the boom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Futureboom!

    Escape Business Hysteria with Macro Business.

    We eat Bullhawks for breakfast.

    I macrobate at work, do you?

    Read about Australia’s great disleveraging at…

    The Australian media cavalry have arrived.

    We analyse the news. Mainstream media talks about the news.

    Macrobate everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Einstein)

    I destroy my enemies when I macrobate them my friends. (Lincoln)

    Early bird gets the worm. Early trader reads market morning.

    Building a nest egg? Follow the fox…

    The truth will set you free, but first you need to read Macro Business.

    MegaBank – Too big too fail?

  12. >See you on the way up, down and round

    >home of the Boganomics

    >how many homes does a mining bogan own?

    >Liberate your Macro

    >It’s the new black for business

    >Long live >Macrobusiness

    >If its big in business then it’s >Macrobusiness

    >You’ve got AFR, I’ve got Macro

  13. Macrobusiness: Financial Facts without the Fiction Friction.

    Macrobusiness: Read it or weep!

    Macrobusiness: Delusional perhaps but with less Joye.

  14. MB – No Nonsense Economic Analysis

    MB – Bridging the gap between the media and reality since 2011

    MB – What the mainstream media aspires to

    MB – What Chris Joye reads when he wants to know what’s really going on

    MB – No Joye for the Delusional

  15. “macro strategy is so profitable all I could afford was this t-shirt”

    “we’re all macrobaters now”

    “Swannys a genius”

    “What do you think Mr Deep-T?”

    “outsource me”

    “House & Hole patrol”

    “Serving cashed up bogans since 2011”

  16. Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

    Down with
    – Invisipower
    – Politico-housing complex
    – MSM
    – Bullhawks
    – Dad’s Army
    – Pacometer
    Up with
    – MB

  17. “Take the red pill…”

    Reference to the Matrix quote where Morpheus (macrobusiness) offers Neo (readers) the chance to see the world for what it really is.

  18. the Superblog to Supersize your Super

    With msm like ours why wouldn’t you macrobusiness

    can u remember your first time – macro business since __/__/_____

    • I concur viv.

      Also, may we have choices of long and short-sleeves and *pretty please* small and exta-small, for us “slender” gals?? Thankyou for your consideration. 😉

  19. ‘Seizing the means of production, one foxhole at a time’

    ‘Neither fish nor fowl – just the fox’

  20. ‘Lots of micro to get the Macro-Business”

    ‘Free and unbiased – no joke!’

    ‘MB ≠ BS”

    ‘Exposing the establishment’

    ‘No agendas here’

    • Front: Tired of reading the same old hacks?

      Back: Get ahead of the pack
      Logo (fox)

    • I guess I can’t be the only MB reader who is perplexed by the fixation with Chris Joye (I don’t have a clue who he is – and, no I don’t live under a rock). Yes, I could easily Google and find out about him, but (given MB opinion of him) why bother.
      Nonetheless, another suggestion for a slogan:

      Oh! what Joye it is to read

      I reckon there’s more slogans to be found in the lines of Jingle Bells

  21. Perhaps some play on “making room”?

    MB: Making room for analysis/intelligence/thought

    MSM: Making room for Macrobusiness

  22. You’re all hired! Terrific contributions.

    . Macrobation Nation
    . Mining for the Truth – Macrobusiness 🙂
    . Revelation, Information, Stimulation – MACROBATION
    . Macrobation is a Joye
    . Warning: Habit Forming/Addictive – (either) Macrobusinesso/Macrobation
    . Be informed first. Macrobusiness
    . Fact not Fantasy. Macrobusiness
    . Analysts read Macrobusiness, MSM favour Macrobation
    . Insights, Delights, Civilised Fights – Macrobusiness
    . Macrobation: Getting a Grip on Economic Reality
    . Macrobation: We all do it (or) I do it, do you?

    Now I have a think about a few Fox inspired lines…

  23. Mining for the Truth – Macrobusiness 🙂

    haha, you do add entertainment value to this site. 😛

    Nice one

  24. Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

    There have been some incredible captions. However, I think if you want to capture the essence of the site, you need more just a caption and should consider something of a collage/montage on the front of the T shirt comprising of
    1) Some alpha avatars
    2) Some genuine MB terms
    3) Some unique blog graphics.
    If this was done by a real edgy alternate graphic artist I think it could be stunning! Maybe Billabong has some redundant T shirt designers looking for something to do!

  25. How about:

    “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for….”

    … sorry what was that you said? Oh.

    In all seriousness, +1 for:
    “It’s different here”

    I like the ambiguity that it could apply to the website or to the Oz economy.

  26. No way on this planet I am wearing anything that can be confused for “Masturbation” on my shirt…..

    Why not have an assortment of some of the best paragraphs to come from your articles or comments, I like this by Prince

    “Inflation in everything you need and deflation in everything you own.”

      • Very late in the piece to inform of that decision! I would wear a shirt with the word Macrobation (or variant thereof) on it.

        . Catches the eye
        . Promotes discussion
        . Memorable
        . Unique

        Obvious downside, critics may just think ‘all a bunch of wankers’ (unlikely) – although Bankers seem to carry this tag comfortably enough!

        You’ve gone out on a limb, challenged the MSM herd instinct, don’t back away now. There is room for both the whimsical campaign (minor) and the more serious campaign (major).

        Mainstream is downstream, don’t let success bridle the mustang…


        • If the inference was that Macrobation was challenging ideas of the MSM then it would be great, but Macrobation (or variants) just infer your a wanker. Not the picture most of us would associate with an underdog, challenger, etc.

          I think that most of us would prefer a shirt that sparks questions about economics. A cute little punch line will not do this.

          Insightful remarks and paragraphs are what is needed, and put a date on it, just to higlight the blogs current nature but as a future academic trophy.

  27. darklydrawlMEMBER

    I would add whatever you choose, make sure it is a tag that can stay the test of time and changing circumstances.

    Sure the Economy is showing signs of strain now which you expore is exquisite and educated detail, but give it some times and we might all be raging bulls again at some future point.

    I believe the MB team call the shots as they see them so make sure your chosen tag line allows for this sort of flexibility.

    Also what is humourous right now and to regular readers may not carry so well to the outside world and/or into the future.

    Anyway, great work so far people. Had a fun time reading all the ideas. Some excellent suggestions! 😀 Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it all.

    • Jolly well said.

      Only addition I would make is the concept of the major/minor campaign, particularly if part of the process is merchandising (allows for the minor or ‘whimsical’ as TP calls its, a bit of fun, targets and bonds ‘insiders’, a grouping that ideally grows in number).

      The major part, of course, would be the prime ideological thrust of MB. The Fox aspect is promising but Fox as a ‘brand’ is widely adopted, care need be taken, but perhaps one of the outstanding contributions above will prove perfect. And don’t forget, nothing is set in stone!

      Looking forward the the short list.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      *sigh* I would pay big bucks for a ‘edit’ button on this blog. Or a sub editor… Bloody useless. I should learn to proof read before I press ‘done!’. Sorry for the typos. I hope you get the drift of what I was on about.

  28. “Standing out from the flerd since 2011.”

    (Just a small variation on some other flerd themed mottos above.)

  29. The Market’s Always Right,
    Except When It’s Not.

    Be The Smart Money.

    A Hedge against the Mainstream Media.

  30. SkoptimistMEMBER

    Some favorites

    because in the end there is no substitute for rational thinking.

    because those spreading misinformation are well resourced.

    wipes away the spin

    the truth/facts is/are out there

  31. A modification of some above

    Ride the BULL
    Outrun the BEAR
    Outwit the FOX

    Outplay the bear
    Outlast the bull
    Outwit the fox
    Macrobating the nation

    Economist rule the world
    With their friends the lawyers
    We are all FOXED!!!!

    I spent most of my day @macro
    The rest I just wasted!!!!

    Keen is [email protected]

    • “I spent most of my day @macro
      The rest I just wasted!”

      +1 (without the gratuitous !!’s)

  32. “RISK ON” and the Fox log on the front.
    “RISK OFF” and the MB URL on the back.

    Wearers can decide for themselves whether to imitate Mr Lorax’s arm shuffles when the slogans are read 😉

  33. You are now passing another fox.
    follow @macrobusiness

    Fox never lies.

    What is MB?

    MB: 100% guaranteed or your money back.

    MB is your business




    follow me to the foxes den

  34. >M >Economic News Unfit for Print

    >What You Aren’t Told >about >M

    >It’s Your Life >It’s Your >M

    >M >Your Life is Your Business

    >Truth Exposed

    >Because You Need to Know

    >M >Really Real Unreal News

    >M >Knowledge is Protection

    >Before TSHTF… >M
    [Logo: Fan]
    [Logo Variants: Icons around fan like houses, currency, brown stuff…]

  35. How about –
    “Forget the conceptraception – it’s time to macrobate”.

    That way you get two new terms out there for the price of one – macrobation, and its status-quo nemesis, conceptraception (the act of preventing development of new ideas and concepts).

  36. I’d like to ask why the founders of macrobusiness decided to call the site just that. Would give the rest of us some direction.

    But without it, here’s my 2c worth:

    On a long enough timeline, you’re bound to Macrobusiness.

    Macrobusiness. Only 98% bots. 2% will blow your mind.

    Macrobusiness. Not for conformists.

    Macrobusiness. Porn for the business mind.

    90% of all people think finance is boring. The rest read Macrobusiness.

    Macrobusiness. ZH’s local cousin.

    Get all foxy at MacroBusiness.

    Macrobusiness. Side-stepping the mainstream.


    Macrobusiness. Still looking for a caption.

    • A very interesting question – I wasn’t one of the original bloggers (came on the scene a month or two later) so not 100% sure of meaning. The concept is that regular news media and business/financial media in particular do not approach their efforts from a macro – and particularly global macro – point of view. Everything is framed in “Australian exceptionalism” or through a very narrow lens, usually through a thin veil of failed economic ideology.

      Our approach is descriptive (with some prescriptive, recognising the current paradigm), from a risk management point of view, viewed through a global lens – because at the end of the day, the Australian economy is less than 2% of global GDP, and we are at the behest of market forces completely out of our control.

      Too much?

  37. “News Limited? Try MB”

    “MB. News Unlimited”

    “Know your unknowns”

    “You’ve been warned”

    “Consider yourself informed”