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Over the weekend we  did a bit of crowd surfing and put out a call to the MacroBusiness community for a byline to adorn some future MacroBusiness merchandise.  In response we received an avalanche of responses. So it turns out you lot are creative as well as smart.

After a fair bit of United Nation style negotiating the MacroBusiness team has whittled down the huge list to just 10 entries. So it’s now time to choose – we’ll keep the original suggester of the caption anonymous in the poll – but whomever gets the largest votes shall receive a free shirt, mug and sticker from our first run of product.

Here’s the poll – you can only vote once (and need to be registered) so make it count.

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David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Can someone explain the risk on / risk off thing to me? I feel like I am missing an in-joke.

    • Risk on means all “risky” assets (e.g shares, non USD currencies, metals/gold etc) are bid up on expectation they will go up)
      Risk off means get the heck out of Dodge and into USD and US Treasuries.

      Here’s a technical video about it: Watch the Arms

        • Priceless!! I can’t hear that term now without thinking or ‘Mr Lorax’ and ‘Mr Holes’ thanks to that wonderfully amusing video.

          I bet he is enjoying his mining council subscription 😉

    • this one has my vote, works great in all situations.

      like trying to pick up a girl in a bar, and the the risk on/ off would be the risk of being slapped, obviously risk off as you walk away

  2. In my opinion, a caption should “try” to get into the heads of layman. Using hedge, Risk on/off, keynesian etc would not even register in ppl’s head unless they are into trading/macro-economic stuff.
    I was naive to believe that “accountants” who study about “money” would be aware of some complicated macro-economic terminologies!
    my 2 cents

  3. Love the Fox but not the News!
    Like the Hedge against MSM. Nothing wrong with a caption that expresses the site & is a bit of an in caption.

  4. BobTurkeyMEMBER

    “A Hedge against the Mainstream Media”, but please fix the capitalisation!

    Gobble gobble.

    PS “A hedge against the mainstream media”

  5. I wouldn’t not pick a fight with MSM in the caption. I would think your aim is to attract readers from all walks of life. Some who stumble across the site will get sucked in and become daily readers. Rubbishing MSM in the slogan might turn against you. It’s also too long for a slogan.

    I can’t help it but the word “hedge” in a slogan brings Zh to mind, which could be a plus or a minus. Minus being the thought of being a copycat rather than a fox, and also potentially overly radical. Not meaning to be offensive here -just thinking out aloud.

    Re “burst the bubble you live in”
    again it might annoy many people, even bearish ones, now that the word bubble is everywhere.

    I voted for the curious one
    because it doesn’t turn anyone away. It is curious and inviting.

    • Got my vote and your thoughts echo mine..

      A couple of general musings; take care the slogan is not too earnest.

      MB may one day be quite happy to be a lucrative and somewhat mainstream space; take care oppositional positing.

      Bubblemania is everywhere…and most are quite happy to live in a bubble, whilst it lasts.

      Personally, still like the idea of a Main and a Sub, the Sub giving room for a little levity.

      My 2c.

      (My absolute personal favourite was one of the less dignified! Didn’t make the cut.)

  6. They’re all reasonably serious IMO aside from risk on /risk off.

    At least theres no selection bias, I would have thought you’d have picked my ‘house and hole patrol’ suggestion!

  7. Toil and Trouble

    Ah missed to the boat, alas …
    “Let the truth be told”
    or tweaking one of the finalists “Bursting your bubble since 2011”.

  8. I’ve turned around to make Bull. Bear. Fox! my favourite. Pity its not in the running at the moment, because I think it does explain our position quite well.

    MB is characterised bearish because we don’t drink the Kool-aid that is Australian exceptionalism, which is strange, but makes sense looking from outside in, explained by “doomsayer” (?) Grantham (who in his latest letter actually gave “bullish” i.e positive forecasts for almost every asset class – except Aus property)….

    So not bullish nor bearish, but fox – its the only way to position yourself in The Great Volatility. To be uberbullish means ignoring the danger signs that can cut your portfolio in half, to be permabearish exposes you to missing the great rallies (e.g like the current one, which the “operators” here on MB did catch!)….

    Sorry for the sales pitch, but there you go. Vote and vote often!

    • I agree. The slogan on the front of the shirt has to make people actually want to see the back.

      “A hedge against the MSM” is a bit, erm, highbrow (?) for a T-shirt? Hard to express my reservations correctly. In fact, all the options bar BBF!!! and “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” come across as one of those snooty “cause” shirts worn by lefty pinko commies.

  9. I voted for “Reality has a contrarian bias.”

    Most obvious winner IMHO.

    Has the best long term prospects, not too nerdy, doesn’t suggest arrogant exceptionalism like the MSM one and is the only one other than “Burst the bubble you live in” that I would buy.

    • Yeah, that’s my fave too.

      It’s a little existentialist and should appeal to non-economist types.

      I would have voted for;

      Bull. Bear. Thylacine!!!!!