Gold to break through $US1500 an ounce?

Gold looks like breaking through the $US1500 an ounce level in overnight trading. This new nominal historic high comes as no surprise due to the metals relentless march upwards in a primary bull market that has lasted 10 years. What is surprising is golds recent correlation with all other risk assets (e.g equity markets, commodities


Golden rocket

As gold again surged to record highs last night on dovish Bernanke comments and weak data, it’s time to revisit the rally. I first began recommending gold to anyone that would listen in early 2001. I was laughed at. Later that year, my friends laughed at me again. This time, it was a running joke


Gold moves to next bubble phase?

Investing and speculating in gold is almost as emotive a subject as residential property, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I treat physical gold as a “Type Zero” security asset, a small insurance hedge against financial instability – a “Minsky Metal”. (I will publish an article regarding my research into the “Minsky


Gold: Global currencies and demand

Guest post from The Bullion Baron An interesting article was posted on Mineweb earlier this week comparing the performance of Gold over several currencies. The 4 currencies it was compared in were the US Dollar, Renminbi, Indian Rupee and Euro. With the growth of three tied so closely it was almost just a comparison of


Gold and Silver – to the moon Alice?

Comex gold futures prices closed sharply higher yesterday at a fresh all-time record high close of $1,431.20 an ounce. Silver also hit 31 year highs. The double crunch of very accomodative US monetary policy with inflation in most developed and all emerging economies plus the ongoing Arabian/oil revolution stand out as possible fundamental factors affecting