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WHO scolds SloMo

Via Bloomie: Governments should stop wasting precious time needed to fight the coronavirus after squandering an opportunity to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization’s head said. “We squandered the first window of opportunity,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The time to act was actually more than a month ago or two months


Of course it should be called “Wuhan flu”

Via Domain: Foreign ministers representing seven major industrialised nations failed to agree on a joint statement on Wednesday after the Trump administration insisted on referring to the coronavirus outbreak as the “Wuhan virus,” three officials from G7 countries told The Washington Post. Other nations in the group of world powers rejected the term because they


SloMo cancels your nose job

SloMo again: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that all non-urgent elective surgery will be suspended “until further notice” from midnight on March 26, due to the coronavirus. “Cancellation of elective surgery will allow the preservation of resources like personal protective equipment and allow health services to prepare for their role in the COVID-19 outbreak,”


Put Warnie in charge

General SloMo contonues to fight his virus war as if mired in caramel, at Domain: Guests will be banned from attending weddings and no more than 10 mourners will be allowed to attend funerals under a new nation-wide crackdown on public events to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Australians have also been told to


CDC: Wuhan flu survived for 17 days on surfaces…

It appears China has gifted us the super virus, via CNBC: The coronavirus survived for up to 17 days aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, living far longer on surfaces than previous research has shown, according to new data published Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study examined the Japanese and U.S. government efforts


Rundle: If you can’t pay the rent or mortgage…don’t

Via Guy Rundle at Crikey: The Centrelink lines are going round the block, the government has made vague announcements of rent assistance, twitter buzzes with notes from the newly laid-off wondering how they’ll put food on the table and pay the rent and the mortgage. Here’s a suggestion. Do the former by omitting the latter.


SloMo Government takes credit for Summer virus effect

From the SloMo Gveornment today: Further short term social distancing measures National Cabinet has asked AHPPC for advice on options for the progressive scale up of social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. There was a specific request to look at stronger measures in relation to non-essential gatherings initially, followed by further more


SloMo credibility collapses

Cometh the moment, piss off the man. We saw it in the bushfires, now it is replaying for the virus. SloMo’s chosen strategy to fight the virus is that of Singapore but there is a problem, via Greg Sheridan: So how has Singapore kept the infection rate so low, with just a couple of hundred


States circumvent SloMo’s “mass murder” virus strategy

Have a look inside the hospitals of Northen Italy. The Saturday Paper was blunt: Bill Bowtell is both deeply concerned and immensely frustrated. He is concerned by the coronavirus, which is spreading in Australia at rates that put the country on a trajectory similar to Europe. And he is frustrated with the government, which has


UBS on how the banks can aid the virus-hit economy

Via the excellent Jonathn Mott at UBS: Banks well positioned to assist the Government and RBA In recent days the Government and RBA have announced a comprehensive package of initiatives to support the economy through the COVID-19 pandemic. RBA Governor Lowe also stated today that authorities will do “whatever is necessary” to support the economy


SloMo response unleashes virus

In my view ScoMo is a sandwich short of a picnic. But I’ve also heard from senior sources that he’s just thick as a brick. When it comes to COVID-19, if it were not for the luck of Summer, Australia would already be Italy. The response to the virus by the Morrison Government has been


Deluded AOC prepares Aussie Olympians

Via AFR: Australia’s Olympic athletes could fly directly into Tokyo on charter flights and avoid staying in regional Japanese training camps under plans being considered to isolate competitors and reduce their risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. The Australian Olympic Committee is also talking to sports federations about how to ensure qualification of athletes for


“Boomer Remover”: The natural selection of COVID-19

Bloomie has released some interesting data on the virus’ pathology: More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority. …The new study could provide insight into why Italy’s death rate, at about 8% of total infected people, is higher


ScoMo forces plague into Catholic and all other schools

Thank god for “medical advice”. Via The Australian: Scott Morrison personally intervened to prevent almost 600 Catholic schools across NSW from closing in an early morning call to Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher seeking a guarantee the sector would pull back and keep school gates open. A letter obtained by The Australian from the chief executive


Morrison should update his worst case scenario

Via Domain: Up to 150,000 Australians could die from the coronavirus under the Morrison government’s worst-case scenario, as it considers advice on restricting visits to pubs, cinemas and aged care homes. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said on Monday that the number of infections would be “somewhere in the range” of 20 per cent


COVID-19 may not stop in Summer

One factor I have been watching closely is the spread of the coronavirus through summer or tropical countries. For most of February, it appeared travellers brought COVID-19 to summer or tropical countries, but the spread within those countries was limited. That looks to be changing. The raw chart comparing the two still suggests a stark


Mathias Cormann’s LIT crash guts punters

In 2014, the Coalition spearheaded by Mathias Cormann opened a loophole in FOFA legislation that allowed listed investment vehicles called LICs and LITs to exclusively pay financial advisor commissions. Via the AFR earlier this year: The federal Labor Opposition has slammed a loophole created by the Coalition government that allows financial advisers to sell listed


COAG agrees to maintain throttle on population growth

After 17 years of extreme immigration-driven population growth: The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has belatedly agreed to establish a National Population and Planning Framework to “to improve Commonwealth, States and Territories and local governments’ understanding of populations, population change and its implications, and set-out a plan for government collaboration on the challenges and opportunities


ScoMo plays Russian roulette with elderly as schools stay open

Lordy, at the AFR: The federal government’s decision to keep schools open, is partly to try and develop “herd immunity”. This has risks but also has large potential benefits. On Sunday, as the nationally tally of confirmed cases of coronavirus reached 298, Australia’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr Paul Kelly, said as there was no


No virus swing for ScoMo

Via The Australian: The Coalition’s primary vote jumped two points to 40 per cent, its highest point since early January. Labor also lifted two points to 36 per cent, which also marks a high point since then. The two-party-preferred vote has remained steady at 51-49 per cent in favour of Labor but the Greens, which


ScoMo should have shut schools to combat virus

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just held a press conference relaying the outcomes of today’s COAG meeting with state premiers, which announced that public gatherings of more than 500 people would be banned from Monday. Prime Minister Morrison stated that the government’s goal is to slow the transmission of the virus throughout the community in