Weekend Sundries: 6 – 7 August 2022


For Arthur. Cervelo have notoriously weak derailleur hangers which caused catastrophic damage when Di2 went into spokes also buckling wheel. Made a new stainless height adjustable hanger fixed to axle incorporating axle angle ajustment

Still working on it (work in progress)


Geoff McVeigh

Royal Mail Hotel built 1895 at Lake Cargelligo

Commonwealth Bank Foster St 27 at Lake Cargelligo

The Old Bank Coffee Shop (formerly Commercial Bank of Australia) Foster St 24 at Lake Cargelligo

St Francis Xavier Primary School Reconciliation Mural at 35 Foster Street Lake Cargelligo

Commercial Hotel Foster Street 32 (built 1917) at Lake Cargelligo

Information Centre floor (formerly Masonic Hall built in 1909) at Narrandera


Information Centre (formerly Masonic Hall built in 1909) at Narrandera

National Bank Foster St 26 (built 1922) at Lake Cargelligo

Civic Theatre Foster St 28 at Lake Cargelligo

Area News Ulong St Griffith

Area Hotel Banna Ave 208 (built in 1937) Griffith










Ermington Plumbing 

Check out my customers roots,







That a cypress root Ermo?

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  1. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Many moons ago I used to snap crank axles all the time on the Campi due to the big gears. Also pushing hard on the 11 the chain would skip over the top of the sprocket so I welded the hanger bracket forward of the wheel axle to wrap the chain around more ( more links in sprocket ). A little harder to remove wheel but OK. Today did similar bringing hanger forward on stainless (pictured). Now that the derailleur is supported by the axle and not the frame it is much stronger and the wheel still comes off easily although the derailleur come with it untill the wheel is free then it slides off the axle (tight fit but slides ok).

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Oh forgot.
      The reason for the axle horizontal adjustment is the pull of the chain brings the right side forward causing the wheel to rub on frame, this is exacerbated by having wider (25mm) tyres. Previous to this I had made a sleeve for the axle to eliminate slot clesrance.
      Btw these days you have to tune the spokes from the top with the tyre off due to the flaring or dishes. These are now Torx or square head. The front spokes are not crossed ( less spokes) and and need to be much tighter.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Knew you’d would have already been there.
        Chain tensioners were around in the old days when the axle slot was horizontal but the slots made it easy to cup with end caps having the threaded adjustment screw inside. The holed axle plate was on the outside doubling as the nut washer. Mine had no provision for this and had to put the plate on inside due to axle stopping short of the idth of the slots as the skewer retains the axle not axle nuts.
        Must remember to check the amount of axle housed in slot as my plate has reduced this.

    • call me ArtieMEMBER

      Hi Boom. Nice work with the derailleur hanger. The screws to prevent the axle moving forward under chain tension are the same idea as some little accessory do-dads I once put on my Speedwell SkidStar Sturmey-Archer 3 speed. I had the same problem – wheel would tip to one side when hammering hard (I was maybe 13 but SkidStars weren’t engineered like Cervelo).

      Wheel building and maintenance is a fascinating hobby. I started building my own racing wheels way back in the ’80s. I was taught the basics by the old guy who built wheels for Australia’s Commonwealth Games team back then. Learned a lot more since then, of course, as the science has progressed. If you can find it, Jobst Brandt’s book “The Bicicle Wheel” is a fantastic reference covering theory and practice

      Take caution when tightening radial-laced spokes to high tensions. If you think about it, they are loading the hub flange with an outward radial force, whereas crossed spokes tend to load the hub flange more tangentially (depending on the crossing pattern). It’s possible for hub flanges to simply explode if subjected to extreme radial (outward) tension from combined spokes and load. Of course, there are hubs specifically designed to handle the load – no problems in that case

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Wrong spot, see above.
        Btw the old spoke spanners I made out of a thick washer bent quarter diam and hacksawed and warding filed the AF size in the small bent end.

  2. The Traveling Wilbur

    Wish I’d stopped on my run to take that photo of Black MiBossa* now (some wag on the casino construction site’s created a Manny Kinn of a site worker in ‘leccy gear and moves it around into different positions at one end of the site every now and again – not very animated, but effective; and currently appears to be driving a forklift).

    On reflection, better go back after all and check it’s not really MiBo.

    *Made of what looks like black styrofoam.

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Why the fcuk would people want to leave turkey for the slums of Birmingham or Coventry …….or Wolverhampton….
    …….but they do …………( the Turks help them along no doubt …….)

    • Atom Heart MotherMEMBER

      I must confess I am seriously thinking of retiring to Turkiye….

      Not many would be deserting Turkiye for Wolverhampton at the moment, but plenty have

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Lovely place is Turkey ( sorry the spelling shows my age ……

        Remember being woken up from a slumber on the beach there after a few bottles of 20 cent wine. The noise was from screaming fighter jets on their way to invade Cyprus ………the year was 1974 ………….didn’t know it at the time …..but thats how history touches us …….we don’t see it or understand it until later ……….

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Three weeks in Turkey for my 50th was one of the best holidays. Would’ve been real easy to stay. Only disappointment is I didn’t do it in my backpacking days..

        I’ll have to send the pics in.

    • Wellie my eldest daughter just moved to Citywalk/London Bridge SE1 to be with old HS boyfriend and his Oz mate that live and work there. Will see how the locals go with her laugh over the top of the din whilst out and about.

  4. Prey is the best Predator film since the first one. Good economical film making. Have a plot, stick to it, have the character service it, and don’t get too over the top with the action. Keep the fight scenes within the scope of what’s happening and make it look like the protagonists are under threat.

    And there’s a good Australian/American B grade sci-fi called Upgrade. It’s a few years old, 2018 I think. It’s probably the best use of Melbourne in film I’ve seen, though they don’t name the city. The fight scenes are really well done.

    • My son said about the same last night so I had a watch, I concur. Just talked to him a min ago whilst setting up Weber for the chooks and he said the director, do to all the good comments on the film wants to make another one in the setting of feudal Japan or WWI. Although he noted that any bad comments came from the triggered anti woke sorts having a tanty about Disney using a young native American female as the leading actor.

      • Sadly that type of “go woke go broke” reflex backlash is inevitable in this environment. That’s why I just said it’s a good film because that’s what it is. It follows the much used set-up of the underestimated member of a group proving their worth. In this case it just happens that the story is best served by making it a female character.

        I didn’t know about the follow up idea. I would definitely watch it. The director is a very efficient film maker. His 10 Cloverfield Lane was another tight little drama.

        A good comparison between this director and the current norm is the new film by the Russo brothers, Grey Man. It is all bloat and over the top action sequences hoping to bombast the viewer into being impressed.

        The latest Dune, while being a big scale film was mostly restrained on a big stage and when it did go big it was shown on a scale which stuck to the story and was believable in the context of the film.

        13 Assassin’s is my favourite genre film. It’s what marvel and DC attempt to do and always fall short with. A bunch of rogues come together to fight an evil and succeed after a ridiculously over the top finale. However it never goes for too much, keeping the fights within the battles sectioned and closed off, and the protagonists are always vulnerable.

        • Agree again on 10 Coverfield Lane, ditto on Gray Man hyper reality super human Jason Borne antics. I was not one of the critical sorts wrt Dune or Blade Runner from a purist stance of the originals. Actually thought the latter offerings had more smoldering depth, more visual reality due to CGI, and the books authors intent. I would say with Dune the one big thing missing was the dinner table politics and its crazy sublimity – set the tone for some much of everything else tho would require 20 min in film. Then it would end up like Brazil where the yank distributors wanted to put a happy ending on it for profit, thus he had to smuggle it in and show only at art house theaters at st

  5. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Back from my ride with my mate, not without drama. Test ride is no match for the Real McCoy. Going up the hill in the 81er the wheel got pulled into the frame by the chain pull, adding some extra load to the climb (like having the brakes on going uphill).. To the rescue came my stainless adjustment bracket. Pulled over into a side street half way up gave my new braket a tweek and Bobs your Uncle a smooth ride from there on making our coffee back on the bottom at Michael’s (Manly) extra sweet.

  6. Arthur's Poodle

    The sort of weekend where you think, a bunch of Car factories 🏭 and associated manufacturing businesses could become really, really useful very soon.

    • Yeah wouldn’t it be great but than reality kicks in and you temper your expectations and real in your imagination
      Wouldn’t it be great if Australia had another 100 Canva’s, or even just 50 Airsight’s or maybe 25 Blueprintlabs, how about 12 Ripe Robotics…I’d even settle for another 6 Abysssolutions
      wouldn’t it be great if…

  7. Atom Heart MotherMEMBER

    Those shots of Geoff McV’s are superb, really underlining some of the older architectural substance you can see in somewhat derelict old country towns around Australia. The Riverina and inland of the divide in NSW, the Mallee and Western Districts in Victoria, inland of SA North and East of Adelaide, and inland of Brisbane in QLD all have loads of old towns which used to be major(ish) service centres which once had really invest in public buildings and pubs in particular.

  8. The Wallabies have a one more chance of winning a world cup now the All Blacks are are in the regeneration phase and have become beatable. The future for Australian rugby is getting grimmer by the day – https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/minister-slams-proposal-to-build-130-homes-on-north-shore-sports-fields-20220803-p5b6xl.html
    I grew up that area and played for numerous teams. When we had a trial against Epping Boys HS, we hardly ever scored a single point as 4 or 5 Australian schoolboys reps were always in a team. In recent years , they have struggled to field a team at times.

  9. ZOMG the chooks came out nuts and the next door bloke is choking it down with the rice, wish I could give everyone on MB a taste, its just that stoopid … good …

  10. Well you can do a simple gallo pinto, arroz con pollo or arroz a la jardinera, and you can make your own Lizano Salsa if your game. The thing is I have all the spices you can’t get in the shops and have spent the time there cooking with locals and eating out so I kinda know the gist of it. Then again I added some abbol chili/la chinata powder to it which is non authentic but I and others seem to like the mild complexity of it.

    BTW black bean salsas are the bomb when you get the hang of it.

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