Ardern and New Zealand housing market face shared doom

The Post’s Tom Chodor has delved into why support for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has collapsed domestically at the same time as the world holds her in high esteem.

According to recent opinion polls, “over 50% of voters now believe the country is heading in the wrong direction”, with the opposition centre-Right National and ACT parties now cruising toward a comfortable victory at next year’s election.

Chodor believes that “stumbles on issues like availability of rapid antigen testing, workforce shortages, or the response to anti-mandate protests” started the rot, which has been exacerbated by the “cost of living crisis brought about by the highest inflation in three decades, stagnating wages and economic growth, unaffordable housing, a health system running on fumes, and a rise in violent crime”.

While these factors have undoubtedly played a role in Ardern’s loss of voter support, I believe the aggressive interest rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and the steepening housing market collapse is underappreciated.

As shown in the next chart from Roy Morgan, the decline in the Labour Party’s vote has coincided with the RBNZ’s monetary tightening, which commenced in October 2021:

New Zealand voting intentions

Jacinda Ardern’s voter support collapsed alongside the Reserve Bank’s interest rate hikes.

Since then, the RBNZ has hiked the official cash rate (OCR) by 2.25%, representing one of the steepest increases in the nation’s history.

This sharp lift in interest rates has had a dramatic impact on the nation’s housing market, which was already one of the world’s most expensive and vulnerable to correction.

The REINZ’s latest House Price Index, which is the preferred measure used by the RBNZ, recorded a steep 5.4% decline over the June quarter, with all major urban districts posting quarterly falls.

This week, the Trade Me property index also posted a 1.9% fall in June, “the largest month-on-month drop we have ever seen” amid “skyrocketing supply”.

The combination of factors has seen New Zealand’s consumer and government confidence ratings collapse to near record lows, suggesting Kiwis blame the Ardern Government for the problems confronting the nation.

New Zealand consumer and government confidence

Kiwis blame Jacinda Ardern’s Labour for their problems.

The RBNZ last week signaled further aggressive interest rate hikes in a bid to contain the highest inflation in 32 years. The Bank also recommitted to its ‘forward track’ guidance of a 3.9% OCR by September 2023, which coincides with next year’s election.

All of which points to further sharp falls in house prices and more misery for New Zealand’s band of highly indebted households.

They are certain to direct more anger at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is staring down the barrel of near certain electoral defeat.

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  1. Quantitative FleecingMEMBER

    Need some commentary from Janet, kiwikaryn, P, Hugh Pavellitch

    Seems like the NZ housing gravy train is about to derail

    • The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

      They are all great commentators, but if I may add Mr Peter is top of the top notch 👌

      • Hey! Enough with the kiwi-ass kissing! Plenty of true-blue assie goes on unkissed here!

    • I just brought a condo in Bangkok, NZ is not only expensive but it’s a woke country now. My quality of life is so much better over here away from the anti white guy narrative, affordability and growing violence. Ps the RBA rises rates so gov drops taxes. You got to wonder what’s the point, anyhow the biggest crisis there is the imploding health system. Everything in that country is now broken and a fast changing demographic means for the future I think it’s better to just get out while one can.

  2. kiwikarynMEMBER

    There is another giant elephant in the room that no journalist will touch on – the divisive racial ideology that the Labour Govt has pushed. Access to healthcare is now predicated on what race you are (with non Maori unable to get things like free bowel cancer screening, Covid anti viral drugs, elective surgeries) rather than what your medical needs are. They are determined to achieve racial equality in health outcomes by simply making more white people become sick or dead. Their latest strategy is to hand over 50% of the healthcare system for the exclusive use of Maori/Pacific Islanders.

    • Wow I didn’t quite believe what you said about the bowl screenings and COVID antiviral drugs, but I Google’d it and they’re true. NZ has slid a long way since I left in 2014.

      • Surely access to healthcare/particular screenings etc. should be either universal or based on certain familial history and would therefore apply to all races and ethnic backgrounds?

        I fail to see why expenditure on a whole new Heath Authority basically for one ethnic group is either money well spent or in any way efficient with all the duplication that will be created. I cannot wait to see what additional burdens will be place on the GPs and frontline workers in the compliance cost alone.
        Only in the mind of a bureaucrat could such a system work.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Clinical urgency was determined by a scoring system, Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) medical officer John Tait said. In general, the higher the score, the greater the urgency for treatment.
            “Very high scores are often associated with high risk of cancer, conditions that may rapidly deteriorate, or conditions posing a significant risk to the patient’s current health status.

            “The aim of this work is to improve access to health care for Māori and Pasifika people. It is unlikely that any other patients will be significantly affected as a result of this work,” he said.

            Māori and Pasifika patients could be prioritised “within a given clinical priority band”, he said.
            “We anticipate that our plans to increase planned surgery overall will offset our policy, meaning any impact on other patients would be minimal.”


            The following access criteria will apply to both nirmatrelvir with ritonavir (Paxlovid) and molnupiravir (Lagevrio), once available.

            Access criteria – from any relevant practitioner.
            Approvals are valid for patients where the prescribing clinician confirms the patient meets the following criteria and has endorsed the prescription accordingly:
            All of the following:
            Patient has confirmed (or probable) symptomatic COVID-19; and
            Patient’s symptoms started within the last 5 days; and
            Patient is immunocompromised* and not expected to reliably mount an adequate immune response to COVID-19 vaccination or SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of vaccination status; or
            Patient has at least five of the following:
            Any combination of the risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease identified by the Ministry of Health** (with each individual condition counting as one risk factor)
            Māori or any Pacific ethnicity
            Patient is aged 65 years and over, or is 50 years and over and has not completed a full course of vaccination***; and
            Patient does not require supplemental oxygen (to maintain oxygen saturation >93%); or
            Patient does not require supplemental oxygen to maintain oxygen saturations at or above baseline (for patients with chronic resting hypoxia); and
            Not to be used in conjunction with other oral COVID-19 antiviral treatments. 

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Surely access to healthcare/particular screenings etc. should be either universal or based on certain familial history and would therefore apply to all races and ethnic backgrounds?

          Literally what’s been done is to lower the age based on known broad risk factors.

          I am sure if the NZ health system was not subject to budget constraints anyone who wanted to get a screening for bowel cancer regardless of age would be able to request one.

          But I am equally sure that in the real world they have to make tradeoffs.

          I fail to see why expenditure on a whole new Heath Authority basically for one ethnic group is either money well spent or in any way efficient with all the duplication that will be created. I cannot wait to see what additional burdens will be place on the GPs and frontline workers in the compliance cost alone.
Only in the mind of a bureaucrat could such a system work.

          What are you talking about ?

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        No, the eligibility age has been raised beyond standard international medical practice for non-Maori people. In Australia you get free bowel screening kits sent to you on your 50th birthday. In NZ a 50 year old Maori can get screened but not a white person. Either way, access to healthcare should be based on need not race. If Maori need bowel screening they should get it, but so should every other person who wants bowel screening. Treating everyone the same does not mean one race gets treated worse. Prioritising people based on race guarantees that one race (the one left out) will get worse outcomes. Which seems to be Labour policy – they want to achieve equality of health outcomes by making the health of white people worse. Its like achieving equality of income by only making wealthy people poor, instead of improving the financial outcomes for the whole population.

        • What is this “race” you speak of? Why is health outcomes different for different ethnicities? What is the most utilitarian outcome for a modern welfare state – early intervention for at risk groups vs holistic access on a 1st come 1st served basis?

          Did all you “what about us, it isn’t fair” people fail high school or something? Fmd, dumbest stuff I’ve read in ages coming out of MB lately and that’s from new and old and kiwi and oz posters. Whinging old pos crew. Deadset wake up to yourselves you fossils

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Originally, the bowel screening programme in NZ was for 60-74 year olds.

          It would seem this age has been lowered to 50 for Maoris and Islanders starting next year because of their higher risk factors.

          That 50 is the recommended age for all is a separate and different issue. Undoubtedly they have budget constraints.

          Your statements that “non Maori unable to get things like free bowel cancer screening” and “the eligibility age has been raised beyond standard international medical practice for non-Maori people” are simply and demonstrably false, as is the yet-more-conservative-culture-war-bullsh!t pretending it’s racially motivated against wh!tes.

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            So why not just lower the age for everyone to 50, like in Australia. Why only allow some races to access healthcare? It is totally wrong and disgusting to segregate healthcare based on race, what if it were reversed, and Maori were denied healthcare because they were Maori? Sorry, no IVF treatment for Maori or Pacific Islanders any more because as a general population they have more children than white people so don’t need it – individual health problems are irrelevant, its only population stats that count.
            Nothing I have said is false. I cannot get free bowel screening because I am not Maori. I cannot get Paxlovid if I got Covid because I am not Maori. I cannot get to the top of an elective surgery waiting list because I am not Maori. Everyone should be treated equally.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            So why not just lower the age for everyone to 50, like in Australia.

            Presumably budget related. They have $X and need to allocated it most effectively. Big dumb rules, etc, etc.

            It is totally wrong and disgusting to segregate healthcare based on race […]

            It’s not segregated, it’s just not free. Since you’re constantly whinging about people getting stuff for free I would have thought you’d be happy with it happening less.

            Bit different when it affects you personally though, right ?

            Everyone should be treated equally.

            And if the New Zealand health system didn’t have any budget constraints, I’m sure “everyone” would be “treated equally”.

            This whole discussion could be summarised as ‘wealthy conservatives stunned and outraged that they can no longer jump some of the queues they have created’

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            How about we make paying taxes based on race – those that get special access to taxpayer funded healthcare can pay more, and those that are denied access pay less taxes? Seems fair to me, but I’m sure the SJWs will whinge about that being “racist” while race-based healthcare “isnt racist but equitable”.

    • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

      Kiwikaryn … thank you for your excellent post.

      The co governance issue is actually a bigger concern than the housing issue. That’s just how serious it is.

      • Why do you post here Hugh? All you do is spam your agenda and occasionally break that pattern to respond, but very rarely. To see you praise this post makes your agenda and intentions seem more nefarious than even skippy suggests.

        You are one suspect character either way.

        P.S. get nodded ya sheep shagger

          • She’s misrepresentimg the truth. Read smithys post ya goose.

            And you’re cheering it on because you’re a rwnj.
            Prove me wrong.

            And MB doesn’t need my $200, I’ll pay up if Leith promises to stop holidaying on the Gold Coast, we don’t need nimby Melbourne yuppies round these parts.

          • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

            [email protected] … The Gold Coast was always referred to as ‘The Kiwi Coast’.

            Is that still the case ?

            My understanding is that of the 600,000 Kiwis now citizens of Australia, about 275,000 of them are Maori.

            If that is correct, why is the proportion so high ?

            Some of us take the concept of ‘equality under the law; very seriously.

            And Leith’s constant coverage of New Zealand issues is very much appreciated.

          • Just like to add hugh, the gc cussie bros are always welcome, for all their faults they’re much better people than all the scum old empire received pronunciation white kiwis like yourself.

          • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

            One can understand why so many from New Zealand and Victoria (including Leith) flock to Queensland / the Gold Coast for breaks from the idiotic woke culture …

            New mum infuriated by ‘dehumanising’ language on hospital form | Today Show Australia
            … h/t DM …


            … when there are real ‘bread and butter’ issues to be sorted out … like restoring the cost of housing to 3.0 annual household income.

    • That’s what the hex is for: if ambulance activity sirens wailing, lights flashing is anything to go by there’s plenty of folk sick or dying in gee long requiring urgent medical attendance every 20 minutes or so. Geelong hospital appears to have fleet of 16-20 vehicles on the go 24/7 sometimes only 2-3 on standby as others out collecting dead or dying:

  3. Ardern is a bit like Boris. The global statesman, travelled to the Ukraine numerous times, even has a street named after him. But it turns out he was nothing like what the punters thought they voted for… the reason why people (internationally, not yet in Oz) are so willing to vote for populists is that they think the system is against them. Hence the Trump factor… it will only get worse.

    Actually, Ardern is still reasonably popular. Boris would be crushed in the next general election and the Tories wiped out. I suspect Biden’s Democrats will suffer massive losses this coming mid-terms.

    • The Grey RiderMEMBER

      Most of these types are nothing more than modern Sha(wo)man. Useful idiots doing someone else’s biding.

  4. Wonder if the Yanks whinge as much about interest rate rises as Australians and New Zealanders do.
    No one complained when they went to the lowest in history and house prices shot up 40% in 2 years and people were spending online like drunken sailors.

    • Apparently in the U.S 30 year fixed interest home loans are the norm, so no one with an existing mortgage would care. We’re much more exposed in Aus/NZ with most of our home loans being fixed for 5 years or less.

  5. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    In case you missed this …

    Signs the Jacinda Ardern ‘gloss’ is wearing off fast in NZ … Andrew Bolt interviews Oliver Hartwich … Sky News Australia / Youtube

    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there are signs the Jacinda Ardern “gloss” is wearing off fast in New Zealand.

    Mr Bolt discussed the issue with New Zealand Initiative Executive Director Dr Oliver Hartwich.

    “We now looking at an inflation scenario for New Zealand which is among the highest in the world,” he said.

    The New Zealand Initiative

    • – Did Bolt do the same with the Nationals when they were facing an election defeat ?
      – What A LOT OF peopel fail to understand is that the FED, RBA & RBNZ all FOLLOW what a person called “Mr. Market” dictates.
      -No, inflation doesn’t drive interest rates !!!!!!!!

    • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

      Check out what the highly respected quarterly Ipsos NZ Issues Monitors have to say about the major concerns of New Zealanders …

      17th Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor – June 2022

      … and my numerous postings on the MB New Zealand / Ardern related articles by Leith (note the articles links above) to get an understanding of the broader concerns and failings.

      Ardern actually gets very little international media coverage. … mainly because she has got nothing of substance to say … other than infantile woke drivel.

      Having never had a proper job in her life, she hasn’t actually grown up.

      Put simply … she is way out of her depth.

      • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

        Willy2 …

        Sadly we have a choice in New Zealand between the Destructive (Labour) and the Dumb (National).

        No wonder they a fleeing to Australia and elsewhere in droves … before these political clowns turn this place in to ‘Fiji With Snow’.

        • All I’m hearing is smart young Australian families moving to NZ.

          Seems Australia is now facing brain drain to NZ as well as UK/US while we still get muppets like you coming across the ditch to vote for one nation.

  6. SkepticviewerMEMBER

    Ardern has made a position regarding the opening up to influx and the need to protect the wage levels in NZ. Unfortunately, she is up against the forces that derailed Gillard. While she can clearly see that mass immigration causes all sorts of major social and economic problems – the vested interest termites are hammering away relentlessly, to prevent anything from being done about it. An example is the nurses association banging on about importing nurses constantly – I am assuming from the third world and for whose benefit – rest homes low payed semi qualified nurses, follow the money.
    The problem Ardern has is that generations of extreme neo-lib policy and incompetent leadership have left a steaming smelly mess behind and there isn’t enough fairy liquid in the world to clean it up.
    For example, it was the express desire starting with Rodger (I know it all ) Douglas to create a low-wage, zero workers’ rights economy. The national party went to work on the unions and as a result NZ now is a low-wage economy success beyond their wildest dreams. The problem is those that can, leave for better pay – who would have thought that.
    With decades of uber driver importations the skills levels have disintegrated, neo lib requires no investment in maintenance and as all the assets are sold off to China etc this includes the power systems and the water and the farm these assets are milked for all they have – nothing is put back in. All government functions are now contract/market based with the state having little control over the quality or real costs. This leaves little chance of obtaining a sound skills training base for young people to progress to even low-wage and dangerous construction jobs. Toxic material infests workplaces still 40 yrs after it was id-ed as should be removed asap, workplace culture is all about money, not safety and unions have little if any say. Managers from the 50’s, acting as overseers dispensing their form of pharaoh-style job control while sacking with little regard to the law or even fairness.
    All this was bad enough before the pandemic, despite getting the population through the worst of it until vaxed the Ardern government has failed to make headway in improving both social and health outcomes for large sectors of the population – good obtainable housing being the primary road to health and wellbeing, housing has just blown up in the working classes face.
    The situation is so stuffed up that it would take decades to fix, however, that is not an excuse for not starting and if eggs need breaking then they must be broken. A mass social housing program using pre-fab houses made in China if need be and a firm stop to unneeded immigration would go a long way. A push to provide a tax free or tax positive investment vehicle (health service bonds) while taxing housing gains harshly would also help and a no passport no purchase policy would not go astray.
    It does not matter if you don’t get it right or all right what matters is that you tackle the problem with strength and good advice and with gusto. In this Ardern has not done well and neither did Gillard, the pandemic has derailed any grand plans and now WWIII is making the job harder.
    It would not surprise me if NZ voted in the Pentecostal with seven houses two of which have some sort of tax payer input as I read, who used to run an airline in case no one knew – oh and has pushed open boarders on behalf of his mates non stop, still I don’t think Ardern is out for the count yet. Time will tell – As for economic factors not a lot different from Australia and without mass immigration over the last 30 years the housing disaster would not have been able to occur. Both states are in for a rough time, employment and poverty wise very soon.

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I really don’t like chicks running things and Ardern is exhibit A on how birds just implement commie ideals that destroy success.

  8. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is staring down the barrel of near certain electoral defeat, quite sensibly doesn’t GAF as the PM gig is a crock, but the post PM trough snorfling is sooo cool.. Helen Clarke here I come

  9. Recession is when your neighbour loses their job. depression is when you lose yours. Recovery is when Cindy loses hers (or in my case when I left NZ).

    I personally won’t shed any tears seeing the back of this awful administration, possibly the worst in the country’s history.

    And before I get labeled a rwnj by someone (who seems to have rather a bad attitude), I was a labour supporter prior to 2020, voted for them, donated to them… in four figure amounts (I couldn’t stand that smug prick Key either)… but the level of incompetence and divisiveness and the shear economic stupidity of this government is really remarkable. And very sad.

    Oh, and I’ve got very little confidence in Luxon’s ability to untangle the mess either.

    • Bad attitude lol. You’re not an rwnj as far as I can tell, just a gutless sell out. Leaving the country of your birth for greener pastures is indicative of poor character in my opinion.

    • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

      Peter … excellent post and thank you.

      What I had to say back mid 2016 on the John Key front …

      Housing campaigner predicts spiralling house prices will be Key’s ‘Waterloo’ … Rob Stock … Stuff NZ

      He bailed at the end of the year giving Bill English the hospital pass.

      I publicly supported Labour in the lead up to the 2017 election.

      Isn’t it interesting how we have not heard a ‘peep’ out of Key in recent months.

      He needs to know of course that he will be held to account in due course. We will never forget his dereliction of duty out of the 2008 election … a subject I covered on an earlier MB NZ/Leith article recently (hyperlinks above).

      • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

        Copy … earlier MBpost on the John Key 2007 – 09 era …

        If John Key had dealt effectively with the structural impediments to the supply of affordable new housing following the 2008 election as promised, the construction sector would not be the poor performing 20% inflationary shambles it is today …

        … Going back to John Key and the 2007 / 2008 era …

        Video interview with John Key 2007 on housing affordability

        John Key 2007 speech on housing affordability to the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation

        Just after the 2008 election won by National and at the time of the release of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey late January (with the Introduction by Dr Don Brash) then Housing Minister Phil Heatley had this to say …

        Bringing better balance to the housing market … Phil Heatley … Beehive

        For further background reading of the issue from that era … access by scrolling back through the years …

        Hugh Pavletich – Scoop InfoPage

        Please do check out all the IPSOS NZ Issues Monitors over recent years … which again … should have made it crystal clear to the politicians and public service what the publics REAL CONCERNS are … and conversely … what doesn’t concern them.

        • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

          … Little wonder the residential construction sector is currently in the early stages of collapsing …

          Its ‘crying time’ in the construction industry now … although of course they did nothing to assist in dealing with the structural impediments to the supply of affordable new housing over the past near 2 decades …

          Construction slowdown: New build inquiries drop by up to 80 per cent, more companies could go bust alongside job losses … Carmen Hall … NZ Herald
          … behind paywall … read more via hyperlink above …

  10. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Only 21 days into July, and already a total net loss of 25,000 people as Kiwi’s flee the country. People arent hanging around to vote next year, they are already voting with their feet.

    • SkepticviewerMEMBER

      A lot of those that arrived during covid are leaving again. Although the company I work for has already lost five – not easy to replace workers and I intend on going home before Christmas despite getting ok pay. The workplace environment is not great and there is nowhere affordable to live (same old worn-out flats we had lived in as apprentices now at $600+wk ) even for someone at my level so not surprising people want out. The WA government non-stop advertising for NZ tradies doesn’t help either. A breakdown of the stats would be useful information. Returnees, first time – age and if they have family already there. Also, a lot of imports were waiting for NZ PR before heading to Oz to buy a few houses and bring in the grannies later for a health tourism stopover visit.

    • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

      Kiwikaryn .. Hell … that’s an outflow equivalent of somewhat more than the West Coast population (about 30k) in a month !

      Note my Customs Service daily arrivals / departure hyperlink further down thread.

  11. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Politicians have sucked the life out of young Kiwis … Robert MacCulloch OPINION …University of Auckland

    Robert MacCulloch is the Matthew S. Abel Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Auckland.

    Opinion: Aotearoa New Zealand has become a country for oldies to enjoy while the young silently drown, says Robert MacCulloch.

    Although we “returned” to the university campus this past semester, students are reluctant to physically attend classes. They can’t see a future. Their mojo and buzz are gone. Despondency rules.

    One student said she’ll never know what opportunities may have arisen these past years and what doors may have opened had nearly her entire course not been on Zoom. After they graduate, many say they want to leave New Zealand for foreign climes offering higher pay and lower living costs.

    What did the government do to them? How did it manage to suck the oxygen out of the air they breathe? An answer has now emerged. It took away their dreams.

    The Treasury publication Trends in Wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand reports, “Loneliness is highest among people aged 15-24 … Teen suicide rates are among the worst in the OECD. Cognitive skills at age 15 are in decline. Levels of school attendance are declining and particularly low among those in more-deprived areas. We have the highest rate of bullying in the OECD … People aged under 25 are least likely to report a high sense of belonging … least likely to report life is worthwhile and less likely to vote than young people in other OECD countries”. What a shocker. So much for the “well-being budgets”. … read more via hyperlink above …
    Robert MacCulloch … University of Auckland

    • SkepticviewerMEMBER

      I think that’s along the lines of what I said, it is simply distressing to view – currently I am banging my head against a HSS steel Wall trying to convince the company to recruit and skill young people from the socially deprived local area (to address a critical skills shortage). The company, a local body-owned enterprise prefers to recruit in India, the Philippines or South Africa. I have decided come home by Christmas watching the decay and 50s dinosaurs is simply too awful.

    • SkepticviewerMEMBER

      More competition on health – you mean like the USA good, system for the rich. As for the lockdowns being all for the old – well maybe, but it is easy to forget that before the vac this virus was a global emergency with an unknown forward outcome and little knowledge of its behaviour. It is now that matters and I think a more left approach is needed especially for the young because the gains of multiple house owners have come from their souls. The rest of what is said I agree with housing, engagement and seeing a future have reached a dead end in NZ.-
      Perhaps bring back the MOW and nationalise the power industry. Start to rebuild a self-reliant industrial base with opportunities that include lifelong employment and as a government make sure it happens, introduce extensive social housing, free education and a UBI after implementing sensible immigration with a quota and quality filter. The cover has fallen off, the neo-lib model revealing the festering slime that it always was – more of it won’t help and more extreme immigration certainly will only make it worse. Time to abandon left / right world views and turn to logic and evidence-based policy. Don’t worry I am viewing all this in real-time – it is distressing, to say the least.

    • A lot of truth there but also meekness. I for one would not have paid full course fees for ‘Zoom’ lessons.
      At least in the US people take stuff like that to court. Rather than sit there and take it from the powers that be.

  12. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    ‘An outright crisis’: Fred Pawle on dropping New Zealand education & housing standards | Alan Jones Australia … Youtube

    ‘Housing, one of the key policies that helped Ardern win the election, has gone from a calamity to an outright crisis’.

  13. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    NZ property prices have the largest monthly drop on record: Trade Me … Brianna McIlraith … Stuff NZ

    Bank of Mum and Dad: The pitfalls of giving money to your kids … Sarakh Catherall … The Listener / NZ Herald
    … behind pauwall …

    Parents are increasingly dipping into their own savings to help their adult children with daily living costs – but that is only entrenching the wealth gap.

    It wasn’t part of their plan a few years out from retirement, but a few months ago, Angela and Alexander O’Donnell walked into their bank and remortgaged their family home. They felt they had no choice – their 39-year-old daughter Natalie was facing the prospect of losing her home in Kaiapoi and having to move her two children into a rental after her marriage broke up.

    Natalie wanted to buy her ex out, but she couldn’t get a mortgage. So her parents mortgaged their own home instead, lending her the money they borrowed from the bank. “How could I enjoy my life when my daughter was struggling? I just couldn’t do that,” Angela O’Donnell says.

    The O’Donnells – Angela, 60, and Alexander, 65 – are part of an invisible yet incredibly popular institution known as “the Bank of Mum and Dad”. As their offspring struggle to manage their daily living costs, more and more Kiwi parents are stepping in to help: paying bills, providing allowances, stumping up deposits, and in some cases, providing entire houses. … behind paywall … read more via hyperlink above …

    Rising cost of living leading one-in-five Kiwis to skip meals, survey finds …Ben Leahy NZ Herald

    Half of Kiwis are now driving less often to save on fuel costs, while 44 per cent are socialising less and one-in-five are even skipping meals as the rising cost of living starts to bite.

    Rural residents are those most likely to be concerned by rising fuel costs, while families with children under-18 are more likely to be skipping meals.

    That’s according to a new survey of 1200 New Zealanders by pollster Curia Market Research.

    Leading family, housing and elderly support groups say that although rising costs are hitting all Kiwis, those renting and on lower incomes are suffering most. … read more via hyperlink above …

  14. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    … An outstanding article …

    Americans Who Can’t Afford Homes Are Moving to Europe Instead … Bloomberg

    Prohibitive housing prices, a strong dollar and political rancor have contributed to a wave of Americans relocating to Europe.

    “I would never have looked to buy in Italy if the market in the US hadn’t been so crazy,” the entrepreneur said. She plans to work remotely and imagines a “bella vita” of good food and wine, along with a local literary club and art space she plans to launch in her storefront, “reminiscent of Paris’s art scene in the 1920s.”

    The average price of a home in Atlanta reached $404,575 as of June 30, up 19% from the previous year, whereas an 800-square foot property in the Palermo region of Sicily cost 86,560 euros on average, according to real estate platforms Zillow and Idealista.

    “The rising cost of living has made it more expensive to live in any major US city than in European cities,” said Michael Witkowski, vice president of US-based expat consultancy ECA international. “Expensive home prices as well as a strong US dollar and political tensions are all contributing factors to the growing allure of Europe.” … read more via hyperlink above …

    Bloomberg | Americans Who Can’t Afford Homes Are Moving to Europe Instead … Bloomberg … via Sotherby’s Greece,Bloomberg%20%7C%20Americans%20Who%20Can't%20Afford%20Homes,Are%20Moving%20to%20Europe%20Instead&text=More%20Americans%20are%20relocating%20to,and%20political%20rancor%20at%20home.

  15. gballardMEMBER

    I am surprised that you make the comment that the world holds Adern in high esteem. Must be all the woke pollies that seemingly are filling the benches. The day of reckoning is fast approaching

  16. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Compass Homes franchisee builder’s collapse leaves Invercargill bride and groom stranded … Ben Leahy … NZ Herald

    Invercargill bride and groom lose $144,000 and have their plans thrown into disarray by Compass Homes franchisee builder’s collapse.

    January should have been one of the most joyous moments of Louisa and David Booth’s lives.

    They had planned to start the year by marrying on the grounds of their newly-built, dream home in Invercargill

    They gave Compass Homes franchisee builder Mark George a year’s advance notice and paid his company $194,000 for the project.

    But George’s company went into liquidation before starting work on the build.

    The couple have no idea where their money went.

    Unable to afford their dream home, they are now being forced to convert what would have been the shed on their site into a one-bedroom studio that feels more like a “motel room”. … read more via hyperlink above …

  17. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Passengers daily arrivals and departures … New Zealand Custom Service

    Life Support: ‘Terrified someone will die’ – ED nurses quit as stress mounts … Cate MacIntosh … Stuff NZ–ed-nurses-quit-as-stress-mounts

    Motorway mayhem’: Protesters stop traffic on sections of Auckland motorway … NZ Herald

  18. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    How well are young New Zealanders taught history ?

    A perspective on how young Brits are currently taught …

    Ignorant Youth Are Pro-Communist Because Schools Only Teach Evils of Nazism – Never Heard of Mao … the New Culture Forum … Youtube
    … h.t JR …

    In this clip from his longer #SWYSI interview, journalist and campaigner James Bartholomew explains how schools treat nazism and communism differently, teaching the former from a moral perspective and the latter simply through the lens of great power politics.

    As a result, 70% of students have never heard of Chairman Mao, the man responsible for more deaths in the 20th century than any other person. It is unsurprising therefore that despite its universal failure wherever it was implemented, 38% of students think communism could work.

    To watch the full episode, please click here: